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January 2001 Newsletter

John S. Torell

Year 2000 was not a very good year for the people running the World Government. They had a number of setbacks around the world. The biggest setback for them was the election of George W. Bush as president of the United States. In this newsletter I will comment on the U.S. election, and I will also discuss with you the further decay and degeneration of the Roman Catholic Church.

As I stated in my last newsletter, the Jewish world community is divided into two major groups. There is a fierce battle going on behind the scenes of which few non-Jewish people are aware. For the last eight years Edgar Bronfman, President of the WORLD JEWISH CONGRESS has been riding high, calling "the shots" in the United States and in Israel. His puppets in the United States were Bill Clinton and Al Gore and in Israel it is Ehud Barak. The loss of Al Gore as the next president of the United States is a large one, because Bronfman will not have access to the White House as he has had during the last eight years.

Originally, George W. Bush was solid in the corner of the World Government, he was initiated into the Order of Skull and Bones in 1968 and was part of the World Governmentís stable of possible political leaders (As pointed out in previous writings, the World Government selects young people every year, to whom they give scholarships and pervert them. Thus they will always have a "stable of race horses," so it does not matter who wins, it will always be one of their candidates).

But something happened to George W. Bush. He developed an alcohol problem that began to spin out of control. At one time he was arrested for drunk driving. In 1984 at a family gathering in the state of Maine, Billy Graham had been invited to spend a week-end with the Bush family. At that time George W. was 38 years old, and had been married for seven years to his wife Laura. In a speech given during the month of June, 2000, George W. made the following statements:

"The seed of my decision had been planted the year before, by the Reverend Billy Graham. He visited my family for a summer weekend in Maine. I saw him preach at the small summer church, St. Annís by the Sea (Episcopalian). We all had lunch on the patio overlooking the ocean. One evening my dad asked Billy to answer questions from a big group of family gathered for the weekend. He sat by the fire and talked. And what he said sparked a change in my heart. I donít remember the exact words. It was more the power of his example. The Lord was so clearly reflected in his gentle and loving demeanor. The next day as we walked and talked at Walkerís Point, I knew I was in the presence of a great man. He was like a magnet, I felt drawn to seek something different. He didnít lecture or admonish; he shared warmth and concern. Billy Graham didnít make you feel guilty; he made you feel loved.

Over the course of that weekend, Graham planted a mustard seed in my soul, a seed that grew over the next year. He led me to the path and I began walking. And it was the beginning of change in my life.

I had always thought of myself as being a religious person and had regularly attended church. I had even taught Sunday School and served as an altar boy (Episcopal). But that weekend my faith took on a new meaning. It was the beginning of a new walk where I would recommit my heart to Jesus Christ. I was humbled to learn that God sent his Son to die for a sinner like me. I was comforted to know that through the Son, I could find Godís amazing grace, a grace that crosses every border, every barrier and is open to everyone. Through the love of Christís life, I could understand the life changing power of faith."

NOTE: If you have been reading The Dove for the last ten years you know that we have exposed the change in theology that has overtaken Billy Graham and that in the latter years he has more and more embraced the Roman Catholic Church. In the last year or so, he has made statements that he is not sure about salvation any more. If this is, or is not, due to his illness, Parkinsonís, I do not know. However, my wife and I were brought to a saving knowledge of Christ in 1965 by watching Billy Graham preach over television. We were later led to attend a Southern Baptist Church in Salt Lake City, where we were nourished and grew in our faith. It has been with sadness that I had to break fellowship with the man that many years ago brought me to Christ. I believe that God used Billy Graham despite his corrupted theology to point George W. Bush to Christ, when George later made a personal commitment to Christ. We need to pray for him that that God will protect his life.

In 1984 George W. was a business man in the Texas oil industry and resided in Midland, Texas. Two of his friends, Don Evans and Don Jones, were regularly attending a weekly Bible study. In the fall of 1985 Evans and Jones invited George W. to start attending the weekly Bible studies, which then became a weekly routine for him. Over the years George W. developed a personal friendship with evangelist James Robison and pastor Tony Evans of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Church in Dallas, Texas.

As a Christian, George W. has taken a strong stand on the issue of alcohol, abortion and other moral issues. Despite what his "handlers" told him, he made it clear during the election campaign that he no longer used alcohol, that he was against abortion and longed for a moral change in America. The day after the United States Supreme Court had made its final ruling and Al Gore had conceded, the first item of business for George W, and his wife Laura was to attend a prayer meeting in their home church (Methodist) in Austin, Texas, where they and the people prayed and thanked God for the outcome of the election. Also, his nomination of former Senator John Ashcroft as the next Attorney General of the United States shows that his Christian faith is not phony. The Senator is the son of a Pentecostal preacher, he himself is a lay preacher and a strong believer in Christ, not afraid to openly confess Christ. It is also noteworthy to mention, that one of the men, Don Evans, who was responsible for bringing George W. to the weekly Bible study, became his election campaign chairman, and is now nominated for Commerce Secretary. Most likely there are many other born again Christians surrounding our new President Bush and in time we will learn more about this.

