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February 18, 2013

Dear Friends,

I recently took a leap of faith and resigned as pastor of Resurrection Life of Jesus Church on February 17, 2013. For some time now, God has been speaking to me about resigning so I can give all my time to our Internet ministry but I have been hesitant to do so because the church has been paying my salary and the Internet ministry of EAEC does not currently have the strength to assume that responsibility.

God is in charge of my life but I feel that I am reliving the year 1969 all over again because that was the year God told me to quit my engineering job and begin attending seminary full time. Up to that time I had never lived in faith that God would supply all my needs, instead, I trusted the State of Utah to supply me with two checks every month, plus, I was building up a nice retirement fund as well.

In teaching me faith, God used up all my resources and I could not initially get a job before seminary started. Before long my retirement funds were depleted, my savings were gone and I had no money at all. That's when God opened the door for a janitorial position that supplied my wife and I with the necessary finances to make it through seminary and He has continued to take care of me as I have served Him full time.


I find it ironic that I am now in same type of situation some forty years later as I have a stack of bills and no money to pay them. I wonder if God thinks my faith is rusty and needs to be upgraded? At any rate, heaven has been silent about the matter and God has not asked my opinion, so I will simply continue to praise Him and see how this problem is solved.


Some three years ago God strongly directed me to start writing a series of books on the Kabbalah and so far I have completed six of them. Being a pastor for a church, I could only devote so much time to research and writing, and the books have taken a long time to be completed. I am currently working on two more books in the series and both are close to completion.

We used to have a monthly newsletter, but this effort has been sporadic due to lack of time. I have an urgency in my spirit because the people who want to usher in the Antichrist system are speeding up their plans and the current gun control push in the United States does not bode well for the Christian church and our nation.


We started an internet ministry more than fifteen years ago and then added webcasting to our portfolio in 2008 where we have more than 25,000 visitors to our website every month. This might be a small number compared to more well-known ministries, but it is a huge number for us. If every person visiting our website would donate just one dollar every month, I would not need to ask for financial help, but most people on the Internet are used to free material and never stop to consider how a ministry is financed. They are more than happy to accept all the free material but have no intention of supporting EAEC.  

Statistically, it takes a lot of visitors to generate one person that will invest in the ministry. Our expenses are not large but there are certain bills that must be paid or we won’t have access to the church building where the recordings takes place or the production center where everything is prepared and shipped out. Salaries must be paid to provide basic necessities such as food and shelter. In short, we don’t squander the money that is carefully entrusted to us because we live frugal lives as we share the Gospel with the world.


There are three groups of people associated with this ministry.

  1. The first is a small but dedicated group of Christian friends from around the world who give to the work of the Lord on a monthly basis. God has blessed them and moved upon them to be part of EAEC.

  2. The second group of Christian friends gives to the ministry from time to time. When we present a need, they will generously respond with a one-time gift, but once these funds are spent, we are still in the red.

  3. Then we have a large group of Christian friends who regularly read the material on our website, purchase our books and watch our videos, but they do not feel compelled to give to the work of the Lord. We receive many e-mails and letters in which they tell us what a blessing we are to them but never support us financially.

Many of you are committed to the teaching of God's Word through EAEC. Your support of this ministry is an act of love and it is your prayers and gifts that have sustained us. Would you pray and ask God if He wants you to support EAEC on a monthly basis


All of us like to read biographies of great missionaries in the past like Hudson Taylor, C.T. Studd, George Müller, William Booth and William Carey to name a few. But there is one thing we must remember, behind these courageous men and women stood tens of thousands of Christians, who upheld them in prayer and faithfully sent their financial support to keep these ministries on the mission field.

Today we do not have to send missionaries to different nations because the Internet has opened up the world and this is the hour to push as hard as we can in order to see as many people born again as possible. There are a lot of hurting people in the world. I have a desire to see backsliders come to back to God, to set the demon oppressed free, to help couples whose marriages are on the rocks, to reach the young people stuck in the drug infested inner cities and to give hope of deliverance to those bound by pornography.

Right now this ministry needs an infusion of $5,000 to pay current debts, but in addition to that immediate help, we also need a commitment from faithful friends who will stay with us month after month and financially support EAEC.

You're probably wondering how we got into such a financial hole? We are totally dependent on those who will give faithfully to enable us to meet our need and continue sharing God's truth around the world. As we remain passionate to communicate biblical truth and its practical application through our website and published resources, will you make an impact with us by supporting the ministry with a generous donation — as well as with your prayers? I look forward to hearing from you today.

Yours in Christ,

John S. Torell



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