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john s. torell, isis, islamic state of iraq and syria, the ugly face of islam

The summer of 1914 was terrible as the demons of war were unleashed on the earth and the Great War broke out, which later became known as World War I. It appears that history is repeating itself as the summer of 2014 is a bad season for millions of people living in war torn nations. I want to share some highlights with you so that you can better understand the current events happening around the world


For many years I have written about a secret world government that is working behind the scenes to forge the different nations into one global political unit ruled by the Antichrist. In order to understand the events in the world today, I want to take you back in time to the year 1916 at the height of World War I. The war was being fought by the Entente group which consisted of Russia, France, England, Ireland, Portugal and Japan. Opposing them were the nations of the Central Powers: Germany, the Austrian-Hungary Empire and Italy. The Ottoman Empire had secretly joined the Central Powers in 1914.

The Ottoman Empire was founded in 1299 as the Turks took control of the Middle East, North Africa and the Balkans. During centuries of warfare, the Empire lost North Africa and most of its land holdings in Europe and its glory days were gone by 1914 as Ottoman Empire had been reduced to controlling the Middle East.

During the early part of 1916, British, Russian and French diplomats secretly met in Paris to draw up plans for the division of the Ottoman Empire once the war was over. A revolt had already broken out in the area now known as Saudi Arabia and a special Arab force was being led by the British Colonel, Thomas Edward Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia), to fight the Turks from the south as the British Army made its way from Egypt through Palestine.

The British government had promised Ibn Saud, a tribal leader, that Saudi Arabia would become an independent nation once Turkey was defeated. [1]  

Ibn Saud was unaware the world government had a different plan for the Middle East. The major players at the secret meeting in Paris were British diplomat Sir Mark Sykes and French diplomat Francois Georges-Picot. The resulting discussions later became officially known as the Sykes-Picot Plan and was officially signed on April 26, 1916.

T.E. Lawrence Ibn Saud Mark Sykes Francois Georges-Picot

At the time, oil was being pumped out of what today is Iraq but no explorations had been done on the Saudi Arabian peninsula and this part of the Middle East was considered a wasteland. Lebanon and Syria ultimately came under the control of France. England was given complete control over the two seaports Haifa and Acre, so they could exercise power over the oil shipped to these two cities via pipelines. Palestine was to be under the control of Russia, France and England, but England was eventually given the mandate to govern Palestine by the League of Nations. Egypt became a British colony, which gave them control over all land from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea, including what is today known as Yemen and Jordan.

The old Babylon (Iraq) was divided up between France and England; the northern part became French with its colonial capital of Mosul. England took the rest of Iraq. Persia was divided between Russia and England.

The Middle East consists of many ethnic people groups but the Sykes-Picot agreement did not consider their fate. One ethnic group that has suffered more than anyone else is the Kurds, who had their land divided into Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran. In the past, the Western media has labeled them as troublemakers or terrorists.


In 1921 a military coup in Iran established an independent nation, and in 1925, Reza Pahlavi (1878-1944) became king of Iran and established the Pahlavi dynasty. However, the United States and the Soviet Union invaded Iran and divided the nation amongst themselves on September 16, 1941 and Reza was removed as shah. With the end of World War II in 1945, the allies agreed to end the occupation of Iran. The United States left the southern part but Joseph Stalin refused to give up his portion of Iran and fomented a civil war using Russian troops and Iranian communists trying to take over the whole nation. Stalin established a communist republic in the north and withdrew all Soviet troops from Iran in 1946 after negotiations. With the help of British and U.S. intelligence services, the Iranian government was able to retake the north and eradicate the Iranian communists.

Mohammad Reza (1919-1980), the son of Reza, was installed as the constitutional shah but the power was vested in the parliament and the prime minister. Iran produced a lot of oil but received very little of its revenue since the Iranian oil industry was owned and operated by the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company.

