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Harold Camping is Out of Commission

John S. Torell - July 7, 2011


Harold Camping - Open Forum Radio ProgramMany Christians have been praying for that Harold Camping would be removed from Family Radio. These prayers were answered on June 9, 2011 when he suffered a stroke and was taken to the hospital. Within hours Craig Hulsebos came on the air and began asking for prayer that God would heal Camping so that he could return to Family Radio and continue his “Open Forum” program.

Hulsebos has since used old recordings by Camping that were made between May 23rd and June 9th. According to Program Department Secretary Judi Rathbone, once these twenty Open Forum programs have been run again, a different type of program will be used until Camping is able to return and take phone calls again. The only thing they have not used was the special song written about May 21st being the judgment day that was played so many times.

Family Radio has been silent when it comes to reporting on the health status of Harold Camping. The Sacramento Bee reported on July 6th that 89 year old Camping had been moved from the hospital where he was being treated to a skilled nursing home where he is undergoing rehabilitation. This news was given to the media by his daughter, Susan Espinoza.

According to another source close to Family Radio, there are also financial problems for the network. Camping's false prediction that Christ would return on May 21st have caused donations to decline and discussion is taking place whether to sell a major FM station in order to raise the necessary capital to run the network.

According to filings with the IRS, Harold Camping took no salary in 2009 but he did obtain a personal loan of $175,516 from Family Radio. What he used the money for is not known nor do we know if he has repaid it.

Some time ago Camping consolidated his grip on Family Radio by dismissing some board members. The Board of Directors currently consists of Harold Camping, William Thornton, who is secretary/ treasurer, and his daughter Susan Espinoza. Craig Hulsebos and the rest of the staff at Family Radio are unable to make any changes to the network since the Board of Directors are following Camping's directive that God is going to destroy the world on October 21, 2011.

The staff could revolt and demand a change but many of them believe what Camping has predicted and there is no unity. William Thornton, Susan Espinoza and the staff know that the world is not going to be destroyed on October 21st and they are planning to keep the network going after that date but it is going to be difficult to convince the listeners that Harold Camping is wrong, again, for the third time.

My prayer is that Harold Camping will not recover and be unable to resume his programs on Family Radio. This will put pressure on the Board of Directors and the staff since they won’t be able to explain away failed prediction that on October 22nd and lie to the listeners again that “God in his mercy decided to postpone this judgment.”

The best way to keep pressure on the Board of Directors is to stop supporting Family Radio and tell them why you have done so.


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