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January - February 2006


John S. Torell



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Fanatical Muslims have brutally killed hundreds of men and women they perceived to be Christians. Ten people died in Libya over Mohammad cartoon T shirts. Seven hundred thousand Muslims demonstrated in Beirut and burned down the Danish consulate. Danish and Austrian embassies were stormed in Tehran, the capitol of Iran. More Danish and Norwegian embassies were set on fire in different nations. There has been great unrest in Pakistan and Christians are being massacred in Nigeria by fanatical Muslims.

Jyllands Posten, was the newspaper in Denmark that first published twelve drawings of the "prophet" Mohammad on September, 2005. One drawing depicted the prophet Mohammad wearing a bomb on his head, instead of the regular Muslim turban. Jyllands Posten is not a major Danish daily paper, but a small regional newspaper in Jylland. The message in the cartoon was that Mohammad was the first suicide bomber and an example for Muslim youth.

The newspaper is owned and operated by JP/Politikens hus and does not necessarily represent the thinking and feeling of the Danish newspaper. When Islamic governments in different Muslim nations put pressure on the Danish government to censor the Danish Jewish newspaper, the Danish prime minister responded by saying that in a democracy the government does not control what the newspapers print. The owners of the paper issued a statement, in which they apologized for causing difficulties for the Danish government, but they stated that they would not detract from the message of the cartoons. This caused some more uproar and demonstrations in Muslim nations.

A few days later some other European newspapers reprinted the cartoons in their papers, knowing full well that this would really stir up the masses in the Muslim nations. These were not major newspapers, but small regional papers located in Germany, Austria, France and some other European nations. The common denominator these papers have is that they are all owned or operated by Jews. The official reason given for the publication was to defend the right of free speech.

But the sad story is that it is a well calculated provocation led by the Israeli intelligence service, the Mossad. The military command in Israel has been planning to strike Iran and take out its nuclear capacity for some time. According to information coming from sources in Europe, the military strike is going to come sometime in March, 2006. The United States is deeply involved in the planning, and as all of us heard just a week ago, the President of the United States issued a clear warning to Iran, that if Iran attacks Israel, there will be a massive military response from the United States. The president did not mention, if the Iranians will respond to an Israeli attack, the message he gave was this: Israel can strike at will, but if Iran decides to strike back, it will be attacked by the United States.

What is not well known in the United States is that the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) are riding piggy back on the American Armed forces. The United States Air Force has built an air base in the former Soviet republic of Kyrgyzstan.

Kyrgyzstan is situated in Central Asia , its neighbouring countries are Kazakhstan to the north, Uzbekistan to the west, Tadjikistan to the south and China to the East and South-East. The name of this air base is Manas. It has some 1,000 American soldiers stationed permanently at the base, which is serving KC 135 refueling jets and C 130 cargo planes. It is also an operational base for the CIA, which at this time is operating special forces in the region. What is kept from the general public is that the base is also serving IDF forces, particularly Israeli fighter bombers.

In my July 2004 newsletter I wrote the following:

“In an American media interview toward the end of the month of June, a senior CIA official made some statements on the condition that his name would not be publicized. This is a common practice in Washington D.C. used by disgruntled federal employees or military personal who are deeply disturbed by some event but do not have an official channel with which to address the issue. By leaking it to the press, they can expose truth and thus try to change the course of an event without being punished by their superiors.”

“The reporter was asking questions about the involvement of the Israeli Mossad and some units of the Israeli Defense Forces with the Kurds in northern Iraq. When the question was posed to the spokesman, Mark Regev, for the Israeli embassy in Washington D.C., he gave the following answer, ‘The story is simply untrue, and the relevant governments know it's untrue.’ When Kurdish officials were asked the same question, they declined to comment and the American State Department refused to even address the question.

“The American CIA official admitted that the Israeli government had ongoing operations in northern Iraq which is populated and run by the Kurdish people. He further said that the Israeli government felt that it had no choice but to build a power base in northern Iraq that should the need arise, they could strike at Iran or Baghdad.

“In an article published in the New Yorker during the month of June, 2004 and written by Seymour M. Hersh, entitled "Israel Gives Up On Iraq, Backs Kurds," I quote the following:

‘... However, a senior CIA official acknowledged in an interview the week before last that the Israelis were indeed operating in Kurdistan. He told me that the Israelis felt that they had little choice. 'They think they have to be there.' Asked whether the Israelis had sought approval from Washington, the official laughed and said, 'Do you know anybody who can tell the Israelis what to do? They're always going to do what is in their best interest.' The CIA official added that the Israeli presence was widely known in the American intelligence community.

