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MARCH 23, 2011


Dear Friends,

We are living in some exiting times and the pace is very fast. When we started this ministry in 1973, printed material in the form of Bible studies was our tool to minister to Godís people and reach out to the unsaved. That was effective and still is but we could not rely on this one outreach only, so in 1975 we expanded to the radio, and for the next 30 years this was our main thrust. The price for air time increased annually and eventually we dropped it because it became too expensive. Less than three years later we launched into a new outreach program Ė webcasting. We were broadcasting to some three million people in the various states with the radio but webcasting allows us to reach the entire world.

As we have almost finished the first three months of 2011, I have been praying and seeking the Lord concerning His will for this ministry, He laid upon my heart to do a financial assessment of what is most pertinent in the times we are now living.


When I graduated from the seminary in 1973, I worked as a full-time evangelist and had no thought of becoming a pastor. Since I wanted to have accountability, my wife and I asked my brother and his wife and three other friends to form an evangelistic association that would handle all financial matters. This is how the European-American Evangelistic Crusades, Inc. (EAEC) came into being. As I traveled and held revival meetings, all the money received was handed over to the treasurer. The Board of Directors set a salary for me and I was paid as money came in.

Throughout the years, whether as an evangelist or a pastor, my salary was determined by a Board of Directors and any expenditure over $1,000 had to be approved by the Board. In 1985 we founded Resurrection Life of Jesus Church in the Sacramento area and EAECís role as a support organization changed to that of a mission organization and the church was an outreach of EAEC. Income from the church is given to EAEC, which then pays the bill and salaries. I mention how I was paid in these various ministries to show that I have always been salaried and never took money from the ministry beyond that set amount.


There are three people who draw a salary from the ministry: first, there is myself as senior pastor, secondly, Charles Thorell as pastor, and thirdly, Lois Amacher who has been our editor since 1989 and our former treasurer. Charles and I are full time while Lois is retired from the phone company and is paid a supplemental salary.

Our church building is located in the suburb of Carmichael in Sacramento County. We are renting the second floor of a small commercial building. It is from here that our webcast originates. Our congregation meets in these facilities Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights and on Sunday mornings for our weekly worship service.

For many years we rented space which contained a church facility, a print shop and offices but in 1999 the Lord impressed upon me that the two facilities should be separated. It was hard to have Sunday school and keep the children from walking into the print shop and touching the chemicals that go with printing. It was also hard to find places to rent, since most nice places for a church did not want a print shop on their premises.

In 1990, the Lord led my wife and I to move out of the city and into the country and purchase some land in a low cost area. The property had a small manufactured home with a garage. This was our private property paid out of my salary. In 1995, a prophecy was given from a friend in Michigan that we were to build a print shop on the property, but we did not have the money for it and it didnít happen. In 1999, the Lord woke me up and gave me a vision of how He wanted it to be built. Due to the increased value of the property, we refinanced and built a 4,000 square foot building. As our production increased, and we needed more office space, another 1,500 square foot building was built and later a small storage building was also added.

There are a number of volunteers that work with us at the production center and our production would cease without them. One couple used to live in Central California, and when they retired from their regular jobs, they sold their home and moved to Sacramento to work with us.


The vision God has given me is that we should offer solid Bible teaching, using King James Bibles, good Christian music and my own written material. We do not have much money to purchase inventory, so the decision was made that all profit from the bookstore would be reinvested to purchase more books, cassettes, CDís, DVDís and other supplies. During the last five years we have been able to build up an inventory and carry a number of books. The bookstore is managed by my brother, Peter, and we are praising the Lord that sales are picking up. The bookstore supports itself and is getting stronger but it is not making enough money to generate a profit to be used in the general ministry.


During the years 1973-1975 our ministry was financed by love offerings from meetings held in churches. From 1975 through 2005, money came from people in the church and the people who listened to our weekly programs on the different radio stations. Our support base during this time was approximately 300 persons. When we stopped the radio programs, 80% of our support from listeners stopped. We were able to continue the ministry since we did not have a huge outreach cost.

God supplied the cost of setting up the webcasting and we launched it on faith. We have heard from many who have been blessed by the Internet broadcasts.  Most people today on the Internet expect free thing but we have picked up some people in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia who are supporting us on a monthly basis and investing in the work of the Lord.

Right now there are only about 60 families who are currently supporting this ministry. The people in our church tithe but we have a number of people who are out of work and cannot give. Some webcast viewers are tithing to this ministry since they do not have a church home but most give a monthly gift.

Looking at the statistics, we can see that our viewership numbers are increasing and people from many nations are viewing us on a regular basis. Our websites in German, Spanish and Swedish are doing well and our material is becoming sought after by more and more people. For this we are praising God.

We welcome those who want to be part of our end-time outreach, preparing the church for the difficult times ahead and countering the apostasy so prevalent in the modern churches by preaching pure doctrine from the King James Bible.


I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart if you are a regular monthly giver to this ministry. If you like our ministry, watch our webcast, or the videos on our website, would you consider helping us financially? The amount of money is not important but that you give on a regular basis according to what God lays upon your heart.

We have a number of people who give ten dollars every month because that is all they can afford. We praise the Lord for these faithful individuals who give what they can afford but we need more people like that who will give regularly to help make this ministry financially strong.

If our support group increases, we will be able to do all the things God has planned for us. It is my prayer that God will move upon you as a friend of the ministry to help us out so that together we can work in this vineyard that God has given us. If God is speaking to your heart to help us, would you contact us and let us know


1.      Every week you will get a Bible centered sermon that will build your faith and equip you for the daily stresses we all face. You will also have access to great worship via our webcast that you can enjoy live or subscribe to DVDs, CDs or cassettes.

2.      Every Thursday night there is a one hour Bible study that you may watch via the webcast.

3.      I am constantly working on articles, books, newsletters and up-to-date prophetic events and they are sent out to all the people on our mailing list as they become available.

4.      You have access to our websites in different languages where you will find our latest material and ability to go back into the archives for sermons and articles dating back a number of years.  You may know people who would benefit from this.

5.      If you have a spiritual problem we have counselors standing by that will pray with you. This is not a one-time shot; so if you have a need, they will talk with you as long as it takes to get you the help you need. This is a free service.

6.      We offer deliverances for people who are hurting spiritually. Our people work over the phone or you are welcome to come to Sacramento for a week to get the help you need. We cannot pay for your lodging and travel costs, but the ministering is free and so is the follow up program. You only have to pay a nominal cost for the printed materials.

7.      You are more than welcome to come and be a part of our church in the Sacramento area if you do not have a church home.

8.      If you donít have any needs but want to help out financially, then your money will make it possible for us to do all the things I have just listed.


God knows the amount of money we need and I thank Him for speaking to your heart and know you will do what you can to help keep these resources available to the lost and the saints alike. Thank you for reading this letter and I pray that God will bless and minister to all of your needs.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor John S. Torell


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