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It has been nine months since we mailed The Dove, Spring/Summer 1996. There was no Autumn or Winter issue, but praise the Lord Jesus Christ, we are now ready with the biggest and most power packed issue of The Dove we have produced so far.

The Holy Spirit has directed me, in a mighty way, to write an article concerning the Jewish people, the Christian Faith and the relationship between the two in the final years before the second coming of Jesus Christ. Once the article was finished, it became clear to us that what the Lord had given me was the final chapter to SHOWDOWN IN JERUSALEM, a series that I started several years ago, but was never able to complete.

For a number of years I have been labeled as an "anti-Semite" by some people, and most of them have not even bothered to find out why a person is labeled anti-Semitic and subsequently written off as a very bad person. In my article, Showdown In Jerusalem, I have documented very carefully how the Jewish community label people that they do not like.

Over the years I have had, and still have, Jewish friends who we cherish very much. We were introduced to the Baptism of the Holy Spirit by a lovely couple in Los Angeles. The man was Jewish, but had accepted Jesus as his Messiah. We spent many delightful hours in their home whenever we visited the Los Angeles area. The man that is servicing our cars and keeps them running is Jewish and received Christ as a young boy. A deep friendship has developed between this skilled auto shop owner and ourselves. Rev. Charles Halff is another Messianic Jew who has greatly blessed us. He is the one who helped us to be delivered out of the bondage of Christmas and idolatry. We now carry the book" The Truth About Christmas," with the first chapter written by Rev. Halff.

During the last year I have been on "The Henry Feinberg Show," hosted by this Messianic Jew and we have become very good friends. I was also a speaking guest on "the Roger Fredinburg Show," hosted by another Messianic Jew. There are several other American Jews who have received Christ and are in fellowship with me and our ministry.

The World Jewish leadership has compiled a list of Christian ministries which they have rated according to their ability to prevent them from sharing Jesus with Jewish people.

Here is the criteria for a Christian organization to be accepted by the Israeli Government and have access to the land of Israel and its government services:

  1. Keeping an unwritten "Gentlemen's Agreement" never to tell a Jewish person about Jesus and try to convert him to a personal faith in Jesus Christ.

  2. To be what has been coined "Christian Zionists" and strongly support the political State of Israel.

  3. Collecting money for Jewish causes, including promoting tourist travel to Israel, and helping to bring Jews back to Israel, particularly from the former Soviet Union.

There are a number of organizations in existence today which meet this criteria, and some of these are more "ZIONISTIC" than fanatically Jewish "Zionist."

This establishment is probably the most well known institution of its kind in Jerusalem. It has strong financial support from Pentecostals in the Scandinavian countries (one of the most prominent Swedish supporters is pastor Kjell Sjoberg from Stockholm, Sweden), from Evangelicals in Western Europe and from Pentecostal groups in the United States and Canada. The Embassy is publishing a newsletter called "Middle East Intelligence Digest," which is very supportive of Israel and very negative toward Arabic causes and the Islamic religion. The embassy has been heavily involved in raising money to bring Russian Jews to Israel and meets them at the airport with great celebrations, including handing them flowers.

The Embassy sponsors the annual Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem where thousands of Christians from all over the world come to celebrate and march in Jerusalem. It is also sponsoring concerts in Jerusalem celebrating the love for Israel.

Patterned after the set-up of the World Jewish Congress, this organization is dedicated to the support of the political State of Israel and to rally Christians around the world for this cause.

Mike Evans is an American Pentecostal Evangelist based in Texas. He has been active for some 18 years to promote Israel, teach prophecy and defend the political state of Israel. He is violently opposed to any peace agreement with the Palestinian people and advocates military force to suppress the Palestinians rather than give any land back to them. He was present in Oslo, Norway during the peace negotiations against which he led a protest. He currently sends out a newsletter called "The Jerusalem Prophecy Newsletter."

