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March 1, 2013

Dear Friends,

All things on this earth eventually come to an end because nothing lasts forever. We don’t think about this when we’re young, but as we grow older, age begins to impose itself and there is no way to escape this reality.

After serving as a pastor for 37 years, I have been given new orders from our Heavenly Father, and as of February 17, 2013, I resigned from the position of Pastor of Resurrection Life of Jesus Church in Sacramento, California.

The decision was not easy to make since my wife and I have come to love the congregation in Sacramento and we have been together with some of them for more than 25 years. But the handwriting has been on the wall for the last four years as the Holy Spirit directed us into webcasting and the beginning of writing the Kabbalah book series. Struggling to be a pastor and writer has created an inner conflict in my body because I realized that 95% of my time in the last four years has been spent writing books, newsletters and articles for the website and there has been no time to nourish the church.

When you are asked to do something that you don’t necessarily want to do, it is easy to drag your feet to the point that God has to use persuasion in the form of pain to make us comply. In my case, it came down to so much stress that I began to develop hives on several places on my body and I could see the toxins breaking out from inside the skin.

The battle in the last year for Aina to have victory over the cancer has taken a huge toll on me, and made me finally realized that if I wanted to have any quality time left on earth and be productive, I had to let go of the position as pastor and concentrate all my time on a worldwide outreach via the Internet. I can tell you that the moment I surrendered my will to God and told Him I will obey, my body instantly began to heal, and as of this writing, I am about 50% healed from the attack on my skin.


I have been guided all of my life by the Holy Spirit, it’s just that I didn’t understand it in the beginning. I was five years old at the end of World War II when a number of American B-17 bombers landed at the airport of my hometown. The bombers had been badly damaged over Germany and could not make it back to England; their only option was to head for Sweden, which was a much shorter distance for them. There were constant funerals of the American airmen who died on their bombing runs, and since each B-17 had a crew of nine, there were a large group of American airmen interned just outside our city, where they were waiting out the war.

My parents took me to watch one of these funeral processions which consisted of a Swedish military brass band and horse drawn flatbed wagons holding coffins draped with the American flag. Following the coffins marched hundreds of American airmen as they headed to the cemetery. I clearly remember standing on the sidewalk just a few feet away from the procession and holding the hands of my mom and dad. As the American airmen marched passed me, I heard a strong voice inside my head saying, “These are your people. You do not belong in this country. Some day you are going to go home and be with your people.”

I tried to tell this to my parents but they just brushed it off as idle talk from their little boy. A seed was planted in me that day that one day I would move to America. It never left me as I grew up and I could not walk away from it. When I attended college, I made the decision to immigrate to the United States as soon as I graduated. When I met Aina, I told her that if she married me, she would have to follow me to the United States.

God opened the door for me through my Mormon uncle, who became our sponsor, and on June 1, 1963, nineteen years after God had spoken to me, Aina and I left Sweden and settled in Salt Lake City. During our flight over the Atlantic, I again heard the same strong voice inside my head saying, “You better not mess up in this new country I am bringing you to.” I was in a backslidden condition at the time and a great fear gripped me when I realized that God had spoken a severe warning to me as an adult. I had no one to fall back upon and took this warning very seriously.


By 1965, my fear of dying had increased and I was a very anxious person. I was constantly wondering where I would end up if I died in my backslidden condition? One Sunday night, tired of drinking beer and watching television, I turned on the radio and started to search out the different stations. Suddenly I heard a strong voice preaching straight from the Bible and I was gripped by the Holy Spirit. I slumped into a chair and listened to this man that had me completely captivated.

I had come in half way through the program and was told to tune in again the next Sunday night. I wrote down the time and the station and for the next four months I listened intently to this radio evangelist.

In the month of May, 1965, Billy Graham announced over the radio that there would be a three day television crusade and my wife and I prepared to watch it. During the first television program, when the invitation was given to salvation, both my wife and I closed our eyes and silently prayed for salvation. A prodigal had come home and my wife was saved!

