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What the Future Holds - John S. Torell


February 16, 2016

I have never been in combat, but I have talked to men who were in the midst of the terrible fighting during World War II, Korea and Vietnam. I saw a lot of American war movies in my early years but the one with the greatest impact was a Finnish movie that chronicled the brutal war the Finns fought against invading Russians in 1940.

When a group of soldiers are in their foxholes and facing an ongoing barrage of artillery, mortar and air strikes, it takes the breath out of any soldier as they wait for the ground assault to begin. I feel the same way in that we as Christians are trying to hold the line against the kingdom of Satan. We know the ground assault will begin in earnest when the Antichrist establishes his régime but we are still facing a barrage from every direction which is the Devil’s attempt to destroy us, and at the very least, rob us of our faith.


Many of you who support this ministry are wondering what the future holds. I try to stay on top of prophetic events and current world developments. And I want to share with you what I see happening in 2016.

The homosexual mafia is militant in that they have targeted Christian businesses and forced them into bankruptcy if they do not comply with the liberal agenda and cater to the homosexual community. They have forced their viewpoints into classrooms of schools and children are being indoctrinated into thinking that this deviant lifestyle is normal and good. Even public restrooms are not safe as they demand special rights for transgender people. This means that a man can declare that he identifies as a woman and walk into a female restroom. Give it another 50 years and it will be considered normal. Any school district or private business that refuses to accommodate a transgender will be taken to court and fined for their antiquated and “hateful” thinking. I see that the trend is that most Christian churches will pull back and compromise in order to be able to avoid lawsuits from the homosexual community.

The King James Bible has been relegated to the scrap heap by most pastors and churches. This means that Christians are generally reading from Bibles which attack the deity of Christ, the virgin birth, the shed blood and even John 3:16. It doesn’t end there as they make Lucifer and Jesus the same, hell is taken out and many verses have simply been removed.

Pornography has invaded the Christian community and it is estimated that 60% of pastors are hooked on it. From counseling in deliverance sessions, I have found out that quite a few women are attracted to pornography and “sex toys” and the rate among men is even higher.


The wars in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Libya and the different nations of Africa have created the biggest refugee crisis since World War II. There were 13 million people who fled the war zones last year in addition to the five million already in refugee camps in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan.

Jordan has a population of 9.5 million people and they are now housing 1.6 million Syrian refugees. King Abdullah has told the leaders of the Western nations that his country is about to break apart because of the refugee crisis. Their infrastructure is strained to the point that the Jordanian people are ready to revolt and push out the Syrian refugees.

Sweden took in 160,000 refugees last year and this too has put a strain on its economy. There are 8 million Nordic Swedes in addition to more than one million people who have sought asylum during the last 20 years. The national health care system in Sweden is completely clogged and there are no apartments or single family homes available due to a socialist government policy which has restricted building housing since 1945. Last year’s sudden influx has caused the Swedish government to start a massive building program to provide apartments which are reserved exclusively for the refugees. In the meantime, the government is using hotels, motels and schools to house the wave of refugees that arrived in 2015.

Germany received its share of refugees as more than 315,000 entered the country in 2015 in addition to the million which was already there. Finland, Norway, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Hungary, Austria, France and England have been swarmed by refugees as the European continent is being filled with millions of people who had fled their war torn nations during the last five years. The native populations in these respective nations are fuming since the refugees are destroying the healthcare infrastructure and flooding the job market with cheap labor.

Nationalistic political parties are extremely popular as people flock to their banner with the promise to kick out all foreigners and put a stop to the influx of refugees. It doesn’t help the refugees cause that a large percentage of them are Muslim men, who have organized themselves into criminal gangs which are terrorizing the native population. The mainstream media is not reporting on this issue and the national governments are silent because they don’t want to anger Muslim nations. In the meantime, gangs of Muslim men continue to abuse the local population through rape, murder and theft. In Sweden there are certain areas where the police refuse to enter because they are ruled by Muslim Sharia law; it is like a country within a country where the police have no authority.

