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Finally, the moment has come when I can write the introduction to another issue of The Dove. Many of you have written and called us and wondered, what happened to The Dove. Our last issue was Spring 1998. There are several reasons why we have not been able to produce a "Dove" issue, the greatest hindrance for me has been a lack of time. As many of you know, my main job is to pastor the Resurrection Life Of Jesus Church in Sacramento, and not having had an assistant pastor for the last two years means that I have been doing the work of two ministers. We also have our daily radio programs (Monday through Friday), which are currently airing on four stations. As more people respond to my programs, it also means more time must be allotted for this.

Another setback for me personally was the death of my father, Sture Thorell. He went to be with the Lord on September 10, 1998. He had been ill for a short time before his home going, but it was my dad who stood by my side when it came to printing and producing The Dove. More about this in my short life story on my dad in this issue. But God is always faithful and will sustain us, even in the most trying circumstances.

My wife, to whom I have been married for many years is the strength in my life who God is using to cheer me up when things are tough and is always willing to work, regardless of what day or what time it is. My mother is still working hard with us, and when you receive audio cassettes, letters, packages etc., she is the one who has prepared and mailed them out to you.

Lois Amacher is the person who is shaping The Dove into its final form, and without her faithful labor there would not be a magazine.

There are other faithful people working with us. This wonderful little band of God is doing the work that should be done by at least a hundred people, but is supernaturally being done by this small dedicated group who are known in Sacramento as "Resurrection Life of Jesus Church."

I also want to mention the cheerful voice you hear when you call our ministry, Justine Wolters, who takes all of our ministry calls. She is always ready to pray and care over the phone and is very efficient in handling telephone orders. We are so thankful to have her and her husband, Jim, with us. Then there is Michael Blair and his wife, Luba. The Lord spoke to them about marriage a year ago. She was our Sunday School Superintendent and Michael was one of her teachers. Michael is from California; Luba came from the far East coast in the Old Soviet Union. Neither had been married before but they were looking for God’s will in their lives. We had a wonderful American-Russian Christian wedding for them in January 1999, where I, as their pastor, performed the wedding ceremony.

Since the departure of my former assistant pastor, Michael fills the pulpit for me when my wife and I leave town. He also helps me with various teaching ministries in the church. Michael has done a couple of seminars for our ministry on the Y2K problem.

As the century is about to close and we are heading into the 21st century, there are many dangers facing the Church of Jesus Christ. But we must come to understand that Jesus did not organize his Church just to survive, but to be a fighting force in the world, standing against the evils of Satan. This war is clearly laid out in the book of Revelation, chapter 12. In this issue my lead article exposes the operation of the World Government through intelligence services. When The Dove was founded back in 1979, there was no Internet and The Dove became an important link, along with other Christian publications, to bring out the truth. With the explosion of web sites and information available on any given subject, the focus of The Dove is shifting. We are not necessarily dealing with breaking news stories, but rather BRINGING OUT AN UNDERSTANDING to the Christians of what all of the breaking news stories mean in our lives and for the future.

Most people have been educated to believe that intelligence organizations like the FBI, the CIA, the British MI5, the Russian KGB, GRU, the Israeli Mossad, Shin Bet and many others send out spies to find out the secrets from others. This is only a partial truth. The bulk of the people working in intelligence sit in offices reading newspapers, news releases and other documents, which are produced on a daily basis. Others are processing incoming information from all of the spy satellites which are circling the globe. Almost all telephone calls in all nations are being monitored by computers which record calls if they contain certain "trigger words." Sifting through this massive mountain of information, they are able to find out secrets which are being released in local newspapers and other publications. If there is a need to dig up further information, a spy is recruited to go for more details.

But the STAR in every intelligence operation is THE INFILTRATOR. Having someone working inside the enemy’s system is more valuable then spies. The infiltrator will act like a loyal person who is diligently doing his work, but in reality he is sabotaging the work. The value for his handlers is that he will bring in FALSE INFORMATION, SOWING DISCORD IN HIS ORGANIZATION and causing political, civic and business leaders to make decisions which will bring chaos and destruction to their nations and businesses.

When you read my lead article in this issue, you will see what terrible destruction well placed infiltrators can do. The destruction of Nazi Germany is a prime example.

The Church of Jesus Christ is no exception, so I want to share some examples with you. Bear in mind that some of these people were not connected to any intelligence service, but were working directly under the demonic leadership of Satan himself.

Most likely this man was in the employment of Satanic Churches. He claimed to be a member of the Illuminati and a Satanic high priest when he befriended Jack Chick, the owner and publisher of Chick tracts. Jack has been instrumental in leading millions to Christ over the years, as people have read his tracts. Todd was exposed as living a double life, teaching in Christian churches while at a different time, in the same town in which he was holding meetings, he met with the local witches and Satan worshipers, instructing them in their faith. Jack Chick was infiltrated in the early 1970's. As of 1998, Johnny Todd was in prison in a Midwestern state. Documentation of this is available from our office for a $5.00 fee.