Reza Pahlavi Mohammad Reza Pahlavi Mohammed Mossadegh

In 1951 Mohammed Mosaddeq was elected prime minister of Iran. Shortly after he had taken office, he and his political party, the National Front of Iran, decided it was time for Iran to take control over their own oil production and proposed that parliament nationalize the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company and kick out the British and American corporations. He had enough votes to pass the legislation and ordered Iranian officials to seize all oil installations in Iran on May 1st.

This did not line up with the world government’s plans for Iran and it ordered the British and American governments to pressure Mosaddeq to reverse the takeover. When he refused, the British responded by pulling out their personnel, moved in a large fleet of warships to the Persian Gulf and ordered a boycott of Iran. Mohammed Reza removed Mosaddeq from his post, which caused a tremendous uprising in Iran and the Iranian military realized that it could not control the masses on the streets. Shah Mohammad had no option but to reinstate Mosaddeq, who then asked parliament for emergency powers to rule the country. Mosaddeq then stripped Mohammad Reza of his political power and relegated him to a figurehead of Iran.

The world government realized that Mosaddeq had the backing of the Iranian people and they decided to use the United States to clobber Iran. President Eisenhower was told to start the procedure to overthrow Mosaddeq and have him removed from office.

Dwight Eisenhower John Dulles Allen Dulles

At this time the Dulles brothers ran the State Department and the CIA. John Dulles was the Secretary of State and Allen Dulles was the Director for the CIA. Both brothers were deeply involved in world government activities and they had accumulated a lot of political dirt over the years. Eisenhower ordered John Dulles to take out Mosaddeq and Allen Dulles was authorized to use whatever force he had at the CIA to make it happen. Allen Dulles contacted Britain’s MI6 and the two agency’s went to work. Agents were sent to Iran to recruit various leaders and military officers, bribing them with money, alcohol and prostitutes, and in a short time, their group was ready to strike. Retired Iranian army general Fazlollah Zahedi was promised to become the next prime minister if he would lead the coup. During World War II, Zahedi had been a secret agent for the Nazi government of Adolf Hitler and wished that Iran would have sided with Nazi Germany.

Zahedi started the uprising and seized power by arresting Mosaddeq on August 19, 1953. Mosaddeq was tried in court on charges of treason and sentenced to house arrest for the remainder of his life and died on March 7, 1967. Foreign Minister Hossein Fatemi was executed in 1954. Mohammad Reza had his political power restored, and as a thank you to the American and British governments, he reopened the door to foreign oil companies to operate in Iran. The people of Iran never forgot the dirty work of Great Britain and the United States. Massive demonstrations in 1979 forced Mohammad Reza to flee the country and seek asylum in a number of nations.

Mohammad Reza thought he would be welcome in the United States since he had been on their payroll but America was told by the world government to turn its back on the Shah of Iran. After surgery in two different U.S. hospitals and a brief stay in Panama, he ended up in Egypt where he died on July 27, 1980.


The American embassy had a staff of over 1,000 persons when the Shah was the ruler of Iran. A large number of them were CIA agents who worked closely with the SAVAK secret police belonging to the Shah. The new revolutionary government under the leadership of Supreme Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini (1902-1989) knew of American intervention in Iranian politics and wanted to make sure the CIA never again toppled an Iranian government. Furthermore, they wanted to find out how many SAVAK agents were on the CIA payroll and the identities of other Iranians whom the CIA had recruited over the years. The CIA was aware of what the Iranians planned and the embassy staff was reduced to a skeleton crew of 60. More than likely the CIA station chief had destroyed the files kept at the embassy just in case they were attacked.

The Iranians knew that President Jimmy Carter was weak and would hesitate to go to war in the event of an embassy takeover.

The Iranian government did not function as one unit; the Fedayeen was a secret radical Marxist militant group under the supervision of the revolutionary committee who stormed the American embassy on February 14, 1979 and Ambassador William Sullivan surrendered to the attackers in order to avoid any loss of lives. The U.S. State Department immediately contacted Foreign Minister Ebrahim Yazdi, who ordered police units to the embassy and forced the Fedayeen to leave immediately and the embassy was back in American hands after a three hour period.

