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The Kabbalah -- Book 3: The Rothschild Family
John S. Torell

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How the Kabbalistic leadership was able to get control of the world banking system.

A successful revolution requires a lot of money, but when the goal is to subdue the world and put it under a dictatorship, entire financial systems must be taken over. The Kabbalistic leadership wants to take dominion of the earth and rule it with their messiah and they need to control the banking system to achieve this objective. The Fugger family was promoted in the 14th century but they did not protect their wealth. Jewish traders became very wealthy during the next two centuries as they operated in all nations and supplied warring armies but there was no centralized control that could be projected over the banking systems of different nations.

Meyer Amschel was selected to be the founding father of a global banking family. He was sly and deceitful and intensely loyal to the Jewish cause that is spelled out in the Talmud and the Kabbalah. The Kabbalistic leadership invested funds and coins which Amschel used to build a fairly strong banking house in Frankfurt and his five sons proved to be more shrewd than their father. In less than 50 years the Rothschild family had penetrated the financial markets in Austria, Germany, France, England, Italy and Spain. This is the story of the Rothschild’s, who through the Kabbalistic leadership was able to set the policies in these nations and achieve a monopoly that is unrivaled today.


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