"The Israeli decision to seek a bigger foothold in Kurdistan, characterized by the former Israeli intelligence officer as 'Plan B,' has raised tensions between Israel and Turkey. It has provoked bitter statements from Turkish politicians and, in a major regional shift, a new alliance is being formed among Iran, Syria and Turkey, all having significant Kurdish minorities."

The Israeli government knew in 2004 that the only reliable group to work within Iraq would be the Kurds. As of 2006 the Kurdish part of Iraq has been rebuilt and is a thriving community and the Kurds' militia Pesh Merga has been enlarged, and is currently integrated into the New Iraqi army and equipped with the latest American military hardware. However, the Pesh Merga units do not have any Sunni or Shiite soldiers in them, which in practicality makes the Pesh Merga units, Iraqi army units only by uniform. The commanders of these Pesh Merga divisions have publicly stated that their loyalty lays to the Kurdish political leaders, not to the government of Baghdad. The Pesh Merga units only operate in northern Iraq.

Kurdish and Israeli special forces are constantly penetrating into northern Iran preparing for a ground strike sometime in the future. I am enclosing a map of the Iranian nuclear facilities to show how spread out is the Iranian nuclear complex. The Israeli government will be able to take out Iran's nuclear capacity the way they took care of the nuclear reactor in Iraq in 1981 when Menachem Begin ordered the bombing of the Osirak Nuclear Reactor in Iraq. Although criticized for this action, Begin argued that he had succeeded in hampering Iraq's attempt to acquire nuclear weapons.

As you can see on this map showing the nuclear facilities in Iran, they are not all in one place but scattered all over Iran.

Since this map was released, the Iranian government has further diversified its facilities, which is becoming a nightmare for military planners. With the terrible losses the American military has had in Iraq, there is no way that the U.S. Army could occupy Iran, nor would the American people accept this. Israel's armed forces are too small to be able to form an occupation army, therefore, the only thing the military planners can do is to destroy the facilities. This will buy time for Israel and set Iran back for years to come.

When the Israelis bombed the Iraqi nuclear plant in 1981, Israeli commando units had infiltrated Iraq and planted a homing device close to the nuclear reactor, which was then used by the Israeli fighter bombers to do a pinpoint bombing run.

With a strong military presence in the Kurdish sector of Iraq, Iran has been infiltrated by ground forces, which are operating within Iran. Most likely they will be used to plant homing devices on as many targets as possible. If you look at the large area map, you can see the distances that the Israelis would have to fly.

When Prime Minister Ariel Sharon (right) suffered first a mild stroke and then a massive stroke which has kept him in a coma since January 4, 2006, it created a great headache not only for the Israeli military, but also for the world government. The people in Israel are fragmented politically and many are tired of living with constant war. Sharon, being a strong leader, could have helped Israel ride out the turbulent upheaval, once Iran had been attacked. According to secret intelligence leaks, Sharon had told the Israeli military leaders to strike Iran during the month of March, 2006. Russian intelligence sources claim that the likely date will be March 28, 2006, when general elections are held in Israel. The acting Prime Minister of Israel, Ehud Olmert (left), does not have a strong political profile and with a weak leader of Israel, the attack on Iran might be held back until the political climate in Israel is stabilized.

Another setback for the planners of an attack on Iran is that the anticipated Muslim rage over the cartoons has not panned out the way it was planned. There have been some demonstrations and killings of Christians, but not enough to enrage the people living in Europe. The masses in Europe are not yet antagonized to the point that they will welcome another war in the Middle East.

The question is this, "Can the Israeli military planners afford to allow Iran to continue its quest for nuclear weapons?" You, the reader must understand that the planned attack on Iran was not suddenly decided, but has been going on for a number of years. Since January 2003, the Israeli government has been purchasing a long-range version of the American F 15 and F 16 fighter bomber. A total of 102 F 16s and 500 bunker busting bombs have been secured from the United States and are now ready to be put into action. In addition, the Israeli Navy is now operating three German-built Dolphin class submarines. Each is armed with ten 21 inch multipurpose tubes for torpedoes, mines and nuclear missiles. Israel also possesses a number of cruise missiles. In May 2000, Israel tested its ability to launch cruise missiles from its submarines in the Indian Ocean.

