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Answers to Your Bible Version Questions - David Daniels - Did God preserve His words? Or does my Bible contain errors? History shows that there are two streams of Bible texts, and they are not the same. Obviously, both of them cannot be correct. f you believe God preserved His words, where can you find them? - Respected linguist David Daniels proves beyond a doubt how we can know the King James Bible is God's preserved words in English. He answers many of the difficult questions the so-called "experts" throw against the King James. Whether you want to defend the King James Bible or learn which Bible you can trust, you will find the answers here. eaec book New Age Bible Versions - Gail Riplinger: Learn how new Bible versions are promoting the new age world church. This book is the result of an exhaustive six year collation of new Bible versions, their underlying Greek manuscripts, editions, and editors. It objectively and methodically documents the hidden alliance between new versions and the New Age Movement's One World Religion. eaec book The Answer Book: A Helpbook for Christians - Samuel Gipp: Answers to the most often asked Bible version questions. Many "Bible Scholars" have stirred up rumors, questions, and speculation about the validity of the King James Bible. Much of the Bible version debate has caused many Christians to question whether there is a true version that has no error. This book contains the answers to 62 of the most common questions concerning the King James Bible. eaec book God Jesus

The Language of the King James Bible - Gail Riplinger:The research presented in this introduction to the language of the Bible was prompted by a story of Christian prisoner's phenomenal leap in reading test scores, as a result of reading the King James Bible. He was advised that he was reading at the 5th grade level when he put his name on a long waiting list to enroll in the prison's high school equivalency program. He then began reading the King James Bible daily. Re-examination the next year showed that he was now reading at the 17th grade level – post graduate! How did reading one book, which some falsely claim is difficult, manage to help him, rather than frustrate him? This book answers that question. eaec book God Jesus An Understandable History of the Bible - The history of the Bible... in plain language: Proponents of new Bible versions specialize in creating confusion, including arguments about the "oldest" manuscripts, "best" manuscripts, or "majority of" manuscripts. You will learn the story behind the Bible, taking you from the earliest copies, through the history of translations. An Understandable History of the Bible also covers the following: eaec book God Jesus In Awe of Thy Word - Gail Riplinger:In this day and age when Christians jump to every new theory about the Gnostic Gospels, why books belong in the Bible, the Da Vinci Code, etc., people need to be anchored to the historical truth that the King James Bible is God’s preserved words in English. That is what Gail Riplinger’s book, In Awe of Thy Word, does for us.  eaec book God Jesus

Bible Versions Combo Pack (6 Books)
David Daniels, Gail Riplinger & Samuel Gipp

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