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My Life, My Calling, My Destiny
John S. Torell

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Have you ever wondered what life as a pastor is like? Well, this is an account unlike anything you have ever read before. John Torell started in life as a gang leader and a thief. He moved to the United States from Sweden and was becoming an alcoholic when he had a radical encounter with Jesus Christ. Two years later, God turned John’s life upside down when He called him into ministry.

John has served as an evangelist, pastor, and communicator for more than five decades. He shares what he has experienced behind closed doors in church denominations—betrayal by church members, personal struggles, spiritual warfare, political intrigue, and church splits. When John took on the occult, Freemasonry, and the Kabbalah, he ran into opposition from intelligence services of the different nations in which he operated.

This book will tell you the story of a preacher who has persevered in the face of defeat, betrayal, depression, and sickness. You will also learn about the love of God, a faithful wife, and what a walk of faith looks like despite the devil’s best efforts. Every person walking with Jesus experiences problems, and John’s story is a testimony to the faithfulness of God.


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