A Dolphin class submarine can stay submerged for 30 days before it has to surface. Missiles are launched when the submarine is submerged, and the missile is cased into a capsule, which is launched from a torpedo tube. When the capsule reaches the surface of the water, its top blows off and the missile is launched.

The Israeli Navy is operating its fleet of three Dolphin submarines in the following pattern: one is stationed off the coast of Iran; one is stationed in the Mediterranean, while a third is being serviced in an Israeli navy facility. These subs are patrolling with nuclear weapons at all times. One sub is carrying enough nuclear weapons that if all of them are launched on the nation of Iran, Iran would be wiped out and become a nuclear wasteland.

There will be no advance warning! U.S. satellites will be used to send continuous images of Iran to the Israeli military command center. AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System) is a Boeing 707 aircraft modified by the American military. It will be flying close to the borders of Iran to direct the Israeli fighter bombers as they fly in from the American airbase of Manas in Kyrgyzstan and from bases in Israel itself. Prior to this attack, cruise missiles launched from submerged Israeli subs will target Iranian military airfields to knock out the Iranian Air Force. The Iranian military forces will have only a few minutes warning as the cruise missiles are fired from under the water and skim the surface streaking toward their targets.

According to unofficial intelligence reports, Israel is also in the possession of neutron bombs, which are known as Enhanced Radiation Warheads. It is a small thermo-nuclear weapon that produces minimal blast and heat, but which releases large amounts of lethal radiation. The blast and heat effects are confined to a radius of only a few hundred yards. But its radiation area is larger as it releases a massive wave of neutron and gamma radiation, which will penetrate tank armor and will also penetrate into the ground below. It is a very light bomb that can be carried in a cruise missile or attached to a fighter plane. It will kill all living tissue in its killing field, but leave buildings and vehicles intact. Its radiation only lasts for a short time, which is not the case with an atomic or hydrogen bomb.

To a military planner; the neutron bomb would be the ideal weapon to use on Iranian installations. It will kill all technical personnel on site, destroy the facility and could be followed up with bunker buster bombs. However, the political backlash for the State of Israel would be terrible. The attack on Iran would be over in just a few hours. If the Iranians are able to shoot down some Israeli fighter planes, the pilots could not expect to be rescued or be treated kindly if they survived the crash.

The only military options the Iranians could muster would be long range missile attacks on Israel, using conventional explosives or chemical agents. The Iranian army could also move into Iraq and attack American troops, but with heavy losses. They could also attack Saudi Arabia and try to topple that regime.

There is no doubt that Iranian military planners have spent thousands of hours to plan out a response if attacked. One thing is for sure, there will be unrest in all Muslim nations and oil prices will “go through the roof.”

Let us begin by looking at what Jesus said about the subject of war:

And ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. All these are the beginning of sorrows. Matthew 24:6 8

The generation which lived at the time of Jesus was under Roman occupation. The generation living in 1861, in the United States was facing a terrible civil war; the generation of 1914 was thrown into the First World War. The generation of 1939 had to face the horrible upcoming World War II after enduring a worldwide economic depression, beginning in 1929. Then there was the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Gulf War and the latest, the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Each war disrupts people lives; some will die, others will lose loved ones, and there will be economic upheavals and at times a famine. But the sharing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with sinners must continue and God will make a way even in the midst of war. Our standard of living might change, we might have to change our lifestyle and embrace hard times, but we must remember that life on earth is temporary and we are living and planning for an eternity with God in His new creation. Prayer and fasting should be something we do on a regular basis, living to the fullest each day, loving and caring, first for the people who are the closest to us, and then for the strangers.

I was born in November 1939, two months after the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany had invaded Poland and enslaved its people. In another year, the entire continent of Europe was affected by war. It was a time of great stress living in Sweden during those years – was the war going to come to Sweden? But my young parents in their early 20s did the best they could and gave their love to me and my brother. Our extended family of grandparents, uncles and aunts formed a close knit circle and despite the evil in the world, we all lived in a different world where evil was shut out.

