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In Foodture We Trust
Heinz Gisel

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Nutrition for Body and Soul in Times of Troubles

The distance between natural foods and what the average American family puts on their dinner table grows wider every year. In Foodture We Trust, the author explores the role that politics and profit play in over-processing all nutritional value out of foods, turning the Creator's abundant, widely varied gift into an indigestible sludge that only marginally resembles the original design. Learn the history of the genetic engineering of food; misappropriation of scientific studies to support the profits of big business; the effort to convince the American public it needs drugs created for diseases that never existed before; and legislation aimed at outlawing natural foods, processes, and remedies for the sake of protecting profits. Gain a scientific understanding of the benefits of natural foods, and learn about evidence that the bureaucracy responsible for protecting the health and nutrition of Americans is dedicated to destroying them instead.

For thirty years Heinz Gisel traveled the world innovating cutting-edge medical technology and providing doctors with new instruments to treat illness. As the CEO of medical laser companies, he learned that funding disease fighting technology was difficult, but not for devices used in elective procedures, plastic surgery, aesthetic treatments and vision correction. He observed that many people seeking such treatments would be better served rejuvenating from the cellular level, starting with nutrition. But most people had either forgotten how to balance their diet with lifestyle, or they didn't know to begin with. The author invested years into nutrition research and technology development for analyzing disease susceptibility of presumed healthy people. After opening clinics in various countries, it surfaced that many clients who thought to be healthy were at the brink of a major health challenge, which they could forestall by simple lifestyle modifications and by making conscientious food choices.


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