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The Language of the King James Bible
Gail Riplinger

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The research presented in this introduction to the language of the Bible was prompted by a story of Christian prisoner's phenomenal leap in reading test scores, as a result of reading the King James Bible. He was advised that he was reading at the 5th grade level when he put his name on a long waiting list to enroll in the prison's high school equivalency program. He then began reading the King James Bible daily. Re-examination the next year showed that he was now reading at the 17th grade level – post graduate! How did reading one book, which some falsely claim is difficult, manage to help him, rather than frustrate him? This book answers that question.

Close examination of the King James Bible shows:

  • The KJV has a hidden built-in dictionary, which defines each word as it is introduced. (Matthew 11:25)

  • The KJV uses powerful sound symbolism (phonaesthesia) to communicate meaning.

  • The KJV's vocabulary is precise and internationally recognizable.

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