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by John S. Torell


January 23, 2020

The Democratic Party began to push for the impeachment of Donald Trump in the fall of 2019. The mainstream media has gone along with this campaign against a nationalistic president, causing great turmoil in our nation. As I have watched this charade unfold in the media, it reminded me of the foreign elections in which the United States has gotten involved. The election meddling was not a partisan effort, but was practiced by democratic and republican presidents alike, and this intrusion is well-known around the world, even if the American people are ignorant concerning the matter.


Boris Yeltsin was a Soviet and Russian politician, having been a member of the communist party until the Soviet Union’s collapse and continued as a political independent until his resignation. He came to the United States in 1989 and met with high ranking officials from The Trilateral Commission (TLC) and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) who told him that they wanted him to become the next leader in Russia. Yeltsin was the man the World Government wanted running the country after the fall of the Soviet Union.

He was invited as a private citizen of the Soviet Union and the organization that stood behind this invite was the little known Esalen Institute. They have a non-profit retreat center located at Big Sur, California. Esalen was founded in 1962 and its members represent the international community. It is an occult center catering to the New Age movement, Eastern religious/philosophy, alternative medicine, and mind-body interventions. This confirms what I have known for a long time, the world government and its organizations are tied in with occultism.

Yeltsin’s eight day visit began in New York with three men, David Rockefeller, Lester C. Thurow, and Peter J. Sprague. David Rockefeller lived from 1915-2017. He was the chairman of Chase Manhattan Corporation and a member of The Trilateral Commission. Lester C. Thurow lived from 1938-2016 and was a dean of the MIT Sloan School of Management. Peter J. Sprague was formerly the chairman and CEO of Wave Systems Corp, which allows producers and users of electronic information to distribute and purchase content.

These men did not want to meet with Boris Yeltsin for a social visit, but to lay out an agenda once the Soviet Union collapsed. Yeltsin was also to conduct a speaking tour in eight cities which netted him $25,000 per speech. The CFR also arranged a working lunch for Yeltsin; a number of dignitaries from the organization met with the future leader of Russia.

Boris Yeltsin also met with Senator Claiborne Pell, a democrat from Rhode Island and chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Democratic Senator Bill Bradley from New Jersey was also present because he had a “strong interest” in the Soviet Union. When Yeltsin flew back to the Soviet Union, he knew that he had the financial backing of the World Government and the support of American and other Western intelligence services.

BorisYeltsin David Rockefeller Lester Thurow Peter Sprague Claiborne Pell Bill Bradley


Boris Yeltsin was the communist boss in Moscow before the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991. Yeltsin knew that the USSR was in its death throes and he had been plotting to take power. He set out to assume power after returning from the United States with $200k in cash and new “friends.” He was popular with the Russian people and was elected as a Deputy to the Congress of People’s Deputies in the Sverdlovsk federal district on March 4, 1990 even though he lived in Moscow.

The Congress was in charge of electing the chairman to the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (RSFSR), which on the paper was an independent republic within the Soviet Union. Despite stiff opposition from Mikhail Gorbachev, who was the president of the Soviet Union, the deputies elected Yeltsin as the new leader of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet.

There was a total of 15 Soviet Socialist Republics and the RSFSR was the biggest of them with Moscow as its capitol, which also happened to be the capitol of the Soviet Union. Yeltsin and his political allies made a bold move on June 12, 1991 when they proclaimed independence from the Soviet Union and declared RSFSR to be its own nation. At the 28th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Yeltsin held a speech at this convention and resigned his post as a deputy. It was a shock to the communist elite.

June 12th was also an election day and Yeltsin was running for the presidency of the RSFSR. When the election results were in, Yeltsin had won with a margin of 57% of the votes.

Hardcore communist leaders decided they had to move fast in order to keep the Soviet Union intact and so Mikhail Gorbachev was arrested on August 18th and held in Crimea while they surrounded Moscow with tanks and soldiers. When Boris Yeltsin heard the news, he rushed to his office in Moscow and used television and radio to urge people to flood the streets in protest. He climbed on top of a tank and persuaded the military to switch sides and join him. The coup was over when the communist hardliners realized the military had abandoned them. Gorbachev was returned to Moscow and Yeltsin was a hero to the people.

Gorbachev lost all political power and Yeltsin began his move to take over the Soviet government departments in Moscow. By November, Yeltsin was in control of all Soviet government agencies and he made a bold move on November 6th when he banned all Communist Party activities on Russian soil. The name RSFSR had by now been changed to Russia.

On December 8, 1991 Boris Yeltsin traveled to Belarus with Prime Minister Gennady Burbulis of Russia. They met with President Leonid Kravchuk and Prime Minister Vitold Fokin of Ukraine. Belarus was represented by Stanislav Shushkevich, chairman of the Belarus parliament and Prime Minister Vyacheslav Kebich.

Gennady Burbulis Leonid Kravchuk Vitold Fokin Stanislav Shukshkevich Vyachesslav Kebich Mikhail Gorbechav

Representing the biggest Soviet Republics, these six decided to dissolve the Soviet Union and replace it with a Commonwealth of Independent States. Mikhail Gorbachev was not invited to attend this conference which was in reality a peaceful coup to dissolve the Soviet Union and terminate Gorbachev.

December 12th the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR ratified the Belarus Accords and denounced the 1922 Soviet Union Treaty and ordered the deputies in the Council of the Union to cease their work. Russia had officially left the Soviet Union.

Boris Yeltsin met with Mikhail Gorbachev five days later and Mikhail as president agreed to dissolve the Soviet Union. It was made official on December 24th when all the presidents of the former Soviet Republics with the exception of Georgia met and agreed to officially dissolve the Soviet Union and Gorbachev resigned as president of the Soviet Union. It was agreed that the new union should be called the “Russian Federation” and new delegates were sent to the United Nations to replace the communist delegates.

RUSSIA – 1996

Boris Yeltsin was seeking a second term as president in 1996. During his first term in office, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which is controlled by the United States, which in turn is controlled by the World Government, had demanded that Russia reform its economy and decrease government subsidies from the Soviet Union era in order to receive international loans.

Yeltsin ordered that socialism be abandoned and set out to transition Russia to a free market society, opening foreign trade and allowing investors from other nations to come and be part of the new Russia. He also ordered the increase of interest rates to control money and discourage people from living on credit. As a result, prices soared on all goods, and because of the credit restrictions, a number of factories had to shut down. All factories and businesses were previously owned by the communist state and there had been no private ownership. As these state-run businesses were cut loose, they were purchased by oligarchs, which were former communist bosses with political clout who had amassed a large amount of wealth.

Pensions had to be slashed and all other government subsidies were cut back. I remember the media calling it “shock-therapy” and it certainly hurt the Russian people badly, particularly those who were retired and lived on a state pension. It caused inflation and unemployment, and because prices increased, the common people had to cut down on food shopping. Those on pensions began starving to death, and from 1990 to 1994, the average life expectancy among Russian males dropped by six years.

The reforms lowered the standard of living for most working class people. The Russian GDP fell by 50%, savings accounts were wiped out due to hyperinflation, and there was a rising number of people out of work with no unemployment benefits. The bankers in Western nations were jubilant as they could now plunder Russia at will.


The United States was deeply involved in the dismantling of the old Soviet Union system. Moscow had previously been a graveyard for CIA agents, but now they could move around freely and direct events, as dictated by the World Government and the IMF.

