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The Kabbalah -- Book 6: The Illuminati Writers and the Revolutions
John S. Torell

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"The Al-Qaida terror network is nothing compared to the terrorists who sought to change the world in 1848."

The last ten years have been filled with news of the Al-Qaida terrorist network and its organization of radical killers, but did you know that there was an even more sinister terror network operating in Europe 180 years ago? They worshiped Satan with all their might and arose in coordinated revolutions by the hundreds of thousands in 1848 to overthrow governments and cause a world upheaval. They were trained in military skills and revolutionary ideas by men whose names have been mostly forgotten by history, but the words of these writers still remain and continue to work in the hearts of the impressionable students at universities and seminaries.

The Illuminati writers are long dead but they trained another generation to carry on their evil intent for a world government and that cycle has continued to perpetuate itself. In fact, their message can be found at the core of every dictatorship in existence today. This narrative of the Illuminati writers shows Satan's intent to enslave all nations of the earth through revolution and form a world government which will usher in the kingdom of the Antichrist. The disciples of these writers have set their sights on destroying the United States, and unless God's people wake up, America will go down in history as the last of the great nations who forsook the Lord. If that seems improbable, you need only look at what happened in the past to see what lies in the future.


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