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August 23, 2010


Dear Friends,

It has been a month since I wrote and informed you of our financial situation. Many of you responded and we received enough money to cover the most urgent needs in the ministry. Praise the Lord; we were able to pay all current bills for the month of July!

One person informed us four months ago that he would commit to give us the money for the paper to print Christian Dynamics Course 1. His last check came in two weeks ago and we purchased the paper for $3,069. This specially designated money did not come from the general fund but from this man and we are very thankful for this victory.

We also want to thank the faithful people who help month after month. God is using your dollars to help us reach more people who are accessing our audio and video content from the church services during the week. The church building is where all webcasting originates, and if we lost the building, there would be no webcast. We are therefore trusting God to bring in the funds for the rest of rent for the month of August.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Devil has pulled out all the stops to destroy ministries who are exposing him. Today I received a letter from my good friend, Lawrence Patterson in Cincinnati, Ohio, who informed subscribers of his newsletter, “Criminal Politics,” that he is retiring and won’t be sending out any more newsletters. He is around 75 years old and shared a medical report from his doctor that he has been diagnosed with stage one of Alzheimer’s and that he now has difficulty with his memory. I was shocked and sad since I had the privilege of meeting Lawrence in the early 1990’s and then in Sacramento just a few years ago and found him to be a very warm friend that cared for people.

Ted Pike is the founder of the “National Prayer Network” and he has been in the forefront of fighting abortion, the homosexual lobby, Christian Zionism and taken on such “anti-hate” groups like the ADL and ACLU. Some weeks ago I was informed that Ted’s wife had been diagnosed with a brain tumor, and after surgery he had to let go of his ministry in order to care for her. Ted is a minister and I am sure that he did not have health insurance since most small ministries cannot afford it. Thus Satan has been able to remove a second strong warrior from the battle. 

My friend Gary Kah, the author of “En Route to Global Occupation,” is battling with health issues while he faces a financial crunch that creates a heavy burden upon him and his wife.

More than ever, our ministry is involved and intensely reaching out in winning the lost, healing the sick, and bringing deliverance to those who seek it.  Some of our recently delivered people are winning souls for Christ and helping to deliver others. We need to pray for these people who are faithfully serving the Lord in these end times.

We are also at a crucial time in our ministry with the finances as we are growing and seeing God move, although every expense is held to the fire of necessity so nothing is being wasted. We want to continue but we could lose our operating base unless the Lord provides so that our income is stabilized and increased to match our expenses. We sincerely appreciate every gift that is sent because you are keeping the ministry active and productive and the souls that are won are your fruit more than ours.

We have been very busy and only been able to send out a newsletter every other month in conjunction with our church and website ministries. More people are attending our church but many of them are not employed at this time. Our team is ministering to people in different locations in the world and they are being set free from demonic oppression. Our outreach is larger than it ever has been and it is very uplifting to hear people tell us how much they appreciate our ministry.

We thank you if you are a regular giver to our ministry, but if you have never thought about it, would you consider becoming a supporter of our ministry? Our needs would be met if every person watching the videos or reading our material would send something. Asking for money is not something I enjoy doing but it is sometimes necessary if we are going to continue to minister and reach more people for Christ. May God richly bless you as you remember our ministry in prayer and send a gift of any amount.

Yours in Christ, 

John S. Torell



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