The secret archives of the Soviet government, including the KGB, were made available by Boris Yeltsin and the secrets of the past were revealed. My friend Jüri Lina, who was born in Estonia and fled to Sweden, traveled to Moscow and examined the secret documents. Lina had been educated in Estonia and could read and write in Russian. He used the information he found to write “The Scorpion” and “Architects of Deception.” Both books were translated into English and our ministry sells the book “Architects of Deception.”

Lina sent me the first draft of the translated version of “Under the Sign of the Scorpion” around 1995. He wanted someone in the United States to proofread the manuscript for spelling and grammar. My good friend, Pastor Gordon Ginn undertook the job but he showed me a section where Lina attacked Christianity and rejected Jesus as the Son of God. He believed the story of Jesus was concocted by Jews in the first century. We kindly asked Lina to remove this section since it had no bearing on the exposé of the Soviet Union. He refused and that is the reason why we don’t carry this book.

“Architects of Deception” featured a milder attack upon Christianity and so we have included a printed statement when it is sold. The book contains excellent information and it is sad that he directs his anger toward Christianity in these scholarly books.


While Boris Yeltsin was the president of Russia, he had an organization behind him put together by the CIA and the Israeli Mossad. The Russian Mafia was enlisted and played a vital role in the revamping of Russia.

I remember reading the newspaper in 1991 and seeing on television how huge amounts of cash were being flown daily from New York to Moscow. I didn’t know at the time that the money was being sent from the Republic National Bank of New York. This bank was owned by a Lebanese born Jew named Edmond Safra, who had bank holdings in Brazil, Switzerland, Lebanon and Syria.

Flight 30 from Delta flew from JFK airport in New York to Moscow five times a week. The airliner carried thousands of pounds in newly printed $100 bills. The cash came straight from the printing facilities of the Federal Reserve Bank system and was delivered to the Republic National Bank. Once there, it was transported on armored cars and loaded onto an airplane. According to the New York magazine, each flight carried a load of 100 million dollars in cash.[1]

Until the cash transfer stopped, it is estimated that $40 billion was transferred to Russian banks, whose customers wanted U.S. currency. It is obvious this operation was known to President George H.W. Bush since it was normal for the government to monitor large amounts of cash moving in and out of the United States. Remember, the war on drugs started by President Richard Nixon in 1971 was still ongoing. However, the United States discarded its laws when the World Government told it to get involved in illegal activities. This included the political leaders and the mainstream media. They were all in on the deal.

George H.W. Bush Richard Nixon

The new régime in Moscow looted the Russian gold reserves to pay for the American dollars that were shipped to Russia and suddenly Russian gold began to show up on the Western markets. There were also many valuable artifacts that were stolen and sold in the west. The criminal elements in Russia took advantage of the chaos since the communist surveillance system was not functioning. Political commentators stated that much of the cash went to the Russian mafia, and probably some did, but the majority of the money was used to pay off people and to prop up the Yeltsin administration.


The communist stole Russia in 1917 and murdered more than 50 million of its people during their 70 year reign of terror. There was no private ownership in the Soviet Union; factories, farms, apartments, and houses were all owned and operated by the State. People had their own automobiles and personal belongings, but not much more. Most of the people in the urban areas lived in high rise concrete apartment buildings that could house thousands of people. The Soviet Union was known for its shoddy workmanship and it was normal that the plumbing never worked properly in these giant human warehouses.

There was even more theft when the Yeltsin government ordered the State to transfer ownership to private citizens. A Russian stock market was created and shares of the State-owned factories were issued in order to be sold to the public. Since most Russians did not have enough money to buy food, stocks were purchased by wealthy former Soviet government managers and crime bosses. Many managers of factories and farms suddenly became the owner of the newly privatized business. The different crime families simply murdered people to take possessions of the different factories, businesses and farms. Corruption became rampant as the justice system broke down.

The Soviet Union never had a court system with unbiased laws and Yeltsin inherited a corrupt court system with its communist judges and attorneys. If a crime occurred, it was useless for the victim to notify the police since they would not act unless a bribe was paid.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky was a Russian Jew who became the richest of the oligarchs. He was a career communist party worker and used his position and connections in 1990 to take control of a number of oil fields in Siberia and put them under his own company called Yukos. His personal wealth rose to $15 billion in a short amount of time and he moved some of it to countries in Western Europe. President Vladimir Putin did not like Khodorkovsky and gave orders for his arrest in 2003. He was found guilty by a kangaroo court and sent to prison. Pressure was brought to bear from Western governments which forced Putin to pardon Khodorkovsky and he promptly moved to Switzerland. According to financial records, he still had a net worth of $500 million in 2014.

Lithuanian Roman Abramovich is another well-known oligarch born to a Jewish family. He became part of Yeltsin’s inner circle and made the recommendation to include Vladimir Putin. His net worth in 2019 was $12.9 billion. He has residences in Russia, Israel and England. He purchased the English soccer club Chelsea F.C., which is one of the top clubs in the British soccer league. When England refused him entry due to his Russian citizenship, Abramovich promptly contacted the Israeli government and he was issued citizenship in Israel. This came about because of a frosty relationship between England and Russia over the annexation of Crimea.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky Roman Abramovich Vladimir Putin Alexander Rutskoy


The directors of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) put enormous pressure on Boris Yeltsin and his government to expedite the transition from socialism to capitalism. They did not care that the people of Russia were suffering and some were dying from starvation. Yeltsin lifted the static price controls and costs shot up due to inflation.

The Russian people were upset. Life had been bad under the communists but now it was worse. The Congress of People’s Deputies initiated a referendum and the public was asked if they still had confidence in Yeltsin and his economic program. This was held on April 25, 1993 and 59.9% gave Yeltsin their approval. There is no telling if the voting was rigged, but Yeltsin certainly used it as a weapon against his enemies.

The Russian parliament revolted against Boris Yeltsin and he moved to dissolve the Congress of People’s Deputies and its Supreme Soviet on September 21, 1993. According to the new constitution, President Yeltsin did not have the authority to take such an action. The legislators responded by declaring Yeltsin’s decree null and void and impeached him. In a counter move, Yeltsin declared that Vice-President Alexander Rutskoy was to take over the presidency.

The people were out en masse in Moscow on October 3rd to demonstrate against Yeltsin. They violently pushed back the police and took over the mayor’s office and tried to storm the Ostankinsky administrational buildings.

The general in charge of the Russian army that had been called out due to the riots decided to have ten tanks fire their cannons against the White House where the deputies resided. Special Forces were to storm the parliamentary building once the upper levels had been destroyed.

Yeltsin simply did what he used to do as a communist leader when he ordered the Russian army to clear the streets on October 4th, taking ten days to subdue the people. Government statistics show that 187 people were killed and 437 people were taken to the hospital for various kinds of injuries. Most likely these numbers were much higher. Two French, one British and one American journalist were killed by army snipers.

President Yeltsin blamed the uprising on fascist-communist armed rebellion. I am sure that he did not believe his own words but the blame had to be shifted somewhere else. A new constitution was adopted on December 12, 1993 that virtually made Yeltsin a dictator.


There was to be a general election on June 16, 1996 and then a runoff election on July 3rd for the top two candidates. Yeltsin decided to seek re-election but his approval rating at this time was down to 6%. The Russian people were done with him and the World Government became alarmed and notified President Bill Clinton to do everything in his power to help Yeltsin.

