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The Covert War - Howard Pittman

The Covert War
Howard Pittman

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Howard Pittman the only man known who is alive today having had an experience similar to both of those experiences in the Bible in Isaiah 38:1-5 and II Corinthians 12:3-4.

On August 3rd, 1979, Howard kept his appointment with death while in an ambulance being moved from one hospital to another. All of this came about because of massive internal hemorrhage. As the result of keeping his appointment with death, Howard was given a fantastic spiritual experience. In reality, this experience was a warning to the world of the impending return of Jesus Christ and God's judgment, which is also about to be poured out upon mankind.

It seems that in this modern day, most people are not only interested in hearing something good or pleasing. The Bible said that in the "last days" men would go to teachers who said only pleasing things (II Timothy 4:3). It does seem that most people have forgotten that God has a "day of wrath" in store for some (Colossians 3:6)! The most amazing thing about the experience of Howard Pittman is this entire experience is documented in Scripture!

About the Author

Howard Pittman - Author of Demons: An Eyewitness Account; Placebo; The Covert War; The Day Star; The Mystery Demon; Son of Perdition; The Curse of the Lord; The Secret Agent; Phoebe's StoryHoward Pittman has a clear message for the church: Wake up! Learning from his near-death experience of facing an angry God for how he had been living his Christian life, which had been excellent by human standards, Pittman warns believers of the danger of falling into the same trap. God's special task for him is in unveiling the tactics of Satan and his demonic forces.

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