I still refused to go to church since I felt that all pastors were hypocrites and it took nine months before we decided to attend a Billy Graham film presentation in Salt Lake City. It was a divine appointment for us to meet Pastor Robert McCullar, who disarmed me from all my prejudices of Christians, and for the next three years we were grounded in the Bible, baptized in water and given a love for the Lord Jesus Christ.


In 1967 my wife’s uncle sent us an audio recording from Sweden of an opera singer who had been saved and was now singing for the Lord. As we listened to that recording, the same strong voice came back and said, “I am calling you to do like this man, I am calling you into the ministry.” I had to leave the table immediately, went to the bathroom and wept as wave after wave of the presence of the Lord rolled over me. On April 17, 1967, I was licensed as a preacher in our church.

At that time I had a job I loved in civil engineering as a designer and was working on my master’s degree in civil engineering. We were active in our church, but I continued to grow more and more restless. This time, I did not hear a strong voice but a gentle calling from the Holy Spirit to attend seminary. Since I did not have complete guidance over which seminary to attend, I prayed and was given the answer to apply to all six of the Southern Baptist seminaries and God would open one of them for me. In a short time, responses came in from all the seminaries; five told me that I did not have enough college credits in liberal arts to be accepted, while Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary approved my application. In September of 1969 I quit my job with the Utah Highway Department, sold most of our belongings and drove to Mill Valley, California to begin my theological training.


In 1967 we had received an audio tape from the same uncle of my wife who had sent us the recording of the opera singer. On this tape was a message for us from a completely unknown brother in Christ who spoke a prophecy which had to do with the calling of me and my wife into the ministry. I wrote it down and here is what the man prophesied:

“Behold, I, Jesus, am the bright morning star which shall guide you and give you light on your path through my own Word. Behold, on my hands have I written your names, and I shall lead you on my own path, says the Lord. You shall surely encounter difficulties and dangerous passes. But then you shall remember that it is I that am sending you and no human being. And where I am, every gate shall be opened and every difficulty shall be overcome in the power of my Name and in the power of my atonement at Calvary, says the Lord. Hallelujah! Your Redeemer. Amen.”


I had been at the seminary for less than a month when the Holy Spirit directed me to attend the Anaheim Billy Graham Crusade. God worked out the details and we stayed with a family where we were introduced to the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

In 1970, we had a divine appointment with the director of the Scandinavian Seamen Mission in San Francisco. Four months of revival meetings in Sweden in 1971 came from that meeting and also led to the salvation of my brother and his wife. God directed me to help them immigrate to the United States in December that same year and prepare to join us in our ministry outreach.

I was instructed by the Holy Spirit to form an evangelistic organization and the Swedish-American Evangelistic Crusades was born. Later that name was changed to European-American Evangelistic Crusades. I was directed to form a Gospel group and train young men and women in reaching people for Christ. Upon graduation from the seminary in May of 1973, we left for Germany and Sweden with the Gospel group for ten weeks of intense tent revivals. We estimated that we preached to some 30,000 persons who came to the different cities where the tents were set up.


During my 1971 evangelistic meetings in Sweden, I conducted Bible studies during the day, using six simple prepared study notes. The leadership of the Swedish Baptist Union became interested in my teachings and printed up thousands of these simple outlines that were used from city to city. I did not know that God was calling me to begin writing Bible study material to be used in the evangelistic outreaches, and during the winter of 1973-1974, I was sidelined by God and could not get any meetings. The Christian Dynamics Bible studies were born during these eight months of preaching inactivity.

God also very clearly spoke to me during these silent months that He wanted me to build a print shop and told me: “In the future no one will print your material and I want to prepare you now to be dependent upon me and independent from people.” I had no experience in the art of printing and money was so scarce that the first piece of equipment we purchased was a stencil duplicator.

By 1979, the Lord had opened the doors to purchase offset presses and all the equipment needed to print my books, and by 1985 the prophetic word from God came true when no print shop dared to print my writings. In having obeyed God, we have been able to produce books, pamphlets, tracts, The Flaming Sword newsletter and The Dove magazine.