Both the State Department and the CIA knew that the embassy complex in Tehran was not secure and most files had been destroyed. The embassy was stormed once again on November 4, 1979, by a group of radical students and in a short time every American at the embassy had been taken prisoner, blindfolded and paraded outside for the television cameras. The United States was humiliated and Jimmy Carter proved to be a weak president and did not take any decisive action.

This storming of the embassy was not a spontaneous action by some radical students; it was a well-planned operation by the Iranian security forces. Once the front of the embassy had been taken, busloads of students arrived and the sheer numbers overpowered the American marine guards.

In the evening, the Ayatollah Khomeini spoke on the state controlled radio that he supported the embassy takeover and that the U.S. spy den in Tehran had been captured. Some of the embassy staff was able to flee in the chaos but later were rounded up by Iranian security forces. Six American diplomats fled to the British Embassy and some to the Swedish Embassy. They were later smuggled to the Canadian Embassy where they stayed for three months. The Canadian intelligence service was asked by the CIA to get the Americans out of Tehran and this operation was codenamed, “Canadian Caper.” The Americans were given false identities and Canadian passports and disguised as a Canadian film crew. The official version states that the Iranian security department bought the ruse and the Americans were able to fly out on January 28, 1980 but most likely a secret deal was made where the United States paid a ransom for the diplomats and a cover story was produced in order to not awaken the anger of the Iranian revolutionaries.

In order to further humiliate the United States, the Iranian government released thirteen black American embassy staffers in the middle of November to show solidarity with the oppressed black people in America.

Embassy staffer Richard Queen was released in July of 1980 due to a severe medical condition even though he was a Caucasian. The other American hostages were held for 444 days and were not released until January of 1981 on the day of President Ronald Reagan’s inauguration.

Meanwhile, Jimmy Carter ordered several military rescue attempts but they all ended in failure and in the deaths of American servicemen. He also ordered sanctions on Iran to cripple them financially but was never able to get the hostages released during his presidency.

The television media during this crisis constantly reminded the American people during the evening news how many days the hostages had been held in captivity. This debacle was one of the major reasons that Jimmy Carter was not re-elected for a second term.

The Iranian government took over the embassy complex and turned it into a museum where visitors can see how the CIA uses embassy buildings as spy centers in the different nations. Much of the equipment used for spying was captured and is currently on display. In order to be fair, it should be stated that all nations use their embassies as spy centers and this holds true for every Iranian embassy in the world.

During the last few years the Iranian government has been working to develop a nuclear industry and with it the atomic bomb. The world government does not want them to have nuclear weapons and has used the United States and England to spearhead a devastating sanction program against Iran. The sanctions have not worked since Russia and North Korea are aiding Iran in its nuclear ambitions. The CIA has been waging a devastating cyber war against the Iranian nuclear industry and have been able to insert one virus after another into Iran’s computer network. The Mossad has been able to use its agents in Iran to assassinate scientists working on the nuclear program and some of the most notable assassinations took place with agents on a motorcycle passing the car in which the victim was traveling, attaching a magnetic bomb that exploded a few seconds later and killed the occupants.

The Iranian security police was ruthless and rounded up hundreds of suspects, which were tortured and hung from construction cranes in the city of Tehran to instill fear into foreign intelligence agents. I am sure that you are beginning to understand why the Islamic government in Iran calls the United States “The Great Satan.”


The invasion of Iraq in 2003 had nothing do with Saddam Hussein possessing weapons of mass destruction; it was all about oil and control of the Middle East. Hussein made a mistake in 1990 when he ordered his military forces to invade Kuwait. Prior to the invasion, Iraqi diplomats had discussed the issue with the American ambassador to Iraq, April Glaspie, and had been told that the United States would not interfere if there was an invasion. The world government wanted Hussein to strike Kuwait so it could crush and remove him from power. Hussein learned the truth when President George H. Bush organized a coalition and liberated Kuwait in January 1991, but stopped short of moving to Baghdad to remove Saddam from power.