Pat Robertson is the "darling" of the Israeli American lobby. He often invites Israeli officials to appear on The 700 Club, his popular television program, to talk about tourism in Israel, the need to absorb Russian immigrants into Israel and other Israeli projects. Through The 700 Club he has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Russian resettlement in Israel. Ralph Reed, Pat's "side kick" boasts that Robertson lobbied against selling AWACs (airborn radar warning systems) to Saudi Arabia in the early '80s, and that he brokered the famed "conversion" of North Carolina Senator Jesse Helms from adamant isolationist to supporter of the foreign aid package to Israel. Reed says Robertson supports moving the United States embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. (Ralph Reed is the current leader of the Christian Coalition).

The "old" American pop singer and professed Christian (Boone is still working the clubs in Las Vegas) is considered a "quasi-official" spokesman for Christian tourism in Israel. In 1994 some 400,000 North Americans traveled as tourists to Israel and of these 60% were Christians. According to Ari Marom, co-director of the Tourism Ministry's Dallas office, the Israeli government is aggressively courting American Christians. Together with GEORGE OTIS, Pat Boone is a major player in the tourist industry of Israel.

was founded in the late 1950's by G. Douglas Young with offices in Jerusalem and Tulsa, Oklahoma. It is one of the largest non-Jewish providers of assistance for new immigrants in Israel. CHRISTIANS' ISRAEL PUBLIC ACTION CAMPAIGN

(CIPAC) is located in Washington, DC as the "only registered Christian lobby for strong US-Israel relations" and was founded by attorney Richard Hellman in 1989. Closely aligned with Jewish hard-line groups like "Americans For A Safe Israel," CIPAC worked hard in 1992 to secure US loan guarantees for Israel.

FAITH BIBLE CHAPEL is passionately pro-Israel and an adamantly "non-evangelistic" ministry led by George Morrison. They sponsor the International Singers and Dancers, whose programs of Israeli music and folk dancing spread a message of "unconditional love and support for Israel and the Jewish people."

FRIENDS OF ISRAEL GOSPEL MINISTRY, located in Westville, New Jersey, was founded in 1938. This ministry was dedicated to "opposing anti-Semitism, explaining the unique role of Israel in God's plan and encouraging Christians to pray for Israel." They produce a bimonthly magazine called "Israel My Glory." and broadcast its "Friends of Israel Today" radio program on some 80 outlets. The current (1995) executive director is Elwood McQuaid.

NATIONAL CHRISTIAN LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE FOR ISRAEL with an office in New York is a coalition of Catholics, mainline Protestants and Evangelicals under the leadership of the Catholic Nun, Sister Rose Thering. Activities include press releases, speaking engagements, tours of Israel, etc.

There are also Interfaith coalitions such as INTERNATIONAL FELLOWSHIP OF CHRISTIANS AND JEWS, founded in 1983 by Orthodox Rabbi Yechiel Eckstain to "promote a greater understanding between the Jewish and Evangelical Christian Communities." They sponsor a ministry called "ON WINGS OF EAGLES," whose chairman is PAT BOONE. He has raised $2 million from 15,000 donors for the United Jewish Appeal and the resettlement of Soviet Jews in Israel.

VOICES UNITED FOR ISRAEL is based in Kansas. Cofounder, Esther Levens, a former member of the national committee of the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee, says Voices United represents seven million Christians and three million Jews who joined to defend Israel. During the debate in 1981 over the pending sale of US AWAC's surveillance planes to Saudi Arabia, the AMERICAN- ISRAEL PUBLIC AFFAIRS COMMITTEE (AIPAC) director, Tom Dine, traveled to JERRY FALWELL'S headquarters in Lynchburg, Virginia, specifically to get THE MORAL MAJORITY'S backing. Mr. Dine asked Jerry Falwell to use his organization to lobby senators and congressmen against the sale and for an increase in financial aid to Israel.

