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May 2, 2016

I have been following the 2016 presidential election and what I saw in the news at the beginning of March made me angry. The Holy Spirit gave me a message during the night of March 20th as I slept and then I was directed away from the sermon the next day to speak on this subject.

I am not endorsing any Republican candidate but I do want to share what the Holy Spirit told me about this presidential race. I absolutely cannot support any Democratic candidate since they stand for murdering babies, homosexual marriage, more taxes and eroding the rights of Americans in the name of freedom and prosperity.

Donald Trump has been a member of the Republican party for some time and when he announced his decision to run for the presidency, he registered with the Republican party and agreed to abide by the rules and regulations of the party. He even pledged to support the Republican candidate if he lost the nomination.

Each candidate has the right to try to influence the voters, and according to the rules, each candidate also has the right to put out negative advertisements to sway voters, but no candidate has the right to infiltrate another candidate’s rally and disrupt it.



Jesus told us that the Devil is a liar and a murderer.

“Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.” (John 8:44)

If someone is blocking the Devil’s agenda, he will resort to violence and murder. When God did not go along with the Devil’s sacrificial program, he moved upon Cain and enticed him to murder his brother. (Genesis 4:3-12)

Deception, intrigue and murder are all trademarks of Satan’s activities and this is evident over the course of history.

King David had several sons; each one was vying to become the next king of Israel. Amnon and Absalom came from different mothers and were not friendly toward each other. When Amnon raped his half-sister, it gave Absalom the excuse he needed to murder his half-brother. It was a well calculated conspiracy instigated by the Devil. (2 Samuel 13:22-29)

Once Satan possesses a person and causes him to murder, it leads to more murder and violence. Some years later, Absalom decided that he did not want to wait for his father to die of old age and initiated a violent coup with the end goal of murdering his father. (2 Samuel 15:1-14)

King Solomon consolidated his power by ordering the murder of his half-brother Adonijah. (1 Kings 2:2:19-25)

The Old Testament repeatedly tells us how Satan moved upon different men to conspire and murder in order to take their possessions or political position. When King Ahab wanted a particular vineyard but Naboth refused to sell so Queen Jezebel set in order a conspiracy to murder this innocent man. (1 King s 21:1-16)

Secular history also has much to say about conspiracy and murder. It can be found in the annals of Babylon, Persia, Greece, Egypt and Rome. There isn’t a single nation that has not experienced violence when people have murdered a sitting ruler and taken his seat. America is not exempt from the violence of the Devil.


God has told us that Satan has been given permission to set up a kingdom one day. It will be ruled by a man who will be given authority and power by the Devil. (Revelation 13:1-18)

When Jesus came to this earth as the Messiah, the Devil realized Jesus was a threat to his program and set out to kill Him. His first attempt was to use King Herod to kill Jesus as a baby, who gave the order to slaughter all boys under the age of two in Bethlehem. (Matthew 2:1-16)

Satan is the founder of the Jewish Kabalistic Talmudic System, which is the cradle for the coming Antichrist system, and he moved upon the Jewish leadership some 30 years later and convinced them that Jesus should be murdered. As a result they conspired to kill Jesus without upsetting the people. (Matthew 26:3-5)

Once the decision had been made, Satan entered into Judas and convinced him to betray Jesus to the Jewish leadership. (Matthew 26:14-16; Luke 22:1-6)

Jesus was initially sentenced to death in the house of the high priest. (Matthew 26:57-68) He was then delivered to the Roman governor, and through threats and intimidation, Pontius Pilate acquiesced and agreed to have Jesus crucified on a cross. (Matthew 27:1-26)

Satan used the small cabal of the Jewish leadership to make a decision for all the Jewish people, saying that Jesus was not a good person who should be allowed to live and they made sure that He was murdered.

This begs the question, who gave the Jewish leadership the wisdom to make this decision? It was their father – the Devil! Did they bother to ask the Jewish people what they should do? No, because they did not trust the people and Jesus was silenced, just like they tried to do later on with the apostles. (Acts 4:1-23)


The high priest was merely a puppet of the Devil, who realized the battle with Jesus was lost after Jesus was resurrected and he went into a damage control mode. He stirred up Jews from different parts of the Roman Empire visiting Jerusalem and they confronted a deacon named Stephen. (Acts 6:8-15)

Stephen was brought before a council led by the high priest and condemned to death by stoning. (Acts 7:54-60)

Saul of Tarsus had been appointed chief prosecutor of Jesus’ followers and he started a strong campaign to arrest and kill as many Christians as possible. (Acts 8:1-3)

Satan realized that he had to move beyond Jerusalem to eradicate the Christians and Saul received the authority to travel to Damascus and ferret out the Christians in that city. (Acts 9:1-2)

The Devil’s plans were destroyed when Jesus personally intervened and stopped Saul on the road to Damascus and had the Holy Spirit bring conviction upon Saul. As a result the chief prosecutor for the Devil became the chief evangelist for Jesus. (Acts 9:3-22)

Satan is not sentimental and immediately stirred up his people to kill Saul, who was now a traitor, and there were plenty of Jews willing to do the bidding of the Devil. (Acts 9:19-25)

The Devil doesn’t forgive or forget and years later after Saul had changed his name to Paul, a mob attacked and cornered him at the temple in Jerusalem. (Acts 21:26-36)

When Paul was rescued by Roman soldiers and taken to the garrison castle in Jerusalem. Forty religious Jews conspired to murder Paul and worked with the high priest and his council to lure Paul away from the garrison and have him killed at the palace of the high priest but the plot was foiled by Paul’s nephew. (Acts 23:12-35)

This leads to another common sense question, who gave the Jewish leadership the authority to murder Paul? Who came up with the law that a Jew should be executed if he converted to Christianity? There was actually no such law but the Devil is lawless and he wanted Paul dead.


Fast forwarding in time, the Illuminati was established in 1776 and the countdown to the coming of the Antichrist had begun and the battle shifted from Europe to the United States. Once the Illuminati infiltrated the Freemason lodges in the United States, they had the manpower to carry out their political agenda, which included assassinations when necessary. The Rothschild banking system in England opened up a bank in New York and Satan had taken control through the financial system and Freemasonry.

When President Abraham Lincoln bypassed the Jewish bankers in New York and Congress began to print its own debt free currency which could not be controlled by the banks, he essentially signed his own death warrant. He was shot on April 14, 1865 by John Wilkes Booth, who identified himself as an Illuminati Freemason. The lie propagated in history books states that Booth was a Confederate sympathizer and that he killed Lincoln as a revenge for the defeat of the Confederate states. The truth of the matter is that Abraham Lincoln was a hindrance to the world government forces and Satan used his favorite method to destroy a man that tried to save America from the Rothschild bankers.

Abraham Lincoln John Wilkes Booth

Who gave the Illuminati leaders the right to murder an American president? Who gave them the authority to defy the free will of the American people and take away their president? It was none other than Satan along with political and military leaders in Washington D.C. who initiated a massive cover up of the investigation to Lincoln’s murder.


President Garfield tried to clean up corruption during his presidency and he became an enemy of the high powered political leaders in Washington D.C. One of his first acts was to remove the “senatorial courtesy,” by which senators had the right to block any executive appointment of a senator to a federal position if they felt that they did not like him. There was no written law that gave senators this power but it was like “an old boys system” that existed because of corruption and greed for power over the president.

Corruption was rampant at the United States Post Office and Garfield used his presidential power to dismiss the corrupt leaders from their management positions.

He took on the powerful New York City leadership when he defied Roscoe Conkling, a powerful New York senator, when he appointed William H. Robertson to the lucrative post of Collector for the Port of New York, starting a fracas that ended with Robertson’s confirmation and Conkling’s resignation from the Senate.

Garfield also wanted to reform the federal bureaucracy by proposing a civil service system for federal employees and remove political appointments to government positions. This made him even more hated by the corrupt political leaders.

Garfield was shot by Charles J. Guiteau at a railroad station on July 2, 1881 as he was waiting to board a train. Garfield was severely wounded and died on September 19th.

James Garfield Charles Guiteau

Guiteau was an unstable person who had been involved in a sect called the Oneida Community, which was a religious commune founded by John Humphrey Noyes in 1848 in Oneida, New York. They believed that Jesus returned in 70 A.D., making it possible for them to bring about Jesus’ millennial kingdom themselves. They believed they could be free of sin and perfect in this world, not just in heaven and this practice has been labeled “perfectionism.”

Guiteau spent five years with the sect but he was unable to become a full-fledged member since the leadership did not feel that he had the qualifications to be a member. He then tried to start a newspaper but this venture failed. He moved back to Oneida and filed lawsuits against Humphrey Noyes. His father opposed the lawsuits and the general consensus was that Guiteau was mentally insane.

Guiteau then moved to Chicago and was able to pass the bar exam and declared himself an attorney. His first case turned out to be a disaster and the only work he could find in this profession was as a bill collector.

Guiteau then decided to become a minister and wrote a book called, “Truth,” which turned out to be based upon the writings of Noyes. Guiteau traveled from town to town and tried to get an audience as an itinerary preacher but this did not work out for him.

Eventually he turned to politics and joined the Republican party and became a member of the “Stalwarts,” a faction of the Republicans that existed briefly following the Reconstruction Era. They were led by Senator Roscoe Conkling, also known as “Lord Roscoe.” The Stalwarts were sometimes called Conklingites.

Guiteau wrote a speech in support of Garfield, as the latter was running for president. When Garfield won the election, Guiteau thought the speech he had written was the sole reason Garfield won. Guiteau made several appointments with Garfield’s administration and requested to be appointed as the American ambassador to France. After several unsuccessful attempts to have an audience with President Garfield, he was completely rebuffed and told that he would no longer be admitted to the White House.

Guiteau was immediately arrested following the shooting and during the trial it was obvious that someone had influenced him to shoot Garfield. Guiteau publicly stated that he had been denied ambassadorship because he was a Stalwart member. There was a lot of anger from Senator Conkling toward Garfield, and most likely it was agents for Conkling that stoked the anger in Guiteau and urged him to kill Garfield.

Charles Guiteau was indicted for murder on October 14, 1881, the trial started on November 14th and ended on January 25, 1882 with a guilty verdict and a sentence of death. His appeal was rejected and he was hung on June 30, 1882.

The full truth about the murder of President Garfield was never revealed to the public and the people behind Charles Guiteau disappeared into the dark shadows of Satan.

Who gave Charles Guiteau the authority to kill James Garfield? Who benefitted from his murder? The Devil is the one that decided that Garfield had to be removed and he found willing vessels to plot and carry the deed out.


President William McKinley underestimated the power of the World Government and the Rothschild banking dynasty. When he ran for president in 1896, the United States was in a deep economic depression. McKinley advocated putting the country back on the gold standard for its currency and raising taxes on imported goods to protect the American workers. He began implementing these policies after the election by signing the Dingley Tariff Act in 1897. It covered woolens, linens, silks, china, and sugar. He also signed into law the gold standard act in 1900, which set the value of a dollar to a fixed rate in gold. McKinley did not know that he had signed his own death warrant. The gold standard act made it impossible for the Rothschild banking family to control the value of the dollar and the Devil and his crowd often resorts to murder when they do not get their way.

Congress declared war with Spain on April 20, 1898 and President McKinley took personal control of the military effort and successfully led the United States to defeat Spain and take away their colonies of Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines. It became clear to the world that President McKinley was not to be trifled with because he knew how to use American military power to achieve victory.

The World Government trains and equips assassins and terrorists to do their bidding. These men and women are essentially on call, waiting to be activated and this is what happened with President McKinley. This is the way Al-Qaeda and ISIS have been operating; recruiting and training people, then sending them back to their respective nations where they live a normal life until they are activated to commit a terrorist act or assassination.

McKinley was shot twice in the stomach by Leon Czolgosz on September 6, 1901 as he stood in a reception line at the Pan-American Exposition held in Buffalo, New York. He died on September 14th due to gangrene.

William McKinley Leon Czolgosz

Leon Czolgosz was born in 1873 to a Polish immigrant family, who moved to Detroit when he was five years old. When his mother died in 1887 and Leon was sent to work in a glass factory in Pennsylvania. In 1890 he started to work at Cleveland Rolling Mill Company as a steel worker, but lost the job when the factory closed due to the economic crash in 1893. Leon became disillusioned with the Roman Catholic Church and joined the socialist club named the Golden Eagle Society. He did not feel they were radical enough, so he joined an anarchist group called Sila. He witnessed a number of labor strikes, which ended in violence and furthered his hatred for rich people. Due to a respiratory illness, he moved to his father’s farm and lived there for some time. He did not work there or get along with his stepmother because of his hatred for the Catholic traditions she held.

He was not interested in courting women and became a recluse, spending most of his time studying writings and newspapers about anarchism. He traveled and met with a number of anarchist clubs in the United States and he had by now become a radicalized anarchist. He met Emma Goldman, a Russian Jewish anarchist in May of 1901, when she was giving lectures in Cleveland, Ohio. On July 12, 1901 he traveled to Chicago to meet again with Emma Goldman at the home of Abraham Isaac, another Jewish anarchist and the publisher of the Free Society newspaper.