It was his son, George W. Bush, that would finish the job. From 1991 to 2003 there was great pressure put on Iraq to dispose of its weapons of mass destruction. United Nations inspectors crisscrossed Iraq and oversaw the destruction of chemical and biological weapons.

Susan Lindauer had been recruited by the CIA to work as a go between agent with the Iraqi government as it bent over backwards to prevent a war with the United States and went to great lengths to verify that all weapons of mass destruction had been destroyed. Even though the CIA had evidence that Hussein had gotten rid of all weapons of mass destruction, President Bush still ordered the attack on Iraq on March 19, 2003. In order to hide the truth that Saddam Hussein did not possess any weapons of mass destruction, Susan Lindauer was arrested and put in a federal prison facility for mentally deranged prisoners. Her attorneys requested a speedy trial on the charges made against her but the Bush administration delayed it and kept her locked up. Years later she got a trial and the truth came out that there never had been weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.[2]

The madness in Iraq continues to this day as Barack Obama sent American troops back to Iraq in June of 2014 to fight the new threat which has become known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Obama has formed a new coalition that is stranger than fiction. With American soldiers on the ground and American fighter jets and drones in the sky, they have been joined by drones flown by the Iranian military and fighter jets with pilots and ground crews from Russia. This strange coalition is now fighting the murderous forces of ISIS to re-establish the Shia regime of Prime Minister Maliki, whose goal is to suppress the Sunni and Kurdish population in Iraq.

Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Iran have multiple ethic groups in their countries and for the last 98 years these different governments have oppressed, arrested, and killed thousands from these groups. This is the background to what is happening in the Middle East in 2014.


Currently the world government has lost partial control over its grip on the world. Russia’s President Vladimir Putin is not happy with the way the Soviet Union broke apart. He is a former KGB officer, but he is also an opportunist and loves political power. Many Russians are nationalistic and bound to the Russian Orthodox Church. Putin has taken advantage of this patriotism and is riding this wave of euphoria.

Putin’s intelligence network was able to manipulate Edward Snowden into betraying most of the American intelligence operation and then defect to Russia. This has given Putin insight into the innermost secrets of the American government operations and he has used it skillfully. Barack Obama is a novice in international politics and Putin has made him a laughingstock around the world. Putin is constantly assessing world situations, and in order to strengthen his power, Putin has aligned himself with China economically and militarily. The Chinese might not like the Russians but personal feelings have to give way for political gain in the political chess game.

Vladimir Putin has openly refused to obey the world government and decided it was time to take back Crimea. Obama did the only thing he could do, make a lot of noise. The sanctions Obama imposed were not on the country of Russia but on certain individuals within the Russian government. Putin and his cronies are laughing and openly mocking Obama. To show Obama who is the boss, Putin told the United States that it will no longer sell its rocket engines nor can the U.S. rely upon Russia to supply the international space station. The American media has been quiet about reporting these events.

Russia has always wanted to have a bigger say in the Middle East and Putin embraced the Syrian dictator Bashar Hafez al-Assad to the anger of the American government. Thus, part of the trouble in the Middle East right now stems from Russia’s involvement.

Since the world government supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, they told Barack Obama to help propel them into power. When Mohamed Morsi was elected president of Egypt in 2012 and he began the destruction of Egypt, Obama ordered the state department to support Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood. The Egyptian people revolted against Morsi and had him ousted by the Egyptian military. This was not in the world government’s playbook and they instructed Obama to freeze all military aid to Egypt. The Egyptian military leadership knew that the United States could not be trusted. Putin watched all of this unfolding and offered to take over what the Egyptians had lost in aid from the U.S. Thus, this was yet another situation that Putin kept Obama from having any say in Egyptian politics.

The Russians have a seaport in Syria which they are using to ship in military equipment, some of which is going to what Obama calls “terrorists.”  