I have put together this newsletter to warn you of what might happen in the near future. This is the day we should use to seek the Lord, share the Gospel and love people around us, while we still have light. Let me close with these words from Jesus:

I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work. As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world. John 9:4 5

The American Jewish leadership is now trying to distance themselves from the controversy of the Danish newspapers by depicting the prophet Mohammad in various cartoons. The newspaper, FORWARD, was founded in 1897 and is the oldest Jewish newspaper in existence. It had two articles discussing this subject in the March 3, 2006 issue. On the front page was an article written by Marc Stern, who is the general counsel of the American Jewish Congress. In his article he wrote the following:

"It is natural for the Jewish community to want to respond actively to the political firestorm over Dubai Ports World's takeover bid, just as it was previously in regard to the controversy over the publications of caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad. Both present an opportunity to highlight the threat posed by Islamic extremism, and the urge to do or say something, to take a stand, is indeed strong.

"However, this instinctive communal reflex should be strenuously resisted. Neither of these controversies is a specifically Jewish fight – despite the best efforts of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to depict the Muhammad caricatures as a manifestation of a Zionist plot against Islam. It would be a mistake of the first order to lend credence to the ravings of Ahmadinejad and those ignorant enough to believe him...

"The lesson the Jewish community took from the Holocaust and the ‘failure" of the Jewish community to have done enough to prevent it is that Jews must never sit silently by when Jews are endangered...

"The same, however, cannot be said for the caricatures of Muhammad. These were not drawn by a Jew. They appeared in a newspaper not owned by Jews, in a country where Jews are numerically negligible and culturally and politically insignificant...

"The violent reaction of Muslims around the world has revealed a gap between popular Islamic understandings of the world and the most fundamental underpinnings of all of Western society. Jews as Westerners have an urgent interest in the West's winning this battle of ideas – but as Westerners, not specifically as Jews...

"Acting effectively does not necessarily mean making loud proclamations, issuing press releases, going on pilgrimages or beating one's chest. It means winning the fights one needs to win – however that can be done most effectively. By now we should have learned that silence is not necessarily a sign of weakness. Sometimes it is a manifestation of confidence and intelligence."

In our magazine, THE DOVE, there is a series of articles dating back to 2001, when I traced the debate and the infighting among Jewish organizations like The American Jewish Committee, the American Jewish Congress, the World Jewish Congress, and the World Zionist Federation. As the top leadership in the World Zionist Federation in the 1930's were preparing for the persecution of European Jews in order to drive them to Israel, not everyone in the Jewish community were of like mind. On the contrary, some of the American Jewish organizations fought the Zionists, as did the German Jewish leadership in Germany. If this is new to you, please contact us and ask for back issues of THE DOVE dealing with this subject. The same conflict from the 1930's continues even to this day. In the same issue of FORWARD, Marc Perelman wrote an article entitled, "Groups Split on Cartoons." Here are some excerpts:

"The eruption of violent Islamic protests over the cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad has triggered a sharp debate between Jewish organizations over whether they should be speaking out about the crisis.

"The American Jewish Committee sent a delegation of its leaders to Denmark, which has come under harsh condemnation in the Muslim world for not stopping the initial publication of the cartoons. Leaders at the AJ Committee couched their support as a defense of free speech, not of the cartoons themselves.

"This week, following the Denmark trip, another organization, the American Jewish Congress, was urging a restrained approach in order to avoid playing into the accusations of Iran that Jews and Israel were behind the publication of the cartoons...

"The argument drew a sharp rebuke from the executive director of the AJ Committee, David Harris, who led the mission to Denmark. ‘Actions speak louder than words,' Harris told the Forward. ‘Jews are kidding themselves if they think they can sit this one out... Are we supposed to duck for cover then this erupts and embassies are torched? What's next? This is an attempt to intimidate, and we have a stake in ensuring it does not succeed...

"In an obvious swipe at the AJ Congress, he added, 'Those organizations that have historically defended freedom of press and First Amendment privileges should be especially responsive to such threats...

"Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League, noted that while Jewish organizations were not eager to become embroiled in the cartoon affair, they were eventually drawn into it when Muslim groups asked them for their position."

The history of the Jewish people is not one of a unified body moving in solidarity but one that is split into many factions. They show solidarity before the Gentiles, but the infighting can be so fierce at times that it leads to murder. The decision to rile up the Muslim world was not shared in advance by the World Government with the leadership of different Jewish organizations. However, once it took place, those in the dark all knew that the cartoon crisis had been devised by the Jewish World government to save the struggling State of Israel from being obliterated by Iranian nuclear weapons.

Again, what I am saying might come as a shock to non Jewish people, but all you have to do is to read Jewish publications and it will become clear to you. The American Jewish leadership is now busy doing damage control so that the American people will not turn on the Jews as war is looming on the horizon and gasoline prices are starting to rise.

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