In order to spread disinformation, it has been stated that the anarchist leaders did not trust Leon and warned their followers about having nothing to do with him. The term “suicide bomber” was not used at this time in history, but Leon became a suicide assassin, knowing that when he shot President McKinley, he would be arrested, tried and executed. It is not known how Leon received the money during the years he did not work but it is clear that he did not shoot McKinley for money. He had been radicalized and was willing to sacrifice his life to assassinate the man that he felt represented all the evil of the United States.

A grand jury indicted Czolgosz on September 16th with one count of first-degree murder. His trial began on September 23 and a day later the jury declared him guilty of murder. He was sentenced to death and executed in an electric chair on October 29, 1901. Czolgosz refused to speak to his defense attorneys during the trial and did not testify before the jury. Before he died, he said that he had no remorse in shooting President McKinley because he was an enemy of good working people.

Who made the arbitrary decision that William McKinley could no longer live on earth? Who gave the Illuminati the authority to kill a man elected by the American people? We keep coming back to the same source, it was the Devil.


John F. Kennedy came to the White House with a lot of baggage. His grandfather, Joseph P. Kennedy, was a major player in the alcohol industry. The United States had a ban on alcohol from 1920-1933 known as Prohibition. Joseph worked hard to overturn this law, and prior to its repeal in 1933, he had a number ships filled with alcohol waiting outside U.S. territorial waters as soon as the Prohibition repealed. He made millions on whiskey imports and became involved with organized crime.

Joseph P. Kennedy John F. Kennedy J. Edgar Hoover

The alcohol business brought a curse upon the Kennedy family that is still in effect today. (Habakkuk 2:15-17)


John F. Kennedy developed a taste for pretty women from an early age and had sexual relationships with many women during his lifetime. As a young single man in the 1940’s, John Kennedy had affairs with Danish journalist Inga Arvad and actress Gene Tierney. Later on he reportedly had extramarital affairs with a number of women such as Marilyn Monroe, Gunilla von Post, Judith Campbell, Mary Pinchot Meyer, Marlene Dietrich, Mimi Alford, and his wife’s press secretary, Pamela Turnure.

J. Edgar Hoover was the director of the FBI when Kennedy was president and he was no friend of John and his brother Robert, who was the attorney general for the United States. Hoover used his agents to spy on all major political officials in Washington D.C. and in order to make sure that he would continue to be the director of the FBI, regardless who was the president. He kept secret “dirt files” on political leaders to be used as “blackmail” if needed in the future.

Inga Arvad Gene Tierney Marilyn Monroe Gunilla von Post Judith Campbell
Mary Pinchot Marlene Dietrich Mimi Alford Pamela Turnure  

Some 50 years later, a number of researchers have used the Freedom of Information Act (FoIA request) to seek the release of classified information. It was discovered that Robert ran interference for John when the FBI reported that a number of women of loose moral character were coming to the White House to have sex with the president. Even though Hoover was a homosexual, he did not approve of social whores coming and going to the White House. Robert also muted the media and was able to keep reporters from revealing John’s many sexual encounters.

John and Jackie Kennedy did not have the fairytale marriage portrayed by the media. It was anything but wonderful for Jackie, who had to put up with her husband’s infidelity with multiple women.


A successful politician utilizes various connections and sometimes it involves the mafia. British born actor Peter Lawford married Joseph Kennedy’s daughter Patricia in 1954. Lawford became the connector between the Kennedys and the mafia, and in return, Lawford was able to help actors in Hollywood. He became a member of the “Rat Pack,” that included Frank Sinatra and others. Sinatra had access to the mob, and during the democratic primary election in West Virginia in 1960, the race was tight as Senator John F. Kennedy was running against Senator Hubert Humphrey from Minnesota. Frank Sinatra was asked to be the messenger between Joseph Kennedy and Chicago mob boss Sam Giancana, who asked the latter to line up the union vote for John F. Kennedy. Giancana said it would only take a few phone calls and the deal would be made. He was also connected to the democratic mayor of Chicago, Richard Daley and his corrupt democratic machine, and Daley pulled out all the stops to make sure that Kennedy won the primary election in 1960.

Peter Lawford Frank Sinatra Sam Giancana

This was the time before the so called super political action committee (Super PAC) and politicians relied upon the Mafia to funnel money into their campaigns. Giancana moved a lot of cash to buy votes in West Virginia and he expected to receive favors in return once Kennedy was elected president.

It is noteworthy that Frank Sinatra and many other well-known entertainers were used by the CIA to carry sensitive information during their international travels. In an interview with 60 Minutes after the death of her father, Christina Sinatra told how he had carried secret pouches to be delivered overseas. Christina said that her father did not discuss any details with her.

Once John F. Kennedy had been elected president and appointed his brother Robert as Attorney General, they started a vigorous campaign to destroy the mafia. Instead of being rewarded for helping Kennedy to become president, Giancana was double-crossed and he was furious.

The FBI was ordered to assign more agents to infiltrate the mob, and in 1960, 35 mafia members were convicted and sent to prison. In 1963 another 288 members of the mafia were sent to prison.

Giancana and the other crime bosses had an axe to grind with the Kennedy brothers and eventually both of them would be assassinated.


When John F. Kennedy became president on January 20, 1961, he had no clue about the rat nest he had inherited from President Eisenhower.

Satan had breached the barrier between the spirit world and the physical world in 1947, when he allowed a UFO to crash outside the Roswell Army Airfield, later renamed Walker Air Force base, just outside the city of Roswell, New Mexico.

Majestic 12 (or MJ-12) was the codename of a secret committee of scientists, military leaders, and government officials, formed in 1947 by President Harry S. Truman’s executive order to facilitate recovery and investigation of alien spacecraft that had come into the possession of the U.S. Air Force. The story of this UFO crash has been denied by the Air Force, debunked by the FBI, but in the mid-1980’s I received a copy about the formation of Majestic 12 from the renowned scholar Anthony Sutton. The information was so stunning at the time that I wasn’t sure if I could accept it as truth. It was not until Col. Philip J. Corso penned his book, “The Day After Roswell,” that I fully realized the document was genuine.

Dwight Eisenhower Harry Truman Philip J. Corso

The 1960’s was the time in the history of the United States when technology was integrated with occultism. There is a hidden branch in the shadowy government of the United States that is forcing presidents to make decisions that they normally would not make. Dwight Eisenhower inherited this secret department from Harry Truman and it in turn was passed on to John Kennedy.


During the Eisenhower years there was infighting at the CIA and Cuba was a flashpoint during his presidency. The country was ruled by Fulgencio Batista, who through a coup in 1952, declared himself the dictator of Cuba. The mafia in the United States set up casinos and whorehouses in Havana and the country became a playground for the U.S. mobsters.

Fulgencio Batista Fidel Castro

There were sections within the CIA that hated the organized crime syndicate, and when a young man named Fidel Castro began an uprising against Batista, CIA agents began to aid Castro and his fledging rebel group. This information is not made available in the history books used in public schools.

Once Castro took power, he closed down the whorehouses and the casinos and chased away the mob, which suddenly lost millions of dollars in revenue. The mobsters used their political clout and financial power to get Castro removed from power. The Eisenhower administration was just as corrupt as previous administrations, and in March of 1960, President Eisenhower ordered the CIA to organize, fund and train an invasion force that would remove Castro from power. This was a clandestine operation, known only to the CIA and the military units that would be used. The American public would not find out about it until much later.


Black Sheeping is a military operation known to the media but never revealed to the American people. All military personnel involved in clandestine operations have to sign a form that they will never talk about what they have done in the military, including after retirement. They have taken an oath to stay silent for the rest of their life.

I learned about Black Sheeping from friends within the military. Here is how it works: The CIA or some other intelligence branch may need specialists in certain field and they work through the armed forces database to locate the people they want. For example, imagine you are a major in the U.S. Army. Your service record is removed from the Army, and as far as the Army is concerned, you do not exist anymore. You are now listed with the CIA military operations and deployed to an area in the world where the CIA has clandestine operations. During this assignment in a foreign country, you will not carry any identification papers or “dog tags,” so if you are captured by the enemy, they won’t be able to trace you back to the U.S. Army or the CIA. You will not wear an American uniform and the President will completely disavow you. A man like this is usually tortured to confess what he knows and then killed.

Let’s assume that you are not captured and work for a number of years for the CIA. During this time you will be promoted on a regular basis, just like you were in the Army, and when your time is up with the CIA, you are transferred back to the U.S Army with the rank of colonel. Your records are back in the army database but your time with the CIA is not listed. Tens of thousands of service men from the army, navy, air force and marines have been taken out of service to join secret CIA forces and fight in different parts in the world.


The CIA took over once President Eisenhower made the decision to overthrow Castro and his communist régime. They have what is now called a “black budget,” meaning Congress doesn’t know about it and 13 million dollars were allocated for the mission. In today’s money it would be more like 100 million dollars.

The CIA was running Guatemala at this time since Eisenhower had ordered the agency to overthrow the Guatemalan government in August of 1953. The CIA began to recruit men from Guatemala, which were trained by “American advisors.” This military force invaded Guatemala on June 18, 1954 and the Guatemalan army refused to fight. President Árbenz resigned on June 27, 1954. Carlos Castillo Armas, a man approved by the CIA, became the temporary president on July 7, 1954. Elections were held in early October in which all political parties were barred from participating and Armas as the sole candidate won the election with 99% of the vote.

Armas was assassinated by Romeo Vásquez, a member of his personal guard on July 26, 1957. After the CIA rigged election, General Miguel Ydígoras Fuentes assumed power. As a favor to the CIA, he authorized the training of 5,000 anti-Castro Cubans in Guatemala. He provided airstrips in the region of Petén, which also included training grounds and housing for the Cubans.

Jacobo Arbenz Carlos Castillo Armas Miguel Ydigoras Fuentes

Eisenhower had a lot of blood on his hands and he was not the nice person portrayed in the history books. The true reason behind Eisenhower’s order to invade Guatemala was to safeguard United Fruit Company (UFC), a corrupt American corporation from losing its monopoly on growing and exporting bananas from Guatemala to the United States and Europe. It is noteworthy to also mention that UFC had asked the Truman administration in 1952 to overthrow President Árbenz. Truman had given the order to form an invasion force in Nicaragua, which at that time was run by Dictator Anastasio Somoza García. But for some reason the plans were leaked to the media and Truman was forced to abort the régime change in Guatemala. Eisenhower accomplished what Truman had failed to do.


Personnel from the army, air force, navy and marines were ordered to prepare the Cuban fighters. The Bay of Pigs on the southern side of Cuba was selected as the site for the invasion. Since Guatemala has a coastline facing the Atlantic Ocean, the U.S. Navy was given the task of training the Cubans to disembark from landing craft. When the time came to pick up the invasion force in Guatemala and take them to the Bay of Pigs, they would be launched from navy landing craft.

U.S. Marines were to train them how to land and secure the beachhead and then move inland. The Cuban force was officially called Brigade 2506.

The CIA plan was to utilize its “private air force” of B-26 bombers flown by black sheep crews to bomb the military airbases in Cuba, effectively knocking out Castro’s ability to use his aircraft to attack the invaders on the beach.

The navy would precede the invasion force by laying down withering fire on the beach and around it. Fighter jets from carriers would provide air cover for the invasion force, and once the beach had been secured, the navy would land tanks, trucks and heavy equipment to make sure the invaders had all they needed to topple the Castro régime.


There was one problem, John F. Kennedy was not aware of the plans initiated by Eisenhower. He did not know about the invasion until it had already begun.

On April 13, 1961 navy ships picked up the Cuban fighters from Guatemala and headed to the Bay of Pigs. In the meantime a carrier group was sailing within striking distance of the Bay of Pigs to assist in the invasion.

A formation of B-26 bombers took off from an air force base in Florida on April 15th and were able to reach Cuba without being intercepted. They bombed Cuban airfields, destroying a number of aircraft and damaging runways.

That night the navy sent in the Cuban fighters to establish a beachhead at the Bay of Pigs. Everything was going according to plan.

President Kennedy was furious when he found out that the United States had invaded Cuba and he ordered the Air Force and Navy to stand down. The men on the beaches had been told by the CIA that America was behind them and found themselves double-crossed. They were all killed or taken captive in four days. The men who survived were sentenced to long prison terms and they came to the realization too late that America cannot be trusted.

The CIA leadership was furious and never forgave President Kennedy for what he did to their project.


Vietnam is one of the five highest ranking nations when it comes to producing rubber. France had been made the custodian of this important product by the World Government and it had been given the green light to make Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia into French colonies. These nations were invaded by Japan during World War II. When the war was over, the people in these nations wanted freedom to independently run their own nations, but the World Government had other plans. The result was an uprising in Vietnam and Indochina. The French army had been destroyed by the Germans, and the only capable force they had left was the French Foreign Legion which was stationed in North Africa.

The French government had taken some 800,000 German prisoners of war and the decision was made to offer these soldiers the option of joining the French Foreign Legion and being shipped to Vietnam to put down the rebellion or stay in the horrible prison camps. Since Germany was a wasteland, most of these soldiers joined the French Foreign Legion and began to fight the communist insurrection in Vietnam under the command of French officers.

