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The mid-term elections in the United States were disappointing when it became clear that 50% of the American people voted for democratic candidates. John Fetterman was an extremely weak democratic candidate for the senate that never has held a real job and was financed by his parents and sister. He almost died from a stroke early on in the campaign and hid himself from the public. Nevertheless, the voters of Pennsylvania selected this severely handicapped man to represent them and his medical problems were evident as he spent the first six weeks in office hospitalized for depression.

Joe Biden has declared war on the American energy industry with insanely high gas/diesel prices, there is massive inflation, illegal aliens are pouring through the Mexican border, and there is a massive crime wave across the nation. Here’s the kicker… people are still going to vote Democrat.


When I went to prayer to complain to the Lord, I was shown a harsh reality. There had been a battle in the spirit world ignored by the Christians, including myself. I listened to the commentators on Fox and Newsmax, read from conservative outlets, and they all predicted a “red wave” that would effectively put an end to the Democrats. It failed to materialize and the Republicans barely gained a majority in the House of Representatives.

I felt like I had been sucker punched. I asked God to show me what transpired and who was responsible. The Holy Spirit told me that the fault lay with the pastors and Christians. The most important event in the history of the universe has been ignored by theologians, pastors and evangelists since the time of Jesus.


Jesus created our physical universe sometime after the creation of the angels. There is no timetable given for this event; it could have been billions of years. Angels built civilizations on the planets in this vast universe and this also included people. The prophets Isaiah and Ezekiel were given revelations about the planet earth prior to the creation of Adam and Eve, and based on this information, it is clear the earth was not the only planet governed by an angel such as Lucifer.[1]

Lucifer eventually rebelled against God and tried to dethrone Him. He traveled to angelic civilizations and pitched his plan. One third of the angels joined his uprising and preparations were made to prepare a space fleet and attack God in the city of heaven.

Michael the archangel and his heavenly forces met Lucifer’s fleet and broke the attack on heaven. What followed was a prolonged war that ended in his defeat and Lucifer and his minions were cast down to the earth.[2]

Jesus ordered a trial for Lucifer and the other angels in which they were subsequently sentenced to the Lake of Fire. The Bible does not record the trial, but it is obvious that one took place given their punishment.[3]

It is also clear that Lucifer objected to the ruling and challenged God. The apostle Paul states that God is proving His righteousness.[4] This leads us to conclude that the human race was created with the intent to prove the Godhead’s righteousness. Lucifer challenges every human, trying to get them to reject God.


The first chapter of Genesis informs us that God created the heaven and the earth. It does not state that God created the earth without form, without light, and covered with water. Since the earth served as the home planet for Lucifer, the final battle in the space war was fought here, resulting in so much damage that the surface was flooded to drown all people, animals, and vegetation. Basically, God didn’t want any trace left of the civilization that preceded Adam and Eve.

Jesus spent the next six days refurbishing the earth and making it beautiful again. I base this upon the revelation given to the apostle Peter that one day for the Lord is as a thousand years for mankind. It is my understanding that this refurbishing took 6 days/6,000 years.[5]

The next thing I noted is that humanity was created on the sixth day and God rested on the seventh day. That means that Adam and Eve lived for a day (one thousand years) in the Garden of Eden, before Lucifer was allowed to tempt them.[6]


It is likely that Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden for at least 1,500 years. During this time period, they did not age and had many children since they were examples of biological perfection. They were blissfully ignorant of Lucifer and the space war and didn’t know why they existed. They were oblivious as to why the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil stood in the middle of the garden. All they knew was that they weren’t supposed to eat from it.

At the end of the thousand years, Lucifer was allowed to seduce the serpent and tempt humanity. Eve did not know that she was communicating with a highly intelligent angel. Eve freely chose to eat of the forbidden fruit and then offered it to Adam. All the angels in the universe saw Eve exercise her free will to disobey God and Adam followed suit. God could not be blamed for this event.


It is clear that God has limited Himself so that Lucifer cannot claim cheating or duplicity on the Lord’s behalf. Lucifer is given the opportunity to challenge any event or person. This means that whenever God is doing a project on earth, He must involve a human being that can be tempted and swayed by Lucifer.[7]

Let us look at the following events:

  • The calling of Abraham. Lucifer tried to derail him several times.

  • Lucifer attacked Isaac and Rebecca and the family became dysfunctional.

  • Jacob had a terrible family life with a lot of disharmonies.

