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God's Key to Health and Happiness
Elmer Josephson

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Price: $50.00

How to live a healthy, happy life. . .

Would you like to be in perfect health? No more unnecessary illness, no serious disorders, just a glowing of health and happiness? If so, this book is for you! It is a remarkable, life-changing guide to good health, based on the dietary laws in the Manual for mankind God created! This remarkable study on nutrition tells what foods are dangerous to our health (the list will astound you!) and reveals how to correctly prepare the food that good and nutritious to eat - "live foods = live bodies."

God's Key to Health and Happiness was born out of the author's own complete nervous and physical breakdown. This resulted in years of private research and study before the book was written. It has reached hundreds of thousands of lives with hope and recovery.

Elmer A. Josephson, an ordained Baptist minister, a graduate of Bethel Institute, St. Paul, Minnesota, also studied at the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. His own serious illnesses were cured by following Bible teachings, compelling him to share his findings with others who suffer needlessly in body and spirit. The truths of this book added SIXTY years to his life and ministry.

Read chapter one of this fascinating book.

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