After nine years of bloody fighting, the French were defeated at their fortified base of Dien Bien Phu. It was a horrible siege in 1954 that lasted from March until May with a heavy loss in life. France could no longer carry the financial burden of this war and the German soldiers who had been fighting for nine years were tired and wanted to go back home to Germany.

The World Government realized they needed fresh manpower in order to keep Vietnam and Eisenhower was the man that Americanized the war in Vietnam. By the time John F. Kennedy took office, there were some 16,000 “military advisors” in Vietnam, not counting the many CIA operators that were also there.

President Kennedy decided that he did not want to commit American ground troops to Vietnam, and just like with the Cuban invasion, he stopped further build up. This invoked the wrath of the World Government and the CIA. President Lyndon Johnson would later build up the army to more than 530,000 troops. The soldiers sent to Vietnam had to serve there for one year, and to maintain the troop levels, some 7 million Americans served in Vietnam.


On November 22, 1963 at 12.30 p.m. CST President Kennedy was assassinated as he rode in an open convertible in a motorcade at Dallas, Texas. I was living in Salt Lake City at the time, working in a state office building. It did not take long before we were informed that President Kennedy had been shot.

I am not going to detail all the events that took place since the facts can readily be found on the internet and many books have been written on the subject. I want to concentrate instead on the people that made the murder possible.

The killing of President Kennedy was blamed on a former marine named Lee Harvey Oswald. We were told that a lone gunman in an office building fired three shots at Kennedy, who was sitting in the backseat of the car. Two of the bullets struck the president and one of the bullets hit Texas governor John Connally in the back.

John F. Kennedy Lyndon Johnson Lee Harvey Oswald

This murder of an American president was not an event that merely happened because Lee Harvey Oswald was upset with the American government and the treatment he had received while being in the U.S. Marine Corps. It was scripted by someone and the different actors in the drama were instructed how to carry it out.


Lee Harvey Oswald was born in 1939 in New Orleans, Louisiana. His father died two months before he was born. His mother moved to Texas, then to New York, then back to Louisiana and from there to Texas again. By the age of 17, Oswald had moved 22 times and attended 12 different schools.

Oswald enlisted in the Marine Corps on October 24th at the age of 17. He was trained to become an aircraft control and warning operator, which also included the use of radar equipment. He was deployed to Japan in August of 1957.

Oswald had trouble following orders and after shooting himself in the elbow with a handgun that he had purchased illegally, he was court-martialed, reduced to private first class and incarcerated in a military prison for some time.

When he was transferred to the Philippines, he was assigned to guard duty one night and started shooting into the jungle without provocation.

As a teenager Oswald was interested in socialism and he took classes in Russian during his time in the Marine Corp. He was known by other marines for having a great interest in the Soviet Union.

He was sent back to El Toro marine base in California in November of 1958. Even though he was only an enlisted man that had been court-martialed and demoted, he was nevertheless invited to take a proficiency exam that tested his ability to write and speak Russian. He did not do well on the test.

From a CIA viewpoint, Oswald was the perfect candidate to send as an infiltrator to the Soviet Union. He held socialist/communist views, he had been demoted in the Marine Corp, and therefore it would be natural for him to defect to the Soviet Union.

On September 11, 1959 Lee applied for a hardship discharge from active service so he could become a caretaker for his sick mother. It was granted and he was transferred to the Marine Corp Reserves.

My personal belief is that Oswald had been recruited by the CIA and that he was to be placed as a mole in the Soviet Union. He boarded a ship in New Orleans bound for France nine days after his discharge. He only spent two days with his “sick” mother, who did not die until 1981 some 22 years later. Oswald took a boat from France to England, where he bought an airline ticket to Helsinki, Finland. The next day he boarded a train and arrived in Moscow on October 16, 1959.

This was at the height of the cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union and it was unthinkable that a U.S. Marine would defect to the enemy of the United States.

The Soviet secret police, the KGB, did not trust Oswald’s story, but he was allowed to stay and interrogated numerous times. To prove his hatred for the United States, he went to the U.S. embassy in Moscow on October 31st and informed an embassy official that he wanted to renounce his citizenship and that he planned to share all that he had learned in the Marines with the Soviets.

Lee Harvey Oswald learned the hard way that life as a double agent is not great, and instead of being sent to the University of Moscow as he had asked, he was sent to Minsk to work in a factory. He was given a state salary and an apartment.

The KGB was not impressed by Oswald and he was ready to return to the United States in January of 1961. He contacted the American embassy in Moscow and requested to have his passport returned. He was willing to return to the U.S. if all criminal charges of desertion were dropped.

In March of 1961, Oswald met a young 19 year old Russian student named Marina Prusakova and they were married six weeks later in her uncle’s house, who happened to be a KGB officer. Their first child was born on February 15, 1962.

Lee Harvey Oswald & Marina Prusakova

On May 24, 1962 Lee and Marina contacted the American embassy and requested that she be given a visa to immigrate to the United States. The embassy loaned them enough money to fly out from the Soviet Union and back to the United States with their daughter.

They settled in the Dallas area where his mother and brother lived. Lee and Marina began to develop friendships with Russian people, who had fled the Soviet Union. But Lee was not trusted by these anti-communist Russians, since they did not know if he worked for the CIA or the KGB.

Lee held several jobs from July 1962 until April 1963, but he was unable to get along with his co-workers and he was fired from one job after the other. In examining Oswald’s life, who supplied him with the money to pay rent, have a car and purchase food if he couldn’t hold down a job?

It was at this point that the CIA decided to use Oswald to murder General Edwin Walker. He had been the commander for the 24th infantry division in West Germany and was an outspoken critic of communism and the infiltration of the State department, which at that time was heavily accused of harboring Soviet spies.

Walker was a member of the John Birch Society and handed out literature to his officers and soldiers. The attorney general at this time was Robert Kennedy and communist sympathizers demanded in 1961 that Walker be relieved of his command and sent home in disgrace. He settled in Texas and Robert Kennedy had him indicted and arrested for insurrection and conspiracy, but the grand jury refused to go along with Kennedy’s program and Walker was set free.

Lee Harvey Oswald purchased a rifle and revolver through a mail order company. On April 10, 1963, he took a bus to the neighborhood where Walker lived in the Dallas area and tried to shoot him through a window. The shot struck the window jam and the fragmented bullet hit the arm of Walker, who immediately dove to the floor where Oswald could not see him. The assassination attempt failed and Oswald took the bus home.

Oswald and his family returned to New Orleans on April 24, 1963 where he was able to secure a job as a machinist, but was fired two months later.

Oswald then contacted the pro-Castro group “Fair Play for Cuba Committee” in New York, and told them that he wanted to open a branch in New Orleans. They turned him down but he had already rented an office and ordered membership forms and leaflets. Where did he get the money for this project?

He began to hand out leaflets in New Orleans and also hired two other people to help. Harvey’s marriage to Marina was in shambles and she had got back to Irvin, Texas with the help of friends. A few days later Oswald left New Orleans and went back to Dallas on a bus. On September 26, 1963 he took a bus to Mexico City and arrived there a day later. He contacted the Cuban embassy and asked for a transit visa to Cuba and from there to the Soviet Union. The Cubans referred him to the Soviet embassy and for several days he went back and forth until he was told that Cuba would not grant him a transit visa. They changed their minds a few days later but Oswald had already returned to Texas.

Oswald arrived in Dallas by bus on October 3, 1963 and was told there was a job opening at the Texas School Book Depository in Dallas. He interviewed for the job on October 16th and was hired to fill the mail orders. This time Oswald worked diligently and caused no problems on the job. My understanding is that the CIA pressured him to work hard and keep the job because he was going to assassinate President Kennedy when he visited Dallas in November. The CIA knew the president’s travel schedule and the route his motorcade would take in Dallas before ending up in front of the Texas School Book Depository.

Oswald was paid $1.25 per hour and there is no way that he could have paid for a motel room, food and bus travel to and from Irvin in order to see his wife and children on the weekends. Marina gave birth to their second child on October 20th.


Lee Harvey Oswald had been groomed for more than five years and the time had arrived to use him as a decoy and then kill him so he could never tell the truth about his life. The FBI and the CIA have never been in love with each other and the FBI did not know that Oswald was a CIA asset. So when FBI agents visited the home where Marina lived several times in the month of November, an enraged Oswald went to the FBI office in Dallas and threatened to blow up their office if they did not stop pestering his wife. He told them to come to him if they wanted to know something and stop harassing his wife.

On November 21st Oswald asked his co-worker, Wesley Frazier, if he could hitch a ride with him that evening, since he needed to go to his home in Irvin and pick up some curtain rods. The next morning was Friday and he rode with Frazier to the Texas School Book Depository. Oswald had left behind $170 in cash and his wedding ring because he knew that he would not come back alive. He had a big bag with him and Frazier thought nothing of it, since he was told that it contained some curtain rods.

Oswald was a trained sniper and his activities in the hours before the shooting shows that this was just another job to him. A co-worker testified that he saw Oswald reading a newspaper on the first floor domino room at 11:50 a.m., 40 minutes before he was to shoot Kennedy. This indicates that someone had given Oswald a time schedule and that he was in no hurry to take his position until just a few minutes before President Kennedy would drive by on the street. A janitor told the grand jury that he saw Oswald on the first floor as late as noon.

Oswald was at the window exactly 12:30 p.m. and fired three shots. Witnesses later told the grand jury inquiry that they heard at least two other shots come from somewhere on the street, but this information was suppressed and the official version is that Oswald was the only shooter.


After firing the rifle, Oswald hid the rifle under some boxes, picked up a bottle of coke and began walking down the rear stairwell. He met his supervisor, Roy Truly, when he came to the second floor, who was escorting police officer Baker up the stairs. Baker pointed his gun toward Lee, who remained calm and showed no emotion. Truly told the officer Baker that Oswald was an employee and the two men continued to race up the stairs to find the shooter.

Lee then met a clerical supervisor, Mrs. Robert Reid and as they passed each other on the second floor and she informed Oswald that someone had just shot the president, to which he just mumbled a couple of words and continued walking with the coke in his hand. He left the building through the front entrance moments before police sealed up the building.

At 12:40 p.m. Oswald got on a city bus, exited two blocks later, and then flagged a taxi that drove him to the boarding house where he was living. He arrived at 1:00 pm. and was seen by the housekeeper. He went to his room, picked up a jacket and went back out and stopped at a bus stop.

Lee decided to walk and traveled about a mile until police officer Tippit saw him from his patrol car and started to talk to Oswald. Tippit had been given a description of the shooter (supplied by the CIA), and he got out of the patrol car at 1:15 p.m., Oswald pulled out a revolver and shot the policeman to death.

Oswald proceeded down the street and got inside a movie theater without paying for a ticket. A person on the street had seen the murder of Tippit and called the police from a store and told them that the shooter was inside the theater. As the police entered the theater, Oswald was pointed out and he calmly surrendered.

Lee Harvey Oswald was brought to the police station in Dallas at 2:00 p.m. and formally charged with the murder of police officer Tippit at 7:10 p.m. About six hours later he was also charged with the murder of President Kennedy. Oswald didn’t know it but he had less than 30 hours to live because the next assassin had been activated to silence him.


After the shooting of President Kennedy, all the television networks interrupted their programming and continually showed events from the murder scene in Dallas. I remember sitting in front of the television on Sunday morning, watching the grim news reports and seeing Lee Harvey Oswald being led down a basement corridor surrounded by police officers. Suddenly a man stepped in front of Oswald and shot point blank into his abdominal area. I stared in disbelief as Oswald sank to the floor and officers jumped on top of this unknown assailant.

I was not walking with the Lord at this time and it bewildered me how a man could get into the police department and kill the most infamous man in the world. I didn’t know who Jack Ruby was at the time and it would be years before I knew the truth.

Jacob Leonard Rubenstein was born in 1911 in Chicago to a Polish Jewish couple belonging to the Orthodox part of Judaism. There were 10 siblings in the family. Rubenstein had a troubled childhood, did not attend school and was placed in foster homes from time to time. He ended up in juvenile hall. Rubenstein lived in the center of mafia activity and was used as a young boy to sell tip sheets for horse racing.

Rubenstein was a typical city boy drawn into the net of the mafia and spent much of his time at the horse tracks in Chicago and California. In 1943, at the age of 32, he was drafted and served in the Army Air Force as an aircraft mechanic. He was discharged from the army in February of 1946, returned to Chicago and lived there for a year until he and some of his brothers moved to Dallas, Texas.

The brothers decided to change their last name to Ruby, so that people would not know they were Jewish, because in those days American Jews were looked down upon and treated like second-class citizens. This is how Jack Ruby came into being.

Christians don’t know that the nightclubs, bars and dance halls at this time were all owned and operated by the mafia and Ruby got a job as manager. During his years in Dallas, he was the manager for many different nightclubs, strip joints and dance halls.

Prostitution was a lucrative part of this kind of business and it was normal for the owners and managers of these clubs to demand sex from their prostitutes. Ruby was eventually allowed to have his own clubs, but he had to pay a percentage to the local mafia boss in Dallas.