Clinton’s first action was to contact the IMF and direct them to give Russia a loan for $10 billion. Part of that money was to be used by Yeltsin and his team at the election rallies held around Russia. This is why Yeltsin stated, “My pockets are full.”[2]

President Clinton sent three experienced men to Russia. Richard Dresner was a veteran Clinton campaign worker. Joe Shumate was the former deputy chief-of-staff under California governor Pete Wilson. George Gorton was a republican political consultant who served on the campaigns of Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan.

These three Americans arrived in Russia in February of 1996 and stayed for four months, from March 1 until the presidential election on July 3rd. They were paid $250,000, had all their expenses covered, and worked with an unlimited budget for polling, focus groups and other research. I could not ascertain who paid them. Since this was a World Government project, the money could have come from different hidden sources, effectively hiding the money trail.

The mission would have been a failure if the Russian media had found out about these three men. This was a clandestine operation under the guise of trying to introduce flat screen televisions to Russia. Yeltsin’s government housed them in a government secured hotel, guarded by policemen armed with machine guns.

These three American men were political hacks whose intentions are more aligned with victory than personal conviction. They were consummate professionals in this area and the only platform they could come up with was that Yeltsin was the only man who could save Russia from a civil war by the resurging communist party.

During this time President Clinton enlisted the help of political consultant Dick Morris. They met once a week in the White House to discuss the latest polls from Russia being furnished by Dresner, Shumate and Gorton. Once the briefing was over, Clinton would pick up the red hotline phone to Russia and inform Yeltsin what kind of commercials he should run on the television, where to campaign, and what kind of statements to make. It is ironic that a liar and murderer would give political advice to a fellow liar and murderer.

President Clinton scheduled to meet with Boris Yeltsin in Saint Petersburg from April 18-21, 1996. Dick Morris wrote the script for the meetings. President Yeltsin was to lecture the American president about Russia’s great military power and let the American people know that Russia was a strong nation that should be respected. Clinton was to remain quiet during the speech and act like he was intimidated. This event was staged and streamed live on Russian TV. Morris felt this charade would cause the Russians to like Yeltsin since he was courageously standing up to the imperialistic Americans.

The three American operatives were spotted by a reporter from Time magazine. In order to keep their cover, they offered the reporter an exclusive story once the election was over. Two weeks after the election, Time ran an extensive article on how the American government had swayed the election in Russia. The television show “Nightline” on ABC featured the story. A movie entitled “Spinning Boris” was made about the affair and released on October 23, 2003.[3]

This narrative about Clinton and Yeltsin is not found in the history books used in public schools. It can only be found by searching the Internet by someone who knows what they are seeking. Thus, most Americans today have either forgotten this account or never heard about it, and people are numb because there have been so many headlines screaming about crisis and scandals. All this is lost to Americans today as they are spun by the Democratic Party.

President Yeltsin’s operatives made sure they had their people at the locations where the ballots would be counted to ensure his victory. Yeltsin ran against Gennady Zyuganov, a hardcore communist in the runoff election.

Vladimir Putin favored Zyuganov even though he was working within the Yeltsin administration. The official polling results showed that Yeltsin received 54.4% of the votes compared to Zyuganov’s 40.7%.

President Dmitry Medvedev would meet with leaders of the opposition parties in February of 2012 to address voter fraud. He confirmed that Yeltsin did not in fact win the 1996 election and that the election had been rigged.

Vladimir Putin saw firsthand the American meddling in Russia’s elections and he had no qualms about returning the favor. What American political leaders did to Russia back then is now coming back to haunt us as they play the same game.


Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych was overthrown in February of 2014. He was forced to flee and take refuge in Russia after five days of violent protests in the capitol Kiev. He was an old member of the communist party, pro-Russian, and sought a closer relationship with his eastern neighbor.

The American CIA and the Israeli Mossad were two intelligence services operating in Ukraine prior to the uprising. The opposition party wanted to break with Russia to join the European Union (EU) and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). This was a bonanza for the World Government, who wanted to curtail Vladimir Putin’s nationalistic efforts.

Yanukovych’s security forces initially tried to quell the riots but they were hampered by snipers that no one was able to identify. Yanukovych requested help from Putin, and while he declined to intervene, Putin did refuse to recognize the newly formed Ukrainian government.

American and Israeli military advisors began to arrive once the new government was in place. There were many officers in the Ukrainian military sympathetic to Russia and the new government sought to weed them out while the American and Israeli advisors began training and reorganizing the Ukrainian forces.

Putin eventually realized that the United States was making a push east into the old Soviet Empire and ordered troops to take control of Crimea in December of 2014. When Yanukovych was overthrown, the mostly Russian population in the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine began to demonstrate and rebel against the “Nazi government” in Kiev.

Putin had started to send military convoys into the Donbass area prior to the Crimean invasion where the local population had overtaken government institutions and declared their independence from Ukraine. War broke out shortly as the Ukrainian army tried to retake the provinces. This war is now in its fifth year. The United States and other Western nations are backing the Ukrainian government with money, weapons, ammunition and other military equipment. The U.S. and Israeli militaries have set up bases in Ukraine to train the Ukrainian forces. The U.S. recently sent the latest anti-tank weapon called the “Javelin” and Russia had been forced to move their tanks to the rear because of this sophisticated weapon.

As of October 2019, some 8,000 people have died in the Donbass region. It is a stalemate and can only be solved if the Ukraine gives up the Donbass region and recognizes Crimea as part of Russia. President Putin is a hardcore communist and former KGB officer who won’t back down. He doesn’t care how many civilians and soldiers are killed.


The prime minister of Iran in 1953 was Mohammad Mosaddegh. He was leading the nation to embrace social changes and land reforms in order to make the country more prosperous. Iranian oil production at that time was operated by the British Anglo-Persian Oil Company.

When Mosaddegh nationalized oil production on May 1, 1952, the oilfields and production facilities became State property. This did not sit well with the British government and they organized an oil blockade and pulled out all British workers from Iran.

There were negotiations but nothing came out it since both sides were unwilling to budge. In October of 1952, Mosaddegh declared England to be an enemy and cut off all diplomatic relations and British warships blockaded Iranian ports. It was a stalemate.

With the election of Dwight Eisenhower as president of the United States, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill suggested to Eisenhower that with Mosaddegh in power there was a risk of the Iranian communist party Tudeh taking power and inviting the Soviets to be in charge of the country.

Mohammad Mosaddegh Dwight Eisenhower Winston Churchill

The American and British governments decided in 1953 to preemptively control Iran and remove Mosaddegh from office. It was mutually agreed that the Soviets should be denied access to the Persian Gulf through Iran. Secretary of State John Foster Dulles directed the CIA, which was headed by his brother, Allen Dulles, to make plans to overthrow Mosaddegh. A budget of one million dollars was approved for this project as the CIA and MI6 began preparations for their illegal operation.


CIA and MI6 agents met in Beirut in June of 1953 to finalize the plans. CIA’s chief of the Near East and Africa division, Kermit Roosevelt Jr., grandson to President Theodore Roosevelt arrived in Tehran to take control of project “Ajax.” The centerpiece of the plan was to have Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi terminate Mohammad Mosaddegh as prime minister.