Russia has also been active in Iran, and while the U.S. and Israel are trying to stop the Iranians from getting a nuclear bomb, the Russians are collaborating to build more nuclear power plants in Iran.

Obama has moved slowly to help the besieged Iraqi government with air strikes against ISIS while Putin sent Russian fighter bombers to strike the ISIS forces advancing on Baghdad.

Thus we can see that Putin is on a roll and outmaneuvering Obama in most hot spots around the world.   


In order to understand the situation in Turkey, it is necessary to look back in history. After the death of Sabbatai Sevi in 1676, tens of thousands of Jews living in the Ottoman Empire converted to Islam, but secretly retained their Kabbalistic Judaism. They became known as “crypto Jews” and were known as the “Dönmeh” in the Ottoman Empire. The city of Salonika (Thessaloniki) in Greece, which was then part of Turkey, became their stronghold. The leadership of this group decided in 1908 to overthrow the Ottoman government and they did so through a movement called, the Young Turks.” Officially known as the Committee of Union and Progress, they succeeded and ruled the empire until the end of World War I.

When the victors from WWI were going to carve up Turkey as a spoil of war, a former army officer named Mustafa Ataturk founded the Turkish National Movemen, and received strong support from the Dönmeh.

The Entente in the west used the Greek army to subdue the revolt of the Turks and a war of independence was fought from 1918 to 1922. The Greek army was eventually defeated and driven out of the mainland of Turkey and Ataturk became the first president of the republic of Turkey. He transformed Turkey from an Islamic state to a secular state.

Turkey was neutral during World War II until the last few months when it joined the Allies. During the Korean War (1950-1953), Turkey sent 5,000 combat troops to fight the communist North. Turkey joined NATO in 1954 and has been a member for 60 years. A large portion of its officers have been educated in western nations, particularly the United States, and many high ranking officers were and are crypto Jews. As a result, Turkey became a friend of Israel with strong military ties.

This all ended with the election of Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan in 2003, who came from an Islamic coalition, the Justice and Development Party (AKP) that he had founded in 2001 while in prison on political charges. He was elected mayor of Istanbul in 1994, but he was arrested and sentenced to prison in 1997 for reading a poem at a public meeting in the Turkish province of Siirt. He was sentenced to ten months prison and banned from holding public office. As prime minister, Erdogan took revenge on his political enemies.

Erdogan knew about the ties with Israel and that many Turkish high ranking officers were in fact crypto Jews. He moved upon them as he blamed them for trying to take power through a coup. Many of them were sentenced to long prison terms and Erdogan solidified his hold on Turkey and started to reverse the trend of a secular state and made it more of an Islamic state. He also has a desire to extend Turkish influence over the territory lost after World War I.

Turkish laws are completely different than what we have in America. When the police arrest a person in Turkey, it is common to beat up the prisoner and use torture in order to get a confession. A Turkish court is more of a mock court where the judge is part of the political ruling elite and will sentence a person according to what his superiors tell him, blatantly disregarding the principles of justice.

The National Intelligence Agency (NIA) is the governmental intelligence organization of Turkey. It was established in 1965 to replace the National Security Service which was created in 1926.  Turkish intelligence is extremely effective and for years worked with the Mossad until Erdogan took power as prime minister. Turkish intelligence agents have infiltrated the CIA and the FBI by furnishing them with language translators, which was exposed in 2002 by the FBI translator Sibel Edmonds, who was born and raised in Iran. When the Islamic revolution took place, her parents first moved to Turkey and later to the United States. Even though Erdogan is not a friend of the United States, his government invests huge amount of money to lobbying in Washington D.C. and huge sums are spent on American senators and representatives for them to vote favorably on Turkish issues.[3]

Even though Turkey is a member of NATO, it refused to allow the United States to send troops through Turkey in 2003 when President Bush attacked Iraq. The Kurdish population in Turkey had fought a guerilla war for many years to force the Turkish government to cede the homeland of the Kurds and allow them to establish their own nation. They have a political party, the Kurdistan Workers Party, or PKK. Interestingly, the PKK had their bases in northern Iraq, which has a huge Kurdish population and its own military force known as the Peshmerga. This military force has been trained and equipped by the Mossad. The United States invited the Kurdish leaders in Iraq to attack the Iraqi army as the coalition forces attacked from the south.

