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Early in January 2009 the Holy Spirit moved upon Pastor John to preach on the political State of Israel from a biblical point of view in order to shed light on the Zionists and their Christian supporters. From its creation in 1948, the State of Israel has been hailed as a fulfillment of Ezekielís prophecies, but why would God need men to lie, cheat, kill and destroy to accomplish this task?

Pastor John digs into history to show how the Israelites entered the Promised Land and how they lost it. Over the centuries, the political parties of the Pharisees and Sadducees were formed along with the creation of the Talmud and the Kabbala. It was against this backdrop that Jesus - the true Messiah - was repeatedly confronted to set up an earthly kingdom but He brought out that the kingdom of Israel was forever gone. The Jewish leadership were not interested in a heavenly kingdom and took it upon themselves to re-establish Israel and continue to wait for their messiah, which the Bible tells us is Satan himself.

Many Christians donít understand just how interconnected the coming Antichrist will be with the political state of Israel as the Beast of Revelation chapter 13 slowly tightens his grip upon the world. The tragedy is that most pastors have not understood that the current State of Israel is not of God and Christian Zionists are mislead because they donít understand the truth. The purpose of this series is to establish biblical truth in order to keep you out of the clutches of the Antichrist system and to reject the Mark of the Beast that is just around the corner.

Part 1: Fighting in the Gaza Strip
Part 2: Entering on Godís Conditions
Part 3: Rebellion in the Promised Land
Part 4: Losing the Promised Land
Part 5A: The Prophets
Part 5B: The Prophets
Part 5C: The Prophets
Part 6: Waiting for the Messiah
Part 7A: The Messiah Arrives
Part 7B: The Messiah Arrives
Part 8: The Rejection of the Messiah
Part 9A: The Rebellion Continues
Part 9B: The Rebellion Continues


  Compact Disc DVD MP3 CD
Volume 1
(7 Messages)

Both Volumes on a CD
Volume 2
(6 Messages)

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