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December 1998 Newsletter

John S. Torell

The congressional election is over and real born again Christians in the United States are in shock as to how the voting majority could reward president Clinton for lying to the nation and committing perjury by lying under oath, not once but twice, first in a civil deposition in the Paula Jones case, and later in a Grand Jury inquiry? How was the Democratic party able to pull off a victory and slow down, if not destroy, the impeachment process started in Congress just before the election?

God spoke some 550 years before Christ through the prophet Daniel, that in the last days in the history of the earth, there would be a world dictator ruling a world federation. (Daniel 11:31-39). This was confirmed by Jesus who spoke about "the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel," and the great tribulation. (Matthew 24:15-22) The apostle Paul gave us more detailed information about this world ruler, and how this "Wicked Man, the Son of Perdition," shall not only rule the world, but deceive people on a scale that the world has never seen before. (II Thessalonians 2:1-12) It is the risen Christ who in 90 AD took the apostle John in the spirit into heaven itself and showed him the great revelation of Jesus Christ, which was written down and became the last book in the Bible. In Chapter 13 of the book of Revelation, we are given chilling details of this kingdom of darkness and how it will control all buying and selling on the earth by introducing the "MARK OF THE BEAST." (Revelation 13:1-18)

The time is now here, that the coming of this world ruler is just around the corner. Jesus calls this time "THE BEGINNING OF SORROWS." (Matthew 24:8) In order for this world ruler to enter the scene, there must have been preparation. This preparation has been taking place since the time of the flood, when Noah and his family were saved. This preparation is not from any human being, it is done by the Devil himself and his fallen angels (demons, evil spirits). The Bible has another name for this world ruler to come, "ANTICHRIST." (I John 4:1-4) The kingdom of the Antichrist is first of all a STRONG SPIRITUAL KINGDOM as well as a political kingdom. The people who the Devil has enlisted during the ages are empowered with STRONG OCCULT POWERS which are supernatural and not of the flesh. (Revelation 13:4) No human being can resist this coming demonic kingdom, except through the power of Jesus Christ himself. It is God himself who has been holding Satan back for centuries, but the day will come when the hand of God is removed and Satan will be able to come forth in full power. (II Thessalonians 2:6-8) This Satanic kingdom will not just emerge in one day as a miracle, it is growing like a cancerous tumor and when it is too large to hide, it will burst forth on the scene creating a massive crisis, such as when a person finds out that his whole body is riddled with malignancy.

In order for the Devil to bring in his false messianic system, he has no other choice than to work through the children of Israel. This is a truth that most Christian leaders do not dare to speak on, yet this truth is strongly anchored in the Bible, beginning with the book of Daniel (Daniel 11:36-39). As the Swedish Pentecostal minister Kjell Sjoberg said, before he was silenced:

"The people of Israel have given the world the greatest blessing there is, JESUS CHRIST, THE SON OF GOD! But they are also going to give us the most evil gift ever seen, THE ANTICHRIST."

This truth will send shudders of fear into most Christian leaders. They know IT IS TRUTH, but it is a truth that today will cost a minister his job and in the future it will cost him his life. IT WILL BE JEWISH MEN AND WOMEN WHO WILL STAFF THE KINGDOM OF THE ANTICHRIST!

The nation is ISRAEL and the city is JERUSALEM. If you understand that, you will be able to understand all political developments in the world today. The focus of the Devil is to secure the nation of Israel for his kingdom and to make sure that the nation of Israel becomes the dominating leader among the nations. Once this has been accomplished, the Devil will make his final move, REVEAL HIS WORLD LEADER and enforce his rule over all people on the earth. (II Thessalonians 2:3-4)

Understand this, the Devil does not love the people of Israel, instead he hates them with a passion, since that nation was used by God to bring Jesus, the King of kings and Lord of lords, to the earth and defeat Satan at the cross. But Satan has to use them and pretend that he loves them, in order to deceive all the nations of the earth. Once the Devil is done with them, and the Antichrist is ruling, Satan is going to turn against all remaining Jews, including the ones in leadership. The Bible calls this "JACOB‘S TROUBLE." (Jeremiah 30:7) Jesus was telling the apostle John the same thing as recorded in Revelation 17:12-18.