At the end of the summer of 1974, we came back to California from the largest crusade meetings we ever held in Sweden. There had been one citywide crusade that lasted four weeks with thousands of people coming to the meetings, resulting in salvation and rededication. I was riding high and thought that finally I had found my calling and that I was going to be an evangelist for the rest of my life on this earth.

What I did not know was that God had other plans for me and at that time I could not understand God at all. I descended into a deep depression as I had no income or place to minister, and Aina and I were forced to live with my brother and his wife who purchased our food and gave us money for gasoline.

God used my brother to speak to me, who told me that since God had directed me to write more Bible study material, I should stop having a pity party and do what I was supposed to do. It was during these lonely dark days of my life that the Holy Spirit gave me the words to write what would become a foundation for the work I am doing 37 years later.


Once I had settled down and humbled myself before the Lord, the call to become a pastor came early in the year 1975. Since God had shut all other doors, I realized that even if I did not want to give up the work of an evangelist, I had to go where God told me to go.


I had only been a pastor for a small church in the city of Lodi, California for a few months when God woke me up early one morning and clearly told me to start a radio ministry. I had no experience in radio preaching, I had no equipment and didn’t know of any Christian radio stations in the area where I lived. Our church was small and they were struggling each month just to meet my salary. I wrestled with this big challenge all week and when Sunday came, I shared with the congregation what God had told me, and to my great surprise a businessman in the church came up at the closing of the service and told me that God told him to give ten thousand dollars to get the project going. In addition, I had found out that there was a small Christian radio station in the city of Lodi. In just a few weeks, I had signed a contract, purchased the equipment and had enough money to pay for one year broadcasting. From this small station followed other stations and for the next 30 years I was preaching on the radio five days a week. I thought that I would be preaching on the radio until Jesus came back or I went to be with Him but God closed down the radio ministry in 2005. I was devastated and could not understand why God would do such a thing.


My wife and I liked the small city of Lodi and I thought that I would be in that city for some time but God surprised me one morning with that strong voice and told me to move north to Sacramento. When I shared this news with Aina, she started to pray about the matter and God told her the following: “When the myrtle tree in front of your kitchen window stops blooming, you will be moving.”

It was time to take a step of faith again since we had no ministry base in Sacramento, just a small Bible study, which had been started from my daily radio broadcast. The day of the move came and when I looked out, the myrtle tree was no longer blooming. All our belongings were loaded up on some pickup trucks belonging to friends of ours. We had signed papers to rent an apartment and there was only one thing missing, money for the rent. To get the keys we had to pay the first and the last month’s rent, plus a deposit. I was in turmoil as we drove the hour long drive to Sacramento. We were scheduled to have lunch with a lady in the same apartment complex, who was also attending our Bible study, but how could I tell the people hauling our furniture that I could not get the keys to our new apartment since I didn’t have a dime to my name?

This was a horrible drive as the Devil bombarded me with unbelief and told me that a disaster was looming ahead that day.

We finally arrived at the apartment of our lady friend, and as I walked into her place my eyes were drawn to an envelope on her coffee table with my name on it. I asked her in disbelief how mail could have been delivered to me at her place. She had no answer. I picked up the envelope and found that it contained cash, exactly what I needed to pay for our new apartment. I never found out where the envelope came from. It was with shame for my unbelief and at the same time an indescribable joy that we were able to have a wonderful lunch before I went to pay for the apartment and pick up the keys.


We stayed in the apartment for one year during which the Lord directed me to form a church that began with five families. God opened the door for us to lease part of a warehouse which we converted into a church.

As I struggled with the financial burden of getting the church off the ground, the Lord had spoken to Aina that He was giving us a house to live in. My faith was now stretched so thin that I got angry with my wife, but she just smiled and told me that God was working things out.

We had a real-estate lady in our new church and she took Aina house shopping and they narrowed it down to three houses. Completely frustrated, I met the lady at the first house and said no. She smiled and said we should drive to the next one, which was a brand new tract home and had been vacant for more than two years. As I walked through the garage, into the kitchen and the dining room with a sliding door to the backyard, the familiar strong voice said, “This is the house I have saved for you, buy it.” 

