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mass murder, james holmes, batman, the dark night rises

July 22, 2012


Once again a person has decided to kill as many people as possible and this time it took place at a movie theater that was featuring a new Batman movie called “THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.” The movie is based upon violence and immorality and the shooter was a fan of Batman movies and identified himself as the “Joker,” who was a villain in a number of movies and a staple for many years in the Batman comic books.

James Holmes is a young man who is a college graduate and was doing graduate studies to be a neuron scientist but he has different personality that can be labeled as an arrested development spirit. Millions of Americans are infested with this type of demon that allows a person’s body and intelligence to develop into an adult, but the emotions are frozen as a child, and thus we have a child living in an adult body capable of doing evil deeds that a young child cannot do. Holmes copied the killer in Norway that shot 77 young person’s at a summer retreat by setting up a diversion to give him time to shoot as many people as possible.

mass murder, aurora, coloradoGod told the prophet Hosea that Israel had sown in the wind and was reaping a whirlwind. America has been sowing in the wind through violent movies, television programs, books, video games and comics that glorify murder and immorality. If we compare the killings in Norway in 2011 and other mass killings during the last five years in Finland, Germany, Belgium and several places in the United States, there is one thing these killings have in common, demon possession caused by dabbling in the occult and in some instances satanic worship by the killers. In this video, I share my understanding as a Christian pastor why this tragic event took place and what we can expect in the future.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor John S. Torell




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