The Shah was scared since Mosaddegh was popular among the Iranian population and Pahlavi felt that his position as monarch over Persia could be threatened. CIA agents repeatedly met with the Shah in an effort to persuade him to dismiss Mosaddegh. Eventually they turned their attention to his sister, Ashraf, whom they bribed with a mink coat and a large amount of money, and she agreed to speak with her brother about getting rid of Mosaddegh.

Mosaddegh’s intelligence service found out what was happening but there was no action he could take since nothing had happened. Farsi speaking CIA agents worked both sides, pretending to be socialists and nationalists, instigating threats against Muslim leaders who supported Mosaddegh in an effort to turn the mullahs against him. Muslims were told that they would be harshly punished if they opposed Mosaddegh.

John Foster Dulles Allen Dulles Kermit Roosevelt Mohammad Reza Pahlavi Fazollah Zahedi

The Shah agreed to fire the prime minister with a written decree in August of 1953, which was legal under the 1949 Iranian constitution. He also declared martial law, which gave him absolute power. As soon as the Shah signed the decree, he departed on an Iranian air force plane to Baghdad and then on to Rome to await the outcome.

Kermit Roosevelt and his team had hired thousands of thugs and criminals, and the CIA agents directed them to spread out to different cities and instigate clashes with the Mosaddegh supporters. They looted, burned mosques and newspaper offices, and some 300 people were killed in these violent clashes.

With Iran in chaos, the CIA moved out pro-monarchy forces on August 19th led by General Fazlollah Zahedi. Tanks moved into Tehran and opened fire upon the prime minister’s residence. Mohammad Mosaddegh fled from his house as it was being looted by a mob. He realized there was no chance to fight back and surrendered the next day to General Zahedi. Mosaddegh was arrested and transferred to a military prison and the Shah returned to Iran on August 22nd.

The CIA is not a docile organization and they subsequently ordered the arrest of Mosaddegh’s supporters and anyone who had worked with him. Some of them were tried in kangaroo courts, imprisoned and tortured. Mosaddegh’s closest political aid, Hossein Fatemi was given the death sentence and executed by a firing squad. He was 37 years old when he was murdered.

Mohammad Mosaddegh was convicted and sentenced to three years of solitary confinement in a prison on December 21, 1953. He was later released and kept under house arrest until his death on March 5, 1967. He was denied a normal public funeral and was buried under the living room floor of his house.

Mohammad Mosaddegh was hailed as a hero in the 1979 Iranian revolution and the slogan “Death to America” was born out of this CIA coup.

In 1975 Senator Frank Church, a democrat from Idaho, held a series of hearings on CIA abuses. The overthrow of Mosaddegh was exposed and became an embarrassment to the CIA. But it was not until year 2000 when Secretary of State Madeleine Albright officially stated her regret for this action by the CIA under the order of President Eisenhower. It is ironic that Albright served under President Clinton and she failed to mention the meddling of Clinton in Russia four years earlier.

Frank Church Madeline Albright


Most Americans today are ignorant when it comes to world history and it is easy to sway them with the agenda-driven fake news pushed by the mainstream media. I want to fill in what happened after Mohammad Mosaddegh was removed from office.

Most Iranians at this time were deeply devoted Shia Muslims and the mullahs in Iran exercised great influence over Iranian politics. Ruhollah Khomeini (1902-1989) began to gain more and more political power in the 1960’s. He opposed the reforms of the Shah, who sought to transfer government owned property to the private citizenry. He wanted to westernize Iran and the United States spent large sums of money to help him and equip the Iranian armed forces with military hardware. Even though American soldiers were stationed in Iran, the Shah and his government agreed to the demands of the United States that none of its soldiers would be tried in an Iranian court if they committed a crime. Khomeini seized on this issue and he denounced the Shah and the United States in 1964. He was arrested later in the year, and after spending six months in prison, he was released and flown to Turkey to live in the home of Ali Cetiner, a colonel in the Turkish Military intelligence.

The governmental intelligence organization of Turkey did not like the United States even though Turkey was a member of NATO and mostly equipped with American military gear. France was another nation that was unhappy with the United States because it had been kept out of the American-British deal to dispose Mosaddegh.

The Iraqi government allowed him to move to the Shia stronghold of Najaf in 1965. In 1978, Saddam Hussein was vice president of Iraq and he had Khomeini expelled and flown to France.

Just like the CIA and the MI6 had previously worked to get rid of Mohammad Mosaddegh, Turkish and French intelligence worked together to create great unrest in Iran. The world media became very interested in Khomeini during his stay in Paris with political leaders from different nations and reporters swarming his residence.

The situation for the Shah became more and more precarious and he realized that his days as the monarch of Iran were numbered. Knowing that he could not trust the governments of the United States and Great Britain, the Shah and his staff made arrangements with the American mafia and the Roman Catholic Church to move his wealth out of Iran.


Here is the story as told by the American gangster Gianni Russo.[4]

Vatican City in Rome, also known as the Holy See, is the headquarters for the Roman Catholic Church. It has the unique status being a city/state within another sovereign country, occupying 109 acres in the middle of Rome and has a population of 1,000 people as of 2017. The Vatican has its own flag and national anthem, mints its own money, prints stamps for mailing, and issues license plates for the cars of the people living in the Vatican City. The Italian government has no jurisdiction over the Vatican even though it resides within the country of Italy.

Pope Pius XII issued a decree in June of 1942 to create “The Institute for the Works of Religion,” which became known as “The Vatican Bank.” Rome was controlled by Nazi Germany at this time with German troops occupying Italy. The assets of The Vatican Bank were never the personal property of the Vatican and therefore the Pope does not exercise control over the bank. It is run by a Board of Directors who report to a Supervisory Commission of Cardinals and the Pope. The bank has been corrupt since its foundation and the Nazi’s used the bank to transfer looted money for the Nazi leadership when thousands of them fled to South America in 1945.

The bank was rocked by a scandal in 1982 when the Italian bank Ambrosiano went bankrupt. The chairman of this bank, Roberto Calvi was a member of the Propaganda Due (P2) masonic lodge. The P2 lodge was founded under the auspices of the Grand Orient of Italy. Italian financier Licio Gelli was the first grand master. He was fascist and the liaison officer between the Italian government and Nazi Germany.

The lodge was known as a state within the state and its membership comprised of prominent journalists, members of parliament, industrial owners, military officers, and politicians. Silvio Berlusconi was the most well-known politician to be a member. He served as prime minister of Italy from 2008-2011. The P2 also operated in Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina. All three of these nations experienced a large influx of former Nazi Germans. In addition, the Italian Mafia was utilizing this bank to launder their ill-gotten money.

The Vatican Bank was the largest shareholder in Ambrosiano and as such exercised influential control over the bank. When this financial institution collapsed, it was discovered that money from CIA black budgets had been funneled through the bank to support the Solidarity trade union movement in Poland, which was trying to break the communist régime in Poland. Money was sent to the Contras, a guerrilla force in Nicaragua that sought to overthrow the left-wing Sandinista government.

Roberto Calvi was arrested in 1981 and sentenced to four years in prison. He was released during the appeal because of his vast connections throughout the Italian government. In 1982 it was discovered that $1.3 billion was missing from the bank. There was no trace, it had simply vanished. Calvi fled to London and eight days later the police found his body hanging from Blackfriars Bridge. This was ironic given that P2 members referred to themselves as “black friars.” The day before, Calvi’s personal secretary “jumped” from the fifth floor of the bank’s headquarters. Graziella Corrocher left behind a note denouncing Calvi and it is likely she was thrown to her death by hitmen from the Mafia so no one could talk to the court investigators. At any rate, the message was clear. No one steals from the mafia and gets away with it.

