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The demons of war have struck again and this time the crew and passengers of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, en route from Amsterdam, Holland to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I believe it was shot down by a Russian BUK missile on July 17, 2014 as the plane was flying over Eastern Ukraine.[1] The BUK missile system is a Russian mobile platform requiring a multi-person crew to operate. There is a war in Eastern Ukraine, as Russia has been arming and supporting pro-Russian separatists living in Ukraine to rebel against the Ukrainian government. These Russian rebels are trying to take over Eastern Ukraine and merging it with Russia just as previously done with Crimea earlier this year.


The Russian separatists have been trained and equipped by Russia, the instigator of the uprising in Eastern Ukraine. Russia has special forces that are the equivalent of the United States Green Berets and Navy Seals.  These Russian special forces are not only instructing and training the rebels but they are also part of the fighting as the Ukrainian government tries to take back the eastern Ukraine.

The Russian rebels shot down a number of Ukrainian air force planes in the month of June, but it was done with shoulder launched surface-to-air missiles that have a maximum ceiling of 20,000 feet. Flight MH17 was flying at an altitude of 33,000 feet, which meant that it could only be shot down by a larger BUK missile.


There are thousands of airline flights every day all over the world. Specific flight routes have been assigned to each airline company as they fly over different countries to reach their destinations. A flight plan has to be filed prior to an airplane taking off. It tells airport officials where the flight originates and every air controller of the different nations over which it will fly is made aware of it. Thus, with flight MH17, a flight plan had to be filed with controllers in Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Russia and every other nation along the flight route. Russian air controllers knew exactly when the airliner would enter Russian airspace. Since air traffic controllers are state employees, Russian Air Force command would also be privy to information about this flight over Russian air space.


Any high flying aircraft must be spotted on radar before it can be shot down. The Russian rebels in Eastern Ukraine do not have a radar system and rely upon Russia to scan the skies for them. Russian military radar operators detected flight MH17 approaching from the west and this information was relayed to a Russian officer on duty. Since the airliner was scheduled to fly over a war zone, that information was then given to a Russian GRU intelligence officer, who was in command of the skies over Eastern Ukraine.

There are now two possibilities as to why Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down:

1.      The GRU officer had standing orders to shoot down any aircraft flying over the war zone.

2.      The GRU officer was on the payroll of a foreign intelligence service who wanted the airliner shot down.

Airliners travel at a speed of 550 miles per hour, which calculates to 9.17 miles per minute. It would have been at least four minutes from the time the order was given to shoot down the airliner and the time the BUK missile would hit it. Within that time frame, flight MH17 would have traveled 37 miles.

This is the reason the downing of the airliner was not an accident but a deliberate decision. Once the GRU officer made the decision to shoot down the airliner, orders were sent to the officer in charge of the missile battery to make preparations for this diabolical act. Russian radar operators had to keep the airliner on their screens and this data was downloaded to the missile battery operators and fed into the targeting computer system. The missile had to be directed to a position where flight MH17 would be at the time of contact and only a targeting computer could accurately figure out the triangulation.

The theory that a rogue Russian rebel happened to fire a missile and hit the airliner is simply impossible.  I believe the missile was fired on the direct order of Russian military controllers.


Have the Russians previously shot down a commercial airline? Yes, they did so on September 1, 1983, when a Soviet SU-15 fighter jet was sent up by the Soviet air command over Siberia with orders to shoot down an airliner which had strayed into Soviet air space. The fighter pilot made eye contact with the airliner and reported that it was Korean Air Lines flight 007 on its way from Anchorage, Alaska to South Korea. Nevertheless, the order came back from the Soviet air command to shoot down the airline.

The pilots on KAL 007 managed to control the aircraft after it was hit and made an emergency landing close to the Soviet shoreline. The aircraft did not break up  and Russian navy ships rushed to the landing site and were able to remove the passengers to safety, and once they had unloaded the airplane, it was towed out to sea and sunk. In order to cover up their crime, the passengers were sent to the prison gulags in the Soviet Union and Yuri Andropov officially denied that the plane had been shot down.

Yuri Andropov Boris Yeltsin

Russian President Boris Yeltsin turned over the tapes from the black boxes and additional official correspondence between the KGB and Kremlin leaders in a goodwill gesture to South Korea during a visit to Seoul on November 18, 1992. Thus there is evidence the Soviet leadership lied when they denied shooting down Korean Airlines flight KAL 007.