  • Joseph was the first person in the family that did not have any derogatory remarks; nevertheless, even though he was used by God to establish the family in Egypt, Joseph still faced a number of challenges.

  • Moses was protected at the onset of his life by holy angels and was personally guided by Jesus. Lucifer tried on several occasions to derail Moses and destroy the Hebrews and hinder them from the Promised Land. Lucifer was successful to a degree, effectively impeding the adults who were twenty years and older. Lucifer deceived Aaron into sinning and used Moses’ emotions against him so that the brothers could not enter Canaan.

  • Joshua was unable to clear the entire Promised Land and failed to set up an educational system for the Hebrews. Lucifer deceived Joshua into not doing what he should have done, and when the third generation came of age in Canaan, they did not have a relationship with God and became pagan worshipers.

The Bible does not record that there were any human intercessors during these spiritual battles. An examination of the time of the judges until the catastrophic annihilation of the Northern Kingdom by the Assyrians in 727 B.C. and the Southern Kingdom’s destruction by the Babylonians in 587 B.C., we find there were judges and prophets who tried to bring the people back to the Lord. Aside from the prophet Daniel, there were no strong intercessors that worked with God.

When Jesus was incarnated and started His ministry, He told the disciples that before they tried to take down the strong man, it was necessary to first bind him in prayer.[8] The apostle Paul wrote that we are not fighting against flesh and blood, but against spiritual wickedness in high places.[9]

Lucifer tried to eradicate the early church when he used King Herod to arrest and kill the apostle James.[10] He then had the apostle Peter quickly arrested and planned to murder him the next day. The church woke up and conducted a prayer meeting the night before. This spiritual warfare moved the hand of God and Jesus sent an angel to get Peter out of prison.[11]

Intercession and spiritual warfare were prevalent during the time of the apostles and into the second century, but by the third century, Lucifer convinced the church leaders that the Holy Spirit was no longer on earth and intercession was a thing of the past.


Sometime around AD 500, Lucifer called for a cabinet meeting of high ranking fallen angels. Satan did not want to play a defensive game any longer. False religions are nothing new, but the idea of a world religion that would compete directly against Christianity was a new concept.

Islam is a mixture of Judaism and Christianity, sprinkled with the local tradition of degrading women. The clergy of this religion would be possessed by demons and empowered to evangelize and seek new converts. But unlike the Christian faith, evangelism was to be done by the sword, and anyone rejecting this faith, would be beheaded. Lucifer’s religious writers created a central text called the Koran.

The goal of this new religion was to wipe out Christianity through war and now they just needed the right candidate for the job.

Muhammad was born in AD 570. He never knew his father because he died before he came into the world. Six years later he became an orphan when his mother died. He was cared for by an uncle and was introduced to trade. This is how Muhammad became familiar with Judaism and Christianity and why the prophet Gabriel would supposedly later appear multiple times to him in a cave. But this version of the holy angel had a dark side that repeatedly choked Muhammed because he was illiterate. Nevertheless, this was the beginning of the religion that spread from the Middle East to the rest of the world. The intent was to hinder the Church of Jesus from spreading any further and military force would take care of the rest.

As a teenager Muhammad worked for his uncle that ran a trading company and this brought him to Syria. He spent a couple of years in a Christian monastery and learned about Jesus, Mary, and the rudiments of Christianity. However, he did not feel that Christianity was for him and he moved to Jerusalem where he stayed for some time. He was instructed by Jewish rabbis. The Old Testament prophets received a prominent place in the Koran. Jesus was acknowledged as a prophet, but not as God incarnate. The God-man is pictured as a failed prophet and Muhammad would succeed where the Son of God had supposedly failed.

Muhammad did not like to work, and at the age of 25, he married a rich widow named Khadija who owned a large trading company. Muhammad was always thinking about his new religion, which was encouraged by the demons. On multiple occasion he went to a cave to pray. History does not reveal who he prayed to, but we know that he was a seeker of a god that he did not know.

The year AD 610 was momentous as Lucifer sent a fallen angel to meet Muhammad in a cave. The angel lied and told Muhammad his name was Gabriel. The apostle Paul stated that Satan will come as an angel of light.[12]

The fallen angel instructed Muhammad to memorize verses that would eventually be placed in the future Koran. Muhammad had never learned to read, and when he told the angel he was illiterate, Gabriel repeatedly throttled him. The visits from the abusive fallen angel continued as Gabriel recited the text and Muhammad memorized them. These revelations would later be recorded by a scribe.[13] Muhammad was told to do what Jesus failed to accomplish.

