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Genesis 6 Giants
Stephen Quayle

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Price: $39.00

What if everything you had been taught about ancient history turned out to be 90% false? What if you found out that the myths and legends of old were based on voluminous archaeological and skeletal finds that detail an alternate explanation and filled in the question marks and gaps in explaining “true” history?

Genesis 6 Giants provides you with the key to unlocking prehistory and ancient history and will make your question who keeps the truth hidden and why! Giants of superhuman strength, wisdom and cunning have littered the field of mythology and ancient civilizations. They are responsible for technology and evil, unimaginable by con contemporary man. The great architecture, temples and cities all owe their construction, celestial coordinates and massiveness to their influences.

For over 30 years I have been researching and investigating the influence and relevance of these “supernatural hybrids” known as Giants. It has become apparent to me and many others, through innumerable artifacts and historic records that an organized effort has been underway to conceal the reality of giants and their place in history. Most of the evidence, especially skeletal remains, that question the history status quo, conveniently disappear. Scholars; superficial explanations are not convincing when held up to the scrutiny of that which has preceded us. Their creed has been and remains to be “Don’t confuse me with facts and evidence as my mind has already been made up for me!”

Table of Contents

Part 1
Chapter 1: Creation
Chapter 2: Pre-Adamic Earth
Chapter 3: The Destruction of Angelic Civilization
Chapter 4: Pre-Adamic Science
Chapter 5: Angels and Giants
Chapter 6: Religions of Giants
Chapter 7: Once Were Giants
Chapter 8: Giants in the New World
Chapter 9: Giants in Europe
Chapter 10: Nothing New Under the Sun

Part 2
Chapter 11: Giants in North America
Chapter 12: Giants in South America
Chapter 13: Africa’s Giants
Chapter 14: Asian Giants
Chapter 15: Australian Giants
Chapter 16: British Giants
Chapter 17: Giants in Europe
Chapter 18: Giants in the Middle East

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