At the end of the day and after much legal wrangling, The Vatican Bank agreed to pay Ambrosiano’s creditors without accepting liability.


There was an election for a new Roman Catholic pope in 1978 and the cardinal selected was Italian born Albino Luciani. He took office on August 26th with the name of John Paul I. He was a reformist, calling for holiness and honesty. More than likely he wanted to find out about the finances of the Vatican, and my personal belief is that he found corruption when he began an investigation. He only reigned as pope for 33 days before he suddenly died of a heart attack in his bedroom on September 28th. This was similar to what happed to Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia who was also found dead in bed of an apparent heart attack.

My research over the last 45 years has revealed that intelligence services prefer heart attacks, strokes, and cancer as preferred methods of assassination. Heart attacks can be induced by drugs, given to a person in a meal or a drink. Assassination is like an art to them, and when it is done correctly, the blame will be placed on the victim. Every murder classified by the police as suicide is a success. No one should ever be able to figure out what killed the victim.

I believe Pope John Paul I was murdered because Pope Francis created a special investigative pontifical commission to study reform of The Vatican Bank in 2013. He knew of the scandals in the 1980’s and wanted to make sure they would not be repeated. John Paul I started his investigation in 1978 when the scandal had not yet become public knowledge. There was too much money at stake and a pope can just as easily be sacrificed when money is involved.


American mobsters negotiated with The Vatican Bank to launder money from their illegal activities in Las Vegas. The operation began in the spring of 1978 when mobster Gianni Russo was summoned to Chicago and meet with mafia boss Tony Accardo (1906-1992). Russo was told that the mob had decided that the best way to launder its illegal money from Las Vegas was through The Vatican Bank.

The cash from the different casinos that the mafia operated would be deposited in the Valley Bank of Nevada. Perry Thomas, a senior executive of the bank, was on retainer by the mafia to ensure that the dirty money would be exchanged into new uncirculated $100 bills. Russo and Chicago mobster Nick Nitti, who was the grandson of Chicago gangster Frank Nitto, were to relocate to Las Vegas, where they were to pick up two 24” long engineer bags. Each bag would contain two million dollars in 100 dollar bills.

Accardo used a connection in the government to obtain government courier licenses under false names. No one at the airport asked for their passports since they were on official U.S. government business, which meant they did not have to travel through customs.

Upon arriving in in Rome, they took a taxi to the Vatican and met Archbishop Paul Marcinkus (1922-2006), who was the president of The Vatican Bank from 1971-1989. He was born in the city of Cicero in Illinois, and when Marcinkus became a priest in the Roman Catholic Church, he was stationed in Chicago where he was recruited by the Mafia.

Marcinkus invested the mafia’s money in different ventures and paid 5% of the investment to the mob. The Vatican Bank kept 15% of the interest. Banks in Switzerland also launder money but they pay a much lower percentage. This relationship was great for the mobsters, of which the bank’s director was one too. Russo and Nitti traveled to Rome twice a month.

According to Russo, the Roman Catholic Church was sympathetic to the mafia since they operated in the United States and Italy and mobsters were often generous in supporting Roman Catholic charities. All the flights took place on Air Italia with Captain Ferrara as the chief pilot because he was also on the mafia payroll.

It is ironic that Russo and Nick – both Roman Catholics – attended the funeral for Pope Paul VI and the inauguration John Paul I. According to Russo, the money laundering stopped when John Paul I took office. The mafia bosses suddenly disappeared for a Commission meeting similar to what they had done prior to the murder of President Kennedy.

According to Russo, the American mafia leaders had a conference with the Vatican and it was agreed that John Paul I had to go because there was too much money at stake. When the Pope found out that the American mafia was laundering their money through the Vatican Bank, he ordered the bank leadership to halt it. The Pope was given an injection of some untraceable drug and he died instantly. The trips to Rome resumed again as soon as the funeral was over and Russo worked on this project for the next five years until he quit.


Gianni Russo stated that he received a phone call on January 2, 1979 from an Iranian named General Mobabba, who wanted Russo to fly to Tehran. When Russo found out that Mobabba wanted help getting the Shah’s money out of Iran and taken to the bank of the Vatican, he contacted Nick Nitti and asked him to be part of this new venture. Russo told the General that he would leave when the visas and other documents needed to visit Iran were issued the next day. Nitti owned a travel agency in Chicago and also set up chartered flights in and out of Las Vegas, so it was no problem for him to get airline tickets to Iran.

Russo realized that intelligence services had been monitoring the money laundering with the Vatican and that someone had tipped off the Savak, which was the Iranian intelligence service. The Shah and his supporters knew that eventually they would have to flee Iran and they did not want to put their money in western banks since the funds could be confiscated.

Fallen dictators and exiled heads of state had in the past lost their money when they fled and their former country charged them with crimes and demanded their money be confiscated and returned to the nation from which they fled.

Heads of state, financial investors and criminals alike know The Vatican Bank is not tied into the world’s financial system and its people do not talk. Any investment in the bank is secure and no nation has the jurisdiction to demand they turn over the money of a client. The Vatican Bank is a money making enterprise for the Roman Catholic Church and they guard it with a vengeance.

General Mobabba knew that Russo and Nitti were well-known at the Vatican after five years of delivering cash to Archbishop Marcinkus. The Shah and his people were Muslims and therefore had no connection to the Vatican. Most likely Iranian intelligence agents had contacted the mafia in the United States and sought help to contact the Vatican.

Russo and Nitti met the next day at the McCarran Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada and landed on January 4th at Mehrabad International Airport outside Tehran. The airport also served as a base for the Iranian air force.

Time was of essence since a revolution was imminent and General Mobabba, Russo and Nitti discussed how the money could be transported to Rome. The money was rials, and given the exchange rate with the dollar, Russo and Nitti were being asked to fly out with a large quantity of cash because the Shah’s fortune was in the hundreds of millions. One dollar in 1979 was worth 74.50 rials whereas today the dollar is worth 42,119 rials.

Russo realized that he needed help and so he and Nitti flew to Sicily where they met with a mafia boss that supplied them with six men to help carry the large duffel bags filled with cash and act as security at the same time. Russo contacted Captain Ferrara of Air Italia and chartered an airplane to fly the money out of Tehran. General Mobabba had previously given Russo and Nitti petty cash in dollars to use for expenses and the team flew to Tehran and met a second time with the General. Their airplane was parked on the side of the airport and no flight plan was filed with the Iranian authorities.

In order to alleviate any suspicions, no cash was withdrawn from the Iranian banks with whom the Shah had deposited his money. General Mobabba had communicated to the different bank managers, and on the day the money was going to be flown out, three vans arrived where Russo and his team were waiting. Mobabba was nervous and did not want to go to the airport. There was some difficulty with military traffic, but they managed to get to the airport and load the bags on the airplane, which then took off without incident.

Russo and company landed in Sicily for refueling where they were met by armed members of the local mafia that formed a protective ring around the plane while it was refueled. The aircraft took off without incident and flew to Leonardo da Vinci International Airport in Rome.