Ruby was a typical Mafioso in that he smoked, drank, partied and engaged in lots of sex with the women who worked as his prostitutes.

The mafia operated the same way in Dallas as they did in Chicago or New York where police officers were treated at the clubs with free drinks and allowed their pick of the prostitutes.

Fidel Castro became the prime minister of Cuba in February of 1959 after his rebel army defeated Batista’s forces. It would be some time before Castro took power as a communist dictator. During this transition year in Cuba, Jack Ruby traveled to Cuba on mafia business. Santo Trafficante was a Sicilian mob boss from Florida who allied himself with the Bonnani family from New York and the mob boss Sam Giancana from Chicago. Trafficante owned and operated many of the whorehouses and large casinos in Havana. Ruby met with Trafficante but it is not known what kind of business transpired between these two men.

Sam Giancana Santo Trafficante Fidel Castro

Once he arrived back in Dallas, Ruby also started to become involved with narcotic trade as a middleman between Mexico and New York.

Since Ruby had many Dallas police officers on his payroll, it was not unusual for him to visit the Dallas Police Department (DPD) headquarters from time to time.

After Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested on Friday and taken to the Dallas police department, Ruby was seen in its halls as he moved around freely without being questioned as to why he was there. A press conference was held on Friday evening and newsreel footage showed Ruby faking it as a reporter, who took part in the discussion between reporters and the district attorney.

Ruby drove into Dallas Sunday morning from his home, stopped at the club and asked one of his workers to look after his two pet dogs. He then drove to the police station and walked into the building with a Colt Cobra .38 revolver.

In the final 1979 report from the House Select Committee on Assassinations, it was pointed out that there were unlocked doors along the stairway route and that security guards had been removed from the area in the basement hallway where the shooting took place. Someone within the Dallas Police department made sure that Ruby would be able to enter the heart of the building and shoot Oswald in the midst of an entourage of some 20 police officers that were guarding him. It is noteworthy that there were no police officers in front of Ruby, there was one on each side but the rest were behind him.

Television reporters and their cameramen were stationed in the hallway, and as the procession was coming forward to take Oswald to an armored vehicle to transfer him to the county jail, Ruby fatally shot him in front of the American people on live television.

The assassination of President Kennedy was a joint venture between the mafia and the CIA. Jack Ruby was ordered to sacrifice himself but with the promise that he would not be found guilty on legal technicalities.


The CIA had assassinated John F. Kennedy and Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby was next on their list to remove all evidence of a conspiracy.

During the trial that followed, Ruby was represented by the well-known San Francisco attorney Melvin Belli, but the trial did not go well for Ruby and he was found guilty of murder and sentenced to death on March 14, 1964. His conviction was appealed and the appeal court ruled in favor of Ruby and a new trial was ordered.

Jack Ruby contacted the Warren Commission for more than six months, which was set up to investigate the murder of President Kennedy but he was stonewalled by the commission. Ruby’s sister also wrote a letter to the commission and released it to the news media, forcing the commission to travel to Dallas and speak to Ruby.

It was on record that Ruby asked Chief Justice Earl Warren several times to take him out of Dallas and move him to a federal prison facility in Washington D.C. Ruby felt his life was in danger in Dallas but Warren refused the request. Ruby had also told the members of the commission that he wanted to tell the truth about the murder of President Kennedy but that it could not be done in Dallas.

Jack Ruby held a press conference in March of 1965 and told reporters that the truth had never been revealed and that the world would never know the true facts because there were people that gained much from the murder of President Kennedy but they were in such high positions within the government that it would never be disclosed.

Dallas deputy sheriff Al Maddox told reporters some time later that Ruby had stated he had been given an injection against the flu but there were cancer cells in the shot. This is not a light statement since the CIA and other intelligence services use the injection of cancer cells to assassinate a person. By having an unknown CIA agent do the job, it is not necessary to kill the operative because no one knows his identity. This method of assassination was carried out on the Shah of Iran when he had been removed from power by the CIA. He was injected with cancer while in exile and died in 1980 at the age of 60.

The appellate court agreed that the new trial should be held outside Dallas on March 5, 1966 and a new trial was set to begin in February of 1967 in Wichita Falls, Texas. On December 9, 1966, Ruby was admitted to a hospital for pneumonia. The doctors found cancer in his liver, lungs and brain. Three weeks later he was dead and dead men don’t talk.


I have been a minister of the Gospel since 1967, ministering to thousands of people over the years. I never forgot the assassinations of John F. Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby. Around 1988 I had a middle-aged couple in the church where I was pastoring that had become personal friends. I will call them Joe and Sally. Joe was a contractor and Sally was a homemaker who homeschooled their children. She was well educated and knew how to assess events in the world. She was a strong Christian, who had been baptized in the Holy Spirit and worked with my wife as a counselor for women and was part of our deliverance team in casting out demons.

One day Sally told me she wanted to tell me a story after reading an article in The Dove magazine about the world government and the manipulation of intelligence services. She said that she did not see her father very much as a young girl because he worked for the government, and for the purpose of this story, I will call this man Eric. He could be home for a week, sometimes a month and then he would get an assignment and the family might not see him for a year or so.

Sometime after the assassination of President Kennedy, her mother received a phone call from the CIA where Eric worked, informing her that he had been killed in an operation and that there would be no funeral since they did not have a body. My mother was told not to talk about it to anyone. The family accepted the news as fact and went on with their lives.

The twist came in the early 1980’s when Sally received a phone call from her “dead” father. Eric told his daughter he had been a member of the CIA team overseeing the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. After the operation was completed, the team was assembled in a secret location and given the option of accepting a new identity and moving to a different nation or be killed on the spot.

Those in charge promised to notify Eric’s family of his supposed death and pay him a salary as long as he lived but with it also came a threat to kill him if he ever talked. Eric accepted their offer of a new identity and was told that he would live in Australia, where he had lived since 1964. The guilt he felt was too much and he eventually became an alcoholic. Eric said that he started attending a Pentecostal church where he was convicted about his sinful life and made the choice to repent and make Jesus the Lord of his life. He had been active in church since that time but found it increasingly hard to push back the fact that he had abandoned his family. So despite the personal risk, Eric located and called Sally to let her know he was alive and born again. There was a lot of crying on both ends of the telephone line and Sally begged her dad to come back to California and see her family. The story does not have a happy ending as Eric was killed not long after he contacted his daughter.

When Sally told me this story, it confirmed what I knew about the assassination of John F. Kennedy. President Lyndon Johnson was a liar and so were the people working for the FBI, CIA and the Warren Commission. The only true source of truth is from God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.


Robert F. Kennedy was born in 1925 and was the younger brother to John F. Kennedy. He attended Harvard College and the University of Virginia School of Law and was hired as chief counsel of the Senate Labor Rackets Committee, serving in this capacity from 1957 until 1959. He did not like Jimmy Hoffa, a mafia member and the president of the Teamster Union. Kennedy failed to get an indictment against Hoffa and publicly accused him of running a corrupt union. He used all the knowledge he had gained during the senate committee hearings and wrote a book in 1960 called “The Enemy Within.” It took on Hoffa and other mafia labor leaders and didn’t make Robert well-liked in those circles.

Jimmy Hoffa Robert Kennedy

Robert became the campaign manager for his brother’s presidential run in 1960 and later he was appointed Attorney General. He would stay on for a short time after John’s death until he resigned and ran for a New York senate seat in 1964.

Robert entered the 1968 primary elections for the presidency and became the leading democratic frontrunner. By June it became clear that he most likely would have enough delegates to become the nominee for the democratic party.

After winning the California primary election on June 5th, Robert went to the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles to address his supporters in the ballroom. After the victory speech, he was scheduled for a press conference and someone suggested that the shortest way to the press room was through the kitchen, which was adjacent to the ballroom. As he went through the narrow kitchen hallway and started to shake hands with a kitchen worker, Sirhan Bishara Sirhan stepped forward and emptied his revolver. Three bullets hit Robert and the rest of the bullets hit the people following him. Three men wrestled Sirhan to the ground and in a few minutes an ambulance crew took Kennedy and set off for the nearest hospital, LA Central Receiving Hospital. By this time he was unconscious and it must have been clear that he was gravely wounded, yet the decision was made to reroute him to the Good Samaritan Hospital further away, where he died the next morning.

As in all other assassinations, there are things that are not normal which seem to happen and no one is able to explain why. Is it possible that Robert could have survived if he had been continually treated at the first hospital? Why would someone give the order to move a severely injured person that is barely hanging on to life to a different hospital? These are questions that will be answered one day at the Great White Throne Judgment.

It is obvious that whoever ordered the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, wanted to do it before he was elected president with tighter security. Who hated him enough to kill him? The mafia and the people in charge at the CIA hated him and had reasons for killing him.


Sirhan Bishara Sirhan was born in Jerusalem in 1944, when it was a mandate under British control. His parents were Orthodox Christians and held Jordanian citizenship. The entire family immigrated to the United States in 1956 and settled in Pasadena, California. Sirhan never became a U.S. citizen and he expressed his hatred for the Jews that had taken control of Palestine in 1948 and turned it into the State of Israel.

Court records from the trial revealed that his father, Bishara, beat his sons harshly on many occasions. Bishara was not able to adjust to life in California and he left the family and returned to Jordan not long after coming to Pasadena.

Sirhan was a troubled young man, abandoned by his father, seething in hate toward Jews and no plans for his life. He sought spiritual help and joined a Baptist church and then became a Seventh Day Adventist. He was still searching and someone influenced him to join the deeply occult religion of Rosicrucians, which are connected to the Kabbalah and Freemasonry.

During Sirhan’s trial, it was revealed that he had planned to kill Robert Kennedy a month before he was to speak at the Ambassador Hotel and that he had spoken this intent to a friend. Sirhan trained at a gun range as late as June 4th, just a day before the assassination.

He was also seen at the hotel on June 3rd and 4th, walking around the hallways of the hotel to familiarize himself with the the different events taking place, which also included examining the kitchen next to the ballroom.

It is clear that someone planned for the assassination to take place in the hallway of the kitchen. This means that someone had to make sure Sirhan was in the hallway, and at the same time, make sure Kennedy was instructed to use the kitchen as a walkway to the press room.

As soon as Sirhan was arrested and taken into police custody, he made a full confession and told them that he was the shooter and admitted to drinking heavily before coming to the hotel. Later when he was taken to court on June 9, 1968, Judge Walker rejected his guilty plea and instead entered a plea of not guilty.

The trial began on February 12, 1969 but there was a lot of confusion as Sirhan wanted to dismiss all his attorneys and asked to be sentenced to death. Sirhan took the witness stand on March 3rd and admitted that he had shot Robert Kennedy. He also stated that he had no ill-will toward Kennedy but shot him because he had made a campaign pledge to authorize the sale of 50 F-4 Phantom jets to Israel when elected president. In Sirhan’s mind they would be used to kill Palestinians.

The defense tried to show that Sirhan was mentally unstable, and during the trial he expressed an emotional outburst, and became very upset when his childhood was brought up.

Sirhan was found guilty of murder on April 17th and was sentenced to death April 23rd. The California Supreme Court ruled the death penalty was unconstitutional in 1972 and Sirhan’s death sentence was commuted to a life sentence.

When British television journalist David Frost interviewed Sirhan in 1989, he stated that he had no recollection of the shooting and did not remember making any statements during his trial.


Lawrence Teeter was an American lawyer who signed on as Sirhan’s lawyer in 1994 and repeatedly tried to get a retrial and clear Sirhan’s name. Teeter petitioned a federal court in Los Angeles for a new trial on June 5, 2003 and that it be moved to Fresno. In his filing, Teeter claimed that Sirhan had been hypnotized and framed by a possible government conspiracy. He was granted a hearing on June 30th and referred to testimony transcripts from the first trial where the defense claimed Sirhan had been in a hypnotic state at the shooting. The motion was denied, but Teeter pushed to reopen the case and present new evidence. Was it a coincidence that Teeter died at a cancer clinic in Mexico on July 31, 2005?

A new defense team was formed in 2011 and they filed court papers for a new trial on November 26th. This time they said that recent expert analysis of evidence showed that two guns had been used in the assassination and that the bullets which killed Robert Kennedy did not come from Sirhan’s revolver. This motion was also denied.

In a 1980 interview, Sirhan claimed that his murderous action was caused by being drunk and angry. On May 10, 1982 he told a parole board hearing that he had indeed committed the horrible act. At a parole hearing held on March 2, 2011 Sirhan stated that he had no recollection of being at the hotel the night Kennedy was shot.

Sirhan’s attorneys claimed that he had been programmed and hypnotized to shoot Robert Kennedy, and once he had committed the assassination, the program automatically scrubbed his memory, making it so that he could not remember his handlers or his actions.

Here is the strange part. At a parole hearing on February 10, 2016, a witness asked the board to set Sirhan free. His name was Paul Schrade and he was a member of the executive board of the United Auto Workers and also the vice chairman of the Kennedy campaign in 1968. He had been shot in the hail of gunfire in the kitchen hallway. Schrade told the parole board that he believed there had been a second shooter in the kitchen and this person was responsible for Robert Kennedy’s death. Sirhan had been stationed in the hallway as a distraction, making it possible for the second gunman to get away. Schrade believed the assassination was ordered by unknown conspirators.