I never looked at the rest of the house and just told the lady that we would buy the house. She smiled again and told me that she needed a five hundred dollar deposit to start the loan process. I told her that I didn’t have the money. This didn’t seem to faze her as she made out a check payable to me for the deposit amount and asked that I would in turn write out a check for the same amount payable to her.

When my brother and his wife heard what we were trying to do, he told me that he would loan me seven thousand dollars to use as a down payment. My salary at this time was anything but steady and the real estate lady helped us to fill out the loan papers and take them to a bank. Astonishingly, the bank approved the loan and in a few weeks we moved into our very first house. When God moved us thirteen years later, we sold it for more than three times what we originally paid for it.


In 1984, I had resigned from the church we had founded, Christian Life Ministries, because God had told me to move on. By this time I had completed five books in the Christian Dynamics series, we were producing The Dove magazine, there were daily radio programs and every night during the week I was conducting Bible studies in different cities around the Sacramento area. I had also written a three hundred page book in Swedish which we had printed and shipped to Sweden, where they were sold during our summer crusades. Life was moving at a fast clip and the ministry generated enough money that I did not have to bother the Lord praying about my daily bread. God does not want us ever to come to the place where we do not need Him and believe we can handle things on our own.

In 1985, God began to speak to me to start another church, something I did not really want to do. It was much easier to work as a Bible teacher and evangelist, than to get bogged down with the duties of a church.

When I did nothing, God began to stir things up financially and my comfort zone suddenly disappeared and I began to stress over the situation. A lady in the ministry told us to rest and made travel arrangements for us to fly to Tulsa, Oklahoma and attend an Oral Roberts’s three day conference. On the way back home, I sat at the window and looked out over Texas and argued with the Lord how I did not want to start another church. He did not listen to me and finally I told Him that if I was to start another church, He would have to give me a name for it, since I was not going to come up with a name. Instantly the strong voice said “Resurrection Life of Jesus Church.”

The first Sunday after I came home, we had our regular Sunday morning service in the home of one of the members. More than 60 persons were attending, including children, and the house was filled with people room to room. I laid out a membership list on the kitchen table, preached a message and told the people God had called me to start another church. Anyone that wanted to become a charter member had to sign the list after the service. To my amazement every adult signed the list and Resurrection Life of Jesus Church was born.


For years I had been preaching salvation, the baptism of the Holy Spirit, healing, casting out of demons and trusting in God, and now God was going to give me some practical lessons on living in the supernatural.

As usual there was no extra money for securing a building and the logical place was to start praying and asking God what He wanted to do. So all the people in this newly formed church started praying and seeking the Lord about what He wanted us to do. It was a weekday that the Lord woke me up early and told me to drive to a specific location on a street that I knew well. This took place in 1985 before cell phones became prevalent like they are today.

After breakfast I drove to the spot God had told me about and found a nice building with a sign that said it was available for lease. On the banner was a phone number, and I wrote it down and drove home to make the call. A sales representative answered and told me to go back to the building and he would show me the building. When I got there, it was the owner, Danny, that gave me the tour. I didn’t know at the time that he was a strong Christian attending a Pentecostal church in town and was a multi-millionaire builder. He knew of me since he had heard me preach on the radio. He then took me to another building but we both agreed that neither of his buildings would be suitable for a church.

He then surprised me when he told me to find a location and he would pay for the improvements. I thought Danny was just trying to be nice but he insisted that I call him as soon as I found a suitable place.

A few days later, God spoke to my wife to go to a certain building that she had seen vacant. I also went along, and when we met the real estate agent, he told us about a better building. We then drove to this fourth building and found a new strip mall, with an unfinished unit in the middle that was just the perfect spot for a church.

We went home and called the wealthy builder. He was excited and told me that he would drive to the building immediately and wanted us to meet him there. Once inside, it was obvious that this location was ideal with space for a sanctuary seating more than a hundred persons, bathrooms, offices, a small kitchen, Sunday school rooms and space for our print shop. Danny used his company to draw up the necessary blueprints, secure permits, and in a few months the interior was built and he paid for it all.  It was new and beautiful but we still didn’t have any chairs. It was agreed by the membership that each person would purchase two chairs and that is how we got our seating.

