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October 18, 2010


It was just a matter of time before the American Jewish community started to investigate the Tea Party. I am sure that the Israeli intelligence service, the Mossad, has not only investigated the Tea Party but also infiltrated it. We know that Sarah Palin is a strong Christian Zionist and her job is to make or break anyone in the Tea Party that does not toe the Zionist agenda. But the Mossad never runs just one asset as Glen Beck and John McCain are the other Zionist controllers.

Many Christians don’t know that the American Jews have their own network of communication and the oldest is the weekly newspaper “FORWARD,” which was founded in 1897. This publication reaches a large portion of the American Jews and is more or less the voice for the American Jewish leadership. “How Christian Are the Tea Party’s Candidates?” was the first page headline on the October 1st release in which Nathan Guttman wrote:

“How should Jews respond to an angry movement whose candidates include full-throated supporters of Israeli West Bank settlements; one who excoriates foreign aid, including to Israel; one who excoriates church-state separation as a Nazi invention, and others who urge setting aside such divisive social issues to focus on fiscal conservatism and radical government cutbacks?”[1] forward.com/articles/131516

This is the description of the Tea Party given to the American Jewish people, and once this skewed information has been given, the conclusion to the Jewish community in the U.S. is a new danger to their community. The Jewish leadership is especially alarmed over the fact that Tea Party candidates have religious themes and speak too much about God.

“…Of special concern are the common use of religious themes and the frequent references to God. This could cause some discomfort for Jewish voters who are traditionally suspicious about public expressions of faith.”[2]

In the same issue, there is another article on the front page entitled, “Synagogues Rarely Mention God in Appeals, Unlike Churches.” The Jewish reader is told that Rabbis prefer not to mention God, when they ask for charities in the community. Orthodox rabbis are more likely to bring in God when it comes to raising money but the other groups of Jews are not. The conclusion is that Jews do not want to speak publicly about God or a personal faith in God.

Jews have been taught to not speak about Judaism and keep it away from the Gentiles but they can discuss it freely amongst themselves. Jews tend to flock together and use Judaism as a glue to hold themselves together and work in unity. But this is not something they wish for Gentiles, on the contrary, they want to fragment the American people and take away their faith in God. Therefore, every effort has been made to destroy faith in God, the Bible and in Jesus Christ.

Looking back in history we find that it was Jewish power behind the drumbeat to remove reading the Bible in public schools and the battle that forced prayer out of public schools. From the 1950’s and on the youth in America have grown up on a diet of television, sports, movies, rock ‘n roll and the drugs that flooded America. All the gains attained by the Jewish leadership in the United States are being threatened by the Tea Party.

“…Public opinion surveys confirm that the threads unifying supporters are anger and disappointment. Tea Partiers feel outraged by government spending, they strongly oppose President Obama’s health care reform and they are deeply disappointed with the people who represent them in Washington…”[3]


But there is more bad news about the Tea Party because it is also too conservative:

“…Though less distinct than the movement’s fiscal concerns, these commonalities clearly place Tea Party supporters on the conservative end of the political spectrum on broader social and domestic issues. A New York Times/ABC poll conducted in April for Tea Partiers found them to be more Republican, more likely to own a gun and older than the average voter. It also found them to be more likely to attend religious services: Fifty percent of Tea Party supporters attend services once a week or almost once a week, compared with 35% of those in the general public (and 15% among Jews, the least frequent worship attendees of all American religious groups).[4]

“Among Tea Partiers, there is a higher proportion of Protestants and of those who define themselves as evangelical or born-again Christians.[5]

“Jews, according to the poll, make up one 1% of the movements backers, compared with their 2% share of the American public…”[6]

The official position of the World Government is that it is bad to be a Republican and owning guns is not good at all. Attending church is bad and it is even worse to be a born-again Christian. There is a small group of Jews who have joined the Tea Party, but their numbers are so small that it is insignificant compared with the total number of Jews living in the United States. Here are some statistics to give you and understanding of the total number of Jews in the world and in the United States. In 2007 there were 13.2 million Jews worldwide, of which 6.5 million lived in the United States and made up 2.2% of the American population. Israel had a Jewish population of 5.6 million so that 45% of all Jews lived in the U.S. and 42% lived in Israel.

In a 2002 study done by the Jewish Agency, it was learned that the Jewish world population declined with approximately 50,000 per year.

For a person who is new to my writings I want you to know that the leadership in the current secret World Government is made up by Jews because of the promise God made to Israel that He was going to send a Messiah into the world that would deliver them. Since they rejected the Messiah God sent who we know as Jesus Christ, they are still waiting for a Messiah that will fit their expectations and the teachings of the Cabala and the Talmud.

It is a religious spirit that is driving the Zionist Cabalistic Jews to work hard to prepare the world for their Messiah, who will exalt them into a world dominion. Most rank and file Jews are not aware that this is going on.

The Zionist Jewish leadership in America calls those Jews who are not Zionists and rebel against the leadership, “self hating Jews,” and they are shunned by Jews toeing the official policies. Nathan Guttman is consoling the American Jews with the information that most people in the Tea Party are older and he says “…because religious service attendance increases with age…”[7]  In other words, Mr. Guttman is saying that the hard work done since the 1950’s has paid off; younger people do not attend church and thus are protected from becoming born-again Christians, who could give the Jewish leadership a bad time.