The assassination of Robert F. Kennedy followed the same pattern as all the other murders. The assassin is identified, the investigation results in total confusion, the people are left with a false conclusion and the conspirators escape detection.

These types of assassinations are not unique to the United States as the killing of the Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme in 1986 was never solved even though several people were arrested. It is ironic that the men who were accused of Palme’s death all subsequently died of disease or murder. Many of the high ranking police officers that took part of the investigation died under mysterious circumstances. After 30 years and millions of dollars, the murderer still has never been found as far as the public is concerned.

The truth will come forth at the Great White Throne Judgment and there will be no cover up before the Judge of the Earth, Jesus Christ.


Gerald Ford was the 38th president of the United States. He was a career politician, first serving as a representative in congress for 25 years, with the last nine years as the House Minority Leader. He was appointed vice president by Richard Nixon and confirmed by the Senate when Vice President Spiro Agnew was forced to resign because of corruption on August 10, 1973.

Richard Nixon Gerald Ford Dennis Hastert

Richard Nixon was also forced to resign when it became known that the Whitehouse authorized a raid on the Democratic National Committee (DNC) at the Watergate office complex in Washington D.C. by a secret team. Nixon and his team wanted to scan the files of the DNC to glean information and also secretly install microphones that would help in future elections. Gerald Ford became the next president when Richard Nixon resigned on August 9, 1974. He is the only president that has never been elected in a general election.

Nixon had made a deal with Ford prior to his resignation that Ford would give Nixon a blank pardon in order to make sure that the government would not prosecute him for perjury and obstruction of justice. The pardon was issued on September 8, 1974, 30 days after Nixon resigned and it created a national firestorm as Ford was slammed by the media and it was alluded that he was just as dirty as Nixon. That pardon was a big issue and it cost Ford dearly during the 1976 election when he ran against Jimmy Carter.

The following information about Ford came in the 1980’s when I encountered victims from a CIA run program called M.K. Ultra.[1] This information is not readily available in the mainstream media because they are controlled by the perpetrators. A woman shared how she was forced to be a sex slave to Gerald Ford and described in detail how she was brutally raped and manhandled by him. Ford’s name also came up as the Franklin Scandal came to light in 1988, which was a boy’s ranch in Nebraska which furnished young boys to the White House, Senators and Representatives in Washington D.C., where they were abused by reprobate political leaders of America. I had a hard time accepting this as truth, but when the story broke about Dennis Hastert in June of 2015, public accusations emerged that Hastert had sexually abused three male students when he was a teacher more than three decades earlier. Hastert pleaded guilty on October 15, 2015 and it was announced at a court hearing that he and federal prosecutors reached a plea agreement. On October 28, 2015, under the plea agreement, Hastert only appeared in court one time to plead guilty to the felony “structuring” charge, and the charge of “making false statements.”

Hastert served as a representative for 20 years, with the last eight years being the Speaker of the House. I am sharing this information to show the moral decay that exists with our leaders in Washington D.C. and why there is a lot of hate from people who were abused by these men.


Gerald Ford was accosted by a woman with a pistol as he walked through the capitol park to meet with California Governor Jerry Brown at his office on September 5, 1975. According to public court records, Lynette Fromme was one of Charles Manson’s women living in Sacramento and wanted to speak with President Ford about her concern for the Redwood trees in California. On that particular day she wore a flowing red robe, which concealed a Colt M1911 .45 semi-automatic pistol. This was the standard sidearm for all the American military branches and was readily available for purchase with more than 2.7 million units manufactured since 1911.

Fromme was able to get close to President Ford and pulled out the pistol when he was just a few feet away but she was tackled by a secret service agent and wrestled to the ground. When her pistol was examined by the secret service, there were four rounds in the magazine and no bullet in the chamber. This means that nothing would have happened if Fromme pulled the trigger.

How did Fromme know that Ford was going to walk through the park to the capitol building? There are also several entrances to this building, so how did she know the exact route the president was going to take? If she was determined to kill President Ford, why wasn’t a round chambered? How much did she know about the pistol she was supposed to use? Did someone load it for her and simply tell her to pull the trigger. Fromme evidently did not have much of her brain still working after taking LSD and smoking pot for a number of years.


Lynette Alice “Squeaky” Fromme was born in 1948 in Santa Monica, California. Her father was an aeronautical engineer and her mother was a homemaker. Her parents had her trained to become a professional dancer and as a young girl she was part of a dance group called Westchester Lariats. She traveled with the group in 1959 as they toured the United States and Europe, including guest appearances on the Lawrence Welk show and a stop at the White House.

Her parents moved to Redondo Beach, California in 1963. This was at the beginning of the hippie movement and the beaches of the Los Angeles area were filled with young people who had dropped out of school and turned to drugs and sex. As Fromme attended high school, she also became a hippie girl with all its trappings. She graduated from high school with poor grades in 1966. Fromme’s parents wanted her to attend college, but she dropped out after a short time, infuriating her parents and was subsequently kicked out and began to live on the streets.

Fromme met Charles Manson in 1967 and together with a number of women and men, they moved to “Spahn Ranch, which was located in the desert area close to Death Valley. This was a hippie commune who made their living stealing and selling drugs. Women were considered a community property and unrestrained sexual relationships between the men and women was normal, changing partners from day to day. It was considered an honor among the girls to be picked by Manson and engage in sexual intercourse with him.

Lynette Fromme Charles Manson

Fromme was never selected to be a part of the Manson murder teams, and when he and a number of the members of the commune were arrested in 1969 for a string of murders, Fromme and the rest of the people camped outside the courthouse and raised hell on a daily basis, complaining that Manson was innocent and that it was a government plot to destroy their lifestyle.

Fromme was never charged with murder but she was held in contempt of court when she tried to stop members from testifying against Manson. For this offense, she spent some time in a county jail.

Manson was sent to Folsom prison, just outside Sacramento, so Fromme and another cult member, Sandra Good, rented a cheap apartment in downtown Sacramento in order to visit him in prison.

Charles Manson wanted to join forces with a white supremacist group called the Aryan Brotherhood and Fromme moved to Stockton to be part of a new commune. The Aryan Brotherhood was a violent group and it was broken up after the murder of a married couple and their infant daughter. The entire commune was arrested with the exception of Fromme. She was held in custody as a hostile witness but was later released. Fromme later moved back to Sacramento to live in an apartment with Sandra Good.

It is interesting that Fromme never held a job, yet she was able to pay rent, travel by bus and purchase food and clothing. Who provided her with the money to live on?

She was tried in federal court in Sacramento for the failed murder attempt upon President Ford. A new federal law had been passed in 1965 that any assassination attempt on an American president is a federal crime. Fromme did not understand the seriousness at her trial and refused to cooperate with her defense attorneys. The prosecutor asked for a life sentence since Fromme was filled with hate and violence. Upon hearing that, she took an apple and hit the prosecutor in the face and broke his glasses.

Lynette Fromme was sentenced to life imprisonment and served 34 years. In 1987 she escaped from a federal prison in West Virginia in order to visit Charles Manson who had contracted cancer. She was captured in a short time, but this act showed her devotion to Manson. She was released on parole in 2009 at the age of 61 and moved to Marcy, New York. She is currently living with a paroled murderer and on the back of his truck there is a bumper sticker saying, “born again pagan.”

It is obvious that Fromme has existed upon financial support from an unknown source. She expressed devotion to Charles Manson and she is unrepentant. The hippie movement was fueled by the CIA, who made the drug LSD easily available to the hippie communities. Was Lynette Fromme simply a loose cannon that was tricked into killing President Ford, in order to scare him into submission to the secret powers of the World Government? It is obvious that Fromme would never have killed anyone with a pistol that was not properly loaded.

During her time at the Spahn Ranch, Manson obtained rifles and pistols and the members of the community were trained how to shoot and service the firearms. Manson bragged about how good his members were with guns. Did Fromme somehow not know there was no bullet in the chamber? For whatever reason, she would be incarcerated for 34 years because of her actions on that day.


Seventeen days after Lynette Fromme tried to assassinate President Ford, another attempt was made by Sara Jane Moore. Gerald Ford was in San Francisco, California on September 22, 1975. He was standing outside the main entrance of the historic The Westin St. Francis at Union Square in San Francisco, when Moore standing about 40 feet away in the crowd across the street drew a pistol and shot at him. The shot missed Ford and as she readied to fire a second round, a retired Marine standing next to her, grabbed her arm and took away the pistol. Sara Moore was handcuffed and arrested shortly thereafter.

The bullet hit the wall of the hotel six inches above and slightly to the right of President Ford’s head, bouncing off the wall and hitting a cab driver standing close by. The fact that Moore only missed by so little was proof of her accurate shooting ability.


Sara Jane Moore was born in Charleston, West Virginia in 1930. She tried several different vocations but eventually became an accountant. By 1975 she had been married and divorced five times. She had four children from the different marriages and was an unstable person and during the turbulent times in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. She became radicalized attending the massive rallies and street marches against the U.S. government and the war in Vietnam. She had moved to San Francisco and became heavily involved with communist sympathizers and radical revolutionaries.

Sara Moore Patricia Hearst

When Patricia Hearst was kidnapped in 1974 by the violent revolutionary group called the Symbionese Liberation Army, Randolph Hearst set up a charity organization which was part of the deal to free Patricia. It became known as People in Need (PIN) and Hearst and other businessmen in the United States had been criticized for stealing from the poor. Moore became a volunteer bookkeeper for this national organization. It is interesting to note that Moore also agreed to become an FBI informant and spy on the people in this radical organization. The PIN position was an unpaid position while she was on a salary from the FBI.

It is also interesting that Moore was raised in a traditional Christian setting, but she later converted to Judaism.

All this information should raise a red flag. I lived through this period and I met many young people who became radicalized and hated the government, FBI, CIA and the military. It was a seething hatred that compelled them to go out in the streets and fight with the police even though they could be killed. The Watts Riots of 1965 in Los Angeles stemmed from this disgust. The urban battle lasted for six days and was finally put down when 4,000 National Guardsmen helped restore law and order.

Who convinced Sara Moore to shoot President Ford? Why would a 45 year old woman naïvely believe she could shoot the president and get away with it? Someone must have helped her to become skilled with a pistol. When the FBI or CIA runs undercover operations, the local police often know nothing about it. Moore had been arrested the day before by the San Francisco Police Department for having an unregistered .44 caliber revolver.

On the morning of the assassination attempt, Moore went to a gun dealer and purchased a .38 caliber revolver and it was this weapon which she later used. For whatever reason, the pistol was not properly sighted and this is why her first shot was off by six inches. Background checks for firearms did not exist in 1975 and there was no waiting or cooling off period. It was possible to walk into a store, buy a pistol and ammunition and walk out with no questions asked.

There was a lot of commotion at the pre-trial hearing on December 12th as Moore stated that she wished to plead guilty to the charges. The judge advised against this course of action, and after a court-appointed psychiatrist examined and declared her competent, she was allowed to enter a guilty plea on December 15, 1975.

Sara Moore presented a detailed factual basis for her guilty plea on December 16th and the government presented independent evidence establishing her guilt. Further testimony about her sanity was received at the time of the offense. After finding that Moore’s plea was voluntarily, knowingly and intelligently given, the court accepted her plea of guilt. Moore petitioned the sentencing district court to set aside her plea of guilty and vacate her sentence on April 15, 1977 but her motions were denied and she subsequently filed a notice of appeal.

Prior to sentencing, Moore made an extensive statement in court. She stated that assassination was a valid political tool which could be effective if used selectively. She justified her actions to the court with her belief that if she had been successful, it might have triggered chaos and change. She spoke of dissatisfaction with the “system of corruption” in a democratic society and the need to use violence. The comments by the district judge came immediately after her statement in court. The fact that the judge spoke of her statement as “the rhetoric of the day,” or that Moore was a product of “permissive society” was in response to her statement. In context, the court’s comments do not show he sentenced Moore in a biased or excessive fashion.

Sara Moore was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1979 and escaped shortly thereafter from Alderson Federal Prison Camp in West Virginia, but she was only on the run for a few hours before she was captured. She ended up in the federal prison for women in Dublin, California, where she worked as an accountant for Unicor, a government corporation that uses penal labor to produce goods and services. Moore was released on parole on December 31, 2007 after being in custody for 32 years. She is still alive today at the age of 86 and has done several television interviews since her release in which she stated that she was misled and that it was wrong to try and kill President Ford.

Where does she get money to live on? Her social security check would be very small since she was in prison for 32 years. Who is financially supporting her?


When I analyze these two women and their failed attempts to assassinate President Ford, it is clear that Lynette Fromme could not technically have killed Ford without a bullet in the chamber and Sara Moore most likely would have succeeded if she had not been arrested the day before and forced to use an emergency revolver that was not properly sighted.

President Ford learned that he needed to obey his handlers and be a team player when given an order. Team players live much longer and Gerald Ford died of natural causes at the ripe age of 93.