Muhammad eventually started to preach the new religion in his hometown of Mecca. He met with opposition and moved to Medina in 622. In 630, Muhammad raised an army of 10,000 men and took control of Mecca. He became ill ten years later and died. Although he had lost a leader, Lucifer was still happy because he had a dead leader, a new “bible,” and thousands of converts that would eventually be known as Muslims.


Lucifer’s war department took over and the Muslim conquests began in earnest.

  • Muslim armies swept into Syria, Palestine and part of modern-day Turkey between 634-641.

  • Egypt was conquered between 639-642.

  • Mesopotamia and Persia fell to the Muslim onslaught between 633-651.

  • The campaign for the Sindh province in India (Pakistan) raged from 711-714.

  • The crusade for Maghreb (Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Tunisia) lasted from 647-742.

  • The struggle for the Iberian Peninsula (Spain, Portugal) lasted from 711-721.

  • The fight for Transoxiana (Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan) lasted from 673-751.

  • Afghanistan was conquered by 711.

  • Muslim armies moved into Armenia and Georgia between 639-640, but they were repulsed by the Khazar kingdom.

  • Muslim influence pushed deep into Africa through trade, and what they couldn’t conquer through peaceful persuasion, the sword established in Mali, Nigeria, Cameroon, Guinea Bissau, Uganda, Senegal, Chad, Ethiopia, Liberia, Niger, Tanzania and Somalia.

Almost all the African nations north of the equator converted to Islam. Christianity has survived in some of these nations, but it has been an uphill battle for the last 150 years as Christian missionaries labored there. There have been violent clashes in Nigeria where Muslims attack Christians and burn church buildings, kidnapping school children, and murdering pastors and church members.


As of 2022, it is estimated that 1.9 billion people adhere to Islam. Christians of different denominations number 2.38 billion people. With the world population at 7.66 billion, 3.38 billion people serve other religions or are atheistic. Thus, we can see that Lucifer and his minions have been successful during the last 1,300 years to create a religion that enslaves 25% of the world and dooms it adherents to eternal punishment.

Christianity flourished for more than 400 years in Persia, Babylon, Syria, Turkey, parts of India, Egypt, Lebanon, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco. The church in North Africa was called the “Latin Church;” it was a vibrant church that Lucifer slaughtered and replaced with Islam. These millions of Christians have been under the altar in heaven, waiting for revenge. Lucifer has been able to constrict the true church with the creation of the monster religions like Islam and Roman Catholicism.


After the foundation of Roman Catholicism in AD 325, Lucifer ruled unopposed until 1517 when Martin Luther posted his 95 theses on the Wittenberg church door.

Jan Hus from Bohemia (located in the western part of the Czech Republic) was a forerunner to Luther. He revolted against Romanism and a number of people accepted his restored theology and were born again. Lucifer was furious and ordered his death. Hus was cruelly burned at the stake on July 6, 1415. His followers (known as Hussites) continued to grow in number and Lucifer used Roman Catholicism to wage a number of wars against them that lasted until 1436.

Lucifer was not able to kill all the Hussites and they eventually became the Moravian church and by 1722 the Moravians were invited to settle and build up their educational system on the property of Ludwig von Zinzendorf in Saxony, Germany. They were strong on intercessory prayer and prayed round the clock. Members took turns praying 24 hours a day and this practice continued for 100 years. The followers of Jan Hus were used by God to intercede for truth to be proclaimed and the Roman Catholicism rolled back. The intercessors brought Jesus into action, who called Luther to start the reformation. A lowly German monk restored the basic concept of salvation as a free gift because of what Jesus did on the cross. The second birth was preached in the newly formed Lutheran churches.

Luther also translated the Bible into the German language and this made the pope furious because most Germans could not read Latin and this opened the Scriptures to the common man.

Lucifer was livid that for some 1,117 years he had made sure people were not born again and perished when they died. He had been busy stacking hell with unsaved people. Working through the popes of Rome, he began persecuting anyone that joined Luther. The pope ordered torture and death for those that left Roman Catholicism. When this failed to stem the tide of revival, Lucifer ordered fallen angels to start a destructive war in 1618 that was to last for 30 years.


