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michael hoffman, revisionist historian, independent history and research



We live in an era when the churches are almost completely besotted with a false gospel concerning “the Jews.” Both Roman Catholicism since the reign of Pope John XXIII and the fundamentalist Protestant churches since the late 19th century, promote a soul-killing theology of accommodation with Judaism. Much of this is based on racialism: the carnal awe in which contemporary Judaic people are adored as the alleged direct genetic descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. In the presence of this dogma of the flesh, the ecclesia appears to have lost its savor, and indeed even its reason for existence according to Christ’s initial mandate in Matthew 15:24. In our time the Judaic “lost sheep” have been abandoned to their sins, and even elevated above Christians as the teachers of a now hallowed rabbinic tradition. Jesus came first to save and convert the Jews, and after them, the gentiles. This was the doctrine of the Christian Church until the modern era of worldwide apostasy.

The true Church was motivated in its conversion efforts by a love for Judaic people which is wholly absent today, wherein an occult Jew hate is in full sway in papal Rome and Protestant fundamentalism. Only Jew-haters would insinuate that Judaic people are somehow redeemed by their race, when in fact they are doomed to eternal perdition without a saving faith in Jesus Christ, the fruit of which is obedience to His commands. What is the fruit of the unregenerate, Christ-hating rabbis?

The Roman Catholic Church has been haunted since the Renaissance by a Neo-Platonic undercurrent of Kabbalism and Talmudism which emerged from the shadows in the 20th century. Certain Protestant thinkers and the denominations they influenced were corrupted by the credit they paid to “rabbinic commentaries” and their esteem for rabbis such as Moses Maimonides, Judaism’s archetypal “sage” after Hillel - the same Maimonides who execrated Jesus Christ and His followers with incalculable rancor.

If we truly love the Jews then we will tell them the truth which the authentic Church has always proclaimed: they abandoned the Old Testament religion of Israel when they abandoned Jesus of Nazareth, the Messiah of Israel. In their sacred rabbinic texts, they denigrate Noah, Isaiah and even Abraham. They employ an exegesis of Scripture comprised of a superstitious leavening which pollutes and degrades the Word of God into a mere totem, whereupon man’s fantasies are projected and whereby those delusions are institutionalized.

The truth about the ancient Pharisaic sect was declared by Our Savior, recorded in the New Testament, taught by the apostles, the early Church, the Fathers of the Church and the saints. Yet, the modern zeitgeist has determined that this truth is now an embarrassment and must be derogated or denied altogether. The beguiling false doctrines exposed in the following pages are not an issue even for most conservative churchmen. Theirs is an advanced case of degeneracy brought on by panic at the mere thought of being considered a contender with the rabbis, in which case, they can kiss goodbye their career, respectability and bank account. By this fear they do ponere sub periculo - endanger the souls of them that are committed to their charge.

One encounters in almost any “conservative Christian” bookstore in America shelves groaning under the weight of tomes purporting to boldly unmask the religion of Islam, but not one slim volume will be found delving into the depravities of Orthodox Judaism, the religion which is the self-confessed ideological and spiritual heir of the Pharisees who persecuted Jesus Christ.

God willing, Judaism’s Strange Gods will help to inspire a revival of courageous preaching of the New Testament’s radical verities, and the admonishment of Judaism for its atrocious sins and errors, motivated by sincere love of our neighbor, whether Judaic or gentile, who might otherwise fall prey to the bondage of rabbinic self-worship, racial pride, dissimulation and subterfuge.


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