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What Was I Thinking? - Caspar McCloud & Linda Lange

What Was I Thinking?
Caspar McCloud & Linda Lange

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Get your thoughts working for you and not against you.

What Was I Thinking? reveals marvelous links between the functions of the human brain, the Commandments of God, and your physical and emotional health. Presented in a reader-friendly discussion style, a strong case is made that people must choose whether to follow the path of stress (fear) or the path of faith. Understanding these links brings new insight to help you achieve healthier lifestyle results, including emotional and physical healing, freedom, and greater effectiveness for Christ.

Filled with relevant Scripture passages, exciting personal testimonies, well-defined anatomical terms, and “Points to Ponder,” this book provides much spiritually enriched food for thought for all believers.

"Commit thy works unto the LORD, and thy thoughts shall be established." (Proverbs 16:3)

Major themes that will intrigue and entice you include: the direct link between thoughts and physical and spiritual health; brain functions; the importance of forgiveness; exhortations to obey the Word; and a variety of wrong concepts that keep many Christians from choosing health and joy over bondage.

"We believe this teaching with practical application is the key to winning back what the enemy has stolen—your mind—so that you can be restored to health and go and do all that God has called you to do!" –Caspar McCloud and Linda Lange

Read an excerpt from Chapter Six


About the Authors:

Caspar McCloud is both a portrait artist and recording artist, composer, author, equestrian, and an ordained minister leading The Upper Room in Roswell, Georgia. He is also an accomplished musician and has recorded and performed with friends including Phil Keaggy and Peter Furler and the Newsboys. He and his wife, Joan, have two children.

Linda Lange is an author, teacher, ordained minister, radio and TV host, worship leader, wife, mother, and grandmother. She is founder and president of a non-profit organization, Life Application Ministries, established in 1996, and has been helping people, one life at a time, discover God in a way that releases blessings into their lives.

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