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APRIL 3, 2011


Pastor Terry Jones held a mock trial of the Koran in his church in the state of Florida on March 20, 2011, found the Koran guilty and subsequently burned copy in the sanctuary. It was recorded on video that was later posted on YouTube. The result was large riots in Afghanistan where some nine UN workers were killed when their compound was stormed by an enraged crowd. In an interview, Terry Jones said he felt no responsibility for the death of these people but it I feel that he is a publicity hound who is using the issue of the Koran to make a name for himself. As a Christian pastor he has no business provoking non-Christians to anger. It is easy for Jones to do his protest safely in Florida while innocent people in Islamic nations have to die a horrible death at the hand of a raging Muslim crowd.


Islam is an intolerant religion that is based on the doctrine of Muhammad, who coined the slogan, “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.” Muhammad proclaimed in 610 B.C. that all prophets of the Old Testament had failed in their mission for God on this earth, including Jesus. The only man qualified to do where these others had failed was Muhammad. Furthermore, Muhammad taught that Allah was not interested in the day-to-day life of people, therefore Muslims cannot come to him for personal petitions. Islam is a religion of fatalism and submission.

In order to bankroll this new religion, Muhammad and his followers started to attack caravans traveling in the Arabic peninsula and robbed the merchants of their goods and money. Since Allah was not able to finance Muhammad, he took care of it himself through robbery and murder. This is how Islam was started. When he was driven out of Mecca, Muhammad fled to Ethiopia but later returned to the Arabian peninsula and settled in the city of Medina. In time he had enough followers to attack Medina and subdue it and later moved south and sacked Mecca. The call for a holy war (Jihad) was issued and his followers fanned out to conquer the world and subdue it by the sword. They were a ruthless army of thugs and murderers who conquered nation after nation and left a trail of blood behind them. This spirit of murder and destruction has never left the Muslim faith and it is fueled by the hateful writings in the Koran itself. Islam is not by any means a peaceful religion but one that is violent and hateful. Muslims despise the unbelievers whom they call infidels.

There are three Muslim main groups:

  1. Wahhabi is the faith in Saudi Arabia and extremely militant.

  2. Shiites are in control of Iran and are just as cruel and militant as their cousins in Saudi Arabia.

  3. Sunni Muslims are the largest group in the Islamic faith and their cruelty can be seen in all the bombings in Iraq and the merciless mobs in Afghanistan and Indonesia.

The Islamic faith teaches that non-Muslims are infidels with no value. Christians in Muslim nations are severely persecuted while Muslims in the Western nations are free to build mosques and propagate their faith. Muslim governments constantly take advantage of Western nations while they secretly hate and despise them.

You cannot win Muslims for Christ by burning the Koran or calling them names. We have to recognize this is how they were raised and don’t know any better. They are demon possessed since their father is the Devil but we can win them for Jesus through prayer and fasting. When they hate us, we can turn that around and tell them that God loves them. Love conquers more than the sword. Praise the Lord!

For more details on the Islamic faith, see Dancing around the Golden Calf, Part 1

Yours in Christ,

Pastor John S. Torell

From the Desk of John S. Torell




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