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When American troops began to flood the jungles of Vietnam to fight the communists from the north, it was a war that often had no battle lines. As a result, the enemy would pop up, fight and melt back into the jungle. In order to suppress the advance of the North Vietnamese soldiers, the United States built a number of fire bases upon strategic hill tops which could accurately lay down concentrated artillery fire upon request. The fire bases were located on hill tops with no roads leading to them and were shaved flat on top and heavily fortified. When combined with the steep sides and access via helicopter only, these fire bases were difficult for the Viet Cong soldiers to assault and conquer.

As marine and army units fanned out to seek and engage the enemy in combat, calls were made from the ground units to the fire bases and the heavy artillery guns would begin to thunder, killing and demoralizing the communist soldiers. It didnít take long for the Viet Cong generals to figure out that the fire bases had to be destroyed if they had any hope of winning the war.

A strategy was devised where the Viet Cong soldiers were doped up on heroin and rope was tied around their arms and legs to restrict blood loss when they were inevitably shot by the hilltop defenders. The heroin would give them energy and ropes around their appendages would allow them to press forward until their bodies were drained of blood. These suicidal North Vietnamese troops would then charge up the hill like ants in an effort to overrun and silence the artillery that was causing them so much trouble.

As hundreds of Viet Cong soldiers became trapped in the razor wire, their comrades would use them as a spring board to charge into the fire base. American soldiers would desperately call for air strikes to beat back the determined assault. In a few minutes the sound of screaming F4-phantom jets could be heard as they released devastating napalm on the attackers. The Viet Cong were so close that the American soldiers could see them trying to scrape the napalm from their bodies as they burned to death.



What does this mean for us today? Well, I am an officer in the Army of God and I have been placed in charge of a fire base located in California. We have cleared ground and built a base in a rural area north of Sacramento. God has provided us with big spiritual guns that are able to hit the strongholds of Satan anywhere on earth. We are not content to sit in our fire base but we lead people to Christ, cast out demons and pray for healing of their bodies. People are arriving to be set free as we continually expose the lies of the Devil and prepare people for the coming reign of the Antichrist. I know that we have been noticed by the forces of Satan and they are doing what they can to overrun our base and remove us from the earth.


We are currently facing a three pronged attack. First, there is an issue with our water supply. The ministry is situated where there is no municipal water and our well can only supply a certain amount of water. Water is critical to human beings and it has become necessary to drill another well in order to make sure that we have the water that we need. The cost for this project is estimated to be in excess of $10k.

Secondly, the Lord has blessed us financially so far this year and yet it is evident that we are experiencing an economic attack. Our regular support meets certain obligations such as salaries and regular bills but it does not cover social security taxes and the cost to replace equipment that breaks down over time with regular use. We need to have a number of additional friends of the ministry that are willing to give on a monthly basis to take care of these needs.

The third attack has affected the health of the staff and members of Resurrection Life of Jesus Church. I am sure that the forces of Satan are not excluding the friends of this ministry and that you have experienced a loss of health as well. God has given each one of us a physical body to use on earth, and if it is sick, it will curtail our activities and keep us from doing what the Lord wants us to do.


When the soldiers met and engaged a stronger enemy during the Vietnam War, they would call in fire support and the artillery guns would begin to thunder and strike the requested coordinates. In much the same way, this ministry is languishing and I am calling in fire support in the following areas:

  1. Fervent prayer on our behalf and fasting from time to time.

  2. Our ministry needs an additional $5,000 every month. Please don't let the amount intimidate you. Whatever you can donate to God's work matters and every gift makes a difference. Will you help keep us going at this critical time so we can continue the work of the Lord uninterrupted?

Satanís forces are piling up on the razor wire around our base, incoming fire is heavy and we need to drive the enemy off. Money will take care of physical needs and fervent prayer will bring healing to all the troops who are wounded by the enemy. Thanks for responding.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor John S. Torell


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From the Desk of John S. Torell




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