Ronald Reagan was the 40th president of the United States. He started out as a sports reporter on local radio stations in Iowa. This was before television and the radio was the new media that attracted the attention of everybody. He traveled to different places to cover sport teams for the radio stations and came to Los Angeles in 1937 and decided to take a screen test to become an actor. He scored well enough to land a seven year contract with the Warner Brothers’ Studio, where he starred in a number of “B” movies.  In 1940 he married Jane Wyman, a divorced actress that he had starred with in several such low budget films. They had two children, of which one died and an adopted son. They divorced in 1949.

Jane Wyman Ronald Reagan Nancy Davis

He was a member of the U.S. Army Reserve from 1937 until he was drafted in 1942 and served in the Army Air Corps and rose to the rank of captain. He never saw combat since all his time was spent within the United States. He was assigned to work in public relations since he was an actor and served in the First Motion Picture Unit of the Army and participated in some 400 training films.

Reagan was elected to become a board member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) in 1941. In 1947 he was elected president and served in this capacity until 1952. This was a time of great upheaval in Hollywood as many of the Jewish actors were found to be members of the Communist Party of the United States. The House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) was created to investigate disloyalty and subversive organizations. Reagan secretly became an FBI informant and furnished the names of actors and actresses who were communist sympathizers. Reagan himself was a registered member of the Democratic Party but expressed strong anti-communist sentiments.

As the president of the SAG, he was contacted by actress Nancy Davis, who had been falsely accused of being a communist. He helped clear her name and at the same time developed a romantic relationship with her. The two were married in 1952 and had two children.

Ronald Reagan steadily received fewer movie roles in the 1950’s and turned to television. He signed a contract with General Electric Theater and appeared in a series of weekly dramas that became popular with the viewers. When his contract ended, he signed another contract to produce and star in a series called Death Valley Days which ran from 1964-1965.

This was also a time in which Reagan began to change his political views and in 1962 he quit the Democratic Party and registered as a Republican. When Senator Barry Goldwater from Arizona ran for president on a republican ticket, Reagan became the conservative spokesman for his campaign.

In 1966 Reagan ran for the governorship of California and won. He became a two term governor and served from 1967-1975.

In 1976 Ronald Reagan unsuccessfully challenged Gerald Ford for the Republican Party nomination. In the 1980 presidential election, Reagan was nominated as the republican candidate and he defeated incumbent Jimmy Carter by a landslide. He would become a two term president and served from 1981-1989.

Barry Goldwater Jimmy Carter

One of the first items on Reagan’s agenda was to restore prayer in public schools that the Supreme Court had ruled in 1962 as unconstitutional. Reagan’s 1981 proposed amendment stated “Nothing in this Constitution shall be construed to prohibit individual or group prayer in public schools or other public institutions. No person shall be required by the United States or by any state to participate in prayer.” In a message to Congress, Reagan said the amendment would restore the simple freedom of our citizens to offer prayer in public schools and institutions.

Reagan proposed to build up the military and revitalize the economy but he upset the World Government leaders by trying to restore the freedom of prayer for Christians and the order was given to assassinate him.

A retired high ranking Soviet KGB general stated in an interview after the Soviet Union was dissolved in 1991, that an assassination is an art, just like painting a picture. Correctly done, no one should be able to trace back who ordered the assassination and that the blame will be placed on the victim himself or a stranger.

The CIA was given the job of finding an assassin outside of the organization that could not be traced back to anyone and would be declared mentally deranged once the murder had taken place.


President Reagan had only been in office 69 days when he was struck by a bullet from John Hinckley. He had spoken to a convention of the labor union AFL-CIO at the Hilton Hotel in Washington D.C. on March 30, 1981. As he left the meeting and was approaching the presidential limousine, Hinckley stepped forward on the sidewalk and discharged his .22 Rohm RG-14 revolver. None of the bullets hit Reagan’s body directly as one bullet hit a police officer, another a secret service agent, another press secretary James Brady in the head and one bullet ricocheted off the side of the car and hit Reagan in the chest.

An investigation later revealed the secret service had a plan to deal with an assassination. Protocol stated that if there was an attempt on the president, he would be taken to a certain hospital in Washington D.C. As soon as the shooting started and Reagan took a bullet ricochet to the chest, the secret service agent in charge realized that if he followed protocol, the president would be dead upon arrival at the hospital. He therefore ordered the limousine to George Washington University Hospital which was close by. Reagan was immediately stabilized in the emergency room and ambulances were called to take care of the other victims.

Reagan was in the hospital for thirteen days and released on April 11, 1981. He was in excellent health and never had any problems arise from the shooting. The assassination attempt on President Reagan was botched just like the two attempts on President Ford. Christian churches started to pray on a national scale and I believe that God protected Reagan and kept him safe from further attempts.


John Hinckley Jr. was born in 1955 in the state of Oklahoma. His father was in the oil business and at one time was the president of the Christian organization World Vision, which had been infiltrated by the CIA. Many of the World Vision workers had been recruited to become spies for the CIA, as they worked in foreign nations to help starving people.

Ronald Reagan George H.W. Bush John Hinckley Jr. Jodie Foster

The Hinckley family had a deep friendship with the Bush family, and during the republican primary election in 1980, George H. W. Bush unsuccessfully ran against Reagan and lost the nomination. Hinckley Sr. had given large donations to the Bush campaign.

John Jr. was the youngest of three siblings. The family moved around quite a bit and he spent some of his childhood in different parts of Texas, including high school in the Dallas area. He was athletic, learned to play the piano and was twice elected class president. Upon graduation from high school in 1973, he moved with his family to the town of Evergreen in Colorado.

In 1975 he moved to Los Angeles with the hope of becoming a song writer. Nothing worked out and Hinckley contacted his parents and asked for money to come back to Evergreen in 1976. From here he moved back to Texas and was an on-and-off student at Texas Tech University from 1976-1980.

Hinckley’s family was wealthy and he purchased guns and began to learn how to shoot. He was also depressed and under the care of doctors, who prescribed anti-depressant drugs and tranquilizers. He was not academically successful nor was he popular among the students at the university.

Hinckley saw the 1976 movie, “Taxi Driver,” which starred Jodie Foster and became obsessed with her. When Foster started attending Yale University in the fall of 1980, Hinckley moved to New Haven and enrolled at Yale in order to stalk her. He wrote poems and notes and would slip them under her door at the dormitory. He was able to get a couple of phone conversations with her, but since he was mentally unstable, she brushed him off even though he came from a wealthy family.

In his mental instability, Hinckley thought that if he could commit an act that would get the attention of the whole world, Jodie would love him. He decided to assassinate President Jimmy Carter and began trailing Carter as he traveled around the nation. He was arrested in Nashville, Tennessee on firearms charge. Once he was released, he returned to his parent’s home in Evergreen. He was treated for depression at a mental institution but did not get better.

When his father’s candidate, George H.W. Bush, lost the Republican nomination to Ronald Reagan, who in turn went on to defeat Jimmy Carter in the general election, it set in motion the idea of killing the man whom he saw as a nemesis.

John Hinckley Jr. was the perfect Manchurian candidate. It would not take a lot of effort to control his thinking and guide him to become an assassin. There are no written records of this taking place but there is a lot of circumstantial evidence. John Sr. had served as the president of World Vision where he certainly was a double agent for the CIA and George H.W. Bush was the CIA director prior to the election. There is no doubt in my mind that Hinckley harbored resentment toward Reagan and this in turn was used to nurture a desire to kill him, which would put his dad’s candidate (George H.W. Bush) into the Oval Office since he was the vice-president.

During the investigation that followed the assassination attempt, it was found that Hinckley had collected reports of President Kennedy’s assassination.


John Hinckley Jr.’s family knew he was mentally ill yet they allowed him to possess firearms. He had no job and his father gave him an allowance to live upon. At this time, John Sr. had disowned his son and wanted nothing to do with him and it was his mother that drove him to the Stapleton airport in Denver on March 25, 1981. She had given him money and he used it to purchase a one-way ticket to Los Angeles. He stayed one day in Hollywood, then purchased a Greyhound ticket for a cross-country trip to Washington D.C., where he checked into the Park Central Hotel.

According to court documents, John Jr. purchased a newspaper on March 30th where he noticed that Reagan was speaking to the AFL-CIO convention. Hinckley went back to his hotel room where he showered, took Valium to calm himself and loaded his .22 caliber revolver with exploding Devastator bullets purchased nine months earlier at a pawn shop in Lubbock, Texas. These specialized bullets were developed in the 1970’s for use by sky marshals to minimize the risk of penetration of the airplane fuselage when incapacitating a hijacker and packed quite a punch. Then he wrote a letter to Jodie Foster and left it in the hotel room. At 1:30 pm Hinckley took a cab through a light drizzle to the Hilton, where he waited for less an hour, and then coldly emptied his revolver against President Reagan.

How could a mentally unstable person know the timing of Reagan’s departure from the convention? Why did he fly to Hollywood first and then take an uncomfortable bus ride that lasted for several days to Washington D.C.? Who did Hinckley meet in Hollywood? Was there someone with him at the hotel in Washington D.C? Hinckley was the perfect assassin and it was easy to have him declared mentally incompetent after the shooting.


The trial began on April 27, 1982 in Washington D.C. as John Hinckley Jr. was charged with 13 counts. There were dozens of eyewitnesses and the shooting was also captured on video. The lawyers for both sides knew the only plausible defense was to plead insanity. After a brief detention at the Marine base at Quantico, Virginia, Hinckley was transferred to a federal penitentiary in Butner, North Carolina. His attorney, Vince Fuller, wanted to do a psychiatric evaluation, and Butner had the proper facilities. Over the next four months, psychiatrists for both sides probed nearly every aspect of Hinckley’s life.

There were no surprises when the psychiatric reports arrived. The government psychiatrists concluded that Hinckley was legally sane, that he appreciated the wrongfulness of his act at the time of the shooting. All three psychiatrists for the defense diagnosed Hinckley as psychotic and legally insane at the time of the shooting. Further evidence of the severity of Hinckley’s mental problems came to light two days before his 26th birthday in May when he attempted suicide by overdosing on Valium. In November he tried to commit suicide again by hanging himself from his cell window.

John Hinckley Jr. was found not guilty by reason of insanity on June 21, 1982. He was released from federal prison and transferred to St. Elizabeth Hospital, a federal mental institution in Washington D.C. From 2006 he was allowed to spend time with his 90 year mother in an upscale community called Kingsmill, a gated community with its own golf course. The Hinckley family attorneys are working diligently to have him fully released.

President Reagan’s press secretary James Brady was permanently disabled and was confined to a wheelchair until his death in 2014. John Hinckley Jr. is living a life of luxury at the age of 60, even having a girlfriend that he met at the hospital.


In my teenage years I became an avid reader and my favorite publication was “Readers Digest,” an American publication translated into the Swedish language. I did not know it at the time but this periodical was financially sponsored by the CIA to spread American propaganda to fight communism in Europe during the Cold War. I found an advertisement from Moral Re-Armament, an organization founded by the American evangelist, Frank Buchman. I wanted to become a member of this organization that had such good programs and I started to receive their literature. What I did not know was that the CIA was heavily involved in this organization and used it to recruit foreign agents. I did not do much except buy their books and literature, but I was listed as a possible future agent for the CIA. Once you have been listed in their database, your name will be there for the rest of your life.

During my seminary time from 1969-1973, I realized that the CIA was in the business of recruiting students who were working to become foreign missionaries. I became a target for recruitment since I had aspirations to work as an evangelist in the United States and Europe. In my second year at the seminary, I met a couple whom I will call Harry and Lisa. Harry was ten years older than me and came to seminary with his wife and three children. Harry and Lisa were born in Estonia and their parents fled from the Soviets when they invaded in 1944. They were able to get passage on German ships that were evacuating German soldiers and some Estonian civilians. They both ended up in displacement camps in western Germany, and after some years in the camps, their parents brought them to Australia, where they met and got married.

Harry was picked up by the CIA as a possible agent unbeknownst to his wife. He moved his family to the state of Illinois where he became a successful automobile salesman. Harry and Lisa both got saved in Illinois, and Harry felt called into the ministry and ended up at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary where I was also a student.

Harry sought to befriend me and talked about all kinds of things and how he and Lisa had been baptized in the Holy Spirit and learned how to cast out demons. Since he had more experience in this area, I became interested and they spent a lot of time with me and Aina.

Aina and I worked to support ourselves but it seemed that Harry always had lots of money. I was naïve and did not think much about it because Harry told me that people who walk in the Holy Spirit will always have money.

In looking back, I realize the CIA had a file on me, and that Harry was being used to do a soft recruitment and eventually snare me into becoming an agent for the CIA. In 1971 I planned to conduct an evangelistic outreach to Sweden and an American army base in Frankfurt, West Germany. Against my wife’s wishes, I allowed Harry and Lisa to accompany us on the trip even though they did not speak Swedish. Harry was to be the song leader and Lisa was to do counseling with Aina.

Aina and I were scheduled to stay in Sweden for three months, while Harry and Lisa would be with us for just four weeks. There were some strange things that took place from time to time which I could not explain and it was apparent that from time to time Harry was meeting with people that I did not know and he always had plenty of money.

