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It has been two years since our ministry published the last issue of The Dove (2002). We had every intention of writing and publishing an issue in 2003, but time ran out for us as there were many other issues that had to be dealt with. But, praise be to God, you are now holding The Dove, 2004 in your hands.

The main article entitled, "THE ROAD TO THE POLITICAL STATE OF ISRAEL" has taken me more than one year to write. I started, then had to lay it aside and then start again more than once. It frustrated me greatly to begin with, but as time went on documentation which I did not have to begin with started to come in, which brought additional light and verification of facts. This has made the article more powerful than I could have hoped for.

God has shown me that the writing He is guiding me into is not something that the masses of Christians are going to read at this time. Instead it is a written record that God wants to have for the generations who are going to come after us, as they will face a brutal oppression by the forces of the Antichrist regime. At that time, history books will be purged and become politically correct, Bibles will become scarce (real Bibles, like the King James Version) and the "official" Bibles available in book stores will be watered down, having been re-written by liberal ministers bent on the destruction of the Word of God. The truth will be passed down on an individual basis and given to men and women who will risk their lives to preach the truth as it was, is and will be according to the Word of God.

The following statement was made many years ago by a leading man in the World Government. This is what he said:

"Whosoever controls the present time controls the past. Whosoever controls the past, shall control the future."

This statement holds true for every dictatorship from Nimrod and his Babylon through the centuries to the current dictatorship in China, Cuba, Vietnam, etc. When the Communists took power in Russia in 1917, they immediately executed the previous leadership down to the local policemen. Then all history books and educational material used in schools from kindergarten through universities was destroyed, and a new set of writings was produced, filled with propaganda lies in order to support the "thugs" who were then in power. Then the "thugs" set forth to mold the future according to their own diabolical plans. The same holds true for the Nazis in Germany and the Communists in China.

Here is a test for every reader twenty-five years and younger. Do you have knowledge of what happened at Tiananmen Square in China on June 3-4, 1989? If not, ask yourself this, why don't I? The answer is that the Chinese Government has "sanitized and eradicated" from all Chinese publications the horrible attack that took place at Tiananmen Square in June, 1989. They do not want people to remember the one million or so Chinese people (most of them college students) who gathered at this square in defiance of the Communist regime and demanded that the Communists give up their rule over China. At the same time the Communist regimes in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union were reeling under huge protest marches and it was becoming clear that the days of the Communists were numbered in Eastern Europe and Russia. The Chinese government knew that unless they took a hard stand, they would be swept out of power. The military garrison in and around Beijing (Peking) sided with the people and could not be trusted by the Communist regime.

Chinese troops from other parts of China were mobilized and moved to Peking, and once they were in place the slaughter started as tanks and soldiers moved without mercy and crushed the uprising. Thousands upon thousands of students were crushed under the tracks of the tanks, others were shot, large numbers were arrested and either executed or sent to labor camps. Western television crews were present and the bloody event was captured on TV cameras and broadcast live via satellites to the West. If you travel to China today, the official line is that it never happened.

By the way, the Berlin wall was broken up on November 9, 1989 and East Germany ceased to exist on October 3, 1990 when it merged with West Germany into a unified Germany. The Soviet Union ceased to exist as "an evil empire" on December 8, 1991 when it broke apart and Russia, Ukraine and Belarus formed "the Commonwealth of Independent States."

There were two movements that existed side by side in the last century. One was the National Socialist Party in Germany, known as the Nazis and the other was the Zionist movement. In our official history books we have been told that the Nazis were fanatical German nationalists who were bent on the destruction of the Jewish people. We were also told that the Zionist Jews were determined to create the State of Israel and save the Jewish people.

Both statements are partially true, but there is more to this story. As I dug back in history and had access to government papers, which had been released toward the end of the last century, I discovered the following shocking truth:

"Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party could never have risen to power in Germany had not the Zionist movement protected and undergirded it with finances, leadership and armaments. The State of Israel would not have come into existence, without the help of Nazi Germany."

In this segment of the article "the Road to the Political State of Israel" I have laid out Nazism and Zionism side by side, like two railroad tracks running parallel with each other. As you follow the tracks down in time, it becomes clear that the two tracks were controlled and laid out by a common leadership, which was not known to the people building the railroad tracks. They were deceived and each group believed that they had the full truth and would prevail. Instead they were fooled, used and abused.

It was in 1970 that I began to ask some questions. I was preaching and teaching on prophecy, but as I tried to lay out a roadmap according to the Bible and political events in the world, it did not fit. I could not justify actions taken by different governments and political groups, who seemed to be opposed to each other, yet behind the scene working together. It was not until 1975 that I ran across some long-playing records (for phonographs) entitled "The Illuminati." As I listened to these, I was shocked. It came against everything that I had learned in history, but it explained all the discrepancies I had come up against.

Before I could accept anything from this information release, it had to be verified. This verification has taken some twenty-nine years and is still going on. Suddenly, people began to send me old books and clippings, I started to collect old encyclopedias and found out that what was written for example in 1937, was not the same as in newer versions. Other information was "sanitized" and did not exist any more. Old history books described events, which the newer books did not say. When I was introduced to the existence of the Cabala and the Talmud, I was more shocked. To verify this, I sought out Jewish magazines, newspapers and books to find out what was written and said in the Jewish community. One book pointed to another and suddenly I was awash in material, more than I could possibly read and study. After the collapse of the Soviet Union researchers were able to pour over the official records of the KGB and the Soviet Armed forces, which verified many events and showed how deceived people had been in the West.

What you have in this issue of The Dove is a "short" summary, an introduction to what really took place and who did what in the last century. I challenge you, my dear reader, to set your mind in the following mind set: "I am going to read this article with a critical mind, and verify every fact until I am satisfied that John S. Torell is correct or he has written disinformation." I am so sure of myself that I can state, that every serious student of history will have to come to the same conclusion as I have, because truth can only have one conclusion.

Texe Marrs, a fellow believer in Christ and researcher and a friend of mine, has been doing some excellent exposes on recent events in the Christian world. We are including two of his monthly newsletters, which will speak for themselves, as we are approaching the day of the Antichrist and his ascension to power in the future temple in Jerusalem.

If this issue of The Dove is the first time you are reading one, I highly recommend that you order from us The Dove of 2001 and 2002, which contains the two previous articles written on this subject. You may order these back issues from us for a love offering. It is with great anticipation that I now turn over this completed article to the people in the world as a testimony of truth. May it burn bright and strong and set people free from the lies of the World Government.

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