According to Russo, there was no customs check-in at Sicily or Rome. The mafia itself was used to doing the groundwork as custom officials and air traffic controllers had been told to disregard the flight. Armored trucks from The Vatican Bank showed up and the cash was taken to its vault. Russo called it the “Vatican Laundromat.” Russo and his team arrived in Rome on January 16, 1979, the same day the Shah and his family fled Iran.

The fact that the United States was deeply involved in the removal of the Shah can be seen in the meeting that President Jimmy Carter called for on December 7, 1978 when he invited President Giscard d’Estaing of France, Chancellor Helmuth Schmidt of West Germany and Prime Minister James Callaghan of England to meet on Guadeloupe Island in the Caribbean. The conference took place on January 5, 1979 where they discussed the situation in Iran and how it should be handled. The Shah later stated that they only met to discuss how to get rid of him.

Gianni Russo Helmuth Schmidt James Callaghan

The United States did not want the Shah to settle down in America, so he traveled to a number of nations. He was allowed to enter the United States in October of 1979 for cancer treatment which created a furor in Iran. The Islamic leaders wanted the Shah returned so he could be tried in court but the U.S. refused their demands.

Iran decided to take action and took over the American embassy in Tehran on November 4, 1979 and held 52 Americans hostage for 444 days. President Carter made a rescue attempt but it failed and Iran did not release the diplomats until Ronald Reagan became president.

The only nation that granted the Shah and his family asylum was Egypt under President Anwar Sadat but this was short lived as the Shah died on July 27, 1980 at the age of 60.


The nation of Chile was dependent to a large degree on the mining of copper. There were two American corporations operating in Chile. Anaconda started mining operations in 1922 and developed into the largest miner of copper in the world. El Teniente was a local company that began mining in 1819. The mining operation was taken over by the Kennecott Copper Corporation in 1910, which operated primarily in Alaska.

International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation (ITT) was another American company operating in Chile. The company invested some 200 million dollars to build up the nation’s telephone system.

Like so many other South American nations, Chile was politically unstable and corruption was a way of life. There were three candidates in the 1970 presidential election. Jorge Alessandri had been president in the past, Salvador Allende was from the Unidad Popular coalition, and Radomiro Tomic represented the Christian Democratic Party. Allende had run unsuccessfully for president in 1952, 1958 and in 1964 but he won in 1970 with 36.2% of the vote. Alessandri came close with 34.9% and Tomic received 27.8%.

The United States did not like Salvador Allende since he was a socialist and also worked with the communists. He was also friendly with Fidel Castro of Cuba. Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy and Johnson opposed him. The CIA was used by Presidents Kennedy and Johnson to make sure that Allende was defeated in previous elections and declassified CIA documents showed that the U.S. government spent $2.6 million from 1962 to 1964 to finance Allende’s political opponents and $3 million was allocated for anti-Allende television commercials. CIA agents actively worked in the election campaigns.

Salvador Allende Roberto Viaux Rene Schneider Dwight Eisenhower John F. Kennedy Lyndon Johnson

CIA documents from the 1970 elections are not available, but there is no doubt that the organization worked to defeat Allende once again. In conjunction with Chilean Army General Roberto Viaux, the CIA made an attempt to kidnap Allende and kill him. General Rene Schneider, who was the Commander in Chief of the army, led an armed resistance and he was shot and died three days later. The outgoing President Eduardo Frei replaced Schneider with General Carlos Prats, and for the time being, the army was controlled by the government.


As soon as Salvador Allende became president, agriculture became the first target of his socialistic program. He decreed that all farms and ranches larger than 198 acres be confiscated by the government and the property owners evicted. A total of 3,479 farms and ranches were stolen in this manner with no compensation for the owners.

Allende and the people who controlled him knew they could broaden their support if they changed the voting laws. The voting age was lowered to 18 and the restriction of being able to read and write was removed. All the illiterates in Chile flocked to Allende’s party.

Salvador Allende knew the power of education and so the school curriculum was changed to promote socialism. The state also sponsored music festivals and songwriters were paid to write songs promoting socialism in Latin American folk style. Singers and bands were paid by the State to travel throughout Chile and perform at free festivals. These socialistic programs remind me of the progressive democrats in the United States today who want to socialize our nation.

Allende established a department called “The Women’s Secretariat” in 1971 to regulate laundromats, public food programs, daycare centers and prenatal care for pregnant women. Maternity leave with full pay was increased from 6 to 12 weeks.

Students also had their tuition paid by the State, but socialism comes with a price, and by 1972 inflation was running at 140%.


President Eduardo Frei Montalva, who preceded Allende, had negotiated with Anaconda, Kennecott and another American mining company named Cerro which specialized in copper tubing. Cerro purchased 51% of the Kennecott’s shares and 25% in the other companies. Part of the agreement was that the government of Chile could purchase the rest of the shares of the foreign companies during a 13 year period, but only after Chile had paid 60% of the original purchase. Thus the agreement was that Chile had to pay at least 60% of the original purchase price and then there would be negotiations as to how to proceed with the State buying out all foreign companies.

Allende’s socialist backers did not like the agreement made with the American corporations and pressure was brought to bear to nationalize the corporations’ asset in Chile. Allende submitted a constitutional amendment to the Chilean congress in 1971 that would give the Chilean government the right to nationalize any foreign owned corporation assets in Chile. It was passed on July 11, 1971 and five days later all assets of American corporations were seized.

This was a billion dollar theft and pressure was put on President Nixon, who unleashed the CIA “to take care” of the situation in Chile. Henry Kissinger as Secretary of State and a high official in the World Government took the initiative to remove President Allende. The CIA was given a budget of 10 million dollars to get rid of Allende.

Eduardo Frei Montalva Henry Kissinger Roberto Souper Onfray

The first thing Kissinger did was to cut off all loan credits to Chile. Allende responded by contacting the Soviet Union, China and Communistic Eastern European nations asking for support. The communists did not provide enough funds to keep Chile’s socialistic program going and Allende travelled to the Soviet Union in 1972 to beg for more money, but the Soviet leadership turned him down since they too were in a bad condition financially.

Many trade unions are run by the mafia and the unions in Chile were no exception. The CIA has always worked well with the different mafias of different nations and crippling strikes in Chile was the first step of the operation.

The CIA had also recruited officers from the Chilean army who did not like the socialist program President Allende was imposing on the nation. On June 29, 1973, Lt. Col. Roberto Souper Onfray brought his tank regiment to the presidential palace and tried to oust Allende. Twenty-two civilians were killed in the ensuing firefight. Souper was not able to get broad support from other army officers and the coup failed. He was arrested and would have been tried for treason when a national general strike was called and the nation was thrown into chaos.

The CIA had been working diligently to recruit people in leadership and managed to get to the judges on the Chilean Supreme Court. A constitutional crisis occurred in August of 1973 when the Supreme Court declared that the Allende government was failing to keep law and order in the nation.

In order to shore up his support, President Allende fired his defense minister and appointed General Carlos Prats González to be the new defense minister on August 9, 1973. In this way, Allende believed the army would remain loyal to him, but on August 22, 1973, the Christian Democrats and the Chilean National Party joined forces in the Chamber of Deputies, which is also known as “Lower House of the National Congress of Chile.” A resolution was passed with an 81 to 47 vote that asked the Supreme Court to put an immediate end to Allende’s breeches of the Chilean constitution.

Chile was being torn asunder by civil unrest during this time with Allende’s supporters clashing in the streets with the CIA-led opposition. A couple of days later the wives of the Chilean army generals staged a public protest in front of President Allende’s house.

