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Pastor John S. Torell - message on STEPPING ON THE DEVIL - SPIRITUAL BARNACLES & HOLY ANGER - Resurrection Life of Jesus Church: Carmichael, CA - Sacramento County; spiritual barnacles; holy anger

May 11, 2012


During my first five years as a Christian in Southern Baptist churches, I was never told of the power Jesus gave to His disciples. The end result was that I was a victim to sickness, depression, and worse of all, I viewed myself as a loser that was just trying to hang on. When I was set free from demons and baptized in the Holy Spirit, I suddenly went from a victim to being a victorious Christian. But over the years I became like an old boat picking up barnacles and gradually began to slow down because of the drag. You will take notice if you are loaded down with 100 lbs of barnacles all at once, but if they are put on one at a time, you may not even be aware that they are even there until much later.

victorious ChristianLet me tell you about spiritual barnacles. The Devil is clever and will wear you down over a period of time. It is gradual so you don’t pay much attention to it. I realized that I had become bogged down in my Christian life and the power that used to flow in me was not there. I became real angry at the Devil when saw myself back in the old trap of being a helpless victim just trying to get along.

In this short video I share how God stirred up my spirit and caused me to remember the time in 1970 when God instantly healed me of a hernia. That made me think about where my faith is today? Has Jesus changed? No, but I did. I became spiritually lazy and complacent and the Holy Spirit directed me to the Gospel of Luke and the story of the seventy others. (Luke 10:17-21) I also remembered a fantastic miracle I experienced in 1981 when I was in Finland and was scheduled to preach in Helsinki and how the Devil took away my voice. How I had to get up on the platform in raw faith without a voice and push it through until God gave me the victory on the spot.

I recorded this video with an irritated red eye. After the message, I had an elder anoint me with oil and pray over me. Two days later my eye was healed; I never went to see the doctor because Jesus healed me. Have you been a victim too long? Watch this video and get holy anger against the Devil. Then join me in prayer as I break curses and come against all power of the enemy.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor John S. Torell



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