As a poor Baptist preacher, I had never encountered such a financial miracle and began to think that I had been keeping God in a small box. It was time for me to let God be God and drop all my restrictions on what He could and could not do.


Human nature likes to settle down and get into a routine. God is not like that; He wants us to be challenged over and over in order for our faith to grow.

Things had gotten comfortable four years after we moved into the new church building. The church had grown and money was flowing in. There was no effort to pay my mortgage and I thought that life was good and I’d like to keep it that way.

One day when I came home from the church office, Aina informed me that God had told her that we were to sell our house and get something else. My flesh rose up in anger and I reminded her that a larger place would double or even triple our mortgage. Instead of being a loving husband, I became angry because I felt that I had done enough projects on faith. I was tired and wanted to coast for the rest of my life on this earth. What I did was to invite God to start building pressure on me to get me moving once again.

About a year later, I was driving on the freeway when that strong voice spoke to me of selling our home immediately. I knew that this was God speaking and experience had taught me that it was time to obey and step out in faith. I went home asked Aina to forgive me for being stubborn and then we contacted our Christian real estate agent, Joe, and asked him to put the house on the market. We told him that we were scheduled to go on vacation for the next few weeks and I asked my parents to open the house if there were people interested in buying it.

Less than two days into our vacation, we were told there were three buyers who were willing to pay more than we were asking. We went back home, signed the papers and had to be out of the miracle home we had come to love within 30 days. One week later the housing market crashed in Sacramento and went into a slump. God had us to sell our house the eleventh hour of the housing peak. We paid off all our debts and temporarily settled in my parent’s duplex. 


Shortly after we had sold our house, a wealthy widow in our church told me that God had told her to give us fifty thousand dollars since we did not have a retirement plan and wanted to know if I preferred stocks, cd’s or cash. I was stunned because once again this was beyond my capacity to comprehend as a poor Baptist preacher. I told her that I would pray and ask God. The answer from the Lord was to receive it in cash, and after having paid tithe on the gift, we now had forty-five thousand dollars in the bank.

Six months later God said it was time to buy a place and that it would be a house in the countryside with acreage, north of Sacramento.

We looked at many places, but none were accepted by the Lord, until we got a call one morning from Joe who told us that a ten acre property had just been put on the market. We drove out to the property, and as I walked between the garage and the house and started to look east toward the rolling hills, here came that strong familiar voice saying, “This is the property I have saved for you.”

I told Joe that we would buy the house and finally understood that the money sitting in the bank would be the down payment. The mortgage was triple what we had been paying before, but this time I knew God would pay for it, if I would only trust him. Trusting God to be faithful was the key. Twenty three years later I can tell you that we have never missed a mortgage payment.

The ten acre lot had been vacant since its inception in 1898 and it was not until one hundred years later that it was sold to a man who planned to retire there with his family. He put in the necessary infrastructure such as a well, septic system, electricity, house, garage and even a small barn. God had this man to do all the work in getting it ready for us. He had lived there for less than two years when he had to move back to the city to take care of his family. God had again provided for us in a magnificent way!


Seven years after we had moved to our new home, I began to settle in to living in the countryside, but God had other plans, and they always mean expansion. A ministry friend from Michigan came out to spend a week with us in 1997 while he was going through deliverance. One morning he came into our house for breakfast and announced that God had given him a prophecy to build a print shop on our property. You would think that after having walked with God for years, I would be happy and smile, but that was not the situation as I again felt anger that God would upset our beautiful setting and build a print shop in my back yard. My rejection crushed our friend and he became so upset with me that he severed our friendship. He died two years later, only some 59 years old.

It was two years later during the month of May that God woke me up early one morning and in a strong message told me that I was to build a print shop on a certain section of the property and that He didn’t want any more anger from me. He showed me the blueprint for the building, and as soon as I got up from bed, I went to work and drew up the plan that God had shown me. He told me that the money for this new project would come from refinancing our property, and on December 31, 1999, the building was ready to be occupied. All our production was moved from the church location to our new production center.


Five years later God told me to build an office building, since our work was expanding. A year later a storage building was added. Much work was donated by members in our ministry and God sent us contractors of different types to help us with the building programs.