My inclination is that this was instigated by the CIA since there was a good chance the station chief would be promoted if Allende was ousted. General Prats realized that the army leadership had no confidence in him and was subsequently replaced with General Augusto Pinochet after his resignation.

President Allende stated that the action of the Chamber of Deputies had damaged the nation and the only way to resolve the constitutional crisis was to have the people vote on the matter. As such, Allende declared that he would address the nation on September 11, 1973.


Chilean army units along with CIA assets moved into Santiago and surrounded the presidential palace on September 11, 1973. Aircraft from the Chilean air force bombed the palace and there was gunfire and explosions as the soldiers rushed into the palace to apprehend Allende. While palace guards fought against the soldiers, President Allende gave a short farewell speech on the radio to the people of Chile. He was captured and immediately executed. The official statement from the army was that President Allende had committed suicide by shooting himself with the AK-47 rifle given to him from Fidel Castro.

Salvador Allende had steadfastly resisted the CIA and they did not want him alive in prison. President Nixon and Secretary of State Kissinger were pleased to finally get rid of the socialist who was responsible for the massive theft from the American corporations. It is ironic that Nixon would be forced out of office less than a year later because of the Watergate scandal.

There was a 2010 earthquake in Chile that damaged the house of a former military justice official. A 300 page document following the coup was discovered within. The conclusion by the forensic experts was that President Allende had been shot in the head with a small caliber handgun and then a larger caliber gun had been used to shoot his head a second time to make it appear like he had committed suicide with an AK-47.


General Augusto Pinochet (1915-2006) was the CIA’s choice as the next leader for Chile. Once Allende was dead, Pinochet ruled the nation as the Commander-in-Chief of the Army. He dissolved Allende’s government and replaced it with a military junta (committee), which was immediately recognized by the Nixon administration as the legal government of Chile. The junta consisted of General Pinochet from the Army, Admiral Jose Toribio Merino from the Navy, General Gustavo Leigh from the Air Force and General Cesar Mendoza from the national police, known as the “Carabineros.”[5]

César Mendoza, José Toribio Merino, Augusto Pinochet and Gustavo Leigh (from left to right)

The junta suspended the constitution and the congress, banned all political parties, and imposed strict censorship and curfew. This government junta ruled from September 11, 1973 until December 17, 1974, when they appointed Augusto Pinochet as Supreme Head of the nation and that title was later changed to president.

President Pinochet ruled Chile as a dictator until 1990 when he stepped down but continued to serve as Commander-in-Chief of the Chilean army until 1998, when he retired and then he became a senator for life.

He was arrested for human rights violations during a visit to England in October 1988. His attorneys fought the charges and he was released on grounds of ill health and flew back to Chile on March 3, 2000. Pinochet was placed under house arrest and ordered to stand trial for human rights violations, tax evasion and embezzlement upon returning to Chile. He died on December 10, 2006 before the trial.

Despite the horrible human rights abuses during Pinochet’s dictatorship, the United States continued to work with him and prop up his regimé. The men in the U.S. government were just as guilty as Pinochet and his henchmen. Most of them are in hell waiting for the dreadful day when they will be judged and cast into the Lake of Fire. They killed, imprisoned and tortured untold thousands of men and women. Augusto Pinochet lived a life of luxury for 17 short years and now he will be tormented for eternity. What a wasted life!


The CIA had trained the Chilean military well and soccer stadiums were immediately transformed into “concentration camps” and thousands of people were rounded up and held there. It is estimated that more than 3,000 persons were executed in the soccer stadiums under Pinochet’s dictatorship and there are thousands more who went missing. Some 80,000 Chileans were interned in concentration camps and thousands of were brutally tortured.

The Chilean secret police known as Direccion de Intgeligencia Nacional (DINA) was formed after President Salvador Allende’s murder and it became one of the most brutal organizations in the 20th century. Due to heavy negative media coverage, the organization was renamed Central Nacional de Informaciones (CNI) in 1977. It continued to function with the same mode of operation and two of its most well-known assassinations were Orlando Letelier and General Carlos Prats.


Letelier was appointed the ambassador for Chile to Washington D.C. in 1971 and served in that capacity until 1973 when he was recalled to serve in Allende’s government as minister of Foreign Affairs, Interior and Defense.

When Allende was ousted and killed, Letelier was the first high ranking official to be arrested and held for three months in different concentration camps where he was tortured. Political pressure from Venezuela moved Pinochet to release him, under the condition that he leave Chile immediately.

Orlando Letelier Michael Townley

Letelier moved to the United States and settled in Washington D.C. where he was an outspoken critic of Pinochet. Letelier was eventually killed in a car bomb that was linked to Pinochet. The assignment was given to an American expatriate named Michael Townley who had been working as a CIA agent. He had been sent to Chile in 1973 where he worked with the DINA.

Townley returned to Washington D.C. and hired a couple of Cuban anti-communists who were part of an organization aimed at destabilizing Fidel Castro’s government. The CIA furnished the explosives which were attached to Letelier’s car. The fateful day was September 21, 1976, when Letelier was driving to work with Michael and Ronni Moffitt. The bomb exploded and killed Letelier and Ronni. Michel was injured but he survived.

The United States was not happy about the CIA conducting a contract killing on behalf of a foreign government in Washington D. C. An investigation led to Townley, who was tried and found guilty of murder in 1978. He only served 62 months in prison because he made a deal with the government to share information about other crimes he and others had committed while in the service of the CIA.

Car after the explosion that killed Orlando Letelier.

CIA officials used their political influence and Townley was enrolled in the United States Federal Witness Protection Program. As such, he was given a new identity and relocated to someplace unknown under protection of the government.


General Carlos Prats and his wife Sofia moved to Argentina after Allende was ousted. He had been loyal to Allende and knew of the coup against Allende and the infiltration of the CIA into the Chilean military. Pinochet decided that his fellow general had to be killed and the assassination was tasked to Michael Townley.

Just like the Mossad, the CIA likes car bombs because they are easy to utilize and the perpetrator doesn’t have to be close when the bomb goes off. Carlos and Sofia left their apartment on September 30, 1974 and the explosive device placed under their car detonated the moment Carlos turned the ignition key to start the vehicle.

Carlos Prats González lying dead on the sidewalk.


The United States is controlled by a foreign power known as the World Government. With the exception of John F. Kennedy and Donald Trump, every modern president has bowed to their demands. President Kennedy was shot and killed and President Trump has been impeached while trying to push his own agenda while making concessions to Israel and issued executive orders concerning Jewish issues in the United States.

Operation Condor was a U.S backed campaign of political repression and state terror involving intelligence operations and assassination of opponents. It is a sad chapter that started with President Lyndon Johnson and continued through the Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan and Bush administrations.


A series of coups in South America laid the foundation for Operation Condor.

  • General Alfredo Stroessner took control of Paraguay in 1954.

  • The Brazilian military overthrew President João Goulart in 1964.

  • General Hugo Banzer took power in Bolivia in 1971 through a series of coups.

  • A civic-military dictatorship seized power in Uruguay on June 27, 1973.

  • Forces loyal to General Augusto Pinochet bombed the presidential palace in Chile on September 11, 1973, overthrowing democratically elected President Salvador Allende.

  • A military junta headed by General Jorge Rafael Videla seized power in Argentina on March 24, 1976.

