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Ode to Jesus Christ - Volume 2
Darl Dinger & Louise Carter

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Price: $15.00

Ode to Jesus Christ is a three volume set of poetry books totaling 318 poems in all, authored by Darl Dinger and his friend, Louise Carter, over the past 36 years.

Anyone paying attention today can see that many things are not right with our world today. Our world is ruled by lies, greed, endless corruption, wickedness and sin. These two poets make sense out of this unusual era in all of world history known as the final days of end times of Bible prophecy. They offer solace, wisdom and healing solutions for those struggling to make sense out of our world gone mad.

This volume contains poems touching on man's sinful nature, our shared and desperate need for a savior from ourselves, and the healing that only comes from genuine confession, repentance and a turning away from the wrongs we have done to others that inevitably result in broken relationships, loneliness and pain in our lives.

The path to healing and eternal life only comes through faith (trust) in Jesus Christ, the son of God, who came to earth to testify to the truth and to pay the price we all deserve to pay for our sinful ways so that those of us who can and who do, might live in right relationship with God forever in a new earth free from sin and pain.

These poets repeatedly point the way to life's wisdom through reading and obedience to the commandments of God's word, the Bible, in its entirety. Listen to these wise, humble and godly sages whose poems talk to our hearts. Hear Darl's Holy Spirit-inspired warnings of a watchman on the wall that while we still have time to turn to Christ as lord and savior over our wills and our lives, that time is now very short.

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