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Who is this Allah
G.J.O. Moshay

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  • Are Allah and Jehovah the same God?

  • Who is the spirit that spoke to Mohammed?

  • Is it really possible for God to have a Son?

  • Was Mohammed really a prophet?

Christians and Muslims face an impossible difference. They each have a book which they claim describes God and what He expects from men. The Koran itself states, "Our Allah and your Allah is one; and it is to Him we bow." (Surah 29:46) Modern missions to Arabs have accepted this teaching out of the Koran. The name Allah is used in their Bibles, and some even go so far as to try to teach Christ as he is presented in the Koran.

It doesn’t work, and for good reason. The Koran’s description of Allah is so different than the Bible’s description of Jehovah that it becomes clear they are two different persons! Author G.J.O. Moshay, born in heavily Islamic Nigeria, proves this simply and beyond a doubt. He shows that Mohammed received his revelation from a spirit, all right, but that spirit was not Jehovah. And this explains why that spirit so strongly denies the sonship of Jesus Christ!

Moshay has succeeded in presenting a simple argument that forces a Muslim to stop and think. He answers many of the common questions that form barriers keeping Muslims from the Gospel. After you have read this book, and understand the clear differences between Allah and Jehovah, you can give it to a Muslim friend. Written in a gentle and persuasive manner that a Muslim can understand, this book ends with a loving and compelling presentation of Jesus Christ.

This book will appeal to a wide readership of Muslims and Christians. Whilst it is a scholarly work, it is nonetheless lucid and readable. In comparing Islam and Christianity it burns with vitality, sincerity, courage, and honest. Is is indeed rare for anyone of Mr. Moshay's perception and intellect to be so honest about his or her convictions. Others have studied the facts and been drawn to the same conclusion only to side step and shy away from their own findings. This author does not do so.

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