Once again I fell back into a nice routine of being a pastor, preaching on the radio and writing books and other material. By 2005, I had been on the radio for more than 30 years and had several different stations in different states. I thought that this would continue until Jesus came back or I went home, whichever came first.

Our ministry income suddenly began to drop and the radio stations began raising their rates. I fussed with the Lord over this issue but didn’t hear anything from Him. The day finally came when we could no longer pay the radio bills and the radio ministry was closed down. I felt like God had made a big mistake and went into a depression. Of course God does not make any mistakes, and when He closes a door, he has something better lined up. I still had the mentality of being a poor Baptist preacher with a thick skull and it took time for me to listen to God.


In 2007 I traveled to New York to visit with a man named Eric and his family, who had come to us for deliverance and invited me to visit his family and pray for them as well. This was another one of those divine appointments set up by God to speak to me through someone else. While in their home, Eric asked why we could not webcast our Sunday morning service live. I didn’t have an answer and the question kept repeating in my mind. I prayed about it and it became clear that this was the new direction where God wanted me. Despite the clear mandate, there were no extra funds to start it.  Once again we prayed, fasted and shared the new vision in church and on the website. Within a year some thirty thousand dollars had come to pay for this project and our first webcast took place on November 30, 2008. God had replaced local radio broadcasting with worldwide webcasting.


What does the future hold for this ministry? To answer that question I want to take you back to 1944 with World War II in its last year. The Germans were retreating on all fronts and the people in Europe were exhausted after five years of warfare.

My parents and I lived in my grandmother’s house, which was next to the Pentecostal Church of Huskvarna. Pastor Johansson and his family lived on the second floor of the church building and had a number of children with which I liked to play. I spent a lot of time with this family and they took a liking to the little five year old boy that always was up to something.

Pastor Johansson came out of the great Pentecostal revivals in Sweden sparked by the Azusa Street Pentecostal revival in Los Angeles in 1907 and had the gift of prophecy.

One day I walked into his church office and looked at a large picture hanging on the wall. It was painted by a well-known artist and copies of it hung in most Pentecostal and Baptist churches in Sweden at that time. It was a picture of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb as described in chapter nineteen of the Book of Revelation. I have a vivid memory of this event, and after having looked at the painting for a long time, I asked Pastor Johansson if he would explain the painting to me. Instead of brushing me off as an unimportant five year old child, he took time and described the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. When he had finished, I remember saying, “I am going to be there too.” I believe that this was my first commitment to Christ. This incident in my life has been with me for years, and when I had a chance many years ago, I purchased a copy of the same painting seen in Sweden so long ago and now it hangs in my office.

It was around this time that Pastor Johansson was given a vision of the future role that I was going to play. I was not told of this until 27 years later when I returned to Sweden for the first time from the U.S. and started to preach. I really wanted to meet Pastor Johansson and share what God had done in my life but he had gone to be with the Lord by this time. I was able to locate his son, Sam, who still lived in my hometown and it was under tears that he listened to my story. He then told me of his father’s heavenly vision of my life during the end times and that it had impacted their family. They had often talked about it but had lost track of me since I had moved to America.

I asked him to share this vision with me, but he told me that he was afraid that if he did, it might not come to pass. All he would tell me was that I would play a major role in the end times and that it would be on a world scale.

When Pastor Johansson was given the vision, the technology level was a lot lower than it is now because there were no computers, television, cell phones or Internet. Even with all our technology, we are still like the people back then because we don’t know what is going to happen in the future. But Pastor Johansson had seen the future and the technology that would exist in the end times and he had also seen a small five year old Swedish boy being used as a man to do work for God on a world wide scale.

I returned several more times to my hometown but I was never able to convince Sam to share the vision with me and today he too has gone to be with the Lord and and there is no one left to share what God showed a humble Pentecostal pastor sixty-nine years ago.

I believe the time has come for God to activate me for the role he wants me to have in these turbulent years that lie ahead. In order to get some kind of insight in what God is going to do through this ministry, let me share the training God has taken me through.


