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Judaism's Strange Gods: Revised and Expanded
Michael Hoffman

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In Judaism’s Strange Gods, Christian scholar Michael Hoffman documents his provocative thesis that Judaism is not the religion of the Old Testament, but the newly formalized belief system of the Pharisees, which arose in Babylon with the commitment of the formerly oral “tradition of the elders” to writing, in the wake of the crucifixion of Israel’s Messiah and the destruction of the Temple.

Basing his findings on authoritative Judaic sources, Hoffman demonstrates that Judaism is a man-made religion of tradition of superstition, which represents the institutionalized nullification of Biblical law and doctrine.

Liberating the reader from the accumulated shackles of decades of misinformation, this book shows that Judaism’s god is not the God of Israel, but the strange gods of the Talmud and Kabbalah, and the racial self-worship they inculcate.

Christian bookstores are packed with tomes purporting to unmask the religion of Islam, but not one slim volume will be found delving into the depravities of Orthodox Judaism. Judaism’s Strange Gods corrects that imbalance with its fidelity to Biblical truth and the historic witness of the Church.

Revisionist history takes no sides and has no agenda. It ineluctably follows the truth wherever it leads, which is what makes it both an endlessly fascinating adventure, and a critically important constituent of the advancement of knowledge against the human tendency toward self-deception.” —Michael Hoffman

Table of Contents

Author’s Preface - vi
Introduction- 12
To the General Reader - 22
To the Judaic Reader- 25
To the Christian Reader - 37
Principal Sources of the Divine Law of Judaism - 62
Judaism’s Attack on the Prophets and Patriarchs- 92
Judaism’s Bible Code Nullifies the Word of God- 102
Loopholes and Escape clauses - 139
Lying -146
Bribery - 163
Contents of the Babylonian Talmud - 168
Warrant for the Murder of Gentiles - 193
Groundwork for Talmudic Courts- 209
Anti-Black Racism - 222, 278
Christians in the Talmud - 235
Judaism and Reincarnation- 282
Star of Bohemia, Not David - 291
Judaism and Menstruation - 304
Judaism and Abortion - 312
Calendar and Holy Days - 330
Yom Kippur and the Kol Nidrei Nullification of Vows- 335
Birkat HaMirum:The Curse on Christians - 355
Child Molestation and Homosexuality- 358
Priestcraft in the Synagogue - 364
Glossary of Terms- 365
Index- 374



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