Lucifer ordered his religious department to start an attack on the Lutheran churches. Just like Lucifer infiltrated the Christian church prior to Constantine’s state church, orders were given to write new doctrines and for demons to possess Lutheran clergy and teach them false doctrine. The demons swept into German universities and other theological institutions and captured men like Friedrich Schleiermacher, David Hume, Immanuel Kant, G.W.F. Hegel and many more. These men claimed to be wise and learned, but in reality, they taught that humanity could not trust the Bible since it was written by men and therefore not the Word of God. These corrupt men destroyed the Lutheran churches, which no longer talked about the need to be born again. In a hundred years, the German reformation churches became just another version of Roman Catholicism. There was no pope, but they became state churches and were run by kings and archbishops.


I have not discussed the Church of England since its split from the Roman Catholic Church was a political decision in 1553. Making the Anglican Church independent from Rome opened a door for the Baptists. These were men and women from England, Germany, Switzerland, and Holland that broke with the Lutheran and Anglican state churches. They emphasized the need to born again and rejected the sprinkle water baptisms performed in the Romanist, Lutheran and Anglican churches. Jesus abandoned the state churches and started to work through the Baptists instead. The Son of God restored the doctrines of salvation and water baptism by immersion. Ironically, the Lutheran churches responded by persecuting the Baptists, particularly in Sweden, where many Baptists were arrested, beaten, and sentenced to long prison sentences.

The Godhead decided to release the Holy Spirit on the earth in a way not seen since the day of Pentecost. There were born again Christians in Europe and the United States. The Holy Spirit located a few deeply committed believers and told them to begin interceding for God to move upon the general population.


The Great Awakening originated in the New England states with Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield. It is estimated that 80% of America’s 900,000 colonists heard Whitefield preach. Tens of thousands of men and women were saved.[14] Lucifer was furious and he sent in hordes of demons to cause division and strife and the move of God lasted just nine years.

God was also moving in England through John Wesley. He and his brother, Charles, had traveled to Georgia in 1736 to work as Anglican missionaries. John became involved with a woman and the Wesley brothers fled to avoid being tarred and feathered. On the ship back to England, they met a group of Moravian missionaries who spoke to them about being born again. They arrived to England in 1737 and John felt defeated. He sought out Moravians living in England and came to the saving knowledge of Jesus while attending their meetings. He traveled to the Moravian base in Germany and was subsequently baptized in the Holy Spirit. When he returned to England, he was persecuted by the Anglican church and banned from speaking in their churches. He started to hold open air meetings and this is how the Methodist church was born. Thousands of people were saved under his preaching, and by the time he died, he set up 541 Methodist preachers with a church membership of 135,000 members.

Jonathan Edwards George Whitefield


The second Great Awakening saw the Holy Spirit move upon people to start interceding for a move of God. This time it started in Logan County, Kentucky at a camp meeting. Pastor Gardiner Spring reported that revival fires were burning for the next 25 years.

Charles Finney was another evangelist that rose to prominence in 1824. He saw half-a-million come to Christ. By 1850, it is estimated that 7-13% of the population had been reached for Christ and joined an evangelical church. Lucifer and his minions ended the revival by instigating strife, conflicts, and splits.


With the businessmen’s revival, the Holy Spirit moved with Jeremiah Lamphier from New York. The North Dutch Church in Albany hired him to be a lay-missionary in 1857. He began to earnestly pray and the Holy Spirit told him to reach out to businessmen. He opened a weekly prayer meeting at lunch time specifically for businessmen. Thousands attended these meetings and the Holy Ghost fire was present so that churches across the nation started prayer meetings at noon for businessmen.

Intercessory prayer was the key to bringing down the Holy Spirit and moving upon people’s hearts. Revivals broke out in thousands of churches and it was estimated that one million new Christians were added by the end of 1857.

Charles Finney Jeremiah Lamphier


The Civil war in America was a great tragedy that saw 620,000 men killed in the different battles. It began in 1861 and ended four years later. One year into the war, chaplains on both sides realized that intercessory prayer was urgent. Additionally, men who were born again started to evangelize on both sides, and by the end of the war, some 300,000 soldiers had been born again.

One of the young men that worked on the battlefields after the fighting was over was D.L. Moody. He was saved in 1855, and as a strong evangelical Christian, he felt it was morally wrong to kill fellow Americans. He joined the United States Christian Commission of the YMCA. He covered nine battlefields with other men to minister to the wounded laying on the ground. Some were mortally wounded and others were picked up and received medical help. Moody went from soldier to soldier, giving them water, and asking if they were born again. Hundreds of soldiers were led to Christ before they died.