In this newsletter I do not have the time or the space to trace how this was formed, so if a reader wants to know this, I refer you to earlier issues of the Dove magazine, that you can order from us. (Winter 1995; Autumn/Winter 1994/1995; Spring 1997) But here is how it is set up:

At the top is the COUNCIL OF 13. Some day one man from this council will become the antichrist. Below the Council of 13 is the COUNCIL OF 33. Currently I have no knowledge who these men are, and their identity remains hidden for the time being. Then follows the next ruling group, which is known to people who read the Jewish Press and Jewish periodicals. It is called WORLD JEWISH CONGRESS, founded by a Lithuanian Jew by the name of Aryeh Leon Kubowitzki in 1936. Current president of the WJC is the "Whisky king," Edgar M. Bronfman. Bronfman was the chairman for the family business, Seagrams Ltd., the worlds largest distiller of alcoholic drinks from 1971 through 1989, with sales in Europe, Latin America, East Asia and Africa. Seagrams is now run by Edgar M. Bronfman Jr. who has, since he assumed leadership, added MCA Inc., Walt Disney Inc. and the American ABC TV and radio network.

It was Bronfman that broke the back of the Swiss banking system during 1998, using the power of his office as president of the World Jewish Congress. The WJC has a number of different memberships. Any Jew can be a member of it, but they will have no voting rights. It also has an executive branch, with a governing board and a full time staff of specialists, including attorneys. The president has a select group of 300 men, who actually make up the voting group in this organization. This is not a democratic organization. The 300 men can vote only to approve matters already decided by the higher Councils. It is a rubber stamp congress, functioning as the lawmaker in the old Soviet Union.

Israel Singer is the current Secretary-General. When the president of the WJC calls any head of state in the world, he will always gain access, and when he speaks, there are no presidents, kings or rulers, who will not listen and obey what they are told to do. Bronfman is calling on President Clinton on a regular basis. The current problem Clinton is facing is due to the fact that the World Jewish Congress was not happy with the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu. In the fall of 1997 Clinton was told to reign in Netanyahu and force him to settle with the Palestinians in order to secure the region from a war. Since Netanyahu is lined up with the "hardliners" in Israel, he became very angry. Jewish aids in the White House loyal to Netanyahu tipped off Paula Jones’s lawyers that Clinton was having a fling with Monica Levinisky, who by the way is Jewish. By weakening Clinton, Netanyahu hoped that he could force him to back down. More about this later in this newsletter.

The World Jewish Congress is ruling the rest of the world through the following branches: AMERICAN JEWISH CONGRESS, CANADIAN JEWISH CONGRESS, EUROPEAN JEWISH CONGRESS, LATIN AMERICAN JEWISH CONGRESS, AFRICAN JEWISH CONGRESS and a special branch responsible for the State of Israel itself. To enforce its policies, all intelligence services of all nations in the world have been penetrated and compromised by special agents from the World Jewish Congress. Thus the CIA, the British MI5, Russian, German, French and even the Israeli Mossad do not hold loyalty to the nations they are part of, but in de facto to the World Government. This takeover goes back all way to the era of the Rothschild dynasty during the 19th century.

It would be a disaster for the World Government if the general public knew this set up, so another layer of organizations has been formed to be staffed by Jews and Gentiles. Here you will have the Bilderbergers, The Trilateral Commission, World Council of Churches, the many different Free Masonic orders, false religious groups, such as the Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Unification Church etc., a massive number of New Age groups like Scientology and the many civic organizations existing in the nations, like the Lions Club etc. It is in these organizations that the day to day activities of the World Government are being carried out by Gentile members who have no idea that they are puppets for a World Government. Each group is told that there is no one above them, that they are "the supreme group" on the earth.

No person seeking a political office any where in the world can be elected, unless he first has been cleared by a regional Jewish Congress. Regardless of party affiliation, no man or woman can successfully run for an office unless they have first been involved with some kind of a power group and received an official blessing from its leadership. If you don’t believe that, look at the people who are elected to any office. Very few persons were ever able to be elected by standing on principles alone.

