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Lucifer Dethroned
William & Sharon Schnoebelen

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Price: $45.00

He was a Satanist! His checks to the Church of Satan made that clear. But when a lone Christian bank clerk had the courage to write on one of those checks, "I'm praying for you in Jesus name," William Schnoebelen's life came apart. His occultic powers disappeared, and everything went wrong! Schnoebelen was coming face to face with a power greater than Satan.

Here is his compelling true story. You'll see what Satan can do to a man, and what Jesus Christ can do for a man. If Schnoebelen, crazed by blood lust and headed for murder, could be changed by Jesus Christ, ANYONE can! If you've ever thought that someone you know is too far gone to be reached, here's proof that, through prayer, you can reach them!

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