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RLJ-1168 -- JANUARY 11, 2009

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Biblical Truth Concerning the State of Israel
Part 1: Fighting in the Gaza Strip

The Holy Spirit spoke to Pastor John on the first day of January and told him to preach on the ever worsening situation in the Middle East. In this first message, Pastor John parallels the destruction of the Warsaw ghetto in 1943, when 40,000 Jews were slaughtered, with what is happening in the Gaza Strip in 2009. During WWII the Jewish people were on the receiving end, and in 2009, the State of Israel is meting it out. The Jews retook Palestine in 1948 and pushed out the people living there. Which bring us to an all important question, “To whom does the land belong?” Fortunately, the Bible provides the answer. It is all spelled out in the Old Testament and refutes the lies and unbiblical teachings of the Christian Zionists.

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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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