Who would benefit from the downing of Malaysian flight MH17? There are three countries that benefited from this senseless crime: Ukraine, Turkey and Israel.

Is it possible that the Ukrainian government was behind the downing of flight MH17? The evidence doesn’t support that theory. Ukraine at this time has invited a number of Western Intelligence services to help them such as the American CIA, the British MI6 and the Israeli Mossad. Special Forces from these three countries are there too and no Ukrainian military leader could have staged a shoot down without being found out. The theory that the Ukrainian government tried to shoot down Vladimir Putin’s airplane as Russia claimed when it traveled over the Ukraine at the same time is not true, since Putin had previously forbidden Russian airliners were to fly over Ukrainian air space, including his own presidential jet.

Turkey has created its own foreign legion known as ISIS and it must have been a relief for Turkey not to have ISIS forces shown every night on the evening news in the United States.


To normal people, the events that the secretive world government orchestrates will not make sense unless you understand their motives. The end goal for the world government is to achieve total control over the world and have their leader installed as a sovereign monarch. The Bible speaks of this man as the Antichrist or the Beast; Jerusalem will be the city from which the Man of Sin will rule. Therefore, Israel and the city of Jerusalem is sacred ground for the world government. They were able to take control of half of Jerusalem in 1948 and the remainder fell into their hands in 1967. It is therefore important to understand that Israel and Jerusalem will always be the epicenter for the world government.

In 1956, the world government moved against Egypt and its leader, Gamal Nasser, who had taken power through a coup. After he had forced far reaching land reforms in 1953, he proceeded to take steps to nationalize the Suez Canal and drive out the International Suez Canal Company. This infuriated the world government and plans were made to invade Egypt and dispose of Nasser.

Planning for this event started in January of 1956 and involved Britain, France and Israel. In order to conceal the real purpose of the attack, it was agreed that Israel would attack Egypt and secure the Sinai Peninsula and take control of the canal. British and French forces would then intervene and take over the canal in order to “force” Israel to withdraw and save Egypt from its neighbor.

The United States was officially kept out of the planning and the conspirators knew that once war had broken out, the United States and the Soviet Union would turn to the United Nations and demand a cease fire. This has been a standard practice since 1948.

The world government knew that it would have no more than a week to wage war and it needed a diversion. President Dwight Eisenhower ordered the CIA to encourage and foment an uprising in Hungary, which at that time was being occupied by the Soviet Union.

This was the time of the cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union, and the CIA was using American radio broadcasting facilities of Voice of America to send “truth” to the people under Soviet rule. CIA agents operating in Hungary met and encouraged people who wanted to kick out the Russians to form a resistance movement in order to rise up and drive out the Russians. Thousands of Hungarians of all ages were recruited and the date for the revolution was set to October 23, 1956.

The Hungarian revolutionary leadership was promised that the United States would recognize the new government as soon as the Soviets were driven out and the U.S. would supply them with arms and supplies.

The uprising started on October 23rd and in just a few days, the Communist régime collapsed and a new free government was formed. The whole world was focused on Hungary and people in western nations were cheering that the Soviets were finally being kicked out of Eastern Europe.

Israel invaded the Sinai Peninsula on October 29th and raced toward the Suez Canal, but the world’s attention was kept focused on Hungary as the Soviet Union mobilized its army.

The world government’s plan was working and once Israel reached the canal, British and French forces intervened under the pretense to save the canal drive and back the Israeli’s. These troops would remain and safeguard the canal for international shipping.

As predicted, the United Nations demanded a cease fire and the fighting in Egypt ceased on November 7, 1956.

Nikita Khrushchev ordered the Hungarian uprising to be crushed, and on November 10th, just three days after the cease fire in Egypt, the last freedom fighter was killed and the blood bath began as soldiers of the Red Army and the dreaded KGB arrested, tortured and killed thousands of Hungarians.

The Hungarian leadership had desperately contacted the United States and asked for the help just as they had been promised once the uprising had begun. President Eisenhower turned a deaf ear to their cries for help and allowed the Soviets to butcher the Hungarian people.

Sadly, there had never been a plan for the United States to help the Hungarian freedom fighters. They were merely used to divert attention from the war in Egypt and what transpired in 1956 is unknown to the majority of the people in the world today.