Alfredo Stroesssner Joao Goulart Hugo Banzer Augusto Pinochet Jorge Rafael Videla Fidel Castro

Operation Condor was a CIA led action that began in 1968 and involved an initial coalition from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay that agreed to a program of political repression, state terror involving intelligence services and the assassinations of opponents. That coalition expanded when Ecuador and Peru joined the group of nations.

The agenda was supposedly to combat communism and deny it the ability to extend its foothold in South America. The Soviet Union already controlled Cuba and Fidel Castro was doing his best to export revolutionary ideas to the South American nations. There were those within the government that felt communism had to be stopped at any cost. Any left-wing sympathizers were targeted, which included Peronists in Argentina, communists, socialists and all opponents to the military juntas ruling some of the nations in South America.

All participating nations ordered their respective intelligence services to work with one another under the direction of the CIA. The atrocities committed in South America are on the same scale as the terror carried out in Nazi Germany by the SS and Gestapo, or in the Soviet Union by the KGB. This is a dark blemish on the United States and the presidents responsible for perpetrating this crime against humanity won’t be held accountable on earth, but rest assured, God will punish them for their sins.

Operation Condor ended with the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. Ironically, most of the South American dictators hunted opponents of their regimes and left the communists alone. Here is an estimated casualty list from this diabolic league of evil:

  • It is estimated that 60,000 persons were killed after torture.

  • It is estimated that 30,000 were killed in Argentina alone.

  • 30,000 persons disappeared and were never found.

  • 400,000 person spent time in concentration camps or prisons.


It is a farce when senators and congressmen complain that Russia and other nations are meddling in our elections because the rest of the world knows the United States is the guiltiest of all when it comes to such matters. The problem is that most Americans have no knowledge of such events since they are omitted from the history books read in our schools.


Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated on November 4, 1995. President Bill Clinton and his handlers felt that Benjamin Netanyahu should be the next prime minister and used government organizations like the CIA to promote him and oppose Shimon Peres. Despite the infusion of cash from the U.S. government to the opposition, Peres was elected prime minister in the 1995 elections.

In the 2016 election in Israel, Barack Obama directed the State Department to send $350,000 to “OneVoice,” a New York based non-profit organization working with Palestinians and left-wing Israelis to negotiate peace. The funds were to be used to defeat Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Yitzhak Rabin Shimon Peres Benjamin Netanyahu


The nation of Italy did not do well in the 20th century. Benito Mussolini ruled Italy from 1922 to 1943 as a fascist dictator. Nazi Germany and Italy signed a treaty in October 1936 and Italy was dragged into WWII by Germany. Mussolini sent an Italian army of 235,000 men to fight with the Germans on the Eastern front against the Soviet Union. In the 1943 Soviet offensive, this army was destroyed and Italian army units in North Africa were defeated by the British army.

American troops landed and took Sicily on July 9, 1943. The Allies landed at Salerno on September 3rd and began to move north to drive out the German forces. Rome was liberated on June 4, 1944, but German resistance was strong and they did not surrender until May 2, 1945.

I want to share the following numbers in order for you to understand the suffering endured by the Italian people. Some 152,940 civilians were killed, but we don’t know how many Italians were injured due to bombing, artillery shelling, and the indiscriminate violence of war. The allies suffered 65,000 casualties and the Germans had some 150,000 killed.

Large areas of Italy were destroyed due to the fighting and communism became popular after the war by reason of the high unemployment, lack of food and shelter, and the destruction of infrastructure in many cities and rural areas. Joseph Stalin, the Soviet Union dictator, saw an inroad to exploit while the country was still in shambles.


The foreign policy of the United States after World War II was dictated by the Truman Doctrine, which he announced to Congress on March 29, 1947. It basically set forth that communism had to be stopped at any cost throughout the world and that the Soviet Union would not be allowed to export communism to other nations. This led to the formation of NATO on April 4, 1948.

President Truman signed into law “The European Recovery Program” which came to be known as the Marshall Plan. A total of $12 billion ($100 billion today) was used to rebuild the Western European nations, but it also meant that the United States gained limited control over whoever took money from the American taxpayers.

Benito Mussolini Harry Truman

Another huge shift in the United States was the passing of the National Security Act on September 18, 1947. One of the provisions of the act was to establish the National Security Council. Another was the creation of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), which was given broad powers to make sure that communism did not expand in the world. The “Department of War” changed its name to the “Department of Defense,” and assumed control over the Department of the Army and the Department of the Navy. The Army Air forces was removed from the army and the Department of the Air Force was established.

I have included these historical facts to make it easier for people born after 1960 to understand events in the world that took place long before they were born. Many of these historical facts are not included in the textbooks used in public schools and colleges.


The general elections in Italy were set for April 18, 1948. They had received a new constitution dictated by the allied nations – primarily the United States and England. This was an important election since delegates would be seated in the first parliamentary republic.

The Soviets had taken power in Czechoslovakia in February of 1948 and President Truman was worried that they would continue across Europe.

The party of choice for Truman was Christian Democratic Party (CDP), which was formed in 1943 when Italy still was occupied by Nazi Germany. It was inspired – or directed – by the Roman Catholic Church with its ranks containing rightwing and left-leaning groups, but basically it was a conservative party opposed to communism.

Opposing the CDP was a leftwing coalition called “Popular Democratic Front (PDF),” which consisted of the Italian Communist Party and the Italian Socialist Party.

The CIA coordinated the American effort and different U.S. agencies used mailing lists of Italian voters to send out ten million letters telling the Italian people that they should vote for the CDP and keep communism out of Italy.

Voice of America, the American propaganda radio network founded in 1942, used its shortwave radio broadcasts to convince Italian voters to choose the CDP. Books and articles were written warning about the dangers of communism.

It is estimated that the United States spent some $20 million to sway the election. The Marshall Plan was also used to funnel millions of dollars into the campaign.

The CIA had its tricksters forge letters from communist/socialist leaders which were then “leaked” to the press to discredit the opposition.

Joseph Stalin sent KGB agents to Italy and it is estimated they spent 8 to 10 million dollars in vain to swing the election their way.

The election saw the Christian Democratic Party get 48.51% of the vote while the Popular Democratic Front got just 30.98% of the votes.

The CIA never left Italy and was active in every election for the next 48 years, swaying the Italian elections to conform to American policies. It was not until 1996 that a leftwing coalition finally won an election.


America has a rich history of meddling with nations around the world. Italians mock American politicians when they lament the fact that Russia and China are meddling in U.S. elections. Why should other nations stay out of our elections when the United States continually violates the sovereignty of other nations?

The CIA was also involved in the 2006 Palestinian election when millions of dollars were spent helping the Fatah political party. Ironically, the Palestinians voted for Hamas despite the interference from Israel and the United States.

There are many nations that can blame the United States for meddling in their elections. Until now, there has never been an outcry in the U.S. over the meddling in other nations’ elections. The American people are being led astray by the Democratic Party falsely crying wolf.

The apostle Paul stated the following:

“Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.” (Galatians 6:7-8)

The United States has consistently meddled in the elections of other nations and now the harvest is coming to fruition as the nations who have suffered wrong are now paying the United States back what is has sown. American political leaders should stop and examine the crimes our nation has committed under the auspices of the World Government. The United States needs to apologize for the crimes it has committed against other nations and recognize that what goes around comes around. The chickens have come home to roost!




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[5] A gendarmerie is a military component with jurisdiction in civil law enforcement.




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