My first nine years of training were carried out in Southern Baptist churches and Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary. I majored in evangelism and church growth, but was also trained in pastoral counseling based upon the Bible.

I became a conservative Christian who uses the King James Bible in my preaching and teaching. I embraced the teaching that Christians should live a holy life and that the Bible is the roadmap for our lives.

Very early in my Christian life I realized the dangers facing a minister of the Gospel and made the decision to always work through our mission organization that was founded in 1972. I have never received any offerings personally nor do I have access to the ministry checkbook.

Having seen scores of Christian ministers compromised through sexual perversion or adulterous relationships, I made it clear that I would never get involved in counseling women alone, and in time I have turned all counseling of women to our women counselors. Forty five years later I can see the wisdom of the decisions that I made as a young Christian.

I was first introduced to the Baptism of the Holy Spirit in 1970 along with the existence of demons and the need to cast them out from people. During the next 30 years I was confronted with all types of demonic manifestations and learned to rely upon the Holy Spirit to set people free. The result is the book, Christian Dynamics Course 1, where I have written down the Biblical doctrine on these matters and a practical handbook of how to minister in these areas.

In 1975 as I started to teach on prophecy, I realized my great need for training in church and world history. As a result of my studies, I was convinced that the Christian Zionistic belief system as propagated by Hal Lindsey and others during the 1970’s was not correct, and in order to get a Biblical perspective, I spent some 25 years studying written material from Jewish and Gentile sources. These careful parallel studies between secular history and Christian history would ensure that I didn’t fall in the trap set by people who publish propaganda, also known as lies.

I also set out to study false religions and occultism in order to warn Christians about these movements; as a result, I have been able to write a number of articles to help people escape from these cults.

My great joy has been to study archeology and ancient Bible history and preach sermons going through different books of the Bible, presenting them in a true historical setting that makes them come alive for us today.

Throughout the years, I have surrounded myself with people whom I have trained and groomed in these areas and are now carrying out work of their own.

The whole purpose of The Kabbalah series is to expose the coming Antichrist system. It is clear to me that God is using these small books to prepare and warn people as to what is coming.


I am no longer a poor Baptist preacher, nor am I a conventional Pentecostal preacher. I have evolved to become a Book of Acts Christian, believing in the supernatural of the Holy Spirit. I stand firm on the Biblical truth that the Old and New Testaments are still valid for us today and that the only laws fulfilled from the Old Testament are the Sacrificial Laws along with the temple ceremonies and feast days.

Here is what our ministry has to offer:

1.      Solid Bible teaching without compromise.

2.      Salvation for those who want to be saved.

3.      Healing for those who are sick.

4.      Deliverance for those who are bound by demonic powers.

5.      Biblical counseling for those who are struggling with marriage problems, substance abuse, pornography, etc.

6.      Using audio and video recordings as well as written material on the Internet to help Christians mature and become over comers. In our archives we have sermons dating back to 1975 covering subject matters on just about any topic for which a person might be looking.

I plan to devote all my time to expanding these things and doing so that will require more people on staff, the necessary equipment to do the job, an additional recording studio, and space for research and ministry. I will work with any pastor asking for assistance and any group of believers who are looking for Biblical answers.


There are several things that must happen in order for this ministry to expand and have a real world impact:

Nothing will happen without the anointing of the Holy Spirit and that can only come through prayer and fasting.

We need a willingness of people to do the work of God. Meaning, there must be a group of people who are willing to pray and finance those who are going to work full-time in the ministry.

We need dedicated believers in Christ to reach the communities in which they live and use this ministry as a resource to advance the Kingdom of God. 

My wife and I have taken the loaves and fishes that God has given to us and invested all in the ministry. We are not taking anything with us when we leave this world. I have resigned as pastor and am now trusting God to supply all our needs through the Internet ministry.

Do you have a call to join us? Are you willing to take your time and resources to build up this ministry so that we can have a worldwide impact? If thousands of Christians would do just a little bit, there will be an explosion. Please seek the Lord and ask if He wants you to be part of this ministry. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours in Christ,

John S. Torell



From the Desk of John S. Torell




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