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The Answer Book: A Helpbook for Christians
Samuel Gipp

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Answers to the most often asked Bible version questions.

Many "Bible Scholars" have stirred up rumors, questions, and speculation about the validity of the King James Bible. Much of the Bible version debate has caused many Christians to question whether there is a true version that has no error. This book contains the answers to 62 of the most common questions concerning the King James Bible. Here are some of the questions that are answered:

If you want quick (and I do mean quick) answers to troubling Bible questions, this book puts them at your fingertips. Gipp at times has his tongue planted in his cheek (Check out his reference to "steak."). If you remember that, you will enjoy and profit better from his book.
David Daniels

  • Wasn't King James a homosexual?

  • Aren't there archaic words in the Bible, and don't we need a modern translation to eliminate them?

  • Don't the best manuscripts support the new versions?

  • Where do Bible manuscripts come from?

  • Where was the Bible before the 1611 King James Version?

  • Is "Easter" a mistranslation in our English Bible?

  • Isn't the New Scofield Bible a King James Bible?

  • Is the New International Version trustworthy?

  • Isn't the devil behind all the confusion and fighting over Bible versions?

  • Who were Westcott and Hort?

  • Should we make an issue of Bible translations?

  • Are King James Bible Believers a "cult?"

These questions and many more are answered in Gipp's simple-to-understand answer book. This book will be a help to the young Christian as well as the seasoned soldier for the Lord.

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