The world government is counting on the fact that people will forget what has happened in the past, allowing them to repeat their dastardly activities over and over again.


The BUK missile launcher was obviously manned by a Russian trained officer and a crew of soldiers. The order to fire the missile was given from someone within the Russian intelligence service (GRU). Was it a rogue GRU officer who had his own agenda or was he on the payroll of the World Government? Could it be that some world government controlled intelligence service had access to the Russian communication lines and sent a bogus order? Every nation in the world has moved into the cyber war that rages all over the world. Each government has its own defense forces to protect their computer systems and at the same time they have hackers which are used to infiltrate other nations’ computer systems.


The murder of the passengers on Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 is a nightmare for President Vladimir Putin who now has to deal with the fallout. The media has posted images of dead bodies laying in the fields and decaying, drunk Russian rebels guarding the disaster area and hindering international inspectors from getting on site to start an investigation. Valuables such as credit cards, cash, watches, jewelry, cell phones have been removed from the dead passengers.

Badly decomposing bodies were carted away in body bags, thrown onto the back of trucks and driven to a train with refrigerated railroad cars that broke down after a few days and could not keep the bodies frozen.

These images have been burned into the minds of the people throughout the world and their respect for Russia is gone; instead, the world population looks with disdain upon Putin and his wars in Crimea and Ukraine. In the meantime, the war between Israel and Hamas perpetuates and the civilian casualties continue to rise.

I am sure that Putin is cursing the world government and the crew that launched the missile will be killed so they can never tell what really happened. On a side note, most of the U.S. Navy seal team that took out Bin Laden, did not live long after that. A fiery helicopter crash over Afghanistan got most of them killed. This fits the slogan of every intelligence service in the world: Dead men do not talk!


There was little resistance from the Ukrainian armed forces when Putin ordered the Russian military to invade Crimea. The interim government in Kiev had taken over after the ouster of the pro-Russian president Viktor  Yanukovych and they did not have the full support of the Ukrainian armed forces. Yanukovych appointed many ethnic Russian officers to high leadership positions in the army, navy and air force, and they refused to resist the Russian military takeover of Crimea. However, things began to change with the election of President Petro Poroshenko on May 25, 2014. As soon as he took office, Poroshenko turned to the West for help and ordered ethnic Russian officers to be relieved of their duties and replaced with ethnic Ukrainians whose loyalties would be to the Ukraine.

Viktor  Yanukovych Petro Poroshenko

In order to rebuild the Ukrainian army, Poroshenko invited special forces from the United States, Great Britain and other European NATO countries to send in a number of highly trained officers and soldiers to work with the army and air force. Most likely there is a large detachment of American Green Beret troops that are part of this operation. The Ukrainian armed forces are going from a rag tag army to a fierce fighting force that has been able to drive back the Russian backed rebels. The Ukrainian air force has lost more than 25 aircraft since Putin has ordered his forces to use Russian radar and anti-aircraft batteries to shoot them down.

As of July 28th, the Ukrainian army has pushed deep into Eastern Ukraine and is close to taking control of the MH17 crash site. The question remains if Putin is willing to allow his Russian rebels to be defeated? If he is determined to save them, the only option is to invade Eastern Ukraine with Russian ground troops. The war in Gaza is a gift to Putin that serves as a diversion for his diabolical plans for the Ukrainian people.


What is not being reported in the media is that the area Putin is trying to annex in Eastern Ukraine is the home of several coal mining operations employing more than 500,000 miners and workers to process the coal, electrical plants supplying a large percentage of electricity in Ukraine and steel mills which are a large part of the country’s export. If Putin is able to wrestle this area away from Ukraine, it will cripple the economy of the nation. 

Russian rebels have looted a number of coal mines for explosives to be used in their war against the Ukrainian army. The result is that many of the mines have shut down and this affects the coal supply for the electric power plants and threatens to shut down the steel mills.

The country of Ukraine is bankrupt and has received an emergency loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) of 17.1 billion dollars spread out over a two year period, but the war is draining these funds very quickly. The situation is so dire that some of the oligarch mine owners are personally financing a number of Ukrainian army battalions.

Almost all work has stopped in eastern Ukraine as the banks have closed and people have no money to buy food or pay rent. Hundreds of thousands of people have left the cities to escape the fighting.