The World Government has done its homework well. Christian seminaries and Bible schools were infiltrated toward the end of the last century, and all students have been told that the Jews are God’s chosen people who he is gathering up and bringing back to Israel. Thus every Christian is being taught to be a "Christian Zionist." God has a special plan for the Jews; we do not need to bring them to Christ, all we need to do is to help them rebuild the nation of Israel and watch them again build the temple. The lie has been repeated for almost 100 years. We are told that the Bible tells us to bless the Jews, or we ourselves will become cursed by God. That this last statement is not found in the Bible does not matter, it has been repeated so long that people think it is in the Bible.

Ministers graduating from seminaries and Bible schools have studied the history of Israel in detail from its beginning to the time of Christ. This is where it stops. There is no teaching on what happened to the Jewish people from the time of the book of Acts until 1948. Where did the Jews go? What did they believe? What does their religion teach? This is unknown territory for a large number of all Christian leaders. Since they do not know, neither do the rank and file members in the churches know. Thus, if you are going to be honest with yourself, unless you have been doing some studying on your own, you must admit you have no knowledge of Jewish history from that period of time. If you are asked what the Talmud is or the Cabala (Kabbalah), most of you do not know. This is where I was until God told me to start digging to find out the facts. So, where did I go to find some information? I began to search out Jewish material, and to my surprise I found that the Jews in America have their own daily press, with a number of papers. They also have a number of weekly and monthly periodicals, including their own publishing houses and a large number of books written by Jews for Jews. From a friend, whose father was a rabbi, I was given a number of history books, written in English, covering the years from the time of Christ up to 1948.

Without knowing it, the Christians are protecting and promoting the kingdom of the coming Antichrist, believing that they are doing God’s will on the earth. Only the Devil could be so clever, that he could dupe the Christians to support his evil kingdom. Thus any man of God who stands up and tries to tell the truth will be attacked by the Christians, who will scream "ANTI-SEMITIC!" You owe it to yourself, to search out what is the truth. The truth is there, but you have to look for it. Are you brave enough?

It does not matter how long a Jewish family has been living in a nation, they never assimilate like Gentile immigrants. Being an immigrant myself from Sweden, but a Gentile, I arrived in the United States many years ago. After having been here for five years, I applied to become an American citizen and had to renounce all ties and allegiance to my native country. I am now an American by choice, this is my country and this is where I live and work. But Jews do not think that way. Their allegiance will always be first to Judaism, secondly to the political state of Israel and as long as the nation they are living in does not interfere with this, they will support the nation they are living in. This is why the Jewish people have been able to survive as a people for more than 2000 years without having their own country. They have their own language, which for years was Yiddish, but has now been augmented by Hebrew. Thus a Jew living in Germany can easily talk to a Jew living in Italy, by using their own language. This is not true for other immigrant groups. Germans arriving in the United States during the last century had large families and they have retained their German names, but the third generation never learned to speak German and became totally assimilated into America. That is the reason why Hitler failed to receive a response from German Americans to come to his aid prior to World War II. Instead these German Americans joined the American military forces and fought their own ancestors in Europe to rid the world of Hitler and the Nazis. Jews will never do that, regardless if they have lived in a nation for hundreds of years, Israel and Judaism will always come first.

The World Jewish Congress, controlled by the Council of 13, has been in a scrap with the Orthodox Jews, particularly those in the State of Israel. The Orthodox Jews have rejected the Jewish branches in the United States, Reform and Conservative Jews, which they labeled too secular to be considered "real Jews." During Netanyahu’s reign, bills have been introduced in the Knesset to declare Reform and Conservative Jews in the same class as Messianic Jews (non-Jews) and thus stripped of all rights to Israel. The Jews running the World Government are in general secular, if not atheistic, Jews who believe in a world government run by them from Jerusalem. This was upsetting their policies. Thus Clinton was called upon and told to hammer Netanyahu. While Kenneth Starr was pressing Bill Clinton, behind the scenes intense negotiations took place between the World Jewish Congress and the Orthodox Jews. The Jews in Israel had the land, the Jews in New York had the money. Neither could live without the other.