When we came back to the seminary, I found out he had been talking to professors and students and gotten me into trouble since the professors did not believe in praying for the sick, casting out demons and praying for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. I was almost kicked out of the seminary over the numerous reports he had spread.

When Harry failed to recruit me into the things he was doing, he slowly withdrew and he and Lisa became pastors at a church in northern California, while I finished the seminary and became an evangelist. Harry is no longer on the earth; he went to be with the Lord in 2014.


We had established friendly relations with a number of pastors from our 1971 evangelistic campaigns in Sweden. A mission organization was built up in Sweden, a travel van was shipped from California to be used in our travels, and we purchased a complete public address system. We held crusades during the years 1973, 1975, 1977, 1981, 1982 and 1983.

During these years, Sweden was a battleground between the KGB and the Western spy agencies like the CIA, British MI6 and the Israeli Mossad. The East German spy agency STASI had built up a strong network in Sweden and the weak Swedish security/spy agency SAPO was no match for the professionals from these nations. Furthermore, SAPO had been infiltrated by both the Eastern and the Western spy agencies and the coastline around Sweden was infested with submarines, mainly from the Soviet Union. I was an American traveling and preaching the Gospel and everybody thought that I was an undercover agent for an intelligence service.

We established a base of operation at my parent’s home in Jönköping and they reported that people had been inside their home while they were working. Nothing was stolen, but the house had been carefully searched and it was obvious that my parents were not the target of investigation. The visits came to an end when they got a Doberman dog, but they could still tell that someone had been around the house since the dog was acting furious and rugs had displaced by all the running around.

During our crusade meetings in 1975, I exposed Satanism and how hundreds of Lutheran pastors were holding secret satanic rituals in the church buildings during the night hours. I also exposed Freemasonry and Knights’ Templars and that a sizeable number of evangelical pastors were members of these organizations. As a result, some churches would no longer cooperate with us and we were no longer invited for crusades or revival meetings.

During our 1981 crusades in Sweden and Finland, we had shipped over my new book in Swedish, “The Message of the Bible in the Last Days” and we could feel the resistance from the Devil and his demons increase as people bought the books at our meetings.

There was a historical meeting in Närpes, Finland in the summer of 1982 when Swedish Pentecostal Pastor Kjell Sjöberg and I met and it would forever change our lives. I gave him a copy of my book and he promised to read it. When we met the next day he was shaken and stated, “If this is true what you have written, my entire world view will change. Give me six months to prove it true or false.”

About six months later he wrote me a letter and told me that not only was my book true, the conditions were actually worse than what I had written. Sjöberg had spent time in Jerusalem at the Kabbalah department of the Hebrew University and left with four books authored by Professor Gershem Scholem as the head of the Kabbalah department.

Sjöberg provided me with additional sources to which I had no access, including more information about the Freemasons. The first edition was sold out and I quickly revised my manuscript and we printed a new edition that was shipped out to Sweden.

It was a powerful team that was assembled for the summer of 1983. Gunnar Renudd was from Askersund and he acted as my Swedish editor and booking agent; Karl-Åke Rudenlöv was also from Jönkoping and he audio recorded our meetings; Kurt Olsson from the city of Malmö was the owner of “The Cassette Mission” and he traveled all over Sweden to record revival meetings and sell them through advertisements in Swedish Christian papers like “Hemmets Vän,” “Härolden,” “Vårt Land” and other publications. When he advertised my sermon, “Sweden in the Balance,” he initially sold more than 10,000 copies and we felt that the fire of revival had finally started.

Kjell Sjöberg had a nationwide organization called “The Intercessors” and he advertised my book in his publication and hundreds and hundreds of orders came in from all over Sweden.

In the revised version of “The Message of the Bible in the Last Days,” I had included a chapter by Sjöberg in which he exposed the conspiracy among Jewish Kabbalists and it did not take long before we got hit hard.


I got a frantic call from Kurt Olsson one day in which he told me that he had received death threats and he needed to speak to me in private. He did not dare to meet in Sweden and asked if we could meet at the international airport in Copenhagen, Denmark. The team and I drove there and Olsson was visibly shaken and full of fear as he informed me that he had been contacted by the Mossad. A man with an American accent told him that if he did not stop working with John Torell, they would come and kill him. Olsson did not want to believe it but then they started calling his wife and children and telling them they too would be killed if he did not stop working with John Torell. The fact that these calls came during the night hours made them even more threatening.

Olsson told us that he had to preserve his life and the lives of his family and asked me ahead of time to forgive him because he was going to publicly renounce me and label me an anti-Semite. I forgave him and we parted, never to see each other again. Olsson later publically apologized, but his reputation was tarnished, his cassette ministry shut down and he died a few years later.

Pastors received phone calls telling them to cut all ties with me and yet we were able to finish meetings that had not been cancelled as a result of the threats and bad publicity. The leftover books we did not sell at the end of the 1983 crusade were stockpiled at my parent’s home and I flew back to California.

Kjell Sjöberg came under strong attack from a Swedish Lutheran pastor named Göran Larsson, who was the head of the Swedish Lutheran State church office in Jerusalem. Larsson wrote a threatening letter to Sjöberg and more or less said that he had been called to Prime Minister Begin’s office and told to take care of the troublesome Sjöberg in Sweden.

Kjell Sjöberg was threatened with a lawsuit based upon a hate law that Sweden had passed some time earlier. If he was found guilty, he would lose his social security and his wife would be without income. He was slandered in the media and forced into a trial over the issue. As a result, Sjöberg promised to publicly renounce me and label me an anti-Semite. Despite his public repentance, Sjöberg’s organization crumbled and ceased to exist. He died of cancer in 1997 at the age of 64.

Aina and I had not been long in California when I received a phone call from Birgit Renudd, the wife of Gunnar. She told me that she would not allow her husband to work any longer with us. Agents from SAPO were calling them in the middle of the night, asking questions and threatening them. Since I lived in California, she reasoned that I had no problems and that they couldn’t take the pressure anymore since Gunnar was getting sick and she did not want him to die. I told her that I would stop communicating with them and abide with her wishes but Gunnar knew in his heart that he had betrayed Jesus and not long after this he died as a broken man.


Some of you are new to our ministry and want to know why the Swedish establishment would suddenly turn on me. Beginning in 1975, I started to expose the world government, and through historical facts, I proved that communism, Nazism and fascism were developed by a group of people in an organization called the Illuminati. Masonic orders in the Western nations were used to streamline policies to further the revolutions in Russia and China.

I had read a document from the First Zionist Congress in Basel, Switzerland in 1897, which became known as the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” and realized that the ideas adopted at that Congress were genuine. Much has been written about the protocols, decrying them as a forgery and work of propaganda, and yet 80% of the protocols were put into action by 1979. If they were indeed false, why do we see them being fulfilled?

When I was in Holland in 1974, I met a Dutch evangelist named Ben Hannegraf and we became good friends. I told him about the protocols and asked if he could go to The British Museum in London to verify their existence. Sometime later he visited the museum and enclosed a letter from the museum stating that the protocols had been on file since 1905.

When Kjell Sjöberg came back from his research at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, he told me that the Protocol of the Elders of Zion was not a forgery, but in fact a brilliant strategy of global thinking that no Gentiles had ever shown. Yet he warned the propaganda by the Jewish world leadership is so successful that we cannot use that document, but we would take down this evil Jewish leadership through the writings of the Kabbalah which they cannot deny.

Sjöberg had written a strong article showing how the Kabbalistic Jewish leadership from the time of King Solomon until the present time were working to usher in their own messiah that the Bible calls the Antichrist. To protect Sjöberg, we agreed to include this write-up in the second edition of “The Message of the Bible in the Last Days,” but we would withhold his name and simply state it was written by a Swedish pastor.

In Sjöberg’s article and in my own writing there was never any hate expressed against the Jewish people; on the contrary, we expressed a desire to present the real Messiah to them and see them born again. If you listen to the thousands of sermons that I have preached over the years, you will never find me expressing hate against the Jewish people.

The thought that the political State of Israel was not the work of God, but the work of Kabbalistic Jews, sent shockwaves into the Christian Zionists and fear into the Kabbalistic Jewish leadership. No Christian Zionist believed that the coming Antichrist would be Jewish and that he would rule out of Jerusalem, even though the Bible clearly teaches those facts. Our message was dangerous in that it exposed the lies and shed light upon the hidden evil works of the Devil and his people on earth.


There was a coordinated effort to destroy our ministry in Sweden in the fall of 1983 and to silence all the people who worked with me. An American born Rabbi named Morton Narrowe came to Sweden in 1965 and by 1975 had been promoted to the chief rabbi in Sweden and this was the man that led the national effort to destroy our ministry. All Swedish Christian magazines that had previously carried our advertisements suddenly informed Gunnar Renudd that they would no longer be accepted. Sven Larquist, a Swedish Pentecostal pastor in Vara with whom I had worked with for more than five years told his congregation to bring in all the books they had purchased from John Torell and have a public book burning.

All denominational offices in Sweden sent out a memorandum that John Torell was an anti-Semite and a hater of the Jews and that no pastor or congregation would be allowed to have any contact with me. All the pastors whom I thought were my friends, the ones who had welcomed me into their homes, suddenly rejected me in order to save their own skin and I became the most hated man in Sweden.

The pressure was now increasing on my parents and it became clear to me and my brother that we had to get them out of Sweden. I had never seen such hate. We still had a large amount of books left and they were hidden away in my parent’s home in Jönköping. The only man who continued to stand with me was Karl-Åke Rudenlöv and it was decided that a trusted friend in Sweden would take the books and ship out orders as they arrived.

My mother had by this time retired from her job, my father had retired five years earlier, and we told them to sell their home and come and live with us in California. It was a miracle that my father agreed, since he did not speak any English and by now was 70 years old. Rudenlöv was with them almost daily to help them and in 1984 they had sold their home, put all their possessions in a container, including their car and flew out to California.


The Rudenlöv family also wanted to get out of Sweden and sent $20,000 with my parents. The plan was to purchase a duplex in the Sacramento area in which the Rudenlöv’s could live when they came later.

We were able to find a duplex through a Christian realtor and the Rudenlöv’s applied to attend a Bible school in Sacramento, which was the only way they could get a visa to live in the United States. I spent time talking with the pastor of Trinity Church, Paul Trulin, who operated the church-owned Bible college. I had known Trulin for a number of years and he helped out with all the paperwork and in time the Rudenlöv family had their visa and they arrived in California in 1985.

All things were going according to plan as the Rudenlöv’s moved into their half of the duplex. I helped them find a used car and Karl-Åke had a prostate problem that he did not dare to have treated in Sweden for fear of being murdered, and we found a good doctor that was able to perform surgery and take care of the problem.

There was one thing that puzzled me in all these events. Karl-Åke never unpacked the boxes that had come in a container. He only unpacked the most needed items and the rest sat in the garage. He told me that he wanted to hold off unpacking but never told me why.

Life was good as the Rudenlöv’s attended Bible college, there was great fellowship for my parents and they helped out with printing The Dove magazine that we produced at that time.

One day Karl-Åke asked me if he could spend some time in my personal office and examine my files. Since I had nothing to hide, I told him go ahead and he spent a number of hours going through the different filing cabinets, pouring over the research material I had collected over the years, including all my correspondence with Kjell Sjöberg. I later found that some of my files were missing and they are missing to this day.


The peaceful fellowship in Sacramento was shattered on February 28, 1986, when news reached us that Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme had been gunned down on a street in Stockholm, Sweden. An ash gray Karl-Åke showed up at our home early in the morning, informing me that we had to sell the duplex at once so he could move back to Sweden immediately. I could not believe my ears and told him that houses are not sold in just a few hours. It would take time. Nevertheless, Karl-Åke was beside himself and demanded it had to be sold because he needed the money right away.

I turned on the television and found out that Olof Palme had been killed. A few hours later my phone began to ring as newspaper and television journalists from Sweden wanted to interview me and ask why I had ordered the killing of the prime minister. The next day my name appeared on the front pages of the newspapers with an image of my book stating I was responsible for Palme’s death. I was understandably shocked since I had not been in Sweden for more than three years and I certainly would not make allowances for murder.

The next day Karl-Åke became belligerent and banged on my parent’s door and threatened them if they did not return his money. It got to the point that I had to call the police and have them talk to Karl-Åke so that he would not threaten my parents anymore.

There was a man in Sacramento by the name of Carl Wanting, claiming to be a former Swedish Lutheran State priest, who had settled in Sacramento and opened a Christian bookstore. He had traveled much throughout Eastern Europe as a missionary, but it became clear that instead of helping the underground church, he spied on them and the secret police would show up and arrest pastors and leaders after he left. I had met him a few years earlier when he wanted me to do some illegal work for him, and through other missionaries, I learned he was in fact a KGB agent.

I had never told Karl-Åke about Carl Wanting, but I was surprised to found out Karl-Åke immediately contacted this man when Olof Palme was killed, and in a few days he had a moving company show up and all his belongings were packed up in a container and shipped back to Sweden. The Rudenlöv family then moved in with the Wanting family.