The Holy Spirit captivated D.L. Moody to the point that he became a willing vessel for the Lord. Lucifer hated Moody and did his best to destroy him. In 1858, the former shoe salesman moved to Chicago and started a Sunday school. It grew into a church that Moody started to pastor in 1864. Moody met Ira D. Sankey in 1871 and the two started to hold revival meetings in different places and scores came to Christ as Sankey sang the gospel and Moody preached the gospel.

D.L. Moody Ira Sankey

The Chicago fire of October 1871 saw Moody lose his home and church building. There is no doubt in my mind that Lucifer ordered his minions to use the great blaze as a way to destroy Moody’s ministry.

Moody and Sankey went to England in 1872 for revival meetings which were attended by thousands of people. These newly born-again men and women in turn led others to Christ. The gospel duo made several trips to England and Scotland.

In 1875 when Moody and Sankey returned to America, they held revival meetings in a number of the largest cities. More than 2.5 million people heard the gospel in England, Scotland, and America. My great-grandfather Johannes Jansson was one such man. He lived in Chicago during the 1870s and was saved in a Moody revival meeting. He returned to Sweden, married, and raised children for Christ. Many people value pedigree and position in society, but praise the Lord for a godly heritage!

God used Moody to reach millions for Christ who in turn were used by God to shed the light of God to the world. Lucifer could not compete with the Holy Spirit and his religious department worked overtime to launch a number of attacks against the church of Jesus.

Charles Darwin was a tool of Satan. He was a demon possessed man that was groomed by Lucifer’s religious department to present the flawed evolutionary theory in his 1859 writing “On the Origin of Species.” Even though this theory has never been proven, it was incorporated by the 1900s into the standard teaching of public schools around the world. Any modern teacher that refuses to teach Darwin’s theory will be fired.

The higher criticism movement that originated in German universities eventually made its way to Western Europe, England, and the United States. From there it passed to seminaries and Christian colleges. The pastors that graduated from these institutions no longer believed the creation story, doubted the divinity of Jesus – let alone that He even existed – and the Holy Spirit was just a fairytale.

Lucifer secured two Anglican ministers, Brooke Westcott and Fenton Hort, who were possessed by demons and delved into the occult. They embraced corrupt manuscripts from Egypt and came up with a Greek translation of the New Testament in 1881. I’m sure that Lucifer was overjoyed that the Scripture had been contaminated and it wasn’t necessary to burn Bibles anymore because the new versions would destroy Christianity.

Wescott and Hort’s Greek version of the New Testament was updated by Eberhard Nestle and later by Kurt Aland. This revision was released in 1898 and this bastard translation has been the foundation for all new English Bibles, the most well-known is the New International Version (NIV) that was published in 1978. Thousands of words and many complete verses are missing from these bastard Bibles since they were originally removed by Westcott and Hort. Lucifer knew the Christian faith would be perverted and the revivals would cease since future generations would be indoctrinated by the bastard Bibles.

THE REVIVALS (1905-1906)

There were still active intercessors on earth, and the darker it got, the more they continued to pray. The result was the Welsh revival of 1904-1905 that swept part of England. Taverns and dance places were closed down due to a severe loss of customers. God raised up Billy Sunday in the United States. He was a prominent baseball player that was gloriously filled with the Holy Spirit. One of the things he preached against was alcohol. Sunday was used by God to create the temperance movement that eventually led to a constitutional amendment prohibiting the manufacture, sale, or transportation of intoxicating liquors. The eighteenth amendment was in force from 1920 until 1933 when it was repealed by the twenty-first amendment.


Up to this time in history, believers in Christ were baptized in water by immersion and taught to value the Bible. The Holy Spirit upped the ante in 1906 at a church on Azusa Street in Los Angeles when people were not only saved, but baptized in the Holy Spirit, just like the early church in the Book of Acts. News of the outpouring spread around the world through the newspapers and suddenly pastors from across the nation and Europe traveled to be part of the revival on Azusa Street. These men were baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of tongues. The sick, blind, and the lame came forward in droves and were miraculously healed as hands were laid on them. All the visitors returned home and the Holy Ghost fire spread worldwide!

Lucifer was in a quandary once again. How was he supposed to stop this new Pentecostal movement? The solution could be found in the Lutherans, Episcopalians, Methodists, and the Baptists who had been infiltrated by religious demons and use these denominations against the Pentecostals.

