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Raised from the Dead
Richard L. Madison

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On April 13, 1986, Richard was involved in a horrible head-on collision. He was rushed to the hospital but was pronounced dead-on-arrival. He received numerous broken bones such as a broken neck, ribs, jaw, hip, and a crushed foot. He also had a torn aortic artery, a ruptured spleen and a punctured lung. He remained in a coma for 27 days and the doctors advised his family three times to make funeral arrangements. However, there were prayer warriors in his family who believed Jesus could raise him up.

God revealed Himself to Richard through an out-of-body experience so that he sat up out of a coma and walked out of a wheelchair ten weeks later. He was completely delivered from drugs, alcohol, and tobacco and filled with the Holy Ghost. Rick is a walking miracle testimony to thousands of people throughout the world that God's love can powerfully restore even the most hopeless lives.

As you read this true story, you will discover how you can:

  • Hear directly from God

  • Know God's will and purpose for your life

  • Defeat Satan's power over you

  • Operate in the gifts of the Spirit

  • Prosper as God watches over your finances

  • Receive physical healing

  • Minister healing to others

About the Author:

Richard Madison is now a full-time evangelist who travels the world to tell the remarkable story of how God raised him from his deathbed and completely delivered him from drugs and alcohol.

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