Armed mobs have formed in Sweden and Germany to counter the Muslim gangs. There is no doubt that many of these Muslims have pledged allegiance to ISIS and there is a real possibility that war will break out between these groups. This could have the consequence of toppling governments and creating chaos on the entire European continent. Turkey has 2 million Syrian refugees inside their borders and another 100,000 are at the border trying to avoid being massacred by the Russian/Iranian Juggernaut. I foresee that many of these nations will financially collapse, creating chaos, rioting and looting.


Few Christians know what their respective banks are doing. We have heard of the stock market but what about derivatives? Investopedia defines derivative as a security with a price that is dependent upon or derived from one or more underlying assets. The derivative itself is a contract between two or more parties based upon the asset or assets. Its value is determined by fluctuations in the underlying asset. The most common underlying assets include stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, interest rates and market indexes.

Let’s imagine you are a commodity broker and you have a contract with 100 farmers to buy their respective wheat crops. These farmers have produced 10,000 bushels of wheat in the past ten years. As a broker, you do not want to wait 8 months until harvest time to sell the wheat on the commodity market in Chicago. So you create a derivative, a written contract that states that you will have a profit of $100,000 when the wheat is sold in August. You send this derivative to a broker on the stock market and ask him to sell it for you. He will charge a small percentage and you will walk away with $95,000.

The stock market broker now holds a contract which has perceived value but its true value won’t be known until the farmers harvest their crops. The derivative is based upon speculation that the farmers will produce a certain amount wheat, but if there is a drought or too much rain, the harvest might only be 20% of its projected forecast. The stock market broker now sells the derivative to a bank. Thus the derivative market is gambling since it is betting on the future value of a commodity. The large U.S. banks are holding $1.5 quadrillion (that 1,500 trillion) in derivatives today. In comparison, the U.S. federal budget for 2015 was only 3.8 trillion dollars.

When the economy of China started to slow down in 2015, its stock market was affected and this in turn affected all the stock markets of the world. The New York stock market has been losing ground almost every day this year and investors are scared and pulling out their money. The derivative bubble hangs over the stock markets like a sharp knife. All the banks in reality are broke and the only thing holding them together is that the people of the world do not know about it. The subterfuge must go on and the banks continue to pay their investments by derivatives. When the derivative market crashes, there isn’t enough money in the whole world to bail them out.

This will be a banking crisis that will make the 1929 stock market crash seem trivial by comparison. Politicians and bankers will say this is a crisis so bad that it needs a global solution and this is where the Antichrist system will step up to the plate and declare their man can solve this world wide disaster.


The American government under Obama has been outmaneuvered by the Russian President Vladimir Putin. He has put together a coalition that does not care about civilian casualties. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad no longer has an army; his soldiers have been depleted during four years of civil war. Putin is using Russian air power to slaughter civilians and bomb the cities which the opposition holds and is driving tens of thousands of civilians toward the Turkish border. An army of Iranian and Hezbollah soldiers are doing the ground fighting with Russian military equipment. They take no prisoners; this is purely a killing machine that has set out to kill all Sunni Muslims in Syria. Meanwhile, Assad’s forces in the area of Damascus are murdering civilians on a massive scale in order to make sure that all Sunni Muslims are eradicated from Syria.

Iran is certainly no friend of Russia; they are using each other to mutually take control over Syria and will surely turn on each other afterwards. Putin wants to control events in the Middle East and Iran wants to secure Syria and use it as a base to attack Israel.

Obama has failed to look after American interests and he has abandoned nations that put their trust and hope in America. His legacy will be carnage in the Middle East and future wars that cost thousands of American lives.

There are only two forces that can take control over the Middle East; Jesus or Satan using the Antichrist as his proxy. The Bible tells us that God will allow the Devil to usher in his world ruler and so the Middle East crisis is going to be solved by Satan, using the World Government to install their supreme leader.

When will this happen? No one knows except the Lord. The situation is a like a dam holding back water; the dam can only take a certain amount of pressure before it breaks. One thing I know for certain is prayer by fervent Christians can slow down the coming of the Antichrist. (James 5:16b-18)


I have been part of presidential elections since 1964 when Lyndon Johnson was elected president but I have never seen a circus like the current election. It is important to know that the top candidates have handlers and are merely puppets for the people who control them.