I had come to the realization that Karl-Åke was an infiltrator who had come to destroy us from the inside, but when Palme was killed, he became scared and wanted out. I recalled an earlier conversation in which he had found a man with a shortwave radio and this man allowed him to use it to speak with friends back in Sweden. I am sure those “friends” were his handlers at SAPO. There was no internet at that time and the only way to communicate was by telephone, telegraph, postal mail and shortwave radio.

A few weeks later I received a phone call from Ronnie Linden, a good Swedish friend who lived in Sacramento with his family. We had used his swimming pool many times for baptisms. Linden wanted to know why I had stolen Karl-Åke’s money and done him wrong. I had never introduced Karl-Åke to Linden and I told him the whole story. Karl-Åke had done a good job at finding out who my friends were and where they lived. Linden became the go-between, and when my brother and I were able to come up with the cash, we went to a title company and had the papers drawn up. Karl-Åke got his cash and a short time later the Rudenlöv family flew back to Sweden. My friendship with Ron was effectively destroyed and he wanted nothing more to do with me.

The story doesn’t end there as Karl-Åke was not through with us. I had an uncle in Sweden and found out that Karl-Åke visited regularly and wormed his way into a friendship with my uncle. The only connection my uncle had to our ministry was that he stored our van for ten years. A few short years later Karl-Åke Rudenlöv’s time on earth came to an end.


I received a phone call from my wife sometime after the Rudenlöv family left as I was working in my church office. She said there was a FBI agent sitting in our living room who wanted to talk to me. When I arrived home, he told me that the Swedish government had requested the FBI to do an interview for them and find out what I knew about the Olof Palme assassination. I told the agent that I was a preacher, I do not assassinate people and that it was insane to accuse me of a crime that I knew nothing about. He told me that he was only doing his job and left after I told him I knew nothing about the assassination except what I had read in the newspapers.

About a year later I received a phone call from the FBI office in Los Angeles. They told me that the U.S. state department had requested them to accompany a Swedish police detective, who wanted to interview me concerning the murder of Olof Palme. I told them that as an American citizen, no foreign police agency has the legal right to interview an American citizen in America. The agent told me that this was true but asked if I could be nice enough to meet this detective, since he had flown all the way from Sweden. I told the agent that I would have a friend with me and that I planned to record the conversation. He said I could have the friend, but no recording or the meeting would be called off. I readily agreed since I wanted to find out what they knew about me and what they were thinking. This time we met in my church office and I had Gordon Ginn, a pastor and a former investigator for the FBI sit with me. The FBI agent in charge told the Swedish detective that all conversation must be in English, and this limited his ability to speak as his English was poor. Yet as he began, he tried to intimidate me by producing a transcript of a sermon I had preached in Swedish, where I stated that Christians in Sweden needed to vote out the Social Democrats and Prime Minister Palme. I told them that Palme was an evil man and that he was destroying the Christian faith in Sweden. I confirmed that I had spoken these words but I never told anyone to shoot Palme.

He then showed me a complete background report on me which had been conducted by the Swedish police. They had listed all the schools I had attended, places I had lived and interviewed people who knew me. I told the Swedish detective that his department had wasted a lot of time and money to dig through my history and fly him out to speak with me in the United States. I told the two FBI agents of the Swedish police’s incompetence for covering up the murder instead of solving it.

As I spoke the Swedish detective became increasingly red in the face and I could see the anger inside of him. Nevertheless, he was on my turf and had to eat it. Eventually the meeting came to an end, and as they walked out from my office, I realized that I was a marked man. Everything that could be known about me was now on file in the United States and Sweden. There were no skeletons in my closet and the only thing they could do was to lie and slander and tell the world that I was an anti-Semite.

It is now many years later, and despite the slander, I am back in Sweden via the Internet and our website. A new generation of Swedes wants to know the truth. The book that was so hated has been sold for the last 20 years and we only have a handful left in stock.


Most people think that things just happen and that there is no real planning behind events. That is far from the truth as all political, educational, national and/or local events are planned, and some of them for hundreds of years.

The political system in the United States is basically a two party system, while in other nations there are many political parties vying for power. The world government really likes a one party system like in China, but they can live with a two party system as well.

Both the Democrats and Republicans have small memberships. The Democratic Party claims to have 43.1 million members in 2012 but that is merely the number of Americans who have registered as democrats. These people are only active during the election days. The real power resides in the small core of Democrats who run the party in local and national elections. These people control the committees in the cities and counties and they are the ones that select who will run for the different offices. A majority of these people belong to Masonic lodges, including the Knights of Columbus, Rotary club, Odd Fellows, and the Moose and Elk lodges.

Any person that wants to run for an office must also qualify with the Jewish leaders in the party and declare their allegiance to Israel. When Arnold Schwarzenegger was going to run for the governor in 2003 on the Republican ticket, he was forced to hire a Jewish rabbi to give him special classes because his father had joined the Nazi party in 1938 and had been a sergeant/major in the German Army during World War II. Only a Jewish rabbi could absolve Arnold from this generational curse and clear him politically.

The Republican Party operates in the same manner. There is no difference between the parties when it comes to the setup and the operations. The Republican Party claimed a membership of 30.7 million members, but like with the democrats, these were mainly people who registered as Republicans and were only active on election days. The same lodges that control the Democrats also control the Republicans, and any candidate must be approved by the Jewish leadership in the community.

The best illustration I can provide the political system in the United States would be that of a horse race track and one person owns all the horses in the race. It doesn’t matter what horse you bet upon, the owner is always going to win.


Bill and Hillary Clinton are “loyal horses” who will do the bidding of their owners. Bill was rewarded with two terms as president and Hillary was promised that she too would be given a term but her image was still damaged in the 2008 election, and to be on the safe side that the next president would be a democrat, they ran two seemingly different horses but it didn’t matter one whit to the world government who won the election.

Bill & Hillary Clinton

Hillary was disappointed with the appointment as Secretary of State, but it would further serve to groom her for a presidential run in 2016. She was promised that no major democratic contender would enter the primary race but Bernie Sanders, a Jewish senator from Vermont did not want to play according to the rules and started his own campaign.

Bernie Sanders Barack Obama

When I read from the Jewish newspapers from Israel and from American Jewish publications, the Jewish leadership does not accept him even though he is Jewish, but the young people in the Democratic Party are dissatisfied with the tightly run machine. Bernie Sanders has become a strong contender despite the odds and Hillary is now in a bitter political fight. She has a huge ego and wanted to become the first female president but lost the chance in 2008 to Barack Obama and now she is fending off an aggressive Bernie Sanders. The Democratic leadership has done all it can to sabotage Sanders but they cannot control the people when they step into the voting booths.

There is just as much chaos on the republican side as they lined up some weak candidates who would certainly lose in the general election. There were 16 candidates that no one really wanted as president. Donald Trump was not part of the lineup, but the billionaire paid his own way and campaigned according to his own rules and he has become the bull in the proverbial china shop.

The Republican leadership initially thought that Donald Trump would fall over himself and be knocked out, but to their dismay, he actually appealed to the people. This became a horror show for the GOP and senators like Lindsey Graham spoke about his disgust of Trump. More than 100 million dollars were spent by Republican super PACs to smear Trump, but this backfired as even more people voted for him.

Donald Trump Ted Cruz Marco Rubio Jeb Bush

Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush started name calling and took the campaign down into the gutter, but Trump shot back at them and he just kept on winning. When the Republican rat pack realized that nothing was working, they contacted the Democrats and asked for goon squads to tear up Trump’s rallies. This did not work either as Trump just kept winning. Short of assassinating him, they only had one weapon left in their arsenal and that was to activate the AstroTurf.


AstroTurf is an artificial grass used in sport arenas around the United States. People working in journalism used the name to describe artificial polls and general mass disinformation on social media. It is a name for paid disinformation agents that will use Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets to create what they call a grass root movement, whereby hundreds of thousands of write-ups are generated by computers and social media is filled with an artificial outrage against a person, corporation or a nation. Polls will be taken every hour from imaginary people who only exist in the AstroTurf world. The controlled news media then dutifully reports that Donald Trump is the most hated politician in the United States and the world.

The Republican leadership even went so far to state that they would rather lose the presidential election to Hillary Clinton, than for Donald Trump to win the Republican nomination and be elected president. This should serve as a wakeup call that there is no difference between the Democrats and the Republicans; the world government is controlling both of them.

The Jewish leadership tried to trick Jesus by asking difficult and conniving questions. (Matthew 19:3; Luke 10:25) Abortion is a subject that no serious republican contender will ever talk about in the political arena. The subject is like pouring gasoline on a fire or using the words “nigger” or “Jew” since it will create a firestorm.

A political operator made sure that Trump was asked a trick question on abortion and whether a woman who had an abortion should be punished if abortion was outlawed. Murdering babies in the womb is not illegal in the United States, so the question was not even relevant, yet Trump answered that a woman should be punished if she broke the law.

That one sound bite was all the mass media needed as they rushed to their offices and television studios to condemn Trump for speaking honestly. An increasingly loud drumbeat about how Trump wants to punish women who’ve had an abortion. The firestorm grew when Trump tried to clarify his statement and he was accused of changing his position. This was a classical political ambush, but how many people will understand this? The political AstroTurf is churning and women are being told to get angry and reject such a terrible man.

The Republican leadership also does not like Ted Cruz and they had a super PAC conduct a dirty trick during the month of March. Trump’s present wife Melania came to this country in 1996 as an immigrant from Slovenia, which used to be a province in Yugoslavia. She was a young model and had nude photos taken in order to climb the ladder to success.

A shrewd political operator came up with a brilliant idea that would damage both Trump and Cruz. Money is not an issue for these operators and a nude photo of Melania was used in a television advertisement with a soothing voice asking the voters if this is who they wanted to be the first lady in the White House. This was aired heavily in Utah, hoping to make Mormons vote for Cruz. Trump lost in Utah and he was furious and accused Cruz of smearing his wife. Trump threatened to release information about Cruz’s wife and there is an ongoing fight as both candidates are being damaged.


John Kasich is the current republican governor of Ohio and a seasoned insider politician in the Republican Party. He is a faithful lapdog that will do whatever his handlers tell him to do. If you have watched the primary elections, Kasich knows that he cannot win the nomination during the primaries, but he has been told to stay in the race and make it impossible for Trump or Cruz to get enough delegates so that it will be a contested convention. Delegates are only bound for the first balloting, after that they are released from their obligation and can vote as they want to.

The game of the Republican leadership is to have so much chaos at the convention that neither Cruz or Trump will have enough delegates to clinch the nomination and Kasich will be offered as a compromise. It is a diabolic plan because they know that if they have a contested convention and give the nomination to the man that came in third, Trump’s voter will refuse to vote and so will Cruz’ voters. This will help the Republicans to fulfill their obligation to the World Government and make sure that Clinton wins.

John Kasich Vincent Foster Monica Lewinsky

Hillary Clinton is an evil woman. When Bill was the governor of Arkansas, they were involved in real estate business that became known as “White Water.” Bill used his power as governor to force a loan to be made to their partner in this venture even though it was failing. All this surfaced in an investigation in the U.S. Senate, but Clinton’s handlers were able to deflect all attacks.

Vincent Foster was an attorney friend from Arkansas who was brought to the White House during Bill’s first term. Foster and Hillary became sexually involved and in time Foster was murdered to make sure that Hillary’s record was clean. The police ruled the murder a suicide despite the evidence to the contrary. Some 30 people were killed by the Clinton’s during the eight years Bill was president. Bill had many women as lovers and the most infamous of them was a Jewess named Monica Lewinsky.

If Hillary Clinton is elected president, she will faithfully continue down the road of destruction that Obama has been working on for eight years. There will be an outright attack on Christians and a further moral decline in the nation.

The primary reason that the World Government is afraid of Trump is that he is not controlled by their money, and the confession by former congressman Newt Gingrich in March of 2016 proves this when he stated that Trump does not belong to any lodge, or been a member of the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations or the Bilderburgers. Trump is trying to bring America back to where it once was.

He has been accused of being an isolationist to which he responded, “I am an American first.” It is obvious that Trump is not a strong Christian since he uses foul language in his speeches. Most people in general don’t know that the Clinton’s, Obama and most political leaders use foul language, they just clean up their acts when they speak publicly. I do not care for profanity, but Trump is at least being honest when he speaks in public.

It all comes down to one point. Our only hope is in Almighty God. We can make a difference through prayer and fasting as a Christian community since God ultimately chooses the leader of a nation.

“Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing?

The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed, saying, Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.

He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision. Then shall he speak unto them in his wrath, and vex them in his sore displeasure.

Yet have I set my king upon my holy hill of Zion. I will declare the decree: the LORD hath said unto me, Thou art my Son; this day have I begotten thee.

Ask of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession. Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron; thou shalt dash them in pieces like a potter's vessel.

Be wise now therefore, O ye kings: be instructed, ye judges of the earth. Serve the LORD with fear, and rejoice with trembling.

Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and ye perish from the way, when his wrath is kindled but a little.

Blessed are all they that put their trust in him.” (Psalms 2:1-12)


[1] For more information, see Christian Dynamics Course 1, John S. Torell, pp. 158-169



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