The support of the Kurds infuriated both the Turkish and Iranian governments since the Kurds had pushed for independence in both nations.

Erdogan has never forgot this and is furious that the Kurds are about to establish their own nation in northern Iraq.


Syrian dictator Bashar Hafez al-Assad is not on friendly terms with Erdogan and his government. Assad remembers the close cooperation between Turkey and Israel since the 1950’s and when the Syrian people started to rise up against Assad. Turkey secretly aided the insurrection and allowed the Syrian opposition fighters to cross the border and have safe haven in Turkey. Every Middle Eastern leader knows that there is a lot of activity that happens behind closed doors and secret deals abound.


Tayyip Erdogan decided that he would like to see Bashar Hafez al-Assad toppled, but at the same time, he did not want Israel to gain from this coup. In order to deal a death blow to the Kurds and topple Assad, Erdogan gave orders for the Turkish military intelligence service to build a new fighting group in Syria which has become known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Just like France has its Foreign Legion, Turkey has created its own foreign legion. Fanatical Islamic jihadists from all over the world came to Turkey, received their training and were formed into fighting units. The official commander of this force, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, is from Iraq and a Sunni Muslim. Baghdadi was held in a prison run by the U.S. Army after the invasion but was later released. For some time he worked with Al-Qaeda, but as his organization grew and became more brutal, the Al-Qaeda leadership ousted them from their ranks.

Television videos show ISIS fighters driving around in new pick-up trucks with their black flags waving in the wind. Bearded men are shown holding up AK-47s and anti-tank weapons and we are told that these were the men that defeated the Iraqi Army at Mosul. But the real story is not being told by the mass media. How could some 5,000 ISIS fighters defeat four Iraqi combat divisions totaling 60,000 troops?

The Turkish military adopted a tactic from the American military invasion of Iraq in 2003. Prior to the invasion, the CIA used agents that they had secured years previously to contact key generals and colonels in the Iraqi Army. They were told that if they would not fight the American invasion and hold their troops back, they would be financially rewarded once Iraq had been secured by the United States. Many Iraqi officers realized they could not win a war with the United States and they betrayed Saddam Hussein and held back their troops at the onset of the invasion. The units that gave the Americans the most problem were the fanatical Iraqi Republican Guard units.

 Turkish intelligence agents employed a similar tactic when they moved into northern Iraq and started to contact the Iraqi military leadership and offered them a deal. If the Iraqi officers betrayed the Shia government in Bagdad, they would be paid well and have a secure future once the fighting ended.

When the ISIS fighters approached the large city of Mosul, almost all of the Iraqi officers vanished and left their units without leadership. When the rank and file soldiers realized that the officers had left, they panicked and also abandoned their positions, throwing away their weapons, taking off their uniforms and getting into civilian clothing; some fled to the south and some went to the north where the Kurds were in control.

There was an abundance of military equipment left by the Iraqi Army on their bases around Mosul and it all fell into the hands of ISIS. They are now in control of T-55 and T-72 tanks, Humvees, rocket and grenade launchers, field artillery, anti-aircraft guns, shoulder fired surface-to-air missiles, anti-tank missiles, body armor, transport airplanes,  light & heavy machine guns and millions of rounds of ammunition.

This equipment for four Iraqi divisions is now in the hands of ISIS and its Turkish military handlers. This is not obsolete equipment but what the American taxpayers paid to build up the Iraqi Army once Obama pulled out the last American soldier.

To keep an army in the field, there must be food, field kitchens, fuel trucks, field hospitals and water trucks since most of Iraq in the northwest is a desert. Thus behind the radical fighters are Turkish soldiers making sure that the ISIS fighters are supplied. Large amounts of American combat equipment has shown up in Syria where it is being used to fight Assad, the Hezbollah and the Iranian revolutionary guard.

