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April 12, 2020

I have two Swedish friends – Ronnie and Margareta – that were born and raised in Sweden, and like me, they immigrated to the United States in the mid-1960s. They have a number of friends in Sweden and shared how the country is dealing with the elderly during the Coronavirus.

The Swedish governments has a deadly policy when it comes to dealing with older people in nursing homes or assisted living facilities that contract the Coronavirus. Regardless of their condition, they are to be refused access to the hospital for treatment and kept in their rooms until they die. The justification is that they have lived most of their life and there is no reason to prolong it. It is cheaper for the State to let them die in their rooms.

There is also a government decree that nursing homes and assisted living facilities cannot allow family to visit patients. Thus, family members won’t know the status of their loved ones until the government issues a death certificate. The elderly can call and talk to people inside the institutions, but once they get sick with the Coronavirus, they are refused access to a phone.

The Swedish government has decreed that abortions are essential and these clinics and hospitals can continue to freely murder babies, even though they have their whole life in front of them. Most of elderly do not vote in Sweden and neither do the babies.


The Swedish government is proud of the fact that they are saving taxpayers’ money in such a manner – all in the name of fiscal responsibility. This is the type of socialism that Bernie Sanders has been espousing to the American people and the millennials are only too happy they don’t want to spend money on sick old people. It is ironic that Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden are both in their late 70s, but they have no need for worry since they are rich enough to pay for their own care. They also have access to an excellent health care system because they are members of the Senate.

During the days of the Vikings, people in the Scandinavian countries also had an excellent health care system for the elderly. When an old person got sick, he was taken to a hill and placed inside a barrel with lots of long nails facing inward. The Ol’ Pop was stuffed inside and sent rolling down the hill, ostensibly going to Valhalla, the Viking version of heaven. In this way, Ol’ Pop never became a burden to the younger generation, who did not think about the day it would be their turn to get into the barrel.

The descendants of the Vikings are much more refined today as they put the old, sick persons in soft beds, close the door to the room, and let them die in peace. This “kinder treatment” is progress from the barrel times.

Anyone in Sweden – regardless of age – who gets sick or has an accident, and the doctors declare them too ill to live, is put into a special ward of the hospital. Nurses are told to withhold food and water regardless what the patient says. A person sent to this specialized ward will die within five days. I have personal knowledge of this as some of my family members were placed in such a ward.

This is the great socialized medicine program whose goal is keep the cost down and save the State money which can then be spent murdering babies at the abortion mills. Some would say it’s too bad that Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden were not eliminated by their mothers. Their lives on earth have been a total waste. The taxpayers could have saved a lot of money that was spent on their vain programs and political campaigns.




From the Desk of John S. Torell





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