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Reported by John S. Torell


The month of November was very productive for us. The print shop is now busy six days a week and we are at 72% completion of “Christian Dynamics Course 1.” The people who are helping us are all volunteers, and if we had to pay wages, we would not be able to print the book. We are praising God for these men and women who are giving of their time.  As you might remember, one person was led by God to give us money for the paper and it is clear that God is guiding this project and has released the funds to make it possible. Our big challenge will be to bind the books. It has been some six years since we used the binding machine so we will have to re-learn how to run the binder but we can trust that the Holy Spirit will be with us and that is all the help we need.


Due to the content of Course 1, there aren’t any Christian publishing houses that will distribute this book since it is “politically incorrect” and they are all controlled by ungodly people. Some three years ago we tried to take the book, “My Journey to Faith and Freedom,” written by my wife to bookstores, but since they were chain stores, the book had to be sent for review to corporate headquarters before they could carry it. We were turned down by every corporate office even though Aina’s book is an upbeat inspirational life story. Here is what the Holy Spirit showed me:

1)      There must be certain factors that line up before a person will buy a book:

a)       The book needs to look interesting.

b)      A friend recommends the book.

c)       There is a great need in a person’s life and the book seems to address that need.

2)      When a product is manufactured, most people don’t know it is available. It takes a sales organization to make the public aware that the product exists, that it is a great product and it is something the customer really needs.

3)      Advertising the book solely on a website is a passive sales approach because no one is actively promoting the book.

4)      We need people who can sell our book. Ungodly people are not going to promote and sell this book; it must be done by believers in Christ who have read the book and feel that it is worthy to be shared with other people.


The Holy Spirit showed me that there is a great sales force available – namely, all the people who support our ministry and are being fed by the information we provide. Many of you have purchased Christian Dynamics Course 1, which has been available in binder form since June 2010. I assume you would be willing to share with friends and relatives the value of what you have read and sell the book to them? You don’t have to purchase the books from us; instead, collect the money from the person buying the book, send in a check with their name and address and we will ship the book directly to the buyer.

The cost of the book in California is $32.69 which includes the cost of the book ($25), tax ($2.19), and shipping ($5.50). There is no sales tax for people who live outside of California. We aren’t offering any commission on sales; rather, selling this book will be another way for you to support the ministry. Just like the people working in our print shop, you will be donating your time to the ministry.


There are some who have not purchased the Course 1 yet and it would be hard for you to help with the sales of this book if you have not read it yourself. Let me give you some good reasons why I believe this book will be very useful to you.

1.      This is not a work of fiction or a biography. There are several ways to describe the book; it is an educational book, a Christian handbook, or a supplemental manual for believers in Christ that complements the Bible:

2.      Course 1 gives you a picture of the Bible’s message on one page. This is a great witnessing tool where you have everything that is needed to understand Christianity.

3.      I discuss salvation in detail and you will get a detailed theological teaching of why a person needs to be saved, what he is saved from, who paid for this salvation, how it was paid and that there is no cost to the sinner to be saved. It shows how you received a firm commitment from God of eternal life at the moment of salvation, not a hope of being saved and going to heaven someday. Many Christians do not have a clear understanding of salvation and it is presented in such a way that even a child can understand.

4.      There is an in-depth teaching of who the Devil is, where he came from, and what he did before Adam and Eve were created. Most Christians know very little on this subject and this information will strip away all your fears of the Devil and his fallen angels and give you the boldness to resist evil as taught in the Bible.

5.      Do you know the definition of “occultism?” What happens when a person dabbles in the occult and what are the consequences according to God’s Word?

6.      The Bible addresses the issue of health and there are many things we can learn. Each believer in Christ has a birthright of good health that few have claimed. That doesn’t mean Christians cannot get sick; but what it means is that we can pray and seek the Lord for a healing if we do become sick. There is also a responsibility that goes along with this birthright of eating well and taking care of your body and you will learn how God wants you care for your body. This section alone can save you thousands of dollars in medical costs and allow you to enjoy life in a healthy body!

7.      God has listed a number of curses in the Bible, but because most preachers will never teach on this subject, many Christians are not even aware they are under a curse. This is not an issue of salvation since you are forgiven and ready for heaven, but if you want to have an abundant life, these 92 biblical curses must be dealt with before God can begin to bless you. You might say, “I don’t believe this,” but I would ask you to study the material first and then make up your mind. 

8.      What do you know about demon possession or demon oppression? This is a subject that mainline churches don’t want to talk about. Hollywood has made gory films that make normal people turn away from the subject, thinking that it does not exist and is made up by extreme people. Straitjackets are not used that much in mental hospitals anymore because the patients are controlled by powerful drugs that turn them in harmless zombies.

The fact of the matter is demons do exist. Jesus had a lot to say about them and what took place at that time is still going on today. You will learn biblical truth about demons, what an “arrested development spirit” is and how mind control is more common than you think. Instead of being scared of this subject, you will be able to understand it, address it, and help the people around you.

9.      I also greatly detail the counterfeit anointing. This section by itself could be a separate book, but I felt that it is very important for God’s people to know that not all spiritual things are necessarily from God. On these pages you will learn the basics of Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists, Harold Camping and Family Radio, plus all the national television and radio evangelists and pastors who have fleeced the flock while they are involved in immorality or financial scams. These pages are not pretty but provide true information about what is happening among us and how to avoid being sucked into one of these cults or deceptive television and radio evangelists. It is a cancer that is spreading in the body of Christ, and unless Christians take a stand, many millions will turn away in disgust from Christianity and die in their sins.

10.  If it is true that Christians can become cursed, how do you handle demonic problems that go along with it? I list a number of facts taken from the Bible about demons and what they do. Plus, are Gentile nations exempt from God’s biblical laws?

11.  How should a Christian go about casting out demons? Pulling from forty years of experience, I have laid out step by step instructions of what I have learned over the years. This can be used for yourself but also for those who want to minister to someone with demonic problems.

12.  The last part of the book is not written by me but from other Christian writers; Should a believer in Christ get a tattoo? Is it good for a Christian to gamble? Finally, there is a write-up on comic books, a subject very rarely spoken of in Christian circles.  


Have I been able to convince you that “Christian Dynamics Course 1” is what you need? You will judge by whether you order the book or not. Would you be willing to help us to sell it in your community and among the people you know if you already have the book?

If we can get the book into the hands of Christians, it will help them to learn solid Christian doctrine and will spark a revival among them. If there is a revival, they will in turn bring the message of Jesus to the lost and give us the hope of an awakening. It is with great expectations that we await your verdict.

“For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach, except they be sent? as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!” (Romans 10:13-15)


From the Desk of John S. Torell




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