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By John S. Torell


Since I initially exposed Carl Sanders as a fraud, I have received many phone calls and letters requesting more information. I recently talked at length with a man who wanted to hear the recording of the trial on January 3, 1995 in Walnut Creek, California. Present at the meeting were the following people:

  • Pastor Ernest Amstalden and his wife

  • Pastor Paul Woods and his wife from Caldwell, Idaho; she is now deceased

  • Pastor John S. Torell and my wife

  • Carl and Ruby Sanders; Ruby is now deceased

  • Carl’s song leader, Lou McCoy and his wife

Pastor Amstalden was the chairman of the trial. The voices you will hear are that of Pastor Amstalden, Pastor Woods, myself, Carl and Ruby Sanders and Lou McCoy.

The purpose of this trial was for Carl to come clean and be restored. There were two recordings made of the trial with everyone’s consent, one by Pastor Amstalden and another by Ruby Sanders. What you are about to hear are the two recordings by Pastor Amstalden; both ended abruptly because the cassette recorder ran out of tape.

Carl reneged on his promises to contact all pastors and churches where he had spoken and never used his newsletter to make a correction to his supporters. Sadly, instead of reconciliation and repentance by Carl, the trial ended off tape with Lou stating, “The show must go on, we are wasting our time here.” Carl and his team left afterwards for the east coast where he continued his lying.

It was never my intention to release the audio of the trial but I am choosing to do so now because the Christian community needs to hear Carl Sanders confession of being a habitual liar. He is a man with a reprobate mind.


Cassette #1 Listen Download
Cassette #2 Listen Download


Pastor Ernest Amstalden is no longer the pastor for the church Victory Christian Center in Walnut Creek, California. He moved several years ago and is now the pastor for Victory Christian Fellowship in Jewell, Iowa.

Pastor Paul Woods (208) 459-9755
Pastor Ernest Amstalden  (515) 827-6015

Carl Sanders - Part 1
Carl Sanders - Part 2

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