This medical doctor from Indiana also came to Jack Chick and was able to work herself deeply into the organization. Jack published two of her books, which contained truth in them, but also much disinformation. I personally met this woman and had a chance to talk with her and some of the women she claimed she had brought out of witchcraft. Brown was exposed in the mid 1980's as an infiltrator by me. Several articles were written in previous issues of The Dove. You may write to us and request back issues or a reprint of these articles for an $8.00 fee. Most likely Brown was an agent from the occult establishment.

This is the most professional liar that I have ever run across. Carl and his wife Ruby suddenly burst on the scene in the early 1990's. The Sanders came to my church in Sacramento in the fall of 1993, and Carl presented himself as Dr. Carl Sanders, the inventor of the microchip. This couple is a modern Ananias and Sapphira. (Acts 5:1-11) During the first meeting in a new place, about 30 minutes into the presentation, Carl would ask his wife, Ruby, to come up and sing the song (no instrumental background) that she sang to him while he was lying on his death bed in a hospital in the state of Washington. The act is so powerful that I found myself weeping when I heard her sing. After this introduction, the audience is like "putty" in their hands. A lot of information which Carl gave concerning the end times and the "mark of the beast" is correct, but it is baked in with lots of disinformation to create fear.

Shortly after the Sanders had been in our church for a series of meetings, he was challenged by Terry Cook and Patricia St. Louis. Carl called me and asked me to investigate him and clear his name. After I agreed to help him, he brought me a stack of documents with names and telephone numbers of people from his past. Regrettably, the material he gave me destroyed his credibility which wiped out his ministry in California.

When I dug into his past, I found out that he did not have a doctor’s degree nor was he the inventor of the microchip.

When two other pastors and myself confronted Carl and Ruby with the truth and asked them to repent, they moved to the East Coast where they are still fleecing people. My investigation convinced me that Carl Sanders is an infiltrator, handled by the CIA. His mission is to bring false information to Christians, to scare them and to cause division among the brethren. My entire investigation was released in The Dove, and this massive report, plus photo copies of the documents that Carl gave me, can be ordered from us for a fee of $10.00.

This woman worked as the Administrative Coordinator for the well known author and conference speaker, Gary Kah. I became a personal friend of Gary’s after he spoke in our church, so I had a number of telephone conversations with Patricia. When the scandal with Carl Sanders broke open, she pursued Carl with a vengeance and demanded that he be "put out of business for good." I could not understand why she was so angry. Through Gary she had access to a number of prominent ministries in the United States and she was passing on information that later was found out to be false. One day when I called Gary’s office to speak with Patricia, Gary’s wife answered the telephone and told me that Patricia no longer worked there. Flabbergasted, I asked her why. First she did not want to tell me anything, but I persisted that she tell me since we had been working so closely together on the Carl Sanders investigation. Here is the awful truth: Patricia had been stealing money from the Kah’s, she had sabotaged bookings of speaking engagements and there had been tampering with mailing lists and other things in the office. Gary and his wife did not know if their ministry could survive the harm done to it.

Anyone who has read Gary’s books, or heard him speak, knows the damage he was doing to the World Government and the coming Antichrist system. After terrible struggles, Gary was able to survive in the ministry. The Kah’s had done an extensive background check on Patricia, but they did not catch that she had been convicted and spent time in prison earlier in her life. My assessment is that either the CIA or the FBI picked her up as an agent and sent her to infiltrate Gary Kah’s ministry in order to destroy it. Material on Patricia from us can be obtained for a fee of $4.00.

This self-proclaimed prophet is heading up a ministry called Morning Star Ministries which operates out of Charlotte, North Carolina. Intelligence organizations "love" to recruit this type of person. Rick has a large following, and by telling his followers "thus says the Lord" they do not argue with him, but obey whatever he says.

In order for an infiltrator to gain credibility, they must perform some kind of Christian work that is not bogus, but genuine. Once they have built up the confidence of the flock, the infiltrator can begin to dispense "the poison" which his handlers direct him to release.

In a recent newsletter from Rick Joyner, he has a page called "Morning Star Ministries, General Update. Under this headline WHY WE SELDOM RESPOND TO FALSE ACCUSATIONS, he does the classic double talk in order to steer people away from the truth. Here is how he defends himself:

"First, it does not seem possible today to accomplish anything of significance without becoming the target of critics and slander. Second, we feel that those who listen to the accusing ministries and journalists are the kind of people we do not want around anyway. Third, we do intend to answer some of them at the right time and place. Fourth, most of the false accusations that are written or told about us are so ridiculous that they will be easily discerned by those who have the Spirit of Truth, and who walk by faith, not by fear.

‘For example, one thing that is now being spread is that I am a high ranking member of the Masons. I have never been a member of the Masons, have never considered it, or been to a Masonic meeting, nor have I ever been a member of any such secret organization.

