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FEBRUARY 13, 2011


After eighteen days of constant protests in Cairo, Alexandria and Suez, Hosni Mubarak stepped down as president of Egypt on February 11, 2011. Great celebrations broke out and people cried that freedom had finally come to them. But has freedom really come to them? When the euphoria simmered down and people went home, they had the Egyptian Army as the new absolute ruler. Sadly, it was the Egyptian Army that delivered the last three rulers of Egypt: Nasser in 1956, Sadat in 1970 and Mubarak in 1981. Only time will tell if the Egyptian Army can be trusted.

Egypt was conceived as a nation 3,150 years before Christ and during its 5,150 years history, Egypt has always been ruled by dictators who were called kings and later pharaohs. It was also conquered by foreign conquers like the Hittites around 1650 B.C., Greece, Rome, Muslim invaders, the Ottoman Empire and the last foreign power to rule was Great Britain from the end of World War I until 1953.


Egyptian rulers have always had a habit of being cruel to the people, keeping the population poor, while the rulers always lived a lavish lifestyle. Immorality is another trademark and the queen Cleopatra is maybe the most well known ruler who reveled in her sexual escapades.


The Suez Canal finished in 1869 was financed by the Rothschild banking dynasty and France and England were used by them to make sure that their investment was returned with a great profit.


During the rule of Nasser, Egypt was a Soviet Union client state and equipped with its weapons. This made it possible for both the KGB and the Soviet military intelligence (GRU) to establish a strong foothold in the land. The United States took over Egypt during the rule of Sadat and the military forces today are using American weapons and the U.S. is pumping in $1.3 billion to be spent by the Egyptian military complex. The Egyptian officers are being trained in the U.S. and it is highly likely that some of them have been recruited by the CIA. The entire country is infested with intelligence operations from Iran, Syria, Israel, Saudi Arabia, France and England. The governments of these different nations are using their agents to shape the political landscape in Egypt to fit their individual goals. But above them all is the World Government which has the power to overrule any national government.


Egypt has never been a free nation and does not have any experienced leadership in running a free society ruled by law. There is no doubt in my mind that the toppling of Mubarak was the handiwork of God, who wants Egypt to hear the Gospel and receive Christ. Egypt was a Christian nation from around 150 A.D. until it was taken over by the murderous Islamic hordes around 700 A.D. There is no doubt the demon prince over this country is working to regain control and so the time is ripe to share the Gospel with all the inhabitants who are predominately Muslim.

Our ministry isnít large but we reach all parts of the world. What makes us unique? We are Bible centered and teach everything found in the Book of Acts. We have a history of solid documentation where we present the facts, how it will affect us in the future and how to pray about it. Christians can be a catalyst for change when we seek the Lord and come against the wiles of the Devil. Instead of complaining about how everything is being corrupted, we should be praising the Lord for putting us here on the earth at this time!

We have knowledge from the Bible and of history in relation to current events and we are putting it out to prevent the same mistakes from happening over and over again. We donít toe the line when it comes to political correctness and often we are marginalized but we unashamedly love the Lord Jesus Christ and believe in the Bible.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor John S. Torell

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