As the final counts for all of the States came in just prior to the electoral votes being cast, they showed that George W. Bush really did win the popular vote as well as the electoral vote, by 1,932,632 over Gore. However, the controlled media is still saying that Al Gore won the popular count by some 700,000 votes. Gore had a total of 50,753,172 votes and Bush had 52,685,804. The nation is split in the middle. For Bush to win in Florida with just 537 votes is a miracle of God, particularly since the "handlers" of Al Gore used the courts to keep counting votes until they could get what they wanted. I believe that God moved the hearts of the five Supreme Court Justices to put a stop to it and declare that the election process was finished. God has given George W. a "Gideon"

George W. did not run the election campaign as an individual, but as a representative of a group of "Investors." As I stated before, George W. was selected as a young man to be a potential candidate for the World Government, and with his membership in the Order of Skull & Bones, they believed that he was solidly in their camp.

I believe that George W. has rejected the Satanic garbage of Skull & Bones, and has now a Biblical outlook on life. But with hundreds of millions of dollars invested in his campaign by the "Investors" (most of them Jewish), George W. has to give them back something, or he will be assassinated like John F. Kennedy. Thus, to a large degree his hands will be tied, and he has to take orders, even if he doesnít like it. It is going to be a struggle from day to day. Bill and Al are totally corrupt and did not resist any evil request. For example, one leading newspaper editor was lamenting that with the election of Bush there would be no more Hollywood actors coming to the White House, since most of the people in the sleaze industry are democrats, and George W. does not have any friends in Hollywood. This is good news for the Christian community.

When the confirmation hearings begin, expect a firestorm over the confirmation of Senator Ashcroft. The World Government has been spoiled by having Janet Reno as Attorney General for the last year. She is greatly loved by Bronfman and his cabinet. After all, she has protected Bill and Al from going to prison, she is responsible for the deaths at Ruby Ridge in Idaho, she saved all the innocent children in Waco, Texas, by having the FBI burn them to death, and then to arrest and incarcerate all the survivors and hinder them from telling the truth. The Oklahoma bombing is another dark cloud hanging over her. The truth has yet to come forth, who really did set off these bombs in Oklahoma.

If an honest and upright man takes over the United States Justice Department, it will mean big trouble for the people working there now. There are many incriminating documents, and if God is going to bless us with Senator Ashcroft, expect the shredders to work day and night in this department, just like was done when the Iran/Contra affair was exposed, when Oliver North and the others were shredding documents day and night, to make sure that the truth would never come out.

If you prayed hard before, now is the time to pray even harder. On a daily basis we should do spiritual warfare and lift up each new Cabinet leader, not to forget the new president, his family, the vice president and his family, and the entire staff at the White House. We also need to pray for Supreme Court justices, senators and congressmen, that the will of God shall be done and that Satanís plans will be destroyed time and time again. Remember this, there are fifty million Americans out there who voted for Al Gore, and most of them are not Christians. They will curse the new leadership daily and work hard to sabotage whatever they can. The New Ager's and Satanists will fast and pray to the Devil and project as much evil as they can muster up. This is going to be a spiritual battle of life or death for this nation. If you have never before fasted in conjunction with prayer, this is a good time to learn how to pray and fast.

Also, we need to reach out to the supporters of Al Gore. Each one of them has a soul, and if they do not receive Christ, they will die some day and go to hell. This is not a time to gloat in victory, this is a time to HUMBLY THANK GOD AND IN LOVE AND HUMILITY REACH OUT TO THOSE WHO FELT THAT THEY LOST WHEN AL GORE WAS DEFEATED!

Let us also remember that four years from now there will be another presidential race. The Devil and all his supporters in the Democratic party are going to use these four years to convert as many voters as they can and register them as Democrats. Jesse Jackson and his companions are going to criss-cross this nation, and particularly target the young people who today are under 18 years of age.

All believers in Christ need to pray, fast and witness and lead as many people as possible to Christ during these four years, or we will lose the White House in 2004. We should look at it in this way, every person saved is a new soldier for Christ and one less for the Devil. That is a two to nothing victory. Thus, we are not talking about mass evangelism, but a grass roots movement where the Christians are leading people to Christ one by one. And do not forget this, the Republican Party is not a Christian party. Far from it. But most born again believers in Christ are active in this party, and thus Christian principles will be acted out by these believers in Christ.

Most likely Ehud Barak will lose the elections in Israel. Not even Edgar Bronfman with his unlimited dollar funds is able at this time to control the people of Israel and the Palestinians. The demons of war are hovering in the air over Jerusalem and the cry for spilling of blood is heard from both sides. Unless God intervenes to hold back war, it will most likely break out in a short time. It will be a great slaughter of both Jews and Palestinians. The Palestinians are living too close for Israel to use its nuclear weapons, so it will have to be fought with conventional weapons.

If the Israeli armed forces slaughter too many Palestinians, it will be hard for Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia not to intervene militarily. If that happens, Israel will use her nuclear weapons in order to survive. That will create anger in Russia and China, which might make this entire conflict explode into a World War.