Putin is well informed about the financial situation in Ukraine and knows that he can bleed the Ukrainian government to death by stringing out the fighting and force it to remove its army and cede the area to Russia. Since the United States and its western allies refuse to send ground troops to help fight the Russians, the only hope for the Ukrainian government is to quickly defeat the Russian rebels.


There is no end in sight with the war between Israel and Hamas. As of this writing, it is day 21 of fighting and 1,065 Palestinians have been killed and 6,200 have been wounded, most of them civilians. Israel has suffered the death of 48 soldiers and 3 civilians.

The Israeli security department, Shin Beth, over the years has recruited thousands of Palestinians to be spies for Israel. This is how the Israelis know what locations to bomb and where the Hamas operatives live and work. Hamas security people have worked overtime to ferret out the Israeli spies, and during the 21 days of fighting, they have executed 30 Palestinians for supposedly working with Shin Beth.

The damage to homes and infrastructure in the Gaza strip is widespread as entire neighborhoods have been destroyed. The damage to property in Israel is minor, but the entire population of Israel has endured psychological damage due to the constant incoming rocket fire and people are having to drop everything and find a bomb shelter.

The Western television networks scramble every day to cover the wars in Ukraine and Gaza and present the usual news that the American people are shown every day. Both Israel and Hamas are using social media to give their view on the fighting and depict gruesome pictures in order to win the competitive public relations war.

WHAT IS THE PLO?          

War broke out in May of 1948 when the Jewish leadership in Jerusalem announced the founding of the State of Israel. The United States and the Soviet Union jointly sponsored the new state at the United Nations and weapons and money were sent to the newly formed country to fight the invading Arab nations. Israeli forces were able to defeat the Arab armies during fierce battles and they also drove out millions of Palestinians from the newly formed territory into Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt.

The governments of these nations did not want to absorb the refugees and kept them close to the borders of the new Israeli state to use as collateral in future wars with Israel. The sad predicament of the refugees was that they could not go back to their homes in Israel nor could they leave the refugee camps. As the children of the refugees grew older, they were exploited by intelligence agents from the Arab nations and taught to hate all Jews.

When Israel attacked Egypt in 1956, the Arab propaganda machine used this event to instill more hate in the minds of Palestinian refugees and their ever growing number of children.

Yasser Arafat was a radical young man born in Egypt in 1929 who decided to start a movement to liberate the Palestinian refugees in 1964. His father had been born in Gaza but had settled in Egypt. He was sponsored by the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, a radical Sunni Islamic group. The group eventually became known as the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), and as it grew in number, it consisted of seven factions. Arafat was the leader of the Fatah group which came to dominate the PLO.

Since they did not have the means to attack Israel militarily, they became known as a terrorist group, hijacking airliners and placing bombs at shopping centers, bus and railroad stations. Arafat had his own special forces named “Black September” and they were responsible for bloody attacks on civilian targets. A commando unit from Black September traveled to Germany in 1972 where the Olympic Games were being held in the city of Munich. They stormed the place where the Israeli Olympic team was lodged and took them hostage. Eleven members of the Israeli Olympic team were murdered after failed negotiations. As a result, it put the PLO on the front page in every nation.

In 1974, Arafat and his leaders tried a new approach to Israel when he declared himself to be the sole spokesman for the Palestinian refugees. Lebanon was where the PLO set up its headquarters.

Yasser Arafat announced a Palestinian state in 1988 and also officially recognized the State of Israel. This led to the Oslo Accords in 1993 at the capital of Norway in which Israel agreed to limited self rule by the Palestinians in the West Bank and the Gaza strip. Present at the signing ceremony in Oslo was Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, President Bill Clinton and Yasser Arafat. Israel agreed to dismantle all settlements in the Gaza strip and turn the land over to the PLO, but negotiations were not resolved and have continued over Jewish settlements in the West Bank. 

Arafat was financed in the 1980s by Iraq, Libya and Saudi Arabia. In turn, Arafat unintentionally became the biggest fundraiser for Israel. Every time he uttered a threat against Israel, the Jewish lobby in Washington D.C. called on the president and congress to immediately approve emergency funding to defend itself against possible PLO attacks.

Arafat was a shrewd political opportunist and in 2003, it was determined that he had personal control over 10 billion dollars that had been invested in different corporations in the West. He used this money to pay the people in leadership and for security personnel to make sure that he was protected and able to fend off any assassination attempts.