I want to quote directly from a current Jewish source, the Jewish magazine MOMENT, October 1995. In an article entitled "CHRISTIAN ZIONISTS LOVE YOU TILL THE END OF TIME," Andrew Silow-Carrol writes: "Modern Christian Zionism's basic theology is 'dispensational premillenialism,' the belief, based on Biblical prophecy, that Jesus' Second Coming ensuing 1,000-year reign over Jerusalem will be preceded by the return of the Jews to the Holy Land . . . The prophecies culminate in a seven-year period -- the 'time of Jacob's trouble' (Jeremiah 30:7) -- that will begin in peace but end in the Battle of Armageddon. As a result of this cataclysmic war, only 144,000 'Israelites' will remain (12,000 from each of the 12 tribes) to acknowledge Jesus as the Messiah, along with the millions of gentile believers who had been lifted or 'raptured,' out of harm's way for the duration of Armageddon. Jews are central to this eschatology since they are the 'witness-people,' whose historical trials and triumphs are signs of God's plan for all mankind."

This assessment by the Jewish writer, Silow-Carrol, is very close to what is being taught in Christian circles today. The most prominent teachers of this theology are ARNO FROESE and HAL LINDSEY. During prophecy conferences held around the world, Froese and Lindsey and others like them are hammering in this teaching to the Christian community. Having access to prominent Christian television networks, they have moved millions of believers in Christ to embrace this viewpoint. Lindsey was a frequent guest on the old Jim and Tammy Bakker PTL network, and is often a guest of Pat Robertson (700 Club) and on Paul and Jan Crouch's television network (TBN).

Here is the assessment from Silow-Carroll: ". . . Despite being held by tens of millions, millennial beliefs had long been at the margins of American political and cultural life -- and of the political calculation of the American Jewish community. But thanks to Pat Robertson, whose religious and political activism are indivisible, premillennialism has entered the political mainstream."

Christian Zionists are now teaching that God has a different plan for the Jewish people so there is no need for them to receive Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour. Instead they stress that the "MORAL DUTY" of the Christians today is to support the political State of Israel at any cost and participate in relocating Jews from the former Soviet Union to Israel.

If God wanted to move all Jewish people back to Israel, why are not these Christian Zionists working as hard to help all Jews living in Western Europe and in North America move back to Israel?

One Christian ministry that has pulled out all the stops to move Russian Jews is the Swedish Pentecostal denomination, "LIVETS ORD," (Word of Life), based in Uppsala, Sweden and founded by a former Swedish State Lutheran Priest, ULF EKMAN. Mr. Ekman claims to have been born again in the late 1970's. He quit the Lutheran Church and went to Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he studied at Kenneth Hagin's Rhema Bible Institute. Having embraced the doctrine of E. W. Kenyon, which is taught at Rhema (that Jesus died spiritually and was taken to hell for three days and three nights where He was tormented by the Devil, and that the atonement for sins did not take place on the cross, but in hell), he went back to Sweden and has been able to build a very large ministry. Bringing in the "big guns" to his Bible School, like Benny Hinn, Lester Sumrall, Richard Roberts, R.W. Schamback and other well known American "charismatic pop" teachers, his movement has grown greatly, and his students, upon graduating, are planting churches all over the Scandinavian countries.

When the Soviet Union crumbled in the 1990's, Mr. Ekman assembled teams and began a very strong missionary outreach into large parts of the Soviet Union. It is very important to know that during the 1980's Ekman and his churches were treated like "pests" that had invaded Sweden, and because of his teaching on "Jesus Died Spiritually" he was rejected by the Evangelical community.

But shortly after his extensive outreach into the former Soviet Union, an alliance was formed between Ekman and the Swedish Jewish community, and suddenly the Swedish media switched over night and began to treat the Ekman move- ment with respect. Pentecostal leaders started to warm up to them and suddenly the Ekman group had become mainstream without having to change their theology.

