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Blood on the Doorposts
William & Sharon Schnoebelen

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Price: $45.00

An advanced course in spiritual warfare

You can rise above fear, guilt, occult and witchcraft connections and gain victory in your life.

Bill and Sharon Schnoebelen were deeply involved in Satanism, but Jesus Christ set them free. Through their personal experiences, the Schnoebelens learned a great deal about how to be freed from demonic bondages.

Since finding Christ as their Saviour, the Schnoebelens have helped many other Christians be liberated from Satan's control. Although these people had often sought freedom for years and had enlisted the help of clergy and friends, they were unable to gain victory in their life. But after putting into practice the Biblical principles the Schnoebelen's suggested, victory was finally achieved.

Now, these same Biblical principles have been incorporated into this practical book. You can have victory in your Christian life. You can be victorious over drug abuse, cults, resentment, unforgiveness, depression, anger and more. This book will show you how.

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