If this does happen in the Middle East, President Bush is going to have to lead this nation through a war which we as Americans have never before experienced, with nuclear missiles striking America itself. The economy will go belly up, oil is going to be scarce, and young Americans might once again be drafted and sent overseas.

If war breaks out in the Middle East, it will be another judgment from God over the ungodly generation now living. As Christians, few are aware of this danger and thus not too many are praying for this matter. I urge all the readers of my newsletter to take this seriously and began to pray, fast and cry out to the Lord!

In Psalm 2:1-12 we are told that God is sitting on his throne in heaven and laughing at the human rulers in the world, who are trying to legislate or decree events which they have no power of authority over.

The latest debacle in the Roman Catholic Church is that there is now a movement to declare that Mary, the mother of Jesus, is a co-redeemer with her son. This should not come as a surprise to anyone. In 1854 the then ruling Pope made a decree that Mary was preserved from original sin, and thus was more than a human being. This is known in the Catholic Church as the "IMMACULATE CONCEPTION." Before the Pope signed this degree in 1854, his office had been deluged by petitions which priests had been collecting world wide, to put pressure on the Pope. That this flies in the face of the Bible did not embarrass that Pope. After all, he is supposed to be the "god" in this world, ruling for God in heaven. That the Bible states that all have sinned and come short of the glory of God does not matter to the Catholic leaders, neither have they asked God what he thinks. This is man-made doctrine that is built upon lies from the Devil. (Romans 1:18-32; 3:1-23)

Once the Catholic Church had elevated Mary to this position, they bestowed more honor on her. In 1950, the then sitting Pope, decreed that when Mary died, she was taken to heaven with both her soul and body. With other words, she had her own private resurrection, while the rest of us have to wait for Jesus to come back. This second declaration was made after the Vatican had been flooded by petitions from priests all around the world. Again the leadership ignored the teachings in the Bible and make their own ruling. (I Corinthians 15:45-58)

With two blasphemous decrees under their belt, it should not come as a surprise that the Devil now wants people to believe that Mary is "A CO-REDEEMER WITH JESUS AND COOPERATES FULLY WITH HER SON IN THE REDEMPTION OF MANKIND." During the last four years there has been a petition drive to make the Pope decree this teaching. Six million Catholics from 148 nations have signed on. In addition to rank and file members in the Church, Cardinal John OíConnor (Billy Grahamís buddy) is part of this drive, so was Mother Teresa before she died, 550 bishops and 40 cardinals.

If this is decreed by the sitting Pope or the next one, it would move the mother of Jesus into the powerful position of becoming the fourth member of the Holy Trinity, and the primary female face through which Christians experience the divine. This would require all Roman Catholics to accept that Mary is part of their salvation, that she is a mediator and has the power to grant all graces, and that Mary was "the advocate for the people of God" and has the authority to influence Godís judgments.

That this teaching is not found in the Bible does not matter to the Roman Catholic Church, since they are also teaching that the Popes degree supercedes the Bible. Most Roman Catholic members do not understand that the leadership in the Church is rotten to the core, full of blasphemy and totally rejected by God in heaven. The Bible clearly states that there is only one name given to men, whereby they can be saved, and his name is Jesus (Acts 4:1-14) And in John 3:16 it does not state that God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son and his mother. . . .

Neither does the Bible say that as many as received him and his mother . . . .

(John 1:12-13) he would give the power to become the sons of God. Neither do you find that Mary is running around in heaven with Jesus, as the book of Revelation reveals what is happening up there. (Revelation 1:1-20)

If you are a Roman Catholic and are reading this, before you get angry with me, do yourself a favor, check out the facts that I have just written, and then when you compare that with the Bible, make your choice. Are you going to believe in God and His Word, the Bible, or are you going to follow a man that was elected by men to head up an earthly organization? Once you stand before God in the next life, you will be held accountable and there will be no excuses whatsoever! (Revelation 20:10-15)

I am sure that once a Pope makes this final decree that you will hear Jack Van Impe (if he is still alive on the earth) sing praises to the Pope and declare to people that this is a "wonderful truth" revealed to man by the Church.

During the last two months I have been reading the book by Pastor Henry Wright, A More Excellent Way. The message in this book has had a great impact upon the people in the church where I am the pastor, Resurrection Life of Jesus Church. On December 24, 2000, the Lord led me to preach a message called, "HARMONY WITH GOD BRINGS TOTAL HEALING." For the first time in my life I came to totally understand that if I am in total harmony with God, then my body will be healed and stay well. By the time you read this letter, I have preached three installments in a series of messages on this subject. In my teaching I am slowly bringing out all hindering items which stop God from healing us. I believe when you read what God has given me, you will want to learn about this yourself.

I highly recommend that you order this series of preaching from us. At this time I do not know how many messages there will be before the subject is finished, but you can call or write us and ask to have these tapes shipped to you as they are being preached.

We are continuing to sell pastor Wrightís book "A More Excellent Way." Once people have read the book and prayed for themselves, they want to order books for their families and friends. If you read my newsletter, but you did not order this book, please do yourself a favor and order one today. From what I hear from people, they are more than glad once they have read the book.

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