How can young radical Muslim men from Yemen, Libya, Pakistan or any other nation possess the necessary skills to drive an American tank or other sophisticated military vehicles? How would they know how to load and fire a howitzer? How would they know how to fly a helicopter?

The average young radical fighter would never be able to do that without having first been trained. Military equipment taken from the area of Mosul showed up in Syria less than a week later. How did they drive these vehicles for hundreds of miles? Who drove the tanker trucks?

There are two possible answers to these questions:

1.      Turkish soldiers were brought in to operate the American equipment and train the radical fighters. Turkey is a member of NATO and most of its military hardware is from the United States.

2.      Iraqi soldiers defected to ISIS and were used to run the equipment. 

How do we know that Turkey is behind ISIS? If you go back for a couple of years and look at the uprising in Syria, we know that Syria’s southern border touches Israel and Jordan to the south, Iraq to the east, Turkey to the north and Lebanon to the west. From the beginning of the civil war in Syria, Turkey opened its border for refugees and allowed fighters to move back and forth. Lebanon is in the hands of Hezbollah, a Shia group. Jordan is a close ally with Israel and the United States, so the only way radical Muslim fighters could enter Syria was through Turkey, which has a large security agency, and no one can fly in and out of Turkey without its intelligence service knowing. The same holds true if someone comes in from a ship or from nations in the north.

Jordan is also taking in refugees but it also has training camps run by the CIA and American special forces are training Syrian insurgents who are not part of ISIS or Al Qaeda.

There is no question that ISIS is a Turkish foreign legion that has been unleashed in the region. Since Turkey adheres to the Sunni form of Islam, it will not align itself with Iran, which follows the Shia form of Islam. Thus the real motive in this fighting is between two different sects of Islam and their fight is as nasty as we saw between the Protestants and the Roman Catholics in Ireland.

ISIS is not only funded and supported by Turkey, it is also financially financed by Sunni Muslim governments of the gulf nations, which are small kingdoms around the Persian Gulf. Sunni Muslims consider the Shia Muslims to be infidels and want them eradicated from the earth. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi ordered his men to be ruthless and execute any Shia Muslim they captured. There have been hundreds of massacres of Shia's; ISIS videotaped them and posted them on the internet for two purposes. First, to make sure that their rich Sunni supporters would see evidence that they had gotten their money’s worth. Secondly, to put fear into the Iraqi Army, which they have succeeded in doing as they routed four Iraqi Army divisions and took Mosul and all of Western Iraq. The majority of the Iraqis are Shia Muslims and the current government in Baghdad is basically a Shia government.

ISIS is more than just a bunch of radical Muslims fighting infidels. They have a strong media department and know how to work the social media. In order to attract the Sunni population in the areas they control, ISIS is building roads, making sure that electricity is available and in general doing what a normal local government would do for its citizens. Radical young men cannot do such a thing and this is an example of skilled leaders who know how to run a nation. Where did they come from? I believe these are Turkish “advisors” who are taking care of this project.


Iran is a Shia state and they are not happy with the situation in Syria and Iraq. For a number of years Iran has been a supporter of the Assad regime and they are also supporting the Hezbollah group that operates out of Lebanon. The Iranian government has ordered Hezbollah units to enter the fight in Syria on the side of Assad, but they have also sent Iranian special forces to fight in Syria. Hezbollah has seen thousands of its men killed in the fighting and the families of these fallen soldiers are putting pressure on the Hezbollah leadership to stop supporting Assad.

For some time Iran also has supported the Palestinian organization, Hamas, but there was a fall out and Hamas and the PLO are currently sitting on the sidelines to see who is going to come out on top of this war.

Millions of Iraqis fled to Syria to get away from the violence in Iraq but the violence has followed them. Syrian refugees are flooding into Lebanon and Jordan by the millions and causing great strain on these governments.