Ekman and his group purchased a former American troop transport ship and totally refurbished it. The name of the ship was changed to "Jabotinsky" to honor the memory of the Russian Jew, Vladimir Zeev Jabotinsky, who formed the Jewish underground army "Haganah," operating in Palestine as a terrorist group until the foundation of the Jewish state in 1948. (An assassination squad from this group murdered the Swedish diplomat Berndadotte in 1948, when the latter was trying to negotiate peace in the Middle East).

According to Ekman's newsletter, the work to reach Russian Jews started in secret in 1987. Female dance groups were developed and learned to sing and dance to Israeli music. Jewish artists were recruited, among them the well known Jewish singer Dudu Fisher and American Jewish violin player Maurice Sklar. The first trip to Russia by these teams began in 1991, and the meetings were held in secular places so that the Russian Jews would not be scared away. At these meetings, representatives from Ekman's group tried, after the concerts, to convince Russian Jews to move to Israel and get a free trip on the ship Jabotinsky which would operate out of the Black Sea. Money would also be given to the Russian Jews to help them get to a sea port on the Black Sea. The Government of Israel provides all the legal paper work for each Russian Jew who wants to take this opportunity. Mr. Ekman stated very strongly that during their trip to Israel no Russian Jew would ever be spoken to about Jesus, and that the only mission was to ferry them to Israel.

According to Ekman, Russian Jews do not need Jesus, God has a special plan for them. This project that Ekman and his churches have undertaken is costing millions of dollars, which is being raised by the Christian community. Thus human resources and finances are being drained from the Christian community to bolster the White Jewish population in the State of Israel. Ekman and the Jewish leadership are constantly hammering home the slogan: "IF YOU BLESS THE JEWS GOD WILL BLESS YOU." That this is not found in the Bible does not bother Ekman one bit. His churches are flourishing and he is considered "A GREAT MAN OF GOD" with a very comfortable style of living. It takes a crew of 40 people to run the ship and Ekman calls them missionaries despite the fact that they are forbidden to do any missionary work.

Christian tourists are sucked into Israel like fish are sucked into huge commercial fishing boats and are being fleeced of their money. One of the big attractions is to be baptized in the river Jordan. The Israeli Government has constructed special places on the Jordan river where bus load after bus load of Christian tourists from the West are being led down in mass baptism, attended by slick attendants in white T-shirts and swim trunks. The fact that most of these Christians have been baptized in their home churches years ago does not slow down the fanatical Christian Zionists who are running these tours. According to the New Testament, a person is to be baptized once, not several times. But the commercial lure is here; this is the river Jesus used so come and be blessed by Jesus. The land of Israel and the river Jordan have been made into idols and are being merchandised. People are paying good money to get there, just like the "Elvis fans" are flocking to "Graceland Mansion" in the good old USA. Listen to what Jesus said: "For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect." (Matthew 24:24)

This prophecy of Jesus is being fulfilled at this very moment on the earth and the deception is massive. The leadership of the Christian Church has not only aligned themselves with the Great Whore (the Roman Catholic Church) BUT HAS ALSO EMBRACED THE PEOPLE OF THE ANTICHRIST using the greatest blasphemy possible. They collect money and do projects in the name of Jesus Christ, when in reality they are doing them in the name of Beelzebub.

You are now ready to read "Showdown in Jerusalem," the conclusion. Some people will say the article is too long with too many details. The Holy Spirit of God made me document each segment and lay precept upon precept, so that no man can ever say, "How do we know that this is true?"

The rest of the Dove will show you how massive the control of the Antichrist forces is today. But, at the same time, remember that God is also at work, AND HE IS MORE THAN POWERFUL, HE IS SUPREME! The Testimony by Mrs. Jane Thibedeaux will show you that there are no demons on this earth that do not have to obey when the name of Jesus is spoken in faith by a believer in Christ. After you have read this testimony, be sure to order the audiocassette so you can hear this testimony by Jane and her husband Jean for yourself.

Until the next time, MARANATHA!


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