"I was knighted by a European Order of Chivalry a few years ago, who are popularly called the Knights of Malta, or the Order of St. John...... the Order of St. John that I was knighted by is a Christian Order devoted to defending the faith, preserving Christian unity, and serving the poor and the oppressed . . . .

"This Order is widely recognized as a true order of chivalry, and a registry of nobility. It has no connection whatsoever to the Roman Catholic Church, although there is now a Roman Catholic Order that is also called The Order of St. John."

A follower of Rick Joyner, who is not educated at all in the subject of religious orders, will simply say, "Rick is all right, he just joined a nice little group of people who are defending the faith and feeding the poor."

But Rick is not telling his followers the whole truth. Let us now look at a book that Rick Joyner wrote some time ago called LEADERSHIP MANAGEMENT AND THE FIVE ESSENTIALS FOR SUCCESS, published by his own organization. In chapter seven of this book, he writes a glowing report of the bloody wars the Knights of Malta have fought, first under the name of the Order of St. John, and then under the name the Knights of Malta, despite the fact that Jesus strongly taught his disciples that His kingdom is not of this world, and the apostle Paul stated that our weapons are not carnal, but spiritual.

Rick is not telling the truth when he states that the order of which he is a member has no connections with the Roman Catholic Order of Knights of Malta. In the prestigious book "The Knights of Malta" by H.J.A. Sire and published by Yale University Press, 1994 on page 270, I quote the following:

"Since 1963 the Sovereign Order has maintained formal relations with the alliance of four Protestant Orders of St. John to which they trace their historical roots."

On page 271, Mr. Sire makes the following statement:

"In the past thirty years the Order of Malta has doubled its diplomatic representation, from thirty countries in 1962 to nearly sixty at the present day. Embassies are maintained chiefly in Catholic states, and there are legations in France, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland."

Let me briefly put it this way to the person who is not educated in this subject at all. The Knights of Malta and its Protestant sister orders are part of the international web, controlled by the World Government. Just like the Masonic orders, they have a large philanthropic work in the form of hospitals and feeding of refugees. But since it is a highly structured international organization, it has been and is being used to foment policies of the World Government. For a deeper study on this subject, order my write-up on this subject, which is part of a chapter in my book "Christian Dynamics, Course One." Enclose $5.00 to cover the cost of duplication and postage.

If Rick Joyner is a true prophet of God, he should do like the flaming evangelist Charles Finney did. After he had been glorious saved in the early 1800's, Finney RENOUNCED HIS MEMBERSHIP IN THE MASONIC LODGE and wrote a book exposing the dark secrets of the lodges.

Publicly, I challenge Rick Joyner to come clean on this subject and tell the whole truth. As long as he defends his membership in the Order, he remains under a cloud of suspicion.

For a complete expose of Rick Joyner, contact Pastor Joseph R. Chambers of Paw Creek Ministries, at 1-800-338-7884. Since Pastor Chambers is living in the same city as Joyner, he has personally met with Rick and discussed in length the heresies that are coming from Rick Joyner’s ministry. Pastor Chambers has written two booklets on the subject, plus he has some audio tapes on which Rick talks about his membership in the Knights of Malta.

The answer to that question is, "No." The Devil has not changed his tactics. His first infiltration came in the Garden of Eden when the Devil seduced the serpent to loan out his body. The Old Testament is full of examples of evil men and women trying to infiltrate God’s people and destroy them from within. Here is what the apostle John said about this problem:

"Little children, it is the last time: and you have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time. They went out from us, but they were not of us: for if they had been of us, they would no doubt have continued with us; but they went out, that they might be manifest that they were not all of us. I John 2:18-19

There are thousands upon thousands of people, who are either working for some kind of intelligence operation or are employed by the occult. Then you have the people who are ruled by demons and will infiltrate the Church of Jesus Christ.

In the United States, the reason for the success that the FBI has had over the years, is its massive infiltration program developed under the leadership of J. Edgar Hoover. Understand this, every intelligence service, regardless to which nation they belong, does massive infiltration, not only into Christian Churches but into all public organizations, from labor unions to civic groups. It is a shame, but a well known fact, that the American CIA has its agents join churches, then apply to go out as missionaries. These men and women attend seminaries and are then commissioned for the mission field. The curse of God is upon these men and women who pretend to preach the Gospel while their real mission is to do the bidding of the CIA which, as you may know, is an arm of the World Government.

Ask yourself this question: Is it a coincidence that a large number of FBI agents belong to the Mormon church? In some areas there are so many members from the Mormon church that the local FBI operation sometimes resembles a Mormon church function.

And let us not forget the Unification Church under the leadership of the Korean born Sun Myung Moon. Mr. Moon was born in 1920 to a family who belonged to the Presbyterian church. The Unification Church is a combined project between the Korean CIA and the American CIA.



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