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July 2, 2017

There have been a lot of protests this year across the United States stemming from hatred. These angry people have followers in many nations around the world and their animosity is focused on President Donald Trump. American citizens are burning flags, despising their nation of birth, and they don’t seem to care about the Constitution and the rule of law. These anarchists do not appreciate their freedom and they certainly don’t care if it is preserved, they just want see the destruction and dismantling of America.

This pales in comparison to the protestors demonstrating in Russia who are brutally beaten and hosed with water cannons, the leadership is arrested, and dissidents that insist on protesting end up dead on the streets with bullet holes in their bodies. In China it is even worse as protesters are arrested and tortured. Some of sent to labor camps where they languish for years, while others are simply shot and killed.

There were many Loyalists (also known as Tories, Royalists, or King’s Men) when American colonists came together in the 1770’s to discuss a plan to break away from the tyranny of the King George III. These Tories tried to suppress the uprising and actively helped the British troops. It is estimated that 20% of the colonists sided with the British. Many of the men who signed the Declaration of Independence did not live to see the victory and the birth of the United States of America.


Some 80,000 Loyalist colonists that sided with the British fled to Canada or left by ship for England. Those who chose to stay benefited from the freedom of not being under British taxation and thrived in the new nation that was purchased with the blood of patriots who died on the battlefields.
Americans born after 1940 have been educated in the public school system and millions of them have turned into brainless, ungrateful, socialists bent on creating a global community. Bernie Sanders is a self-proclaimed socialist who connected with these people and the Democratic Party had to play dirty politics in order to make Hillary Clinton win the nomination.

Why blame the public schools, colleges and universities? For the simple fact that the American educational system is based upon the ungodly teachings of a German philosopher named George Hegel, who believed an individual is not important, and that he is to be a servant of the State. The globalists, known as the Illuminati, founded a lodge in the United States in 1832 named Skull and Bones. Only select students at Yale University are invited to become members of this fraternal organization and this incredibly small group of stealthy men has been able to introduce and control the curricula built upon the Hegelian philosophy with tangible results.

American educator John Dewey created an outline for education in 1903 that was entitled, “Studies in Logical Theory.” He proposed that school is a social institution and the student is to be groomed to be part of a common community. Personal goals are to be set aside and mankind is to live in such a way that benefits the State. According to Dewey, education is a “process of living” and not a “preparation for future living.” Hillary Clinton wrote a book in 1996 entitled “It Takes a Village,” in which she promoted the Hegelian philosophy and the end goal of a global society. In our colleges and universities, the goal is to integrate the student within himself and the community until they become the future of human evolution.

The majority of the people who voted for Donald Trump are patriots with a strong Christian faith, evangelical Christians, including Pentecostals and Charismatics, who hold a Biblical view for America. These beliefs are diametrically opposed to the Hegelian way of thinking. The radicals who endorse Hegel’s way of thinking are livid as President Trump seeks to reverse the perversions of Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. What Christians see as immorality is in fact progress to these revolutionaries and they are howling mad as they watch their gains slowly disappear. They embrace socialism and globalism while decrying the supposed tyranny of President Trump.

The enemy this time around is not King George. It is none other than Satan, who is preparing the world for the man whom the Bible calls the Antichrist. As Christians and Americans we should take time every July 4th before we have a BBQ and fireworks to thank God for our nation and liberties laid out within the Constitution.



From the Desk of John S. Torell





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