Yasser Arafat became ill on October 25, 2004. He was picked up by a French military aircraft and flown to Paris, where he was admitted to a military hospital. He died in the hospital on November 11, 2004; the cause of death was listed as a stroke.

Following his death, it is obvious that something was being kept from the public since the PLO leadership refused to release Arafat’s medical records to the media and his wife refused to have an autopsy done on the body. The absence of Arafat opened the door for Hamas to enter the scene.


Hamas is an acronym for “Islamic Resistance Movement of the Sunni denomination of Islam. It is a militant organization and it has also weaved radical Islamic ideas into its political platform. It was founded in 1987 during the first Palestinian uprising (Intifada) against Israel. Radical agents from the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood recruited Palestinians in the different Middle East countries to join this new movement that called for the destruction of Israel, which was to be replaced by an Islamic State that encompassed all the land that is Israel, including the Gaza strip and the West Bank.


The thinking of the Zionistic leadership has always been to try to divide the enemy into two factions and pit them against each other. When one group seems to be losing, the Mossad enters the fray and bolsters the weaker group until they are equal strength again. Even though Hamas hates Israel, the Mossad was given orders to work behind the scenes and weaken Arafat’s political organization, Fatah, and build up Hamas.

Parliamentary elections were held in January of 2006 and Fatah was defeated. With Hamas in control of the Palestinians, an ultimatum was issued to the new government by the United States, the United Nations, the European Union and Russia. In order for Hamas to receive future financial assistance, the new Palestinian government must refrain from all violence, they had to recognize the State of Israel and abide by all previous agreements worked out under Arafat’s leadership.

The Hamas leadership rejected the demand, declared war on Fatah and a bloody civil war took place in 2007. The PLO and its political wing of Fatah were driven out from the Gaza strip and it was taken over by Hamas.

Mahmoud Abbas, the successor to Arafat and the PLO, controls the West bank while Hamas is in control of the Gaza strip. The Israeli leadership has been able to split the Palestinians and weaken them.

Once Hamas killed or drove out the PLO from the Gaza strip, Israel and Egypt declared a joint economic blockade on Gaza and all entries in and out of Gaza was controlled by Israeli and Egyptian military forces. The coast of Gaza has been blockaded by the Israeli navy


The uprising in Egypt changed the political landscape in the Middle East when President Mubarak was forced out of office on February 11, 2011 and replaced with a military junta. It is important to point out, that Egypt and Israel have had a peace agreement since March 26, 1979, when the Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin and Egyptian president Anwar Sadat met at the White House in Washington D.C. at a meeting hosted by President Jimmy Carter. Since that time, the United States has financed both the Israeli and Egyptian armed forces.

Menachem Begin Anwar Sadat Jimmy Carter Mohamed Morsi

Barack Obama and the people who control him were dissatisfied with this peace agreement and the State Department was ordered to support the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood in the upcoming elections in Egypt. As a result, the Muslim Brotherhood won the election, and on June 20, 2012, it announced that its candidate Mohamed  Morsi was the new president. This was the first time that a radical Islamic Muslim had been the head of Egypt and Obama and his cronies were happy to congratulate this radical Muslim on his election success.

The Egyptian economy has been weak for many years since the 2011 revolution and a number of Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia, have been subsidizing Egypt. Morsi is a sworn enemy of Saudi Arabia and the other oil rich emirates and it caused wide scale unemployment when the supply of money was cut off, which in turn made the people furious and fueled the uprising against him. As Morsi attempted to tighten his grip on Egypt and enforce stricter Sharia law, the people revolted a second time and Morsi was forced out of office on July 3, 2013. During his one year reign, he opened the border to Gaza and allowed Iran and North Korea to send in long range rockets, military hardware and ammunition. Israel’s leadership was furious but received no help from the United States. Barack Obama froze military assistance to Egypt and cancelled all scheduled weapon deliveries. He used the resources of the United States to stop Egypt from getting rid of the Muslim Brotherhood and the people who understood the evil of Islam were elated when Egypt weathered the U.S. boycott and elected a new president in May of 2014.           

Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is the new Egyptian president who took office June 8, 2014. He held the post as Commander-in-Chief of the Egyptian military forces before his election. As a result, the co-operation between Egypt and Israel has been renewed and when Hamas began its missile attacks on Israel, Egypt sealed the border with Gaza and all efforts to resupply Hamas have been halted.