A deal was struck. Netanyahu would come to Washington D.C. and hammer out a deal with Yasser Arafat. As a window dressing, president Clinton would be the host. Arafat would get 13% land handed over from the Westbank, open his airport in the Gaza strip, receive a few political prisoners freed from Israeli prisons, and in return Netanyahu would receive security guaranties, enforced by the CIA. More Jewish settlers would be allowed into the Westbank, and Arafat was told to tell the Palestinian people to "shut up." Hamas was to be controlled by all parties involved. To make sure that the deal would work, Clinton was told to open up the coffers and give of the American taxpayers money to both the Jews and the Palestinians. Clinton is keeping his deal, and on November 30 he hosted a "bridal shower" for Arafat, who came to Washington D. C. and was given 400 million dollars as a start by the American President. This is on top of the annual $100 million per year that Arafat is given by the United States. Clinton told the American people that this was a good investment in peace.

The United States had "ordered" (invited) 43 other nations to come to this "Bridal Shower;" and they were kind enough to pledge a total of $3 billion dollars to be given to Arafat and his regime. This kind of deal would never have happened if Edgar M. Bronfman had not given orders "to cough up the money or else . . ." to the national governments.

In return, Netanyahu was told to sit on the Orthodox Jews in Israel. Shortly after his return from Washington D.C., he announced that he was broadening his coalition and was going to include more moderate Jews in his cabinet.

As a reward for being the "official broker," Clinton was told that he could stay on as president and that the Jewish spin doctors would take care of the impeachment process and wind it down. As you watch the news, this is what is happening now.

What your now seeing in Washington D.C. is the most staged production ever done by the World Government. Kenneth Starr was told to clear Bill Clinton of the File Gate, Travel Gate, Vince Foster’s murder and the White Water charges. In order to dupe the American people, Starr was to attack Clinton on the Lewinsky matter. World Government people would pressure key Republicans to openly state that if the committee would vote for impeachment, there would be enough Republicans in the congress who would vote with the Democrats. But the entire thing has to be done so carefully that the American people will not see that the whole deal is staged. If I can use an illustration for you, it will be this: Watch one of the "professional" wrestling events. The wrestlers are very skillfully acting out on the canvas, pretending that what is happening is real, when the truth is that the whole thing is staged and the wrestlers have practiced in advance, how to fight each other without causing any hurt. In the movie industry they would be called "stunt men," and on the streets they would be called "prostitutes." In Washington D.C, they are called "politicians." There will be one or two maverick Republicans who will try to derail the play, but most likely they will not succeed. The deck is too heavy stacked.

Both Democrats and Republicans know the power of the Jewish World Government, most fear them, and some of them hate them, but they are powerless to do anything.

The Devil knows very well, that the antichrist kingdom he is building is as fragile as a card house. By having Jews in leadership, he is currently controlling the world, but only as long as the masses of Gentiles go along with it and don’t resist. Thus the Jews are facing a terrible dilemma. They have to build the structure in secret, but at the same time keep the world economy going long enough until the trap is ready to be sprung.

The kingdom of God is built upon THE LOVE OF GOD, the kingdom of Satan is built upon FEAR, INTIMIDATION, MURDER ,DECEPTION AND BLACK MAIL. Satan’s kingdom cannot exist in light and truth.

We do not need any physical weapons. As the Bible tells us, our weapons are spiritual, they are mighty and well able to pull down any strong hold of the Devil. Read it for yourself in II Corinthians 10:3-5. The reason that Satan has not yet been able to bring out his kingdom in power, is because God is holding him back through the church of Jesus Christ. It does not take millions of Christians to hold him back, just a handful who are faithful to God, willing to fast and pray and proclaim truth wherever they are. This newsletter that you are now reading is more powerful than a million atomic bombs. If this truth were spread to a large number of people, it would set the Devil back for years to come. Since I do not know the time table of God, I will be fighting with full power until Jesus tells me to quit. Will you join me in this battle? Every day we can hold Satan back means more people saved and rescued from hell. Every soul is precious in the sight of God. Jesus told us that one soul is worth more than the whole planet earth. (Matthew 16:24-26)


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