History reveals the established denominations reacted fiercely against the pastors, deacons, elders, missionaries, and members who experienced the Holy Spirit baptism because they were kicked out of these churches. Pentecostals were not allowed to advertise in traditional Christian periodicals or publish books with established Christian publishing houses. The Holy Spirit countered Satan’s move and the Pentecostals formed their own churches to accommodate the huge growth they were experiencing.


Different people started to experiment with radio broadcasting after 1900 and it took a long time until commercial radio stations emerged. Congress made it illegal for people to own a radio transmitter or a radio receiver in 1917 during the first world war. The ban on having a radio receiver was lifted in 1919.

A couple of years later the Westinghouse corporation began operating three commercial radio stations in New York, Boston, and Chicago. The concept of a radio station network came into being with the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) doing it first in 1926. Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) was launched in 1927. All broadcasting at this time was on the AM band.

By the end of 1922 there were 30 radio stations in the United States. Ten years later there were 618 stations. By 1940 the number has grown to 847 stations and by 1950 there were 2,144 radio stations. That year marked the end of the radio monopoly with the debut of the television.


Prior to the radio, people received their news from newspapers and word of mouth (i.e. talking with one another in person or over the telephone). There were three million homes with a telephone by 1904.

Social life changed with the advent of the radio. Everyone listened to the radio at dinner and later into the evening. The family radio was a hub for news, music, and theater. They could hear from all over the nation in the comfort of their home as programs were produced in the big cities from the east to the west. This also prompted the rise of an entertainment industry to feed the radio audience.

There is no doubt that the Holy Spirit began to move upon Christian pastors and evangelists to embrace the radio as a tool to reach into the homes of those that might not attend church.


Pentecostal pastor/evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson (1890-1944) was one of the first such ministers to begin using the radio in conjunction with the regular services at the Angelus Temple in Los Angeles. She filed for a station license in 1924 to build her own radio station. The station went live on February 24 in Los Angeles as one of the first outright Christian radio stations.

She was also the founder of the Foursquare Churches denomination that in 2022 boasted 67,500 congregations in 150 countries with a membership of 8.8 million. Since she was baptized in the Holy Spirit, she re-introduced supernatural healings in the church and revival meetings.


Charles E. Fuller (1887-1968) was a product of the spiritual work of D.L. Moody. He was a native of Los Angeles and initially had no interest in Christianity. He graduated with a degree in chemistry, but in 1916 at the age of 29, he ended up in Moody Church in Chicago and was saved under the preaching of Pastor Paul Rader.

When Fuller returned to Los Angeles, he started to teach an adult Sunday school class and take classes at the Bible Institute of Los Angeles (BIOLA). R.A. Torrey became a mentor and Fuller became a Baptist pastor of Calvary Church in 1925.

He realized the value of radio, and by 1930, the church was broadcasting his Sunday morning worship service. In 1933 his radio program and him traveling as an evangelist made him to resign from Calvary Church and he subsequently formed a non-profit organization called Gospel Broadcasting Association. His weekly broadcast was called “The Old Fashioned Revival Hour.” The last broadcast was in April,1968. He died just a few days after his final radio program.

By 1951 his program was carried on 650 radio stations. It is estimated there were 10 million listeners in the United States and abroad.

In 1947 he founded the Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, California. Since Fuller was a conservative Baptist, the seminary was a stronghold of fundamental Baptist belief. Today it has succumbed to being another liberal seminary.


In this write up, I have covered the running spiritual war between the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Satan since the days of Adam and Eve. It has been a brutal conflict in which Satan was responsible for the deaths of millions in the names of various false religions. Some of them were Christian. Those who died without trusting in the Messiah as their Savior, perished and wound up in hell. Many Christians went to heaven early as a result of persecution.

During the time of the apostles, prayer was a staple in the life of Christians, but by the second century, it had been sidelined. There was a revival of prayer in the 19th century and it resulted in a number of outpourings of the Holy Spirit. When the 20th century arrived, it was one of rapid technical advancement. McPherson and Fuller were pioneers and they inspired thousands of pastors and churches to purchase airtime from different stations and promote the Gospel.

When there is a demand, there will always be an entrepreneur that will respond accordingly. Hundreds of small radio stations popped up across America catering to Christian programming.

Prayers, revivals, awakenings shaped the 19th century in America and in my next installment we are going to look what took place in the 20th century.



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[13] There are similarities with Islam and Mormonism. The same fallen angel that visited Muhammad, also came to Joseph Smith in the 19th century.

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