President el-Sisi is more than happy to see Hamas destroyed, much to the chagrin of the Obama administration.

Hamas will eventually run out of the rockets supplied by Iran and the tunnels they have dug under the border to Israel will be destroyed.


Hamas is a radical Sunni Islamic sect of the same type as ISIS in Syria and Iraq. The leadership has no respect for human life except for their own lives. They are willing to sacrifice men, women and children as long as it will further their cause. This is the type of group that will train young people to become suicide bombers. They will send their fighters through tunnels to attack Israeli civilians, knowing full well that these fighters will be killed by the Israeli military. They oppress the people living under their rule and force them to pay taxes so the leadership can live well and afford to pay the security forces that protect them.

The leadership of Hamas knows they can never win militarily against Israel, so they devised a diabolical plan involving human shields that the Israelis would be unable to overcome.

For the last few years they have received rockets from Iran and they have set up their mobile rocket launchers next to hospitals, schools and in suburban city blocks.

Command centers were located in the basements of hospitals, schools and mosques. Before Hamas fired the first rockets at Israel, all political and religious leaders left their homes and took up residence in their command centers. Their military officers moved their families into hiding, knowing that Shin Beth knew where they lived and would bomb their houses.

Rifles, rockets, mortars and  ammunition and were placed in hospitals, schools, mosques and tunnels. The goal was to make the Israeli government so angry that they would go to any length to destroy Hamas.

The Israeli intelligence service Shin Beth knew of all of this, and if you remember hearing it on the news, the Israeli military command dropped leaflets which called for Palestinian families to leave their homes because they would be bombed. Hamas countered by ordering the civilian population in Gaza to stay put and refuse to flee.

The only way Hamas could win over the Israelis would be to goad Israel to bomb civilian targets and cause death and destruction, particularly to children, and turn the world opinion against them.

The sad thing is that Hamas is winning this war as pictures of bloody children laying in hospital beds and stretchers are posted on social media sites and every television network around the world.

Hamas fighters will set up their mortars and grenade launchers in school yards, next to a hospital or in a middle of a neighborhood. So far they have been able to kill some 60 Israeli soldiers. It causes great stress on Israeli officers and there is a moral dilemma when the Hamas fighters open fire on their troops. Do they order their men to return fire and risk harming the civilian population or just take the incoming fire and allow some of their soldiers to be killed?

Hamas is committing war crimes by using the civilian population as a human shield. Worse yet, the leadership of Hamas wants as many women and children as possible to be killed so they can present gruesome videos for the television networks to show in Western Europe and North America.

Hamas is ruled by the Political Bureau consisting of 15 men. Its current chairman is Khaled Mashal, who was born in 1956. None of these men dare to live in the Gaza strip since Shin Beth has infiltrated the Gaza strip with its paid informers. Israel  killed the spiritual leader of Hamas, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin on March 22, 2004. He was a quadriplegic who was almost blind. He was executed as he was wheeled out from the mosque after his usual morning prayer. An Israeli AH-64 Apache helicopter was waiting for him and fired a Hellfire missile that killed Yassin, his two bodyguards and nine civilians.

Khaled Mashal Ahmed Yassin Abdel Aziz al-Rantisi

On April 17, 2004, the co-founder of Hamas, Abdel Aziz al-Rantisi, was driving in his car in the Gaza strip when a Hellfire missile hit his car and killed all the occupants.

Regardless of how bad these men were, they were assassinated by Israeli pilots using helicopters and missiles paid for by American taxpayers.

When Khaled Mashal replaced al-Rantisi, he and the other 15 members of the Political Bureau realized that they could not live and govern from the Gaza Strip. They relocated to Damascus, Syria, but when the civil war broke out in Syria, they moved their operation to Qatar in 2012. From time to time American television networks travel to Qatar to conduct interviews with Mashal.

Qatar is the richest Arab nation in the Persian Gulf and has world class cities, hotels and golf courses. The people living there bask in luxury. It is from this posh place that the Hamas leadership plots their moves in the war with Israel. While the people in Gaza are suffering immensely, these men play their chess game and feel no pain.

Qatar is ruled by the Al Thani family, who is the main financial supporter of Hamas. The family plays all sides in the Middle East and the United States Central Command for the region is located at a U.S. Naval base in Qatar. 

The leaders of Hamas are cowards; they have hidden themselves and their families in bunkers, while the Palestinian people are exposed to death.