There are no good options for the United States in the Middle East. The situation in Egypt has become calm and the relationships between Israel, Egypt and Jordan are stable. Tunisia has reverted to an Islamic state and the people who wanted to be set free are under a new totalitarian regime. Libya has fallen into a number of tribal factions and there is no strong central government.

Russia, Turkey, Iran and the Gulf States are playing with fire while they try to gain control over the region and eliminate the people they do not like. When I look at the world government, I see that they have decided to let the fire burn itself out and then move in and take control. In the meantime thousands of people are killed every day and hell is being enlarged with all these lost souls. Few of these people are born again believers in Christ. What we are witnessing now is a tragedy that should not be allowed and proves the world leaders are evil.

People are still talking about the horrible time of Nazi Germany and World War II but they do not see that the same kinds of atrocities are taking place today. Nothing has changed as the demons of war are let loose once again.

People living in the West are paying more money for gasoline and this is about the only pain we are experiencing. If an organization like ISIS gets desperate and is able to get their hands on weapons of mass destruction, they could in desperation attack Israel, which in turn would unleash a firestorm of nuclear weapons that could force Russia and Iran to act foolishly and unleash their nuclear weapons. If that happens, World War III would immediately break out.


On March 15, 2007, a group of Christian Turks with financial sponsors from the West started a television channel called Hayat. The main advisor was the Swedish Pentecostal evangelist, Tore Pansell, who also has worked as a Christian radio and television director in Sweden and Denmark. Even though he was told that it was impossible to get access to television channels in Turkey, and even if they did, no Turk would dare to show his face on television. God gave them a miracle and today this Christian station is broadcasting 24/7. This work cannot be compared with Christian television networks in the United States since it is the pure Gospel with no hype or push for money.

Hayat is being led by the Holy Spirit and there is divine wisdom behind the whole ministry. It is a satellite broadcast and most people in the Middle East have their own satellite dishes and do not need a cable network. There is no ownership of this ministry, they do not have any headquarters and thus cannot be bombed. Hayat is a network of different ministries like the Swedish mission organization “Ljus i Oster” (Light in the East), the Swedish Pentecostal Broadcasting network IBRA, plus many others in different nations. There are a number of studios in Turkey and in other nations where the programs are filmed. Most of the programs are made by Turks, but they are utilizing some American programs like Charles Stanley. Other mission organizations are paying for satellite airtime.

Currently programs are also made by Christians from Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, but the majority of the programming is in Turkish. In 2013, the response to the station was around 775 persons per month, who contacted the ministry asking for prayer, Bibles, directions to local churches and most of all for salvation. Once the programs have aired, they are posted on their website and some 748,000 persons downloaded videos in 2013.

Thousands of Muslims are coming to Christ and the number of Christians is increasing in every nation in the Middle East despite the wars and the hate that is going on.

Here is just one testimony that was conveyed by the Swedish Mission Organization, Ljus i Oster:

“A Muslim man from Turkmenistan who lived in Iran had become a leper. The family isolated the man and put him in a small house on their property. To entertain him, they gave him a television and a satellite dish. As he was surfing for different programs, he came across the Hayat channel and began to watch the different programs. After some time he accepted Jesus as his Lord and Saviour and was saved. One day the leprosy vanished as Jesus healed him. A friend of this man reported the healing to Hayat. His family reacted violently, and instead of rejoicing over his healing, they kept him isolated because they now believe he has gone insane.”[4]

A number of different mission organizations to the Muslim nations continue to report how thousands of Muslims are awakened in the middle of the night with a vision of Jesus and accepting Him as their Saviour. As a result, they seek out Christians or churches to get Bibles and be further instructed in the Christian faith. Many are contacting the Hayat channel to get started in their Christian life.

As the Devil and his fallen angels are devastating the nations in the Middle East, God is also at work and harvesting souls. If the awakening among the Muslims continues, it could be that in time Christians will outnumber Muslims and the wars will stop. Let us pray that this will happen.

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