According to the Jewish leadership, living an active Christian life style and for politicians to talk about their faith in public is a very bad thing. Look at this quote from the article:

“…Nevertheless, the fact that Tea Party supporters live a more active religious life – which is a Christian life – could explain the comfort that candidates associated with the movement feel when discussing religion, faith and God on the campaign trail…”[8]

“…These remarks range from libertarian Kentucky Senate candidate Rand Paul’s assertion that Christianity is ‘the basis of our society’ and that laws would not be needed if all followed religious rules, to Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle”s condemnation of Social Security as a ‘violation of the First Commandment.’”[9]

The Jewish reader are being told there could be persecution of Jews if the Tea Party candidates win in the election since they are Christians and believe that America was founded by Christians. Everybody in 2010, except Tea Partiers, knows there were no such things as “Puritans or Pilgrims,” because the people who came to colonize America were secular businessmen protected by the British Army. This has to be true since this is being taught in the public schools.

Even more frightening, the Tea Party wants to abolish Social Security and take away the security of every older Americans. But Mr. Guttman is not through yet because as a skilled propaganda writer, he tells his Jewish readers about a horrible secret in the Tea Party.

“…Some candidates go further. In a speech last April, Republican congressional nominee Glen Urquhart said:’ Do you know, where does this phrase separation of church and state comes from? It was not in Jefferson’s letter to the Danbury Baptists… The exact phrase separation of church and state came out of Adolf Hitler’s mouth, that’s where it comes from. So next time your liberal friends talk about separation of church and state, ask them why they’re Nazis…”[10]

“…in one case, Carl Paladino, the Republican candidate for governor of New York, defended a local official’s description of New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, an Orthodox Jew, as a ‘Hitler’ and an ‘Antichrist.’”[11]

In defending the official, Paladino was quoted in the Niagara Gazette as saying: “If I could ever describe a person who would fit the bill of an Antichrist or a Hitler, this guy [Sheldon Silver] is it.” Paladino also was quoted as saying he was sure the local official “had no – absolutely no – intention whatsoever of insulting the Jewish faith or ethnic group or religion…”

The ghost of Adolf Hitler and the thought of Nazis will cause great discomfort and fear in Jews. And the Jewish leadership will play the “Nazi card” any time they have to in order to get results. Paladino has repeatedly made blunder after blunder when he speaks, and I question if he is a real Tea Party candidate or just a plant to make Republicans and Tea Party candidates look foolish. It is also interesting also to note that Mr. Guttman tells his readers that that Republican and Tea Party candidates are one and the same. 


Mr. Guttman brings up two more issues at the end of this article which should create fear in every American Jew: abortion rights and foreign aid. He is a skilled propagandist who puts the knife to the back of every Jew in America by saying:

“…Other statements made by Tea Party candidates and supporters were also a source of concern for Jewish activists. These include strong opposition to abortion rights for women, fighting against funding for stem-cell research, and harsh anti-immigration rhetoric…”[12]

“On questions related to Israel, the Tea Party runs the gamut from Rand Paul’s isolationism to Sarah Palin’s support of Jewish settlements in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. While foreign policy issues are rarely raised by Tea Party candidates, some, including Paul and Alaska Senate candidate Joe Miller, have expressed support for cutting American foreign aid, an act that presumably would include the almost $3 billion provided annually to Israel…”[13]

“‘…In terms of elections, it all turns on [whether] the Democrats are successful in branding the Tea Party people as Christian extremists,’ Breger[14] concluded. ‘If they succeed, Jewish voters will run away from the Tea Party as far as they can.’”[15]


Most Americans do not read Jewish publications and therefore don’t know where the questions of moral issues are originating. Abortion in America has been championed by Jewish activists from the very beginning who are supported by the Jewish World Government. The most destructive organizations of Christian values in America are the “National Organization for Women” (NOW) and the American Civil Liberty Union (ACLU). NOW was founded in 1971 by a group of Jewish women among whom the most well known was Betty Naomi Friedan. She was its first president, played a major role in the fight to legalize abortions in the U.S. and succeeded with a Supreme Court decision in 1973 to legalize abortion upon demand.

The ACLU was founded in 1920 and has played a major role against the Christian faith in the United States with its first great exposure in the 1925 trial of a high school teacher by the name of Scopes, who tried to teach evolution in the school where he taught. The ACLU represented Scopes at the trial where he was defeated but they still received national publicity. Both organizations have a large number of Jewish activists.

The crimes committed by Tea Party candidates and its supporters are as follows:

1.      They are born-again Christians.

2.      They own guns.

3.      They believe in the Constitution of the United States of America.

4.      They do not in general support Zionism.

5.      They do not believe in abortion.

6.      They have the audacity to believe that the United States was founded by Christians.

7.      They want a smaller government and decreased taxes.

These are horrible crimes in the eyes of the Jewish leadership that must be stopped because they have championed the destruction of all morals in the United States and cannot afford to let these “tea party criminals” undo their work. They don’t have the legal right to issue arrest warrants but they can use the media to smear and destroy the character of Tea Party candidates. Don’t be surprised in the future when the Jews bring in their Antichrist messiah and the aforementioned crimes will be punishable by death. Listen to the words of Jesus:

“And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.” (Revelation 13:15)


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[14] Marshall Breger is a law professor at the Catholic University of America and served as the Jewish community’s liaison during the Reagan administration.

[15] FORWARD, October 1, 2010, Vol. CXIV, No. 31,829


From the Desk of John S. Torell




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