The House of Representatives passed a spending bill on July 31st that would transfer 225 million dollars to Israel to pay for the resupply of expended Iron Dome missiles. The House is controlled by Republicans and it is rare that the Democrats and Republican can agree on anything, yet the bill passed with 395 “yes” votes and only 8 “no” votes. This bill was passed on Thursday and Barack Obama signed it on August 4th. It is important to note that there is no gridlock in passing bills which benefit Israel.

During the current war with Hamas, the U.S. designed and built Iron Dome missile defense system has been able to destroy 98% of all incoming missiles. Israel has nearly depleted its supply of missiles and sent word to the Israeli lobby in Washington D.C. that they desperately needed to be resupplied or the Hamas missiles would rain destruction on the Israeli cities.

The majority of Congressmen know that bucking the Israeli lobby is the same as committing political suicide. Only eight brave congressmen dared to say no.

The bill transfers 225 million dollars to Israel to pay for the resupply of missiles. This means that the United States taxpayers have to pay 225 million dollars to defend Israel. In a time of a unemployment of 6.1%, the border crisis with Mexico and a huge number of Americans who are living below the poverty level, American political leaders are handing out cash as if it was candy to Israel, but when it comes to its own population, funds are cut to help the poor, pay for highway repairs and extending unemployment benefits.


Barack Obama and the Democratic Party benefitted immensely from the airline disaster. They were elated when the television networks no longer talked about Benghazi, the IRS scandal and the horrible situation with the Veterans Hospital Administration or about the border disaster with Mexico with thousands of children coming across without parents.

To Obama and his cronies, the war in the Middle East and the downing of the airliner was a gift. The problem is that this gift was from the Devil and in time he will demand a payment from them.

Just a few days ago one of the television networks interviewed a political expert that happened to be a former CIA official. He seemed to be uncomfortable as he stated that he had never seen so many crisis’ at one time as now and wondered if the president could possibly handle them all. The answer is resounding “no,” Obama is not able to handle them all and the result is chaos in all the troubled spots around the world.


Outside of Christ there will never be a solution to the wars in the Middle East until Jesus returns to set up his thousand year kingdom.

Most of the Jewish leadership in Israel are atheists and do not believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The majority of the Jewish people in Israel strongly reject Jesus as their Messiah, and according to the New Testament, they are of their father the Devil and cursed.

The Palestinian leadership consists of radical Muslims and the majority of the Palestinians are Muslims as well. The religion of Islam rejects Jesus as the Son of God and thus all Muslims are just as cursed as the Jews. What we are seeing in the Middle East are two Satanic groups fighting each other and sending each other to hell.


The reason that the world government can force political leaders to do their bidding is because the Christians refuse to believe there are conspiracies in the world. Incredibly, some Christian leaders do not even know the Antichrist system is prophesied in the Bible.

What the Christian community should do is make sure they are not ignorant of history because history tends to repeat itself. Churches need to be educated as to what is going on and they in turn need to share with unbelievers that there is a sinister world government that is causing all the political trouble in the world. If Christians do not take action, there will be more airline disasters, wars and mass killings.


The hexagram became known as the Seal of Solomon after he married the daughter of Pharoah, built an altar to Ashteroth and entered into Baal worship. Since then, usage has continued in Solomonic rituals of freemasonry. Long used in magic and witchcraft, the six-pointed star has been used as the chief symbol of worship to Moloch in burnt human sacrificial rituals. Used by Druids and astrologers, the six-pointed star has been used consistently in the occult, and was used by occultist Adolf Hitler during the holocaust. In more recent times, it has almost replaced the seven-branched candlestick given to the Israelites as an everlasting covenant. Is the 666 seen in the six-pointed star a sign of things to come? Continue >>


This book explains how the ancient Pharisees led Israel astray and how those same “blind guides” today continue to prejudice Jews against Christ and Christianity. Ted Pike demonstrates that Jewish opposition to the gospel, far from being over with in the book of Acts, continues today in movies, television, Jewish “civil liberties” groups, in anti-missionary laws in Israel, as well as explaining the only workable, Biblical solution to strife in the war-torn Middle East.

Continue >>


The Kaballah Series: Exposing the Hidden Secrets of the future World Government - John S. Torell


[1] There is another report that states the airliner was shot down by two fighter planes. https://tinyurl.com/bullet-holes


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