  • Bernie Sanders is a Jewish senator from the state of Vermont. He is a socialist with friends on the left and he will bring them to the presidency if elected to transform the United States into a socialist state. When I read Jewish news media, I find that even though Sanders is Jewish, he is not favored by the Jewish leadership because he is more interested in socialism than Israel.

  • Hillary Clinton is wholly owned and operated by the World Government and her handlers are Jewish Wall Street bankers. She will stack the Supreme Court with pro-homosexuals who would further erode the U.S. constitution. It has been stated in political circles that the next president will appoint at least three justices to the Supreme Court since they are sick or getting too old to function.

There are some lesser known Democratic contenders but they won’t have any success since they are not part of the official lineup of the World Government.

  • Donald Trump claims to be an independent and not beholden to anyone since he using his own money to fund his campaign. This might be true, but if the power elite did not like him, they would have ruined him financially. At the beginning of the campaign, there were calls from the left to boycott his companies and there was a concerted effort to destroy him financially. Trump has not addressed what happened but it did not take long for some unseen power to make all boycotts go away. If elected, Trump will certainly be controlled by the Wall Street bankers and the Jewish World Government.

  • Jeb Bush is a former governor of Florida and definitely part of the old political establishment. He is multi-generational puppet and will do whatever the World Government bids him do.

  • Senator Ted Cruz from Texas is being cast as a conservative but he really is owned and operated by the Wall Street bankers as well.

  • Senator Marco Rubio from Florida is also being cast as a conservative. Rubio was mentored by Jeb Bush and double crossed his mentor in choosing to seek the presidency and consequently there is bad blood between Rubio and Bush. Rubio is just another controlled agent of the political establishment.

  • Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey is a typical Republican politician who toes the line according to whatever the political establishment dictates. He portrays himself as a conservative but he is controlled by the Republican Party, which in turn is controlled by the World Government. He has chosen to drop out of the race after doing poorly in the New Hampshire primary.

  • Carly Fiorina is a businesswoman from Virginia, mostly known for having been the CEO of Hewlett-Packard. She maintains strong Christian values and has been outspoken about it. She is not favored by the political establishment and her financial support has disappeared. She is considered out of the race even though she continues to campaign for the presidency. ABC news recently gave her the kiss of death when they refused to allow her on their February 4th presidential debate. She too has suspended her campaign after doing poorly in the New Hampshire primary.

  • Ben Carson is a retired neurosurgeon and a member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. He is not in the hands of the World Government and has been sabotaged several times. Most recently in Iowa, the campaign for Ted Cruz announced that Carson had dropped out of the race and they were able to get votes from Carson’s supporters. The Republican Party will go to any length to make sure that he is knocked out of the race. Carson depends upon finances from individuals and it would take a groundswell to get him elected.

All the other Republican candidates who dropped out were not accepted by the political establishment and they were effectively removed by cutting off their financial support and hindering them from building up a voter base. Former governor Mike Huckabee is a strong Christian and the political establishment despises him. Senator Rand Paul loathes the World Government and they hate him as well; slander and lack of money forced him out of the race.


Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are sworn enemies of Jesus Christ, and if either of them are elected, they would continue destroying the Christian faith. These two would actually be far worse than Obama. On the democratic side, this leaves us with a choice of voting for Devil #1 or Devil #2.

The republican candidates with the exception of Mike Huckabee and Ben Carson do not fare much better. None of them have indicated an outright hostility against Christianity and for this reason alone Christians should vote for one of them. I do not believe you should withhold your vote or simply throw it away at the lesser of two evils. In conjunction with your intelligence, seek the Lord and ask Him who He wants as the next president. Remember, nothing is impossible with God! (Mark 9:23) He can do a miracle and raise up a modern day apostle Paul. If you remember, Saul worked diligently for the Devil until his divine appointment with Jesus on the road to Damascus. From that point, he was a firebrand for the Lord which the ungodly Jewish leadership could not quench. God can change one of